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Full text of "Dramatis person"


3 1833 02744 6910 

I 4 



r ov t u 

New discove ries in Biography (S Genealogy 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer, to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTION (by post): 

10/6 per quarter. 
2 1 '- per half year. 
42;'- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2014 


+> If 


' A HE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 

his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 

We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain th 
u-llli^sL'jQLciiDies.pn application to the Editor. 

Jan. to Juno ,1916. 

Certain Wines sont into Plymouth, Devon, 1564/5. 1 

A Sale from a Shipwreck of Parcels of Wor.d f 1564/5 2 

An Arrest for Debt ,1635 ' 3 
The Will of Tristram 821^253', of Dove r, Kent , mariner, 

1643 4 
The Will of Hi chard GAUDLIY , of Colchestor,2ssex, 

saymakor,1651 . 5 
The Will of Jane S^RLIl, of Ove rt on, oo. Devon, widow, 

1655 6. 

The Last Days of John IlILL^R, 1680 7 

The Character of the Reverend Ur.YAil, r 00D,1681 8 

She Last Illness of Thomas LUI'.ILSY,Usq. ,1681 9 

The Estate of alia© HACKLiTT or HAS JOJTT, 1698 10 

Criminal Cases at the Cld Bailey, 1732 11 

General H0NH2W0Q1) robbed by Highv/aymen, 1733 12 

The Fraudulent Bankruptcy of John PSHH0T,1761 13 

The Murder of Thomas 0GILVT,1765 14 

The delations of John AKHOWSIrll TH , 1790 15 

• An Affray at Key thcrpo,co. Leicester, 1496 16 

Tolls on the River Severn, 1505 1 17 

| A Transaction in Sugar, 1564 18 
The Conduct of John I&VIDGjii,and the making of 

his Will ,1680 19 

Voyages between Laroick and London, 1631 20 

The Portions of John TRIPP'S daughters, 1681 21 

I The Identity of Potor B?^SH&W,1601 22 
The Partnership between Poter PHOBY and 

I Sir Richard FORD, 1681 23 

t K " * Wine 

DT&MATIS PaRSOXAja.voI.I, ,Jsn. to J une , 19 16 ,CQITTUII TS . 

Wine shipped from Bordeaux to Holland, 1682 24 
Books and LISS.left to Lambeth Library by 

pr.SH3LIX)K f 1682 25 

Christ Church ,Dublin,not a Free & Royal Chapel, 1705 26 

A Disputed Marriage, 1700 £7 

A Highway Bobber t at Knights bridge ,1733 28 

John VHLK5S and "The Horth Briton", 1763 29 
[The Duel between Lord BYRON and Uilliam OH&WORTK, 

1765 30 

The False Irapris onraent of Thomas J0UK3, 148 5-1509 31 

The Sari of Arundel's V; ill, 1649 32 

The Pretended Will of ft ill ism LONG, 1650 33 

Simon GOSuINGTON'S V/ill,1649 34 
The Bstate of John IjAHCH,1650 . 35 

The Making of Bryan OS/YIiii'S Will, 1649 36 

The Proof of Richard ALD.VORTH'S V/ ill, 1649 37 

Hull, Yorkshire, in the Civil Wars, 1649 38 

A Walk from London to Hammer smith, Hid die sex, 1648 39 

An Expedition to Ireland, 1648 40 

A False JSntry in Fleet Registers ,1733 41 

The Cock- lane Ghost, 1762 42 

Sarah LEBTYAED and the Parish Apprentices, 1762 43 
Trial of Samuel GILIAM,Esq. ; Riots in St. George's 

Fields ,South-vark, Surrey , 1768 44 

The State of Mind of Margaret A2TSBLL,1792 45 

An Affray in Thatcham Church, Berkshire, 1503 46 

The \Jill of John DO&LJjSR of Rott ingd eon, Sue sex, 15 7 9 47 

Boquests of Francis IL*RI*VICK,1648 48 

How Thomas WHIPPY made his Will, 1648 49 

Adventures of Sir Thomas SAVAGE , 1648 50 

Joseph JBDUHEY»3 affection for his Relatives ,1648/9 51 

Naval Expeditions from Spain, 1649 52 

Old Bernard MITCHELL'S Bequests ,1649 53 

Concerning Arthur GARFORTK'S Property ,1651 54 

The Wooing of Alice BC&RY,1655 55 


DRAMAglg Pji3S0NAS,vol. I, ,Jan g to June .» 1916. ..OQNOSTOS, 

A Suit for Nullity of liarriage ,1656 56 

How Mrs. Honor BROWNE made her 'will, 1682 57 

The Conduct of William L^AVBR & ilary URLIN,1682 58 

The Groat Estate of Thomas BOONE ,1682 59 

The Pretended 'Will of 'Thomas SHIM, 1602 60 

The Marriage of Justus BUSKIN ,1682-84 61 

How Edmond BARBi& T made his Will ,1683 62 

The Sstate of Isaac and Jacob PRCS-TON, 1685-84 63 

Lord Gerrard's Domestic Affairs, 1684 64 

Dispute as to Thomas BROWNE'S Will, 1684 65 
How William G&.3LL 1 B will obtained a Codicil, 1685 66 

Sir Thomas UliPLUGH'S Handwriting, 163 4 67 

Wine from the Canaries ,1634 68 

An Executorship and a Bond, 1634 69 

A Monies Risborough,Buclts , Dispute ,1634 7Q 

Lady MORDAUHT'S Will, 1634 7l 

Nicholas HUS'S Trade and Business ,1634 72 

Some Laleham.,Liiddlesex, Parishioners ,1634 73 

A Bequest of Lands in Kent, 1634 74 

The Ship the "Little St. George", Of Bristol, 1634 75 

fflie Personal Estate of William JOHNSON, 1634 76 

Slander and Evil Spoaking , 1634 77 

Beer for the Founders of Mary land, 1635 78 

Tithes of St.Martin's-in-the-Fields^.liddx, ,1637 79 

The 3tate of Hind of Joseph ANDREW ,1787 00 

Dispute as to Trust Estates of a Charity, 1798 81 

The Witnessing of a Deed, 1799 82 

Mrs .APPLIi TON'S Property, 1799 83 

The Debts of Richard WELLS ,1*83 84 

A Voyage of the "Hopewell", 1683 85 
The Vicar of Croydon, Surrey, and his Parishioners, 

1683 & 86 

The Marriage of Priscilla PURCHASE, 1683 87 

How Thomas BQHH&H made his Will, 1682 88 

Evidence of the Liarriage of Susan ROY, 1683 89 

How John PBSOTITJOf'S Will was Made, 1682 90 



DIUJ^HS P^OKAE.vol. I,. , Jan, to June ,1916 ^CQITZI^TS . 

Concerning the will of John PIERCS,1683 91 

Proving the Will of Oliver PL^YDI!LL,16a2 92 

How Blind Robert EICKLiAH loft his :Jonoy,1682 93 

The Estate of Sir Hhomas P0'.,Ll"J f 1694 94 

The Debts of Roger HASSALL,1722 95 
Depositions as to Promises in Coton alias Cotes f ote. f 

Oxfordshire ,1727 " 96 

Depositions as to Puckham Para in Sevonharapton, 

Gloucestershire, 1729 97 

An Annuity due to Brazenose College, Oxford, 1734 98 
The Sstato of John GOS TLB 7T, High Sheriff for 

Gloucestershire, 1695 99 
John KIKGSlIILL'S Estate in Ireland & England, 169 5, 100 

One Bequests of Elizabeth 10Vi;J0Y,1695 101 

A Pretended Will of Smyth KjJLLUY,1697 102 

A Dispute about the Will of John GRaY,1698 105 
The Last Days of Brigadier Richard CUKIKGH^L, 

late of Gogcr, Scot land f docoascd,4Q4 1699 104 

The Personal Estate of Rebecca H*YD0I?,1699 105 

Debts of Richard POWYS 5sq. ,1744 106 

As to Premises in Kington, Keref ordshire,1745 107 

As to the Mortage of Houses in Portsmouth, 1746 108 

Dispute as to William BROOKES ^ill,1755 109 

A Clandestine Marriage and a Legacy, 1755 110 
Assessment for Repairs of Holbeck Chapel in 

Leeds , Yorkshire, 1755 111 
Hew Thomas ILVSTIHGS otherwise BRIDGE ,made 

his will, 1699 112 

The Elopement of ^lary L:J3,1701 113 

A Case of Alleged Bigamy, 1701 114 
The Courtship and Liarriage of Edward FKiv.;iCK, 1703, 115 

Bequests of william IG JTTLJAVIiM., 1703 116 

A Voyage to Guinea and Jamaica, 1705 117 

Dispute about Robert BOON'S Will t 1705 118 

Lord HACCL...)S FIELD'S Will said to be Forged, 1706 119 
Dispute between the Parson and Corporation 

Of "*igan f Lancashire,1710 120 


DI &MATIS E33Q1IAE ,Vo l. I. t Jan^to_ Jvgg : j^^^rrgl^S.. 

Mary MW&S' Inheritance at Brovmrigg, 

co* Cumberland, 1759 121 

Narrative of Captain E4.iraS0H ,1766 133 
Trial, of William GUliST for High Treason, 

filing guineas ,1767 124 
Elisabeth BROUliRIGG and her Apprentice 

Girls, 1767 125 
The Kayor and Aldeimon of Oxford, on their knees, 

reprimanded "by the Speaker of the House of 

Commons for Bribery, 1768 126 
Trial of i*fcx|or-General GAKS^L for firing at 

throe Bailiff s,1773 127 
The widows 1 Land at Byrill in Low Bi3hopside, 

Yorkshire ,1792 128 

Margery LOIIGLAY'S Dower ,1559 129 

Descent of James ^'aBSTEIi'S Lands, 1540 130 
Drilling for Coal at Overton Quart ennar oh, 

co. Leicester, 134 154C 131 

An Affray at Bishop* s Promo, co. Hereford, 1540 132 

Trees cut dov.Ti in Ilkeston Derbyshire, 1542 134 

Trespass in Go ffurth,co. Cumber land, 15 43 135 

The Ilanor of March I^-ddon, Oxfordshire, 15 46-47 136 

As to Rents at Ha lsa 11 , Lancashire, 1547-53 137 

The Marriage of Alice SHAA,1543 138 

The Descent of Harry SALISBURY'S Lands, 1543 139 

The Estate of Mmund J0DB3LL f 1548 141 

A Do Gd of Gift, 1654 144 

Transactions of Sir William KiTIVJ 1011,1634 145 
A Church Bate in Stackpoolo Zl li dor, co. Pembroke, 

1634 146 

Lord LIHDSSY'S Affairs, 1634 147 

& Curate of idort lake , Surrey ,1639 148 

Robert UHD.'SIkOOD and his Family ,1639 150 

The Murder of iliss KNOX by hor Lover, 1761 152 

A Bobbery at Lord HfcSUKGTOff f S,i7$4 153 

The Estate of John HARHIS0H,of Hoon, Derby ,1840 154 

Concerning a Marriage Settlement ,1840 155 



DRuLSATIS R:iSOHA.vi,vol. I. t January to June«1916,C0HTI£ITS . 

Who were tho Heirs at Lav; of Patrick DICKSON ?,1840 156 

Concerning the Manor of fcrring, Sussex, 1841 157 

About Some uoney in tho Funds ,1841 158 

The Descendants of the Rev or end Jamas DIXON ,1641 159 

The Character of Elizabeth B^RCaDFT, 1640 160 

The Taking of the Ship "St. Peter", 1636 161 

Brazing in IJaxy le bone ,i.<iiddles ex ,1637 162 

A Presentation to the Itoctory of Sacomb, Herts. ,1639 163 

Sir Thomas EDiJUKDB 1 Family IS fairs f 1639 164 
Benjamin DECBO lata of Botolph Lane , London, his vr ill ,1639,167 

A Seat in Clifton Church, Somerset ,1640 168 

Journeys between Richmond, York and London ,1640 170 

The "Bxeter korchant" in a Storm, 1640 171 

55io Loss of "The Jane" of Nev/castio, 1640 172 

Concerning the vill of William BUHG}^3,1640 173 

The Punishment of William GOOD,, III, 1643 174 

One who Traded by Lending out Honey, 1637 176 

She College House and a Soat in Uaidstone Church, 1636 3JT7 
Goings on in Orchard Street ,5t. Llarga ret 's.westmins tor, 

Middle sex, 1638 179 

Affairs of a Hussia Merchant ,1639-40 182 

The Consistory Court of York, 1640 184 

Captain William BUSi&LL of the "Mary Anno",1640 185 

Tithes and the Rovorend &r.&.3I4T ,1641 18£ 

Oho Loss of tho "Bristov Uerchant",1642 187 

Roguery Somewhere, 1642 - 189 

Lady HEAY'S Marriage, 1635 190 

Sir Thomas LAKE'S Inheritance ,1634 131 

Incidentally of tho Arms of Lord ROBERTS , 1635 15*2 
Th© Character of Susan HUDS01! of the Strand, London, 1638 193 

Mercantile Transactions vith St.Malo,1640 394 

Estate of V/illiam rf^BH,1640 195 

Th* Imprisonmont of Lord L0FTUS.1640 196 

Voyage of "Tho Samaritan", 1641 * 97 

Seizure of the •Wary" at Char lest am, 16 44-45 1?2 ^ 

"The Pley&deo" find Venetian Soldiers ,1640 201_ 

I>amage to a Cargo of Fruit and Sugar, 1641 202 

(Y2 J iiogroes 

D3AI.IATIS P.^jSOlwLi , vol . I . January to June ,191 6. gOHIgigg 

Negroes and the Coast of Guinea, 1643 203 

Tho Custom of Marine rs, 1643 204 

The Seizure of the "Jav id M f 16 45 205 

Rorabout JACOBSOir, the 3rev/or,1645 206 

Thomas IiUHlT'3 Will Burned on Purpose ,1645 208 

How Y^Oiu^'S v/ill was made, 1639 209 

A Voyage from tho Summery Islands, 1640 210 

Tho reverend Jamoe COHYl.Sj of 3pv/,::iddla3ox t 1640 211 

Bartholomew wAYT^'S Iteration, 1641 212 

The "Pot or" taken "by an Irish lian-of-lVar, 1646 214 

A Suit for llullity of ;iarria{:o,1634 215 

William IJAH and John EIGHT'S Deaths, 1637 217 

Tho Vicar of Battersoa's Tithes, 1637 219 
Lord HOLDJULT'^jLi ,his Norfolk property & Annuities, 1640 220 

Sir Thomas CAMO ft 1 3 Bequests , 1640 222 

Char actor of Gylos TOLIPSOil of Seven ca ks , Kent, 1640 224 

A Suitor for Alice iUV33,i642 225 

iiorocco Bound, 1643 226 

The Parliament's Army "before Bristol, 1646 227 

More about Joseph IflJIiKLY of London, deoeased, 1646-7 229 

A Voyage in the" "Lion ess r| f 1641 230 

V/illiam NOllTOHVa .7111,1640 231 

GRAY'S Almshouse at Brauntori, Somerset ,1646 232 

Oxford in the Civil war: Llrs.B^UBriljJG^'S estate, 1646 233 

WITIiYPOLL: jOI£?S2EDXt TOLL i^CH J, 1646-7 235 

A Shipbuilder's Affairs, 1647 256 

The Parish Clerkship of Monk's IUs borough, Bucks, 1634 240 

The Countess of Suffolk's Estate, 1639 241 

A Seat in Clifton Church ,co. Gloucester, 1640 242 

Tithes of Hitchenfield, Sussex, 1640 242 

St. Peter's Collece, Irthli^;borouch,Northants,1639-40 243 

Abraham T"iY0K of London, m r chant, his Library, 1640 245 
The Right of Presentation to ./itherby Rectory, 

Leicestershire, 1641 247 

Cuotom in the Cloth Trade , 16 41 248 



DBa^'vfia jE%3L30HA-:,Vo1. I.Jan to June ,1916 ,00K!KNT3 . 

!Tho Oootch ;te£iments in Irolnnd,1645 249 

Dealings in ',.est Indian Tobacco, 1645 250 

iniblin in the Civil War, 1645 252 

Plpos of Canary imd Chests of Sugar, 1646 253 

Dublin and tho xunglish Pari iara*ait ,1646 253 

Testimony as to Records, 1637 254 

A IAiBCollany f 1635 256 

Coals from Kewcastl ■> ,1642 257 

Agn';s DY^S Portion, 164 9 257 

linolish Ships and Spanish Soldi* - rs, 1643 256 

Thonius l£m\ M);lP f 3 Admin is ir at ion, 1643 261 

A Iterliamontary Commission to 0oponha^" i n,1645 261 

'vacation about Lady Cii*i^*3 Will ,1645 262 

Hi chard AkJfaO :uK,nc rchant of London, 1650 267 

Westminster Noigfrbours ,1650 272 

Ihc D0I1D Family of 2andrid&o, Surrey ,1650 276 

John CI r S Last Trip to London, 1650 276 

Simon GI330IJJ of 7i<? stains tf :r ,1650 280 

Lord DI vL'IDH'Ii Lot tors of Adminia trat ion ,1651 281 
Hov/ Urs.AYSCCUGH made her //ill, a ku+iiTXJ*" note, 1651 2S3 
War with France, capture cf th'3 "St.Pvter 11 and 

tho »"Jairiuol f ',1651 265 

Iho llano r of Broughton Poccs, Ox ford shire, 1651 286 

A Fraudulent Alteration: Philip BROWN'S Will, 1650 287 

'Bis Seizure of t&d "Crave von .nf as tin", 1651 286 

Francis ^KUNO'jpIT.'S 3a tat o, 1650 289 

Tho Seizure of the "Blessing ",1651 290 
Hho •WiJ.llam & Richard" in collision with 

tho "Gregory", 1650 291 

j&tato of William L01TG of Y-.ooburn, Beds. ,1650 292 

UrB.3K3LLIHG and hor tfind rod ,1651 293 

John 'II^TON, distracted in his V/ its, 1650 294 

An Usher of V 'estminster School, 1756 295 

Tho lianor of Uilton, Berkshire, 1696 296 



BRA2&TI3 PISRSONAi^vol. I. January to June ■ 1916, {00NTZ2IT3 ) . 

Sufferings of Dr.HOIJMI, 1662 298 

Witness to an Indenture, 1663 299 

Procrastination of William WILTSHIRE, 1666 299 

Sir Job H£.RBY and his Relations ,1664 300 

Captain Roger GARLA13D of the West Country ,1664 301 

torriod at the Tower of London by a Romish Priest 303 

The Relatives of Elizabeth ACTON , 1666 304 

The Codicil to John BAKK&R'S Will, 1666 304 

A Cloud of Witnesses, 1663 306 

John Bru^VS, a Trader in Wool and Cloth, 1666 312 

A Command or in the Army of King Charles I. ,1664 313 
A Diamond Hatband: Sir Thos. CAUB^LL'S Bargain,1666 315 

John Y/OGAN and Catherine SIM0ND5 ,1666 317 

The Family of Hercules BURLEIGH of Co. Down , 1747 318 
A Clandestine Carriage ,0DIKG3'iII*S| LEAKS and 

ik.RSHALL,1664 320 

Mrs.Sibyl GRAY f lato cf Pertenhall,Northants ,1664 324 

The Will of Robert, Earl of Ha box ,1663 325 

A Vestry at St.Chri stopher~lo-Stocks,London,1666 326 

The Rectory of Araer sham, Bucks, 1664 327 

A Fishery in the Lcyne f 1754 328 

A Fragment: Soldiers & a Woman in a House, 1665 333 

The Persistont Suit or, 1664 334 
William SHitt'S Decease, 1664 • 335 

Coalmines at St. Andrew Auckland,co.Durham,1752 336 

Richard MORECRAFT'S Bequests to St. Paul's, 1655 337 

The Scuttling of the ,f .;aterdog",1664 338 

Richard SLOUGH in Northampton Gaol, 1663 338 

A Person of Very Reserved & Retired Humour, 1665 33ft 

At the Chequers in Canterbury , 1657 340 

Index of persons , (3560 references). 


3^i"JHi)AY,8 J Ml. ,1916. 

VOL, I. r ITO. 1. 


For the use of Genealogists. 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly-, 


(as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTION {by post) : 

io/6 per quarter. 
21/- per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

'"jpHE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 
History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 


vol, I, pages 33.9,394*409 ,422,441,525. 



Certain wines sent into Plymouth. 

K)BDS s John g of PI oath s raer chant , may or of Plym outli . 
FUBBISSSli .Martin .brought . into Plymouth five" French 

ships with wines, etc. 
GHAM?SH^O"D>!B , B ir Arthur .had letters from the Privy 

Council . 
AP?I^YARD 5 Jchn» 

BOW3S,Thorr.as , citizen & goldsmith of London, aged 40, 
"born there. 

FS3BISK3H, John. of Altof tes ,co. York, gent. , aged 32, 

bora there y "brother of Martin. 
PE TTELLO J W il 1 iam , of London , Engl ish merchant , aged 30, 
or )born in London, 

PS'PAM- ) 
TK&CKS/ELL jWilliam. 

FBQBISHSR, j)avid , of St. Michael .Croched Lane , London, c it . 

& me rc hai.it -tay lor ,has lived there 15 years; 
bom at Altofte , Yorkshire .brother of John & 

John, servant to Sir Arthur CHAMPEFITOIT , f our years 
before that at Blandford with Francis BBQWE&, 
gent. t born at Giilingham s Dorset ? aged 30. 

A little earlier than the ''earliest direct notice. 30 May 1566, " 
of Sir Martin FBDBISHSH, given in the M The "D. N. B. H says 

not a word of the great navigator ! s brothers , John and David. 

Dram. Per s. 19 IS. (1. 

SUFFOLK, vol. I. pages 302,376,393,398,415,424,457, 



1564/5. The sale from a Shipwreck of parcels of Woad. ' 

BROV/IT1 NGB , George , of Hadle igh , Suffolk ,woadsetter , 
aged' 40, has lived there 36 years; bora 
in Noedham. 

BULL, Robert of 3awdsey,came to Hadle igh selling 
woad; of Ho ves ley, husbandman aged 41, lived at 
Hadle igh 20 years, .born at Woodbridge, Uncle 
to DMXY'S wife. 

DSI^Y, Richard ,of Bawdesey, had woad to sell. 

TURGOR, John, of Kadi e igh, clot hi er,BROFi!IITG T S master. 

COVE , Robert , of Had le igh , fancy drape r ( "pannorura 

ornator ,f ) has lived there since All Saint's day, 
before that at Carsey,and before that at Beccles, 
aged 44. 

DUCKS, Jaques le,Ms own house called Tops fie Id Hall. 
S V/ DJBURSB , Henry , innhc 1 d e r , o f The Ange 1 f Had le igh , age d 40 ; 
bom there. 

MERRILL, Walter, at Hadle igh; of Ipswich, aged 45, born there. 
COWPBR, Thomas. 

SMITHS, John* of Colchester, sailor , aged 23, has lived there 
about a year, and before that at St.Katherine by 
the Tower, where he was born. 

3UDG3 , Thomas , of Newt on Abbot , Devon , aged 29 ,nas lived there 
3 years , and was born at Cliard in Somerset. 

SC0BL3, Pas call, servant to BUDGE. 

HSDCrBAVS , Wi 11 5 ars , of W o odbr id ge, mariner, aged 60, has lived 

there 30 years. 
KI^DERSLEY, Robert, at Bawdesey. 

llSf * John, of Bawdesey , tailor, aged 50,has lived there 

3 years, and before that at V/oodbridge for 30 years. 
KAETYK, William, of Ipswich, has lived there 12 years, and 
before that at Lynn in Norfolk, aged 50. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (2. ) 

OXON. Bundle 519. 


A.D. An Arrest for Debt , 


KATTON, Ralph, of Ipsden,Oxon. , gent, j aged 48. 
JENINGS ,v/illiam,son of James. 

WHITE, John, of NettIebed,0xon. , yeoman, aged 60, at 

sign of the Lyon. 
BUBGSS , Henry , of Sutton , Berks . , husbandman , aged 40 , 

son of Edward. 
SEME Y, Bob ert ,of Hotherfield Greys , Ox on. , husbandman, 
aged 50. 

BO YEB,Sdward, otherwise HAHB3HB, plaintiff, his land 

worth £18 a year, or £400 if he would sell it. 
GOSWKLL , Thomas , of Checkendon , son of oomplt . Thomas , 
aged 24. 

BUTL3R,Wiliiam,of Hotherfield Grays , husbandman, aged 56 
GOSv/SLL, John, of Checkendon, aged 21, son of coznplt. 

Thomas, who was arrested at Henley on Thames & 
carried to Oxford gaol. 
SYMONS, Edward, of Harwell , Berks. , yeoman, aged 50. 
KINGB , J ohn , of Karwe 1 1 . hus ban draan , aged 60 . 
V/ESTOK ,William,of the same , husbandman, aged 50. 
• . • Depositions taken at Wallingford. 

Dram, per s. 1916. 


Consist. Canterbury File 1644 No. 55. 
T he Will of Tr ustram STSVENS of Dover, mariner. 

STEV13NS, Trust ram , of Dover, mariner, "ready to go to sea"; 

born at Brixton .Devon; his house & Key near the 
sign of the Falcon, 
" Robert , eldest son, to whom lands in Pethara. 
" Trus tram, second son, to whom lands without Cowgate. 
11 Hichard, third son. 
CHALKS sWilliam, and Sarah his wife. 
PEMY ,Sdward .of the Flower-de-Luce in Dover. 
STOPGAP, ... a Dutchman. 
QTSSmflRG, Mildred. 
HOOKER , John , shipwr ight . 
S , Denan c e , testator's mother. 

11 Robert , deed. , testator f s father, had Stowe ig Brixton. 
" Trust ram, "youngest" son of testator. 
LUCAS, William. his house "on the peere at Dover". 
ST3VBNS .Frances, testator's wife,dau. of 
MARTEN, John, dec eased ,& Katherine his wife. 
S3S?V3NS, William, & John,testat or f s brothers. 
ST3RT, John, "cosen". 

(Trustram STEVENS was brother-in-law of Tristram COFFIN who 
went to New England, ) 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 



Archd. Colchester 1650-52 Mo. 106. 
The will of Hi chard (1MJBEY of Colchester ,savmaker, 

GAUPKY j Hi cha rd , o f C o 1 eh e s t e r , s ay ma&e r . 

" Thomas , of Hals tead , weave r , s on of test at or . 
CHA!E£K?0H ,I&ward , and his two sisters in Holland, 

granc children of testator. 
BAYITOLD, Thomas .of Colchester , woollen draper. 
CH£3SH!?01T , Susanna , sister of testator.. 
GAUISY,Hary, "tnat went to ITewe England M ,dau. of testato: 

M Elizabeth, -wife of testator. 
ROBINSON , Thos . ,junr. ,witness. 
MKT JK . Jamo s ., wi tne s s . 

S :Tx:IiL 11-10,011 if e , witness 

Drain. Per s. 1916. (5) 



P. C. C. 501 v/OOTTOB. 
The Will of Jane SIAHLl* of Overton , widow . 

SMHLB, Jane ,of Overton , widow. ' 

C01IAKT, Richard, son of testatrix, & alary hie wife 

MASOK,Jane ,dau. of testatrix * in L-Jew England. 

t Mary ditto ditto 

GO VER, Sarah ditto 

,f Sarah, dau. of Sarah. 

11 Abraham, con of Sarah 
UPKAM, Sarah "cousen" of testatrix. 

" Thomas ,wi toes s 
P2ALE , Blanch ,wi tne s s . 

(Jane 3BAELE was formerly widow of Hichard COHAHT (ob.1625) 
and connected with New laigland. ) 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (6) 

MIDLX. & vol.15, p. 66. 


The last days of John MILLBK . 

A. P. 

1680. MILLER, Anne , of Stepney , widow, aged 61, has lived 
there 30 years, mother of 
" Benjamin, only brother of John, of good estate 

& married about 3 years. 
11 John,deceased,& Catherine his wife,with £2000 

portion. Died at Mr. HAITI! ISO'S, 31 July last. 
" John, son of John & Catherine , now one year old. 
WOOHtfARI), Thomas , scrivener, intimate with John MILLER. 
HANNIHG,i.ir Owen,uncle of Catherine ^ILLKR.his house at 

M it chain, Surrey. 
L0WE f Capt. 

HARRIS ,Mr. ,an apothecary. 

CEOPT, Thomas , kinsman to the deceased John MILLER. 
GILM0K£,Mr. husband to Catherine MILIEU'S sister. 
FIK£3RA333,Sara,of Stepney, widow, aged 66, and her son 
in lav;, "newly come from the Barbadoes"; 
sister to said Anne MILLHH. 
CROFTS , Anne ,wi fe of Thomas, of Stepney , mariner , aged 34; 

her mother & Ben jn. FILLER'S mother sistei*s. 
P]-jRROT,John,of Stepney , mar iner, aged 40, has lived there 
all Ms life; his wife's mother sister to 3onjn. 
iilLLKR'S father. 
" Joan, his wife,aged 29. 
VICARS, Timothy, St. Mary vVhitechapel , merchant , aged 37. 

Dram. Per 3. 1916. (?) 


1 E£ALi3 . 
vol. 15 page 81. 

A . D . The Character of th e Rev d. Mr. YAK&GOI). 

1681. " 

C0L3R0H",John,of 3t. Andrew Holbora , clerk, aged 40; 

"born in the parish of St,. James .Clerkenwell. 
!)^}{iu>i,Hrs-IJlis th . ,buried in St. Pancras churchyard 

about 1678. 
YAWO D , Hand olph, Clerk 

DIGRAM , J ohn , of St, Andrew Holbora.aged 33 ,cowkeeper ; 

son of Kliz^h, 
FLSDGI3R , Andr ew , o f St^arylefc on ,aged 31, register of 

the said parish. 
CKARLETGN, James ^married at St.Marylebon 6 Aug. 1672 to 
LYALL,Anne: he afterwards a soldier at Sheernsss. 
KTlAT^listh. jV afe of Thomas, of St. Pan eras , yeoman, aged 37. 
HAWlLllTS.V/iiliam.died about 1677, first husband of Sliz.KKAT. 
?iC£HCH,Diis-^» ,of St. Panares , widow of Robert, aged 39, kept 

an alehouse at Kentish Town. 
^WYHRAm, Prances, of So. Andrew Ko lb orn ,wi daw , formerly of 

St . Pane ras , aged 4 6, kept an alehouse near Pancras 


POBUMAK ,Wi 1 1 iam , of Stepney ,yaoman ,aged 32, sometime parish 

clerk of St. Pancras .a very contentious man. 
GRIFF I TH , Ptiomas . a proud , impe r i ous , man , v e ry lav ish of his 

tongue , re put ad to have burnt in the hand for murder. 
MHft , Jonathan. one of a very shallow capacity, of Kentish Town, 
3FAD LEY, Richard .of Kamps te ad , labourer , aged 65 ,bom there. 
SHARPS .mcholas , of Haznpst ead , labourer , aged 50 ,bom there . 
GOGIpS, Margaret ,wif e of Daniel, of St. Andrew Ho lb orn, labourer, 
aged 50. 

DUNKAia, Kl is ^h. married Margaret $liE£$*S son & was buried 

at St. Pancras. 
£IERC:^ATT,Williara,of Pancras , cowkeeper , aged 70, born at 
Potteme, Wilts. 

ITK,wIA2-T, Richard of St . Pancras ,ye Oman, aged 40, born at irlarybone. 
3ARTH0 , J ohn of St . J amid s , C 1 e rkenwe 1 1 , c o r dwayn e r , age d 40 . 



vol. 15 ,paf$e 95. 

gho last illness of giom s LLULLY Bag . 

UJitoSf f Bir Liar tin, bar t. ,of 3ardf ield^ssox. 
Y/ARD,Josias . of Bardf iold ,mereer ,a?rcd 51, bom at 

V/ethers field. 

IIJ^LEY^iemaa^sq. brother of Sir ;uartin,died in Dec. 

1676 soon after his mother; said that he could 

not ses to read a "Chipiter in Job". 
IIJLIlLY,La&y, mother of Sir ilartin £ Thomas ,bur ied 2 Oct. 

KA31U S , : :7 i 1 1 i am 
HOY, Clement 

POLL?u?r,Mu^h, rector of Great Bardfi eld ,a£ed 41. 
V700D,-ir, ,3adler in the Strand, at v;hose house Thomas 

ULILILY died. 
TI\OTT,^lr. , 3ir .jsrtin*s chaplain. 
KJLLI.?.,3r. £ave the Sacrament. 

l-In.JvC'L.UrD, Bridget ,aged 24, servant to Sir Martin, formerly 

servant to £r. -.OCL^born at Wip'gin in Lancashire. 
CAHSlVj^r. ,a counsellor in 7,!iitefryars. 
I^~.L£3 , JoTm,a turner in Cannon street. 
2£YLBR, Henry, an innkeeper in Belle Savage Yard. 
DiiVv ELL, liar y, servant to ilr 'Zhomas LULiLLY. 
TQElBrUT/iorras ,of St.^Inry Elmers , Ipsv;ieh,nalst or , aged 56, 

formerly of Billericay ,"Sssex, looted after V/esthouse 

for ..ir. LUriLLY. 
GILSCII ,Hevd.^lr. officiated at Bus tard ,Lssex. 
GCCLTiICK, John of Lincoln's Inn ,cler^,ared 40. 
SUTLL.Pl, John of St.Uary Savoy , vintner , aged 31, kept the 

One Bell tavern in the Strand. 
PALi^iR, Stephen, of St.ilary Savoy , innho Id er, aged 56. 





The Estate o f B lias H ACKS?? or HASK5TT. 

A. D. 

1698. CRUilS2Y,IvLary s wife of Lewis, and great -niece cf Elias 

HASK3T?. (Signs CRUM23) ' 
IIACKBTi,J31ias, intestate, died at Henst ridge , Somerset , 


w Elias, son of Stephen, and nephew of Elias , married 
• Elisabeth HIGH and settled in Barbados; trades 

in shipping and merchandise. (Signs. ) 
M Stephen, brother of 31ias ,senr. ,put an apprentice 
to a soap-boiler, married Elizabeth HILL and went 
to Salem in Hew England. 
I! • Mary, wife of Blias ,senr. ,died a few days after him. 
,f Elizabeth, dau, of Stephen & Elizabeth. 
,r Mary, born at Salem $ dau. of Stephen & Elizabeth. 
" Sarah ditto 

» Hannah ditto 
» Martha ditto 
SLLBRY 9 IvIr. John, of Ex on, mer chan t , beyond seas in 1697, was 
written to by Elias, the nephew, when in London, for 
nev/s of his uncle JSlias. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 


lohdoit & 

londok sassiona papubs 

for 1732, pa^s ^-5. 


Cri ? ninal Cages at the O ld Bailey 

SKALY, Hannah, of St. Martin's, 

ICrasSKD, Barnard. 
ITICHOUS .Uillieemt 
KOftAKD, Elizabeth, Belle 

Savage Yard. 
SCOLEY, George. 
}QNG ,Hagda len . 
H)U13, Robert 

ABUS TRDNG f Col . The fewer. 
¥/AGS?AFF,John,31cwbladder st 
FJ^O^Jofcn, n 
WH AH^K , Susan 
XI VAX, Sarah 
G0FF0H2H, Sarah 
ALDHIPGS.Hichard, St. James's 

PERCIVAL, Hi chard 

PSBOIYAL .William. 

, W i 1 1 i am , 3r oral ey , 
FIKLD. Thomas , Stepney. 
HALES, Henry 

KLAL , Hen ry , 3 1 . G i 1 ee Cripp. 
GBAV13S , William 
S US, Richard 
CECIL, Thomas 
THOMAS ,i£ary 
. jgJBgAY ^ry 
PIGOT, Nathaniel 
LAVI3ST1 TCH , Al i ce als . Sarah 
BU KIT Y, John 

The principals' names are underlined; the others are 



lo:;don & 


LOUiiOH S&fitoXOKS PAPEJjS for 1733. 
page 63 

A » D . General EQI&iYWOOl) robbed bg H ighwaymen . 

1733. " "~ 

?IJJ3 , Th oma 3 , h i gjiv -ayraan 

BYS, John, highwayman, of Wild Court .dealer in rum, 

sometime of Winch est or & of good character. 
HON3YvvOOD f General Philip, in his chariot on Hounslcw 

Meath in the parish of 3edfont. 
PAIIRY, Randal, the Gen oral's servant. 
SH3LAB, Henry ,the General's coachman. 
STaKSOK, Franc is ,the General's servant. 
UYi^Ifo ,*licha el , another servant. 
H IKSS , V i 1 1 i am , o f Igham , barb e r . 
U ILUO T , Thomas , of Wokingham , Berks , publ ican . 
3RD VIT, George, landlord of The Crown , Ingham, Surrey. 
3YL7:j3TKH, Thorns , of 2&e *dng 1 s Arms ,nr. Staines Bridge , 


lAKHI^uary ,of The Swan, Staines 3ri%$, 
V/I IAI.13 , Eus e b i us , a witness. 

,*iary & her cousin Rachel of M 3el found" coming 
from Brentford i,iar"ce"t on horseback. 
1&*»BY, John, the Taunton coachman. 

-Dram. Per s. 1916. 


3UCKS , 
L01TD0H & 


The Annual J.ie£ister for 1761. 
p. 63. 

T he Fraudulen t Bankruptcy of John PEBROT. 

PSH3D T, John, bankrupt , born at Newport Pagn el, Bucks. , 
1723;father died c. 1730 , mother 1732, leav ing 
£1500;ochool at Gilsborough f Northtn. ;appr. 
to half-brother at Hanatead, Herts. Traded in 
London in foreign white lace. Of Blowbladder 
St. and Lud^ate Hill 1749-52 {executed. 

!KK)«PSOK',Hanry,:aon}c37ell st. ,Y/ocd St. , partner of PERROT. 

HOLT, . . . Newport Pagnel. 

3X)KSLLY,P&trick,3ell Yard , Temple Bar,perake-mfcer. 
?}:W&*Mm. -^ueen Square, Kolbom, friend of PSRB3T. 
\VKlTT0H,Sdward,2Torthampton, friend of PER30T. 
RS&D, Sarah, servant to -irs.KRi*j£. 
TrJD^ni^ f iiIrs*3runswiok Row, Queen Square. 

, Cat he r i ne , s e r van t t o Mrs . FKHHB . 
POWEW al s . IAYL0 R , Bar ah , a loose woman, friend of P2RRDT. 
SIMS, Rachel, dau. of . . . SI*i3,of Devizes .tradesman, 

friend of PERHOT. 
H£J\ItI3 ,I>lary a witness. 
HHR&iklT^ars. "The Tea Chest '\Wat ling st. 
JEFFIiR301i, . . . Shire Lane, Triple Bar, grocer. 
iS^TTHUS t IiB.rtin, "attorney" of PARROT. 
LOSKIH.pye "attorney" of HSH3D1. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (13) 


2he Annual Rogietor for 1765, p. £19. 

A.D. The Murder of gxogag 0G1LVT . 

1765. 0G1LVY, Patrick, Lieut. 69*^, Foot. 

M Thomas, hi a brother, of liast Lii In, murdered by 
Patrick and the wife of Romas; aged 40. 
KAIHiSJ, Catherine ,wif e of Thomas, aged 20,dau.0f Sir 
ThOB ♦ of i^uns inans ,har t . 
H Lsdy, mother of Catherine. 
GGlLVY,Aloxr. ,bro. of Patricks ?hos.,I)r.of Physic. 
Ci^I^l,iaina f oousin~goriria2i of the deceased. 
BDB3H?S0K,^r.a merchant of Perth. 
&AGL3,*irs. keeper of a seed shop in Fillnburgh. 
S^J-Vi-RT ^drew/oro. in-law of Patrick CGILVY, merchant 
of Alyth. 

MILLAR, James , tenant of 2£A I tacksman of 2ast lliln. 
SiTUHSDCK, Kl iz th. , servant to the deceased. 

CAHl'^G IS, James ,surre on at Brechin. 
GM4PB2LL, Lieut. George, at Brechin. 
DICKSON, Patrick, merchant in Brechin. 
MUlK f .»?etGr f surgeon of Alyth. 
KA*;a .Y, Gilbert ,su r re 021 . 
SPALDIliG, George, of Gienkilrio 
WALLACE, Jean, his servant. 
JACK , Thomas 
F23GUS0N f :Uisefch. 
PA TlSBSO H , J ato . 
3CCT?, Dr. James 

CALLPB^IL , Ge or ge ,of Cras^onie, und sr- sheriff. 
UCNRC, Dr. Alsxr. professor of anatomy. 
.3GB3,Capt. James ,V.:oeper of the ?o lb ooth, Edinburgh. 
K^ HOV^r. John. 

Drara.Pers.1916. (14) 

G&Atf. PRC .1758-1800. 
3dl e. 482. 

chsshiks xmom::d m ▼ . HOBTOii . 

A, 3, r fhe Ice 1 at ions of John ABBOWSLII?: 

1790* AKrDvvBLII TH , John , formerly of ITant-ich, plover, deed. 

M Sarah, his wife , deed. .died about 1750, 

at Wyhunbury. 
:l John* late of Newport , Salop, gent. f deed. , 

only child of Stephen , cabinet-maker. 
0#H£,Ann,of "'Big Lamb" in iTantwich. " 
iiAllHIHS f SI 1 en 9 wif e of John, of '^ybunbury .laborer ,aged 

70 , "own cousin" to John ^-BDV^ITH^the complain- 
ant, &au. of John L3A of Wyhunbury ,& grand-dau. 
of John A. 5 , the glover, 
H0H'rOH,John,cc Grace his wife. 

AR.K)lv SMITH, John,eldos t son of John, the glover, and uncle 
to 1111 en MAir£IKG; formerly lived with the 
Bishop of Durham and afterwards with Mr. 
reputed impropriator of the great tythes of 
Wybunbury, Died many years ago in London, with- 
out issue. 

11 ii'horaas , second son, died several years ago in 

Lend on 5 wi thont i s s ue . 
" William* third son, died many years since in 

Londc n ,wi ihout i s sue . 
* Hi ch a rd , f our t h s on , o ? Men twi c h , but cher ; died 


" Stephen, fifth 3 on, of London, cab inet-maitsr, died 

there many years since. 
• n John ; complt . is son of ?.ichard,the butcher. 

WALKl-iIt , John , of I? an twi ch , iabore r , a veC 8 1 . 
HO LIAIu), Alice ,aau. of John AR3Dv/31.;I TH ? glover. 
DAV1H.3 , John, of San twi ch 5 coro.wain3 r , aged 56 grandson of 

Arabella WASHINGTON .sister of Richard AKIOTSMITH* 
and nephew of 
ftASKlSGSON, Sarah. 

Dram. Pars. 1916. 



New discoveries in Biography <S£ Genealogy. 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the "English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTION (by post): 

10, 6 per quarter. 
21 '- per half year. 
42 '- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

'^pHE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain th 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 


Henry VII. Ho.?. 

u • 

An a ffray at Eeythorpo. 

6.. SKSraa^OH William \$m & heir of Enemas. 
BURGH, John ,of Key thorpe 

8MER? ^William , cl e r>: , par s on of Warden . 
" S1SYY1IGT0N , John, the younger. 

M Marge 17;, his wife,& Margaret his second v/ife. 
M Tho^iae,B on & heir of John & I.largery 
NELE, Christ of er ,Esq. M and other riotous persons of his affynyte" 

M Richard his son. 
PAI21ER , '^aomas , s quyer , 1 ord of Key th orp . 

PAIffiS , Thomas , married Johanne ,dau. of said Thomas PAUE2R. 
FR0S.1AN , J hn , f Skevyn gt on , y e cman , ag e d 60 . 
PAUIEH,Elisth. ,dau.of said SioniaB PAI&IBR,& wife of Thos. 

Htf^Ifitll , Thoraas , of Skevyngt on 9 h'c sbandsum., are d .60 . 

K I ££23 , J ohn 5 f Skevyngt on , husbandman , age d 3 7 . 

BRADFORD .Eymyre , of Lodington , laborer , aged 49 . 

JAM23 ? of Tokeby , a/jed 76 and her husband's father 

HOR'fOH, James, farmer to John SltS^YlsCrTON in Key thorp. 

BC!fSI^K»?/illlara of SkQVjyngton ^husbandman ,a^ed 60. 

MODY,John,cf Tylton Ilarsf eld ,aged 30. 

HI LLAM , Richard , of Tolieby , husbandman ,a f --ed 40. 

3r,RI/B3LEY3dv;ard , servant to Christ of er 1 IJKL&,& others 

- \?ith bows and arrows and spears. 
BARKB3 Y f Will i an* , of Hungers ten, servant , aged 28. 
BIS3H0P, John, vicar of 5c rapt oft , aged 80, born at ?okeby. 
OpWP£R ? John,of Sev-deby ,aged 60. 

VEY3Y, Chris tofer ,of .Vardoly ..aged GO, dwelt in Key thorp 
30 years. 

Dram* pers. 1916. 


STAB. CEUvBSB PRO. (in the Public Record 
h.hC. ' Office, London j 

Sc 20 Henry VII. ho. 4. 

0*011 s on the River Govern. 

1505. TOWi^d", Philip, of Areley .staffs . ,soraetinje of Bew&ley ,aged 7 
KYKGBii .?hC::iafj.of Aether Are iey,Wore.' aged 60. 
ySTHlCD ,Vi Ulan , of Claynes ,agod 70. 

'YiT^OH t W i 1 1 iam , o f vVrybyxihall in Kidderminster, aged 40. 
SO w THAI J.« , John , of Tewkesbury , aged 50. 
Y7ALXKR , J ohn , of Tewkesbury .aged 30. 
P^Oh, V,a id :yn, of Beaudeley t 3a lop /aged 60. 
PILES' f IU chard : , of Orimioy ,7,'orc. .aged 60. 

LL ^homs # o t Grial?7,aged 40. 
YA2702T , John , of Oowlys ,Ba lop, aged 40.. 
B0L.72Y, willian, of Areioy , staffs. ,aged 60. 
PAIAIKR , v7 i 1 1 iasi , of Upton Warren, Wore/, aged 30. 
I0K00X , Richard , of King's Norton, aged 40. 
VYTTr.R , Richa rd , of the same,sgod 30. 
313JAU177,Tho:2as ,of the sa: no, aged 30. 

RAIiiLR , v/ i J 1 i an , o f Burnfordyelde in Bro.nsgrove ,V7orc. ,aged 40 
uGZm&lJl* , 2U chard ,of Beaudel ey ,V;ore . 

The above testify as to custom. 

^e-i.-Pers. IS 1.6.. 


viK^i-a ^^^"-S' MAM. 

EMSGSr .. . ypl.L. pages ^9o,3G7,32S. 

1 hililAhih Sr/ILLA . v . C^hGh. 

A.D. A pTransa ct ion in Siu-:ar . 


H/UhhOF,habert ,of \ r erniew9 in 3iscaia,has lived there 

1«3 years, and before that in the city cf Chester 
for about 8 years , anciently living in Frodsham, 
co. Chest er,aged 46. 

DIiTGSY,j.Iar>: ,a grocer, at the nether end cf Chepe. 

Lu jFOfUJ , Andrew , a grocer, of Bucklers bury ,I»onclon. 

CUTT, Robert .at Dublin. 
J ohn 

HAi:FO:<D , Hal ph , of Chester, at the white Lion, Islington. 

FT"7TI?LAC^. Thomas , sent sugar from Khockfergus ,arrested 
at Liverpool. 

'JriLviDI , lauren ce , born in Chest er apprentice to 

ilClCI;"/ j Jo mi . the elder, his hens-? in Lublin. 

WILC0Cr3, . . . sister to deponent Robe rt KATTOX. 

SLL10 T? . Rob ert , of Bt.Botolph Ril ling s^ate ,cit. & f ishrnencor , 
aged 43. has lived. 34 years in the city of London, 
sav/ at Khockfergus a portugall ship with sugar 
under, the keeping of one 

BIA3D, . . . sometime cf Hull. 

BAISHR, Jhorhas , the Lord Deputy's servant ; at 3 tans ted. 
•7ILCOCR3 ,dchn,cvner of the ship: his wife sister to . 
LhORRR . . . 
. HATSoCH , . . . the pirate. 

P3TRLR, Hi chard 

3AVADGR .Robe rt .of St. Michael ,Oueenhi the . cit . f: yrccer ,agc?d 
46. has lived there 30 years, born at Stafford; 
lived in hrcklersLury next to LUjFORD. 
CGPJi^/SLL , Clement , in Chepe ,hie apprentice. 
RRYhORP^ , Richard merchant of .best on; in London v/hea the 

plague v/as raging. 
DRiU<li: , ilo j;.e r , ap ;r en t i co to PIi:GL ; ;Y,ayel ?S y there 6^ years, 
and before "chat at Ue^bury ,3orKs ; 

Lrau.Pers. 1916. 


& vol. 15. p. 58, 

•The con duct of John DAYIDG:.; ,and the 

A.D. making of his will. 


BQWGKE2R 9 Ben Jn • 3 1. 01 en en t Danes , "barber , aged 28. 
DA VIDOlii, Charles ,a^ed 20, born at Greenwich; came to 

London to "be clerk to 
HIISK,Sathl . attorney , Lyons Inn. 
BAY I £03 , J chn jdscsas e a , "b r o th o r of Char le s . 
GOLD',kr. ,r brpth-3r*«of Charles BAVliGEL 
SJTGKK, Mrs *Anji, bom at Walt on, Somerset; keeps a shop 

in the Nov: Exchange , sold, gloves to John HAVIDGE3 

of St.Llartin in Fielas.a^ed 24. 
WILL301T , Thomas , St . ifot er ie £oor*,Lc&doi3 .watchmaker, aged 46 
DGBD^r. John ) John BAVIBGS ! S masters. 

THOiiDWGOGJ) ,3en t in . ) 

1&VIJ33S . Cat her a no , mother of John & Char 1 es . 
C0X ? Dr. 

Dram. p«rs. 1916 


vol. 15. p. 89. 

Vo:;gif'-:es between Warwick & London. 

KiTQTSOH, Laurence ,of Larwick in Nor.vay,aged 63, 

v/hose dau.Loarrioci 
BAK'Pl&SON ,Claus ,who ordered the ship -linger ^laria", 
now the "Post Horse 11 to be built . 
11 Burrcragh.jhis brother, mster of the said 

• ship, an idle fellow 
OfeHBOH ? of Larm ck, sailor , aged 38, "born at Dram 

in Norway parried the sister of Glaus 
WYL10Ii3)SOIJ) s T?io:5£s, arrested the "Post Horse", 
KJRSTi&TSiiB ,01ief ,the elder , father- in- law of Bur rough 

J0K3&, Robert. 
3QISD ^Anthony. 

HI OR, Pet or, Of Lambeth, Surrey ,.f,sq. ,aged 50. 

JuONDON, , vol. 15.0.118. 

3^3JfSA?J) TvLOIG. 


1 68 1 . ^he portions of John TRIPP'S daw±.ters_. 


RIC&VKB302J , l>i am I - % of Furnivai's Inn , gent . ,aged 29. 

and cf Plough Yard , Fetter Lane, cleric in Chancery, 
TRIP?, J elm, deceased ,in the Fleet prison, worth £10,000. 
BLAITSHHL^BD , Frances ,wif e of Richard of Acomb ,Yorks . , eldest 
dau. of John TIUPP. 
M ... son of Richard, carried ^.FBDGGECT'S dau. 

FKOGG.i57r, Elizabeth, wife of George, of Kingston upon Hull, 

merchant,^ dau. of John ?PJ?P. 
LQN(r # Mary,\7if e cf Wm.of Bar ton, Lanes. , gent. ,& dau. of John 

HAIO,Dame Anno, late wife of Sir abort, of London, tobaccon- 
ist, and dau. of John TRIPP. 
CALVERT,. Franc is , of 3urbrix,I r orV:s. ,gent. ,aged 50, receiver 
of rents cf the jueen's manor of Barton upon 

DQS30N , W i 11 iam , a person much given to excessive drinking. 
WALSH, Robe :rt , "grown childish or doteing by reason of his 

LIAS GALL ,Wi 1 1 ia m , of West ',/ittam, Yorks , gent. , aged 40, formerly 
of York. 

BQUOQGKE.,Mr. John , v icar of Acomb , M x.he lawiesse pars on "; would 

marry anyone for "tenpence". 
ROB I^CK .Will ia::, , domes tic servant cf Hichard 3LA*T$Ii2HD,aged 

£0 .born at Hemingbre ugh, stepson of 




5 A-.D. 

jX,L^GA?h3 1 £KAUS. 
vol.15.jj. 104. 
SLBicCLI) v e HILL. 

The Identity of Peter Br p. 3 navy. 

IIik.LL.iaat thew,of ftirhivai's Inn, ilid dx, .gent, , aged 28, 

bona at IvLonk Frysion , Yorkshi re . Kin father datfehcw, 
aged 54 in 1661. lived at Wood las ford above 20 year 3 
6c at Leventhorpe in Swillirigton. 

33RAC0LD ,Wi 11 iam 

HOLiAHB, Daniel ajjjas Peter 31UBIIA.7. 

BBA3EAW , Pet er , father of Peter BBk&Hb£,ot Y/oodlesfcrd in 
Bottiwell ,00. York j had three daughters , Anne & t'.vo 
others. Ho a tapster at the ?; Piekei ell " , Cambridge . 

FAIIBUH!.© ,Y< ill iara , vi car of Rothweli. 

ASK/i//, William, parish cl e rk . 

LAKGAS'S'H , Wi 1 1 ism , choir chwarden . 

!TGDD , Hichard , cimrchwardan. 

HUDSO.H : ? ;ach. 

hLLYS » Abraham, of St.* Qle&.en't Dane s , c c rdwayno r , aged 36, born 

at Swill in$ ten. Yorks. 
HALL, Mr. Char Is s ,of Lev ingthorp ,1,665, 
CAL7&BL Y , .ir * Anthony , of Y/oodle sf ord 5 sohpolrnast er. 
R^LL, Philip, eldest son of -iat thew,ne-7ly come from Caobridge. 
CONYS.HS .Christopher, of Clifford's Inn , London , gen t . ,agee 34. 
3KAUC0CXK , Dame hIesnor 5 died 2G hay 1677, in jxot ilzr^et ,St. 
Bride f s , London. 

Dram. Pens . 1916. 


IJJfflL •' -vol. 16 f p. 111. 

F03D v.?R03Y. 

3 1 . r 3 ie Partnership between Pe ter P3DBY 

and Sir Richard FO RD. 

LlU)FO HD 5 i-lichael ,of St.Dunst&ri 121 West , London, gent. , 

aged 23. 
VIA?, John & His wife 
PROBY . Pet er , merchant , and ' his wife. 

TUPJJ3R, Christopher, of the Middle Stetaple ,a£ed 40. 
BSPPSSS ,Robert ,of Heading , Be rks . gent . , aged 49. 
FORD, Sir Hi chard. 

" Lieut . Manuel , in the King's service , lived in White 
fryars,son of Sir Richard. 
BI?#?A7©3, George, St* Duns tan- in- the -West., gent. T aged 49. 

born There. 
HIGGI3S r 3alchvvn,3sa . 

FOBS "Aiaine Grace, relict of Sir Richard. 
3UCiv^GRRH,3ir John,Rnt. ,of St . Pet or-ie-Poor , s.^ed 59. 
PAPI LICIT , ShcinEG , of 3t . Catherine , Cole: uan- street s london , 

Rse. , a:\ed 58, lives in Fan Church street. 
SLalRe,3ara,of dt. Clave ,Rart st reet ,widcv.a^ed 54, has 

lived ther-3 3? years ,born at -.7 sjpiouih, Dorset ; her 

husband at Tangier. 
iC'-.7in>7G,JoiHi, domestic servant lo Peter PBDBT.agad 24. 
FC Hi:-,- John (son of Sir Richard) and Theophila his wife, 
vr&U;i 3 Ti:ao-chy,of St.llarv ^iderieai-bury.Rsq . ,a^;ed 57. 

Dram. Purs . 1916. 

jm&GAW* exaiss. 



A.D. Wine shipped f^on Bordeaux to Holland . 

1632 ' ~ " " 

SK&PHS&HP 9 Saiauei , of "St.ifetgneft", London ,ner chant ,age£ 50. 
FE2E0/£,2£r* Joseph merchant of Rotterdam. 
SililCrBH ,I*lr . Joast van^merchant of Rotterdam. 
WBBL, JOhn van, a notary public. 

, Frederick, of Pt.ilary Hill , London , merchant , aged 30. 
M&HUIH , Samuel s of Wlvenhoe 5 ,Hs sex t rsariner, aged 36 ,bcrn there 
EuirJ?IJ>IG'I0N 5 Capt ..of Great ' Yarmouth & his son, persons of 

go od c r e dit , agent s f o r 
THOMPSON, Sir Step lien and 

M Mr. Klv/ard ,jroputed to be rich men. 
LAHOLt3enry,conEnancler of the "Jacob & LIary",at Yarmouth. 
^GLLDi^N. Henry. 

LOCK, Samuel 5 of 3t, Margaret Pattens , London, merchant , aged 36 

p ram . Pe r s . 1 9 1 6 . 


vol- 15 ,p. 165. 

Books and 2,133. left to Lambeth Library "by .ljr._SHSLDON. 

THOiuPSCiI,Hobort , doctor of laws, aged 40. 
SHEIJX)IT s 3ir Joseph and 

" I£r. Daniel, executors of Gilbert (SIiGLDCK), 

Archbishop of Canterbury ,v/i 11 dated 5 Feb. 

VAUGHAK , Her: ry , and 

CIJLHKES01T 5 George .-witnesses — 
B0LBI5N ,LIadani, niece to the Archbishop. 
KICl-IAIDS t Ur, Herbert , clerk, library-keeper. 
BB00KE3, Richard 9 servant to the Archbishop. 

( B o o>:s sp ee if i e d p .169. ) 
3IJ{KEinSAD,Sir John , deceased . 
SCOTlhelr, s a .bookseller. 
20 LBI^Mr* Gilbert. 

SIvOvV s'iilr, Ralph s the Archbishop ' s treasurer, of Lambeth 

House aged 60, 
H)emH3'|5;H s 'Bi3hop of ,at the death-bed of the Archbishop. 
DGLBZI^Sir William. 

170 HT-H ? M r , Rojo r s c cams e 1 to the Archbishop. 
i*A.UiaCS t H*airy,S/5?.3. ,of Lamb oth House. 
£HQRP£-I>r. Geo rge , chaplain to the Archbishop, aged 44. 
G038E2? ; Jacob ? of tha inner Temple ,gent . ,aged 41 , living 
in ;3t _te¥es,Soster Lane, and before that in St. 
James ^Qloyltsmmll for five years or so; bom in 
3 1, Amies jBlackf riars. 
(Library in th'e late rebellious times removed to Cambridge) 
SCOT, Robert -of ot ivotolph Alders gate , s tat ioner; has lived 
thsr<? SO years -dined with the Archbishop, who said 
he !r r-ed be :lrs enow to fill the gaping shelves ,f . 



IfoaauFers. 1916. 


vol. 23; dos. o4 & 39. 

A.D. Christ Church » Dub 1 in , n o t a Free fc Ho^ al Qtetgel. 


DUBLIN , 'f/ i 1 1 iam , Lcrcl Archbishop, of, asserts that Christ 
Church was always subject to the Archbishop of 
Dublin, ate. (Signs) 

.Willi am , Lord Bishop of ,a party in this cause. 
ChA Y TO IT , John , clerk 3 prebendary of Christ Church y Bubl in, 
his action against the Archbishop. 

The pre bend a 1 stalls have been changed by the 
Archbishop at his Visitation as appears D37 an 
Order entered in the Chapter Book of the said 
Cathedral dated 2 April 1627. The Dean & Chapter 
elect and instal clerks to their Prebendal Churches 
. . according to their Charter, That anciently the 

city of Dublin v/as part of the diocese of Glande laxrh, 
and after under the power of the Ostnans or Danes, who 
founded a Bishopric , the first Mshop whereof was Dcnatus. 
That the Cathedral of holy Trinity or Christ Church 
is the more ancient and mother church. 

SALd, Join ,hsc. .resist er to the Archbishop 

I-L43I>I]iG, John , proceedings against kin in 1643 for preaching 

heterodox doctrine, 
A booh called "Bepertorium Viride 11 . 

dram. Pors. 1316. (26) 



lAilXDX. vol . £3 ,}Jos . 43 , 44- , 45 . 



1708 A Disputed Marriag e. 

y YOblsG 9 John, :3s q. ,met Mary BUTLmH at the ,f otar 5- Garter" 
tavern, entiled her "Puggsy 1 '.- (Sifjns } 
BU'TLi-ill^larv, assumed the name of YGUHS»wife of Joseph 
SUTL£H a spare man of middle stature who was 
alive in 1701; said she would renounce all her 
sham pretensions to a marriage with John YOUiTG 
(Signs YGUIIG). 

3 YNSS, Benjamin, a pretended witness, arrested and sent to 

the Marshal sea Prison. 
BOWS , Robe r t , a go-betwe en . 
HALL, ilr. Thomas, his house in Field Lane. 
FERGUS OK , Janes, clerk. 

HALE , Thomas , eg ent or solicitor for H&ry BUTLKR, 

JO fnCoGN, Andrew, clerk, chaplain of one of Her Majesty's 

ships, his wife and daughter. 
ItiORHIoClT , Capt a in , of the Guards , deceased brother- in-law 
of Liary BUTiLB. 

ran. Pers. 1916. (27) 

Tha Ar^.ial Rer-i.Tber for 17 S3, 

pa^e 135. . 

eStm WILKSS & "The I«orth Br i tog". 

WIIiCHS , John ?. , for Aylesbury, arretted for seditious 

Ileal; of Groat George St. ,Wes trains ter. 
KJGiH3LY,G. Ludgate st reet ,pr inter 
GA'V:UTTG.TCUT ,L T athan, H,;i»a messenger in ordinary. 

Vs&ffiQM, Janes " 
BLACKS IE, lie bt. 

W*BB,Philrp Carteret solr.vo the vroasnry. 

?^N3F0HD, Major . . . ?ov/er of London. 

GLYlnF ,:dr. oer.^eant s counsel for WILKLS. 

MJlH5?IH,S€k\u31 M.P.for Game 1 ford, hie duel with v/ILKSS . 

BG:<JuJ0iTT/Jarl of 


, Kioss&s ,High Sheriff ,4. P. fer London »wounded "by mob. 
BI^?, Richard ; ' 

HJSffiY,Willia-i f solicitor for city of London 
FLU KriL In* . •'■ ohn , pr i s one r in ato^gate. 
J?GOIr f :iorort Loader Secretary of State. 
J>'JK , <U ezer.dv. r , an insane ijcotehr.-ian. 
JbVvVK.IIw j .1? . * surgeon. 
BH;0KL^3i ,Ur. , "y ; iysician to TO^, 
Gi^YBli, , . . a Military surgeon. 
Du^G^i;,Dr. ,;i...: T o. surgeon. 

Dram. Pero. 1216. ( 2^ i 


tOKBOK Th% Annual Register for 1765, p. 203. 

Ths d-iiril frfttwean Lord BY^N & William Og&gCggH. 


1765. BY801f f t»6r& ) beeping at the Itottinghamshire Club at 

;;KA/;0Kv : L,Wi:i .3. iam } Tae Star & Garter tavern in Pail I4a.il; 

duel in a dark room, with sv/crds.^r. ClUrOR'IK 
killed; he of Berkeley How. 
K^/KT? s John ,1-isq , , t oast -mas ter . 
^iLiiOUQHST.Kbii, Ehonas 
BU?;^??,3ir Robert 

SlMhil ,«7oKn 
si&LISCJX, Francis 

i£T;LLIt!H, Chariot ,jnnr, 
SHD£&7,31r Char las 
OQCffiJU^r, i Dean street. 

FSB»lO:C f Ur. 5 Mast or of "She Star & Garter". 
H&./1CIKS 5 -.Ir. , the surgeon. 
livYim;;,,;.:-. , ipt^a to ni\ cka-vorth. 

MAH.Jiri, * apothecary 
iIjl)J-?Cr76K 5 Sx:. .physician. 

'PAIvr;ri\ : CTOF 5 .ilr. .attorney.- f^V-* 1 ; 1 

VOL. I. t 170.3. 


New discoveries in Biography (SI Genealogy, 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
. cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTION (by post): 
ro/6 per quarter. 
2i ! - per half year. 
42/'- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

' J^HE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 


CHteiBSR ?K0. (in the Public He cord 
Of f ice. London. ) 

Henry VII. wo. 2. 

g ig False Imprisonment of Thomas JOKES. 
A. I). "™*~ ~~ ~ ~ ^ ' " " " ~ 

1485-1509. JOHES, Thomas, of Winchester. 

LYOHFxiLi) , J ohn r s 0210 1 ime mayor of Winchester. 

WATTY3 , Adam , h i s obligation. 

BO T3LL3H , John ,mercer . 

BSLYiiGHAH , J ohn . 


The tale of J0ITS3 f 3 journey to London. Sent 
to his wife at V/ inchest er for woollen cloths 
to sell there. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 



v^ahw vol, 3, 


£hs Sari of Arun del's Wi-Il . 


1649. BUHBSRY,Jc}m 5 of St. Clement Danes 3 Kiddx. , aged 

31;has lived there 3 years ;oef ore that in 
Italy, France and "beyond seas 8 years; born 
in Coventry: served the lata Earl of AHQ1TDEL 
and OURHS'Y about 4. years and kept his private 
purse ;was with him when he died. (Signs. ) 
ABtlKIKL & BURBBY , Thomas Earl of , died in Padua. His 
will in his wife's keeping. 
11 Aletheia 3 The Countess Dowager , resided at 

Alckmaer in Ho Hand, near Amsterdam, wife of 
the said Sari, gave BUBBSriY the will to read, 
but suddenly snatched it out of his hand. 
11 Heary.Barl of .son of the late Sari, employs 

BUB33SRY as his servant at £20 a year. His 
son Henry in Flanders about a year and a 
half before the old Idari died. With his father 
in Venice at the Black Eagle inn, travelled 
with him to Bologna, and from thence to Padua; 
was with him when he died, 
TAY10K j . . . ,the Countess her agent sent into England. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 



vol; 3, 

The pr et en d od 7111 of WiniaaaJgNg-. 

A. D. 

1650. , Ursula , of London 5 sp hist er ,has lived -there 

5 weeks; be fore that of 2oddington,Beds. , 
12 years s before that of v/ooburn ? years; 
born at Tinge ith } hods . ,aaea 22, 
LONG ,m 11 iam ,di'ed 27 Llay iS47;3ara his v;ife.Kis 

SStiUIITOn ,Iidward 5 of « ocburn, gent, , aged 63; bom there; 

newly come from London , urged LONG to sign 
his will. 

diMfUY, . . . , nusband of v/illxam LGhGVS sister. 
LQKG, Christopher ,of London .brother of William, deed. , 
whom he wished sent fbr. 

• BO B3I1-S, Edward .exhibited a pretended will .giving 

"I'ho Woolsack" at Wooeurn,tc Klioabeth TILCOCK. 
3L1NGSBY .niark , e f Ilewporu Pagnell s Bucks* gent. , aged 40, 
nas lived tine re twelve years ;born aii Husborne 
Crawley 5 h?ds. iri attorney in thu Court of 
OoCTOn pj.eas, 

TILCOCK , 31 i z abet. k « wr f e of xiohard ,niece of Wra.LOKG. 
" i.Iichae^.aaa a lease of "The Woolsack". 

• PBITi'iBIl , J oy e e , o f V/oohum, Beds * , spinster, aged 20; has 

lived there 3u years ibef or6 that at Crowley, 
where she was corn. 
Bi.IIrH,Aliee pvife of Jeffory .lives at the Woolsack, 

people of a mean and poor o end it 3 on. 
GAIi!irr/,Alezr. v his wife Mary sister to William L0r;G. 
ISBB3 ».'rh areas ,of wooburn ./haberdasher.; aged 50 :has lived 

there 30 years ;borii at heighten Bus sard ilmm 

William LOLG for 30 years. 
H2BB3 , Wi Hi an , o f \voeo;u 4 n,tai lo "-chandler , aged 20;bom 

■chore . 

Bran. i?er3. 1316. [33] 



Simon ggg^Ig ggGM^g Trill. 
A.D. ~" - 

1643. PAdtLOR, Ja-nes , of St. Bride *s , London .haberdasher of hats, 

aged 30; has lived the re 14 years; born at; Ereland, 
oo. Hereford; served some tine- in the Parliament f s 
Ar.ny. (^igas* } 
B0GKB3 , tevid. ,wjict3 PAIdeOH served as apprentice in 1641. 

His house in 3ride?;eil Precinct. 
GH&-£P5CS¥i5 , J can , came up out of Devonshire , sister of Simon 
GOdS II J G , deed . Ha r parents lived at the Bache 
in Herefordshire. 
" Hugh, of Oockington, Devon , husband of Joan, a 

footra&n of Sir Robert XrjTlHi.Eas children John, 
Hi chard & Joan. 
GCS3irGTCIv,Sir:on, deceased, solicitor for Sir Kenry VILLIA2J3? 

of .middle stature , s one thing gross , ruddy complexion, 
fair hair .between 4C and 50 when he died. 
WILLIAMS, Sir henry. 

SA1ISSLL, Henry, married the sister of 3CSSIHG20H;came up 
out of Herefordshire! 
,f Simon, their son. , 

Alice, of St . Bride 1 s ,v/idov;,s ged. 82: has lived there 
4 months , before that in St. Sepulchre 's 3 years; 
before: that in St . Anne f s .Blae>:f riars 4 years; 
before that in 3t . Al ban ' s , London 39 years ;bcm 
at CI as bury . co. Breeiaioc>:. ?er .husband kept the 
?.cse & Or.own in Great Wood Street , There GOSSIITGTCh* 
would put up in tern ti:ne to solicit suits of law 
for his master. Sir henry 7/ ILL I AITS of Brechncchshire. 
Her first husband was a teller. 

:Ji:jLISH, Hi chard ,of Paignton .Devon ,?jent . .solicitor »aged 31; 
has lived there Z years ; before that at .Totnes 12 
years ;bom at IDxeter. (Signs. ) 

^to.Pers. 1316. 






r dhe Estate o f John ILLBGII. 


1650. BBDilFlKLD, Richard , of Stepney, iliddx. , sailor, aged 75, 

has lived there SO years;born in the city 
of Chester. [eigns , ) 
SOMEB3GHitLL t I£r, Robert , physic ian ? of Limehouse & Ham 

tries e 3 y e a r s , lat e 1 y ' a p r i s on e r for f c ur 
or five years in the King's Bench. Planted 
tobacco at Man ; d i s c our aged by GONLO.U1R, the 
Spanish a:nba s s ad or , and so he was ruined. 
Lives now at Bath. 
John, died , in the Marshalsaa & Newgate prison for 
debt. His will. 
M Francis. 
HCLivlL3,Ellis ,of vvhitechapei .gent. ,a£ed 63, has lived 
there for 9 years .before that at Kensington; 
born at iaiows ley , Lanes .; served the old lilarl 
of WhQr&HB for 40 years ,to whose house 
SOi-EBCKALL would often' resort. (Signs. } 
S7CH£B,Paul ,a person of ' credit , servant 'go Lr. buKiOHSCHALL. 

vVent into 'Holland f;r debt, 
UA.RCH,Af ra , Of Stepney 5 agod eO.has lived there 12 years 

& was born there ;; sister of Richard'* Jotm & Frances. 
JEIIKKS, . . . 5 father- in-law of Margaret 30:.lEBSGHAl,L,wife 
of Robert. 

t V/i 11 iaei , of 8 t -...lichael , Crocked Lane , ironiron^er . 
aged 5C -has lived there 30 years jbora at Norwich. 
(Signs- ) • * 

S0i.j^B3CH^LL,ilargaret ,yi fe of liobert ,M,D. ' ,of Bath, aged 26; 

has -lived there a year and a half -before "Chat of 
Karrpton e ich 5 -<Liddx. s fcr a year, and before that of 
8t. George r s .Sou Gliv/ark; Lorn at Lndlow,i'alep. 
PJS15T-0ir . Hi chard , of 3teynoy ,aaed go if ormerly doiaestie servant 
to Richard MABGHjhas 1 iv od there '3 i;iontlis ;V*f ore 
that in Bristol o years; before that in Brood, CO. 
Stafford, 3 years , where he was born* (Signs. ) 

Oram. Per s. 1916. (35) 

'dkRGR v.i'JkBsM's Conta. 

jm^SyMme .wife of Dd\7ard of St. Sepulchre .London, 
us re er, aged 4-F:,hao lived there 6 feontbs'; 
before that 121 St. George , 8-,i5outteark f fOEor 
years : before that at IQn^t on .Surrey , three 
years :bom at I.udlov; ;f>alop. 
^TAIfJISIi , George , of St, Giles in the Fields , habere aiher , 
agerd 46; has lived there a year end a half: 
before bhat in 3t, bride's 12 years: v;as bom 
there. (Sirras. ) 
STOKER , Paul , of 7fh i 1 t 1 eb e row ,00. Fo r t h t on . , mere bant , 

ageel 44, has live- there a yoar and a half ; "before 
that in St.botolph Aldaate .London , 6 months; 
before that in Stepney from his birth ; born at 
Sioid ridge .Kent ; eons In-^eimian to John l&SiCK; 
lived in Holland two years and for some years 
in Ireland. (Gi : gns B*C?fc& } 
HALL. John, of Lm .Lunstan-in-the-best 5 Londo?i ,gent. ,aged 
39; has lived the re in Chancery Lane 7 years; 
born at \7indridr;e : e'Iouo , Is worth SSGO. 'Signs. ) 


G10QC. vol.3. 

'f.aic v. isom 

ghe ..lakinfT of Bryan Twyno's Will. 
LD. ~~ " ~ ~ ~ ' ' 

1649. - FKS^fCH, jofui t ld. A. f Fellow of ISerton College ,0xon. , 
aged 50, has been there 54 years; born in 
Oxford. Wrote Bryan TwYIB'S will. (Signs. ) 
WHJ25, Richard. 

M Bryan, deed. ,tho making of his will in July 
164 4. 

PAJSNIV.Ir.Abol ,baker ,his house in 3 t. Aldate 's f v/here 

Bryan 7'iiT-TB lived. 
3I02S*CH t urlfilias ,3. T. B. ,a witness, of Little Compton. 

Glouc. ,ar;ed 44; has lived there a year; "before 

that in Oxford University 28 years; horn in 

Gloucester. (Si^ns. ) 
ITi/vfLIN t Dr. .Robert , president of Corpus Christ i College, 

a witness. 

i.lARCHAi.: t T-:or^as,of St .Aldate 's , Oxford ,taylor. 


KEu KLEGAra* EXA-«3. 

vol. 3, 


T he Proof of Rich ard AlJ/VCCff -1 1 S will. 
A.D. " " ~ J 

1649. 3A7f£vl,Sir Hdmund t 6f Haywood , Berks , knight ,agsd 63: 
has livei' there £0 rrears. Deposes that a 
great part of 'rwyford was 'curat down in the 
late War, and the best inns in the town. (3igri3). 
ALD.vO =!\ .Cri , Richard , d n c oas ed . A c omission touching the 
proving of his will, to be sped in Rase or.be 
church, about 4 miles fr on Gir B&srand SAWYER'S 
house. Bequest to Christ's Hospital. 
ALDWOl^lt.Ivlr. Richard , party in this cause, his house in 

Stanlahes in ?ras comb, about a quarter of a mile 
fro:2 the church, and to v£iich the commissioners 
CARL! ;R, Dr. of Reading, a witness. 
8A>LSY,. ; Ir. of Sunning, a witness. 

' Hi? J OH? , J 6;ih , of Laurence \:aitham,berKs. ,Rsq. ,aged 65; 

has lived there 16 years; born at uapledurham f Cxon. 

William, of Heading, gent. ,aged 48, a commissioner; 
has lived there ,10 years; born at War.bc rough in 
; Dorchester .Oxon. {Signs?. 

GriAHIC. f ^ze^iell,exanined secretly lihs the rest of the 

witnesses ^apprentice £ >ins:r«an to Richard ALBV/OHTE, 
deed, in .iilk Street , London. 
RARRIb0i:,3ir Richard ,a couraissioner. 

Q*fe , Runphrey , aged 57, a proctor of the Court. 
TRCRPjCR, Robert , notary public, aged 41; a proctor of the 
Arches Court. 

wICRIR5 t R T illia:n,of Christ Church , London, citizen & tallow 
chandler, aged c4;has lived there 40 years; born 
at Burceter ,Cxon. (signs } . 

bra-:. Fers. 1916. 

BOVEY v, SOUTH. corttd. 

164-9. HC^CT , Herbert , of id enhead . Beates. t tailor f aged: 

30; has lived there IS years ; born at Windsor; 
kept a shop in Iwyford all last winter. 
JDeposes that the Bull Inn a*: iwyford upon 
occasion can make TO be&s t &nd vno town on re 
sudden warning is well able to give enter- 
tainment to three score persons of quality 
and the i r s e rvant s . I s wo r th £ 1 or £ 20 
his debts paiajoxpsots £200 or £300 when 
his rcother died. 
xiiiaLl.! , How land, of Ha id euhead , tapster , aged 30 ,has 
lived there 12 years and was born there; 
is a servant in the Orayhouud inn; is 
worth about £60. 
HGRLDIl/ThCttsas ,of St. Giles in the Fields , gent. , 
aged 34 ; has lived there 3 years; before 
that in St. Stephen's t Coleman Street 7 
years ;bom at St rat t on-on-the-Fosse , 
Somerset. (Signs ) . 
Da:C.:,Jo:i2i,of St. Giles in the Fields, aged 22; 

has lived there a year and nine months ; before 
thav at iTewaric f I*otxs. f v/here he was born. 
Is livery- servant to the producent . (Signs ) . 
CO PiL^, Robert , notary-publ ic , of St. Henet f Paul 1 s 

Wharf. (3:1 c<:ns ) . 
BO-/.:;!' ,3alph, party to this suit. 

(37 contd. i 

vol. 5, 

Hull in the Civil wars. 


649. SWAL3,Jamss ,cf CStasaf orth Briggs ,cc. York, gout. , 

aged 4-0; 'has lived there 16 years; born near 
Kirby moors ide. Deposes that in 1641-1644 
the town of Hull was not "by any forces 
blocked up or beg ieged , which ho well observed 
by his dwelling at 3tamf orth Briggs. That 
there was free liberty in sending letters 
and messages to London and elsewhere. That 
Hull wa3 made a garrison by the Parliament 
about the beginning of the Suianer of 164-2; 
that the late King came with a goard and 
demanded the town, which was denied him. 
Conceive th that in the said years there was 
no great danger in travelling between Hull 
and London. That the inhabitants of Hull, we re 
accounted enemies by the late King and his 
party. That Lincoln was sometimes the King's 
and sometimes the Parliament's garrison, and 
could easily be avoided. (Signs } . 
SCO TT, Matthew, of We ight on, York*, gent. , aged 22, has 
lived there three years ;born at vvintorbie, 
co.llorthd. ?was a soldier in the North under 
Ferdinandc,Lord FAIRFAX, in 1642-1645 . That 
there was no danger travelling on the road 
to London by Boston and Lynn. (Sign's ) . 
I&YLEY,:iatthew,of Kingston-upon-Hull , gent;. , aged 22; 
bora there. That, the forces of the Earl of 
1JHDS3Y hovered about Hull for about a fort- 
night ,at tacking in the night-time, but made 
no formal siege. (Signs). 



P* j$SCY1« 8 v . J£4KI'Tju .con t & . 


1649. 'BLACKS^.' GIT , Henry , of Kings ton-upon~Hull , aged 60, 

lias lived there a year ; "before that at; 
Anlaby for nine months ; before that at 
2ttcfri 6 nonths ; before that at Anlaby a 
year; be fore that at Hull for a year and 
a half ; before that at El shampoo. Lincoln, 
for 6 months ; before that at Brigg for a 
year; born at South Barton , co. York, ,'vithin 
ten miles of Hull. (Signs ) . 
SV/AIT, . . .• an alderman's son, of Hail. His house at 
Grans swick. 

HA?tRI30:;,i.achael.,of Kingston-on-HulI ,gent. ,aged 40, 
lias lived there 12 years; born at Eeadcn in 
Holdeme ss ; attorney ; at J3everley ; former 
Haste? of deponent Llatthew liAYLIil. (Signs J . 

ASi?K^HtLLL ♦ FnOrsas , of the sarr.e , sailor , aged 54, has lived 
there 33 years ;born at Snaith. 

(38 coiitd. ) 

D^GAi!2S , SHAMS.* 


A Walk from London t o Ha-unersmith . 

POWSLL, Jonathan, of St.3otol.ph Alder s gat e ,raercxian t- 
tayl or, aged 3 2, has lived there half a year; 
before that in St . Anne ,Aldersgate , for 12 years; 
com at Bucknell , Salop. His shop at the corner 
of St. Anne's lane. No subsidy man but has paid 
taxes to Lord FAIRFAXES and the Earl of ESSEX'S 

E&SBLFOOQS, Henry, deed. , whose kinswoman married the said 
POtfLLL; deceased gave her in the church. Lived 
at Hammersmith by the waterside. 
* Kenry ,.jmir. ,son of William, threatened to sue 

pOftY&L for £20 debt, but knocked off £10 on 
condition that he testified as to the good 
eyesight of Henry, senr. Told POWELL that he 
had made a good day's work to get £10 by 
wa Iking from London to Hammersmith and wished 
he could got .the like sum as easily. Henry, 
junior , wished to "confirm the deceased to bs s 
seeing man", though he coiild not see his kins- 
woman ,:,irs. POVBLL, when she went to Hamrtersmith 
to supper and lay there all night. 
POWELL, v/illiam, present in deponent's shop. 
BLACKLT3Y, Jane, obtained a judgement against Jonathan P0vV3LL 

in the King's Bench. 
P0W2LL ,\V il 1 iam , of St.Botolph Alder sgate , apprentice t has lived 
there 6 months , be fore that of St .Mart ins-le-Grand , &§■ 
months; before that of St. John Zachary for 3 years; 
before that for a year of St.Hichael ,\Vood Street , aged 
18; born at Bucknall , Sal op ^brother of Jonathan, whose 
shop was in Stli.lartins parish. 

am. ?ers. 1916. 


yc ,; j ELLIS IiASBLfft/O IB . c an 


o48. " V/B&RTOK . John ,. of Hornchnrah sex 5 geH t, ,ag$ •> 50; 

has fxtea there; 8 mouths ;tef ore that ai; 
Upminster ltJ years .: horn ah I r aorndoii;Iiis 
wife E, eossnf to Ivir . KA8BLF0Q 'IE ; h i s son 
John .godson to Henry ft£3SEF00#* (Signs^}. 
G0?PIH , JIm isahe th ? he r hushand lay In Moersgate 
Street under the surgeon h> hand of' some 
woaiids T.eosiveO in the f/srs,- 
ROBIHaTOil .^Ir s . poroiny .mother of John YPKfcETCN'S' 
wife & %tmt3-vhat; thich of hearing J< : 
her dau. Fat he r in e . - 
WHA > R[?0iy.3ara ,vvif^ of Joho. ; ci Hornohurch 5 aged 40; 

com at threat Me.p3.es oOiuv/as at the v?hite 
Hoi so, a eooh ? s house In Aldersgate street , 
when a one o'htho X\p.:?/s party were brought 
up prisoners to Faterhonsei (Signs }. 

(39 edntd. ) 

S£Tb T HDkY,29 JAK. ,1916. 


New discoveries in Biography & Genealogy, 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTION [by post): 

io 6 per quarter. 
2 1 per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

^JpHE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must sret our fun where we can. Here you will find the 

O J 

human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers nut able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 

INLAND. vol.5. 

The Kirifl 

Afo Expedition t o Ireland . 


2648. BH0^N T K,M\7ard,of Y/apping in Stepney ,1.1 iddx. , 

sailor » aged 30,hF»s lived there sen 
years; bora at Hornesey in Holdemesa. 
(Signs j . 
ilAS SASS , 3a 1 dw in 

OOAOHKEAH.Gorvase, captain of 'The Truelove". 

DA3S s Robo.rt, captain of "The Peter" frigate. 

LINES t John , captain of "The Sampson", built, by 
him at Colchester. 

WIHIiA.LL, Fionas , captain of "The Blessing". 

HALL, John, captain of the 'William and John". 

LAHP30N, Cornelius § Edward ,par ties to suit. 
(She above ships at Bouratty Castle to 
help the besieged against the Irish 
rebels, but the Castle was surrendered 
and the ships took in the soldiers; 
some of the sailors ran sway. The ships 
got out of the river of Limerick} 

LOFT , Rich ara t of Ipswich ,nariner ,aged SI ,has 
lived there 12 years; born at Korton in 
Suffolk. (Signs). 

JOKSS ,}*,dward,of St . dart in-in~the~Fields , LI iddx. , 
yeoman, aged 32; has lived there 3 months; 
before that in Westminster 6 months ; before 
that in St, Giles- in-tlie-Flo Ids 6 months; 
before that in the Savoy 6 months; and 
before that in Ireland and elsewhere in 
the Parliament's service f>| years; born 
at Llanv e rh en , c o . iiont-gome ry . 

Dram. Per s. 1916. 


LCI-DON S23J3IOH3 ?iM3J». 
for 1735, page 147. 

A False. Zn try in Fleet R egis ters. 


1723. IHO!I ,f i\An:.ie, indicted. 

KICKS, Gliomas, her accomplice. 

H1GHOLLS , Tliciflas , of Weather by *Yorks ,and 

010??, Anne , of Abberley , v/crc . , said ( falsely j 

to have been married in Feb. 1725. 
H0DGKIXI3 ,Anrie , of Fleet Lane ,& husband "bought 

several Registers and several Ministers' 
3oo".cs and keep Register Books of Liarriagas". 
* STAHKEi,!. . . , alleged parson v;ho performed the 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 


LOlsDOlT . 

Annual Register for 1762. 
paga 142 

~ ie Cock- lane Ghost. 


1762. FARSOKS, . . . ,a daughter of Ur< . . . agod 

ll,Coc>: lane, West 3mithf ield. 
LIMITS* ,R3v&.J:ir. 

LID YD , v/rn . Br ook s t r e e t , I Io lb o m . 
ALDIUCH ,Hevd . Stephen , rector of St. J ohn 1 s , 

pj-^rN, Jasaea , lecturer of 3t. Ann's f Ald&ragate. 
?:&ZZ7i,ll&ry pother of the (impostor) child. 

Dram. Per s. 1316. 


Annual .Ttegister ,1762, 
p. 152. 

Sarah Iv&r&JO and the p ariah appren tj^ces . 


1762. Hj1?TAHDtSara!: t Brutoii st. , Hanover Sq. ,haberdashsr t aet. 

43 in 1761 ; executed. 
u Sarah Morgan, her dan. t aged 19 in 1758 ;agod 
23 in 1761 , executed. 
DOWUrjf.Fnila^elphia^ged 10 in 1758, parish apprentice 
HI1ICI5JAN, Sarah, aged 12 " 
NAYLCH.Anne , aged 13 " M 


" I;iary 5 sicter of Anne,from Tottenham Hi^h Cross, 
aged 3 in 1758, parish apprentice .inurde red. 
?AUL»2i2me t agod about 10 in 1758, parish apprentice. 

• • • dealer in tea, of Hill st. Berkeley Squar 
& 2aling t iodged at *lr s • I.C2TYAKD * S . 
(killed hiriself in Fob. 1765. Ann. Bog , p. 55 

a ft 


Dran.pers. 1916. 


The Annual Register for 1768. 
page 227. 

Trial of Sanrael GILLAM.I.sq. ;riots in St. 
George r s yields. 

GILL/dl , £>&< rael , Usq . , jus oi ce of the Peace. 
ir£>B'uBK ,\7 ill iara , High 3troot,Hiie End , jouraeyuian Weaver, 

2A.YL0H,J'0>in, journeyman weaver. 

I7ICKCLL, Richard ,rope suiter , constable of St. Geo. Martyr, 

LATHAM ,..ir .Sonstab le . 

AJBOT, William, const able of 3 1, Clave* s. 
ALLr-XT, Ho be rt , cons table. 
BGPBIKGTO:?, . . . .shot in the thigh. 
FLW^SSy George i;ilford,of 3t. Clave *s. 
i)A;iBYSHlPJ:, James , of 3t. George 's ,Hanever Square, 

HOJ$v£,flir. a clergyman, of Brentford. 
PARDON, Jr. taking depositions. 
CAP-M, Just ice. 

PIu-TRl TH , ,V ill iari , turnkey at Kind's Bench prison. 
WILLS , John, glaaio.r .const able of St.Olave's. 

I>raia. Per s. 1916. 

CHAN • PHD .1758-1800. 


The State of ajnd of liar gars t AK3BLL . 
A.D. , ' * " ~ 

1792. HAWKINS, Charles ,of The Bear , Wantage , 

MSBLL John Jordan & l;largaret his wife, (formerly 
STOKE) of Bourton on the Water ,Glouc. 
The said Margaret of an obstinate & unruly 
disposition. Married 1790. 
BARI7ARD, Richard Sllsthunis wife, sister of Margaret 

3TONB,Raehaol 5 sister of Margaret AjTST'jLL. 
IGTIGHT, Joseph, of Stow. Glouc, gent, ,aged 40. 
L2GG, Charier; ,of Burf 6'rd , Ox on * ,y eoman , aged 55. 
ANSSLL, Thomas , of wantage , tanner. 

HUNTLEY , Ehoisas , of Burf ord ,0xon* faster of an Academy. 
MOSS , Hi chard , the elder, of Stow-on-the-7/old , surgeon 

& apothecary , aged 59 a 
BBLCHER, Joseph, of Wantage ,inalts ter , aged 49. 
. THOMPSON, William, of Wantage , gent.., aged 40. 
A1TS11LL, William, brother of Join Jordan AJTSltLL;& his 
•• wife present at marriage. 

' BALTON ,ml ist h. ,v;ifr. of Thomas, of Pyf ie Id .Berks. 9 

ye oman, aged 4? ,'stid a relation of .Margaret STQKE. 
: PAGET ,Revd. 3 imoii ,cf Stew- on~-the~'tf old , aged 7 2. 
!*ICH0LL5j -Revd. Thomas ,of B our ton on the Water, aged 37. 
DALE, Rachel ,of v/arriiigt on , Lanes. 5 \vidow,a person of 

\CRI?0: 1 Rachel Dale 5 of B ourt on- on- the-Ws te r ,spr. , aged 19, 

Witnessed marriage, 
PRIOR, Re che 1 ,wif e of Thomas of Hint on t Berks . , laborer , 
aged 52. 

BKiSlJuY, Llargaret ,wife of John.., of Applet on. v 3erks. ,yeoman , 

aged £0rbhuuglr; .Margaret oTplw. weaX in her intellects 
for she said her Lai I -dog. would - have pups. 
l)AJ/rO:T, Thomas ,o£ FU 1 eld ,y soman. >aga& 46. 
" John, of same , ye omen , aged 50. 


Dram. Iters, 1916. 


Henry VI I. No. 9. 

A±L affray in Biatoharn cfcurcK . 
4, J). ' ' 

1503. EtlfS , Geoffrey f olerk. 

8 s ?Ali3:iaWr.,Jchii & Joan. 


W>^KR, Geoffrey. 
HDRN2 , Thomas . 
GAK^Sa, Richard 

WALSI-Ii^iaT , Tkoaas /cries t. 

LA.WKE3TC3 , Roge r f hus"ban daian , aged 3.6, servant to 
KOBICE f Sir ST ill iara,taiight . 
KM IGB?,Wil liaiA, const able. 

DUK?u > Richard , husbandman , aged 45 , in whose hov.se t 

Dra;n.Pers. I SIS. 


A.rchd . Le^s s> ,Book A. 7/149 * 

The Will of Jo hn W^~^ of HottlnftAean . 
A.D. ~ " " ~" * ~~~~ ' 

1579. IO*2HBK f Johjri % of Ftot ting&ean,& j oc. of Chichester. 
11 Joha2i>3ister of testator. 
w iSajpg®. re t ditto. 

4 iia ry , 30d-d.au . of te e t at o r . 
K1LB Elizabeth t :aothar of testa lor & executrix. 
BEARD , J ohn , o V3 r b e o r . 
B0YB3 , Clement t ,77 i trie e s . 
SAVAGE ^Villiam .writer ,a «4 tnoss. 

Dram, i-ers. 1916. 


Jtl)2&i vol.3. 


Bequests of Francis HAPoTnOK. 
A.D. ' ~ " ' ~" ' ~ ~~ 

1648. PKMuZH t Umry ,6f 3t. Duns tan in the West % London , 
trunk-maker ,agad 55; has lived there two 
years; before that in St. Gregory 's , where 
he wa 8 barn, ( i gn $ ) . 
HAPJjvVlCK, Franc is , deceased ,said what he had might 
be his t meaning his son John. Died at 
his house in St. Gregory's parish where 
he was shopkeeper many years ;oould neither 
write nor read, no re than with chalk upon 
a trencher for his memory* 
u John, son of Franc is, a married man in his 
father's life time to two wives , and kept 
house of himself »V/aa a shoemaker and 

UAiuUGTT, Lewis ,of St.^iary Bass id haw, London, leather- 
seller, aged 45, has lived there 6 years or 
more;bom at Henley-on-Thames *0xon. Served 
FranciB FJvRIJVlCR 6 years as his apprentice, 
4 and 7 years after as his journeyman, (Signs } . 

Dren. Psrs.1916. 


How Thoma s \/HI PPY made hi a Will. 


1646. BALI)V)llT,Anne,of St. Clement XJetaes ,lliddx. , widow, 

aged 56, has lived there 24 years; born 
at Broome in Suffolk; lived near Mr. WHIPPY, 
deceased for many years, in one of the 
Earl of 1 3 tenements *, lives by 

laundering the linen of my lord of 
AHJlCDBLii'Ip gentlemen. 
PBICa, Robert ,of St. Clement Danes , grocer , aged 35, 
has lived there 20 years ;bom at Farnham, 
Surrey, 'lath £5 given him by Thomas WKIPPY'S 
will. Ris wife attended much on deceased. (Sif;ns ) . 
WHIPPY or WHITTLE, Thomas , dec eased. How he made 

his will. 

PlJICE^Ulie,elerk f ji.A. *,in company with '.VHIPPY in 

his last sickness , 'late lecturer of St. Clement's 
parish;aged 60, has been there 4 years ;bef ore 
that in the Isle of Wight ;bom at Trav/svennith, 
co. Merioneth. (Signs). 
PI jJFOLD, Thomas ,notary public , well -acquainted with the 
deceased;of St. Clement Danes. idr.PPJCL desired 
deceased to call upon the name , of God , or if 
he could net speak it he would but lift up his 
hand unto God, but he remained selseless and they 
could x^ocure neither speech nor motion from 
him. (Signs ) . 

./ill T'TLii ,I.lar&are i; ♦& her husband, disliked by deceased 
Thomas WHIPPY or t< KITTLE. 

FR£l?ClS,John,of St. Andrew Undershaf x , Lend on f pewt ere r , 

aged 42, has lived tbere 16 years; born at Kinge- 
cliffa,Northton. ; lived with V/KIPPY as his journey- 
man 15 or 16 years. (Signs }. 

3UITH f :,Iillicent ,of St. Clement Danes .widow, aged 53;has lived 
there 15 years; born at NewarJc-upon-Trent ,ITotts . 

Uram. Per s. 1916. (49) 



ZTi . and 


Adventures of 3 ir Thomas SAVAGS. 


164-6. GCD'.VIH.Ealph.of 3t.Sepulclire London, draper, aged 55, 
has lived there 5 months ; oof ore that of St. 
C 1 erne nt pane s 1 £ years; b af ore tha t in 
St.- Andrew Kolbcm 5 years: bom at Long&on, 
v; ore. Sometime of Card ingt on, Beds. (Signs 1 . 
: VSli3Y,H6oert,a dependan t of 

SAVAGE , 3 i r Thomas , deceased , lodged in Gov on t Garden. 
His os^ate in Oardington worth £760 a year. 
Died April 1641 .Extremely be twitched by li lean or 
FOUl-iTAir.ii,and said he was contracted to her by 
a minister at the Swan at Sn ight abridge. She 
told him that her husband wag come home and 
was at Greenwich, but that 'm would not han£ her. 

lft>UK2&.lft2) Eleanor, lived at Jledbourne in a house taken 
alias ) for her by the deceased. Wife of Arthur 

hoyl;;y ) foukiaiki:. 

Ai*3hOV,i.-r3. ... of Govent Garden, her reputation. 
30AiirO,J0G3ph t & Dorothy his w3 fe, sister of \IU.FOG;v"IVa:hh. 

oir Thorns inade the match between tho.a. 
iV&^tKH,Mrs. ,her house in Bow street. 

^dXhr:i,XrG. ,or ^Y.G:l,er V.rAVnli, identical with Eleanor 

SHAGS; ^.-Ir. . . . ':ept the deceased's children since his 

OS-BO?:!}?. ,Dan iel . (iii^ns). 

CCCP:,A, Edward , of Xin^st on-on- Tiiames ,a^od 37, domestic- 
servant to r ior::ry ,Larl of Dover., 9 years ;bom at 
Reynold , co. Bedford. 

Jra?a. Per a. 1 916. 

VT.^ vol.5, 
i^ra.etc. HKKEX v. Lady 0A3B?;.. 

^£MIiLi^^l^- affection for his 
relative^ . 

A.D. . 

1646/9. G^LL,- George, a witness (Signs). 

. HU..iH::Y,Sir Williair. 6: Lady Rebecca ,deceased. 

»t Joseph, son of Sir William, disd in Iremonger 

Lane in Fooraary 1645. 
» William, son of Sir V/ill ian,died after his 
brother JosephVhaa a son William, "1 ittle 

yTU.'CKLi:T,S8;aa6l,^ent. , proctor of the Prerogative 
Court, aged 33, born in the precincts of 
Rochester Oat hed ral , came to servo as 
cler'c in the Prerogative Court about 
20 years since; hath been a proctor about 
10 years; declares the practice of the 
Court as to entering Caveats . (Si{?is } . 
^"X^ ••Nil', Charles , also testifies. (Signs). 
BCCL^D*?, Robert, of St . Benot ,Paui ' s Wharf, of the 

Prerogative Court , deposes . (:ii(;ns ; . 
}U-SQ-V?ohri,of 3t.Ve.dast , I end on , stat ioner ,aged 56; 
has lived there 21 years and more; bom at 
eittle Barf ord ,co.2nntn. ;gattoth his living 
by his trade of bookbinding. Is no Subsidy 
man. (s igns j . 

C*i^\I*d*.wifG of Sir Francis, and sister of Joseph 
;^h.Y,liad fflO^CCC out of his father's ana 
mother's estate. 
*f -: i v;Villiaa,s0n of said Will iaa , cane frcn 

•■Mlard six months before Joseph's ueate. 
S**J-= James ,of St ..Uartin, Ire^onrer lane ,coru- 
" wniner,a-ed 46; has lived there 21 years; 
born at Bvf ield ,co. Porthanpton. (Signs / • 
W^mVi. ^a^l^B^UBB, Of 3t.,iartin,lremon^r 
l-ie,v.ido^v,a-ed 65 ,has lived there 5? 
^ars,and before that at Stroud, m Kent, 
where she was bom. Deposes that Sir 
V/iPian H&aEiY v/as her mother's brother, 
j.&dv Rebecca proved his will and survived 
him many years. She made her will by word 
of mouth and taade Joseph her executor. s 

WJBSl v,Lady CAEEff. cont'd , 


1648/9. Deponent abode with Joseph till his death, 
Joseph said, "Sir Francis CARBv/ is given to 
the shaking of his elbow (moaning dioi-%^) 
but he shall shake . away none of my estate". 
KAYWARI),A1 ice .of the sane /tfidow, aged 72, has lived 
there 55 years; born at I; inn ingt on , Suffolk., 
deposes that ?:seph gave Sir Francis 
CAHv/Z'S daughter £1000 and two jewels at 
her marriage. Lady thanked him and 

said she had another daugh t e r , Suss n , c om ing 
on apace, and he was much incensed . Deponent 
liveth by her trade of a perfumer. 
IKGftUi , Thomas , of St, Giles ,Cripplegate ,^ent. , aged 44, 
has lived there 5 years; before that in St. 
Bart hoi orne-,7- t he -1 ess o years , and before that 
for 12 years in 3t . Sepulchre f s ;born at Bacluvorth, 
cc.Kuntu. was a clerk with &r.GUAL252H,a brewer, 
who served deceased with beer. {Signs ] . 
WILLIAU3 , Rice , of Lie rt on - 3ur rey , gent . , aged 48, has lived 

there 3 months ; be fore that, in 3 1. Stephen 's. , , 
Coleman St. ,5 years ; before that in St. Martin, 
Iremonger Lane, 3 years ;born. at ICeymes ,oo. 
Montgomery. Is in the service of Mr. Robert 
V/ILaGM of her ton. 
SMITH, William, of St. Michael 3as s i sfcaw , aged* .50, habe rda she r ; 

has lived there 11 years ; born at Brigst ock,Morthton. 
V/2LD, Lady, sister of Joseph Ruln'MY. 

SALOMON, John, of 3 1 . Anne , Blackfr iars , cordwainer , aged 50: 
has lived there 23 years; bora at Set heme in 
France. (Signs ) . 
G LuBLR » Do rot hy ?ai f e of ,Villiam,of St . Sepulchre 's ,ccrd- 
v/ainer,aged 30, has lived there two weeks; before 
that in St. Bride's three years, before that in 
St . Laurence , London 2 years ; before that in Iremonger 
Lane 3 years; born at Farbanlce-, oo.Yorh. 


: r ^.Pera.l916. (51 contd. ) 

HJJCTBY v; Lady GABSW. oontd. 

GLMBSS,V/iiliam,of St. Sepulchre .'a ,cordwainer ,aged 
33, has lived there 3 weeks-; before that, in 
St .Bride's 3 years; before that in St. Laurence 1 
two years ;bef ore that in St. Bride's two 
yea rs ; bo m at v; ill Ingham , Kent . 
GOI^LL,Joan,of Govent Garden,Lliddx. spr. ,aged 34, has 
lived there 2k years; be fore that at Chelsea 
9 months ;bef ore that at St . Mart in ? s . I r ©monger 
lane years ; before that in Christ Church, 
London 4 years ;born at Burfield, Berks . 
Deposes she carried the Lady CAHEW'S daughter 
her marriage portion of £1000. Is now in the 
service of. the 2arl of BEDFORD. ?hat Joseph 
KLBINUY his company- ho kept were generally 
tradesmen, but some of thorn of good fashion 
as Ur.HZBSOH of the Bull's Head in Cheapside 
and dr.SAI^PSOIv of St .Hary Axe. (Signs ) . 
C&RFENER ,Anne of High^ate , spinster .aged 23; has 

lived there 3 months ; bef ore that in Christ 
Church , London , 3 roars, and before that in 
S t . Liar t in s r , I renionge r Lan e ; bo rn at L'dd ing- 
ton, Wilts. : is maintained by her brother 
Gerard OAHPHI-nsa. (Signs } . 

S^uy?a&T,5 ?33. ,1916. 
VOL. I. ,::c\r>. 


New discoveries in Biography & Genealogy 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange thein geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 


io/6 per quarter. 
2 1 / - per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 
■ London. 

*~jpHE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 

end SPAIN 


Kaval Srpedltlons from Spain . 


1649. WKATELBY* George , of Allhallows Barking, London, 

merchant , aged 31;has lived there 9 
years ;born at Banbury ,0xon. Trades 
with foreign parts hut never went a 
voyage to sea in person. ( Signs ) . 

WHITE, James, of London, traded to Seville in 

Spain, wrote at the request of EAWJ33 to 
iJBHIAG3 t LIr, Thomas ,a merchant in Seville, to 

asoertain the names of the adventurers 
and the number of the passengers in the 
Fleets which set out from Spain in the 
years 1637 and 164-0. 
BALBIE, William, of St. Andrew Holborn c merchant , 

aged 42, has lived there two years ;bef ore 
that in Botoiph Lane S years shorn in the 
town of Southampton. Deposes that the Fleet 
of galleons employod by the King of Spain 
for Fova Hispania set owt in April or Hay. 
and return in August or September in the 
year following* Has lived 9 years at Cales, 
the usual part whence the said Fleet sets 
sail. lias used the sea above 20 years as 
a merchant and has had chief command in a 
ship of 300 ton. (Signs). 
GILB13T,iir" John, of Seville, to whom LALBIE wrote at 

the request of HAvVKS. 
V/00DBUHK3 , John , of St.ilichael,Cornhill, merchant, aged 
44, has lived there 5 months ; be fore that in 
St. Andrew, Kolbom, and before that in St. 
Giles, Cripplegate for 16 months , and before 
that in Spain;born in St. Michael f s ,Comhill. 




Old Bernard MITCIIKLL^ bequests . 


1649. Gi^TSR, Anne, wife of Henry, of St. James ,Garlickhithe , 
London, aged 60; has lived there 35 years ;bom 
at Little -/aldingf 1 eld, 3uf folic. 
HI!?CHIlLL t Bornard, doe-eased, lived for 9 years in deponent 
CAKT:,Il f 3 house on Carl id: Hill , beginning above 
20 years since ;died there. His godson sent 
him burnt wine in his last sickness. How he 
made his will. Said he had £600 hid in a pot 
in his house in the country which he had not 
seen for many a day. Was almost 80 years old 
& had three sisters living. 
OSTIUM ,3emard, son of Iiobort,who was cousin-german to 
Bernard ^I2C:U'--LL, or sisters* children. 3emard 
O.was godson of the deceased, who sent him to 
school at the church by Garlick Hill and provided 
apples or lemons and suchlike things in his desk 
for him against he came. Deceased would often send 
Itobort O.for strong waters or roast beef and other 
things , saying often that the longest liver should 
have all. 

OZ^LLR, Robert ,of Kamme r smith, gent. , aged 79,his house in 
Trinity Lane. In Jan. 1646 he removed some of his 
goods to Hammersmith. Of LJt.Uildred : s , Bread Dtreet, 
60 years ;born at Lowther , Dorset . 
F!Uii?TO]; f ^r.:>iiiT.md, brought up from the country to make 
deceased's will; very much loved and respected 
by iilTCKSLL and trusted with his most serious 
affairs . 

* Thomas, deceac ed 's bailiff or servant. 
TCtfKLROW, George, of St. Uichael ,Comhill , writer , aged 30, 
has lived there 16 years ;bom in the city of 
London, deposes that lie 7/rote the will in Sir, 
C^Tj^i ■ j house whora deceased lay, and that he 
was well content. 


3AbP/?A IBS Y«OZBIA-R. canta . 


1649. OGLEBY, James, of St , Glave , Jewry writer , aged 18, 
has lived there g§- years ,aa& "before that 
in Westminster 9 whero he was bom* 
CAMBHlJ)GK,Abigail,wife of John, of St .Margaret 5 s , 
Westminster 5 aged 51;has lived there 23 
years ;born in St, Martin's lic&g&te. 
Robert OZ&LER married deponent's sister. 
CAMBRIDGE , John .. of St, Margaret i s Westminster 9 yeoman, 
aged 62 5 has lived there 25 years ;bcrn at 
terleton,(jlonc. Formerly lived next door 
to Robert . 02KLER. and Bernard HIOESLL in 
Trinity lane, 

CARTER, Henry, of St. James : G-arlioldiiths, haberdasher, 

'aged 60 ,has lived there 34 years ?bom at 

Eibworth oleic 
BURTON, Mr. . . , , "an artist ,J in writing & ciphering, 

to whom Bernard OZTDLB.R was sent to school by 

his imo ie Bernard MIC1ISLL. 
OZI£R,Eiizabeth,wi f e of Robert .of Hammersmith 7 age& 58; 
born at Luton 5 Beds* 5 deposes > 

Dram. Pors. 1916. 

[53 contrlc ) 


Concerni ng A^ hn? GATffOR?H ? S property. 


1651. CUHPJSK f Kenry,o? St^ioar^ Colechursh, London , grocer , aged 
37; has lived there 20 years ;bcra at KlldMck 
in Craven .Ycr-fcu .within a mile of Arthur GAHFORTK 
end bred up at school with him, (Signs). 
G&HFORTH t Arthur 5 dec eas ed . 

" William, of Xildwi oh , father of Arthur, 
11 • Thomas , son of the producent : attended the 
Pre r oga t i ve our t . - 
CDHER,WilliaEi,of Allhai lows .Lombard Street , London 9 

mercer 5 aged 27; has lived there 11 years ;born at 
Steeton in Kildwich ? within a how shoot or two 
of GL4jSQS3?H 9 S house and bred there. Was the 
deceased 1 s schoolfellow. (Signs). 




vol* 17 . 
BDWHI v, JlU'Z'Tira. 

The Wcoira c f_ M 1 BOWHY, . 
A.D. i 
1655. BEOABSTOCE^-uie s cf Applef ovd^Beste. ,aged 40; came 

over from X7&l£cft;&aa Hired with her 
hosbaiid BSJt^UtSCOK at Appleford 3 years. 
Hois on hoitss'baofe with. RTJ£ i 33SR and her 
dsGghtor So Abingdon fair* 
BOSKY, Alice ? dau. of William BQHSX and Anne BHOADSTOCK, 
went to school at Larson r s Green in Piuhann 
Bom and bapt.at St .Andrew ,KoIbom 5 0ct , 1642. 
Said she cor Id not endure to have HJ5EESR for 
a husband, 

WILLLIO £,Mrs , Ali c s 5 Pa:L:;am : widcw r ogea 50 ,a person 
of quality and of great estate 5 having no 
children of her run .took a great liking to 
Alice POFfts her niece* Lived at Parson c s 

RUX'KR,d&omas ,a geutleiran with ££000 in money and 
plate and a place worth £500 a year, end a 
gallant way of 1? rings suiuor to Alice BOWRY; 
carried her at night at Inii&hts bridge Chapel 
17 Febc 165£?promis3d her a rich neclclace 
of true pearl or draa^nai^she but little 
above ten year? eld, 
COOKS 9 Mrs« ,hopt a school for gentlewomen at Falham? 

Alice BOWRY went tdiere , 
WORPALL 9 Mr » John s hi s house She Golden Lion tavern 

in the Strand .where the wedding party went. 
CLI 3EEES0E 5 Shomas , of Dt, Oleicent Panes .clerks aged 
47; has lived there IS years ; per formed 
the ceremony. (Signs). 
WISE, Elizabeth, of Parson's Green, spinster, aged 26; 

has lived there ear. months ; before at St. James's, 
Clerkenwell and at Applef ord .Berks . ;bef ore that 
at Parson'- s Green for almost 5 years, and before 
that at her ied-her'e house at h~ew by Richmond 
in Surrey for 5 or 5 years „ - Signs). 
HBRBERu?, Sarah, of Parson's Green rci dew, aged 50 ,has 
lived there 50 years. 

5 Mary c .Tif e of John, of Fulharagent* ,aged 50; 
has lived there S months ; before that in St. 

James , 

a p BOwPI T'^HJSdJEE (cont^.) 

1655. Jamas .Clerkenwell .almost 8 years ;aieoe of Mrs.WILIMOa?, (Signo). 
* W00Dmi r 5 i-l"c8 5 ox St. James ^Olertewell^idci^^aged 60; has lived 

there 55 years 9 ln Jota street . 
WOOX>B^Y,teae s mfe of diaries, of the same, tailor, aged 23; has 

lived there i^o years and "before in Gloucestershire. 
mEeSLL,John 9 of S^Marbin in the Fields .vintner, aged. 5 2, deposes. 
mmm*%&m*ate*3V of gliomas, fetched hto out of a house in 

Maiden Lane .0 event Garden, in a great passion. 
WIIKHTS01T .William, of B* . Bepulohre .London .porter .aged 57; horn 

there. (Signs ). % jr 
BMjmM.Bohert.of S*°* Olave .Sont^ai^.fe^tmalrer 9 aged 45; has 
lived there'9 voars, His wife of tin to hoth Mas HJM 
and Alice BOWli. Introduced as a suitor. His wife and 

woducent's mother sisters 5 children, (Sigas). 
JACKBOK .Margaret a wif e of Sioinas.of ^.Margaret >s .Westminster, 
ooacWn ? aged'45e has lived there 16 years .was at tne 
wedding and said s ^-od give her joy". 
mKBSLL $ Amy ? wlfe of Join .aged 25. (Signs). 

miiKEH^r^ret.vrife of Mas .of M8rsmith.vinxner,aged 31. 

is a brother's daughter of Mrs iLLIMO TP. . 
am alias ASHW.Helen.of Kensangton .Middlesex .where she has 
lividTnly three or four days as a servant to the Earl of 
HOlWrhefcre that in oo.Bwta. for It ^ars,and *or 5 
. years ho fore that at Parson's Green; oorn aa Patrick Brunt- 
S^.Tox*. Deposes *bat on the day of the wedding Mrs. 
Stce shewed znach cheerfulness and was called by the rame 
o? JU Br^e and did dance at MMKffiBW'S in the Strand. 

Sing ended they all went in coaches to 
Gre^ to M^MI^r'S *nd danced here also.and tlus depo- 
the said moms and Alice in hed together .as 

did also Mrs.BH^^OE.Krs.WII»^ and oihers of t&8 

COffipaatf then and there present. 
B0ro,»d 9 of 3KMargare. ; Westmin3ter 9 gan,iemazi.aged 55, 

has lived there about SO years. \Sig^s- 

(55 opntj.) 

& JilEDX. vol.17. 


A Suit for Hullitg of Marriage . 


1656. TAYLOR , Ei chard ? of 3 1 . 01 em ent 1 5 , Eas t cheap , Loud on , 

poulterer 9 aged 5 2; has lived there 25 years, 
a kinsman to Edward M0GG3,whom he knew 7 
years before his marriage « (Signs } . 
E0RdOH,Sir Edward, hart. 5 said to have married Mary 

MOGGS, Edward .married 1 Nov. 1637 ,at St.Helen's Bishopsgate , 
Mary P^E3 g an& was living long after April 1650. 
Buried in St t Martin's in the Fields within this 
twelve months. 
PEA352, Mary, had several children of which two are yet 

living. Lived first at the Sun in Gracechurch Street, 
and afterwards in Newgate Market. Answered to the 
name of Lady NORTON. Lived as a widow in 1650 in 
Churchyard Courts Fetter Lane. 
BR0CKS2T, Margaret ,wife of Edward, of St. Martin in the Fields, 
poulterer j aged 52;has lived there almost 14 years, 
and "before that in Christ church, London. Hath seen 
Edward & Mary MOGGS oft naked in bed together as 
man , and wife. I*wo of the children now prentices 
in* London. That MOGGS died within these two years 
in Brury Lane. 

BROCKET? 7 Edward , of the same ^poulterer .aged 50, has lived 
there 13 years, a* id before that in Christ church, 
London, about 16 years. He lived as a servant 
with Edward & Mary M0GG3 at the Queen's Arms ,near 
ITewgate. Has seen certificate that Sir Edward 
iTORTOK and Mary MOGGS were married 24 April 1650, 
but Edward MOGGS was buried in St. Martin's 20 Feb. 1654, 
as appears by a certificate, was seen by this 
deponent riding in a troop of horse in London 
within a few months before his death, (Signs U 


Dram. Pers. 1916. 




1656. PIERSOK, Joanna, wife of Robert, of St. Andrew HolborEL, •■ ' 
tailor 5 aged 48; has lived there 10 years; 
before that in St, Sepulchre's. 
BOSE , Gas co igae % of Little St. Bartholomew's f haberdashar 
aged 53*has lived there 12 years ;and has been 
parish cleric about a year and a half. (Signs). 
KIGHTS,Henry,of St *He len *s , London, scrivener, aged 41} 

has lived there 23 years. (Signs ) . 
ARCHBOL]>-^Ghr is t opher , of ^t-- Jamos-A^ 01 erkawejUU^sntl eman^ 
ag-ed^25*_(Sigas-} . 

(56 contd. ) 



How MrSoHo&or- BIOTSB made her -will. 


1682, OHLWELLsJolm^cf IAnoola'-g Inn 9 gent . f aged 54, dark 

BUJLERjSir" James s sppofoited executor by 
BltilDJCro • Honor , of the Palace Yard, Westminster; 

will made 2 Jtme 1680. 
PLUOKHBO? 9 G0orge 9 Jtm*. ,a scrivener 9 of St. Margaret's, 

Was teinstsr 5 aged 50 
BEHE3BY 9 Sir John 9 his la&y opposed probate. 
¥TJJJlJ£o ? Lady, her hcrase in the Kew Palace. 

3)ram c Pers*191S. 


IHEIAOT -vol.15.page 133, 

B3BK3 . & TaUELXH. 

She Coafcuot of William I&£.vffR,& Mary ITBLIH, 
A.D. ~~ " ~ " ~ 

168?. HICHOIAS , John «, of Bt»Botolph Bi^hop^gat a .waver, aged 52j 

formerly tith rnaii to 
UELIH 5 John. , father of Maxy^XTo^tli Moroton.BerKs- 
LEkUrSR^Wi 11 isas , the yotmger. 

DUHKE1LLIHG ,XiOr& ? the said LEA.VSE e S mole in Ireland. 
UELIKytoie , sister of Ma^r. 
BBDtfffl£»ttr. coTirtecl Mary UEXrIXT. 

IHCKDMS^Wiiliaiiuof St.Bctolph 3ishop3gat3 5 w©aYer g ag0d 4Q 9 
formerly of FaiT.aam 5 ^iirrsy.and More ton « 
« Mrso went to live at Graenham with her datigater, 
SK)OME Alice 9 courted hy William SELVES. 

Dr&nu Pe rs „ 19 1 6 » 



& vol. 15 * p 136. 

XGHDON* BOO}® v,B001IS. 

She Great Estate ofJJfcojnas JBOOHBL 
A.J). ' ' 

1682. BOOHS, John 9 son of Thos&s ,&ecd. 9 "boun&- apprentice to 
a merchant of .^msterclarn. 
GOODALLjSiohard ,Bt.Micho Gornliill 5 London ..merchant taylor , 

aged 40 ; agent tc 
BOOHB, Thomas s Ssq 9 ^dee'eased, -uncle of said GOOE&LL (who 
married his sister T s daughter in 1S65) Ead five 
daughters and property in the West County at 
Exeter & Dartmouth. A "wise man". 
n Christopher s son of llicmasy^ho left him £2000. 
" Charles s second son, "brother of the said John, of 
Mount Boone ,J?ev on ? aged 30 ,a dull-headed , s tu,hhorn , 

BODBINGTOiToBohert ,of St, Margaret ? 3?ish Sti-eet Hill, London, 
merchant ? aged 50 .lias lived there a"bou.t two 
years ,holieves Thomas BOOM! died worth £80 ,000 ; 
married one ox his daughters with £5000, Kath 
lived in London seven years and in the country 
"before his marriage ... {Sigas ) . 
BOOKE, Anne, dan, of Thomas 7 married . . 9 
,f Jane,dau. of Thomas : lately married, had £3000. 
f? Mary ,dau» of Thomas . 
11 . 31isabeth,dau e of Thomas. 
G002toL 5 Mr. Richard ,a friend of Hoht . 30DIOTGT0K & Thomas 
■B0028DS. . 

B00KE,lTath2niel, deed, .eldest son of Thomas. 

SMITH, John , of St. Mary V/oolr.oth 5 scrivener .a^sd 25. 5 late 
apprentice to John CKAlCBSIiS , scrivener. Has lived 
in Lombard street v years. 

UNWIN , Nathan ie I 5 of . St . Benetf ink, scrivener , aged -52 , late 

apprentice to Mr. John CHAMBEES. Has lived in Thread- 
needle street and Broad street above nine years past. 

Dram. Per s. 1916. (5?) 

LINO. vol. 15* page 160, 


Ths PreriHEida d Wi ll of ghomas 


1632, B9I£BS,Sir J^m^toinis-iratov of -Hie gocls s 3tc. ^of 

WAI^SR^Ghar-les 5 of St Andrew EoIl>ci*rLag£.a 20 t 3arraaii 

IMJ&SB J c>m 9 or gt«,Ar-dr@s? Ho Ibom 3 c crar;) -ali^r f ? 40| 
has liva-d trsi-e I 1 . 5 years* 

iS-2IlG0;Oiir ? BevLjn, ^^slda^ garrettx? to Sir Join. BGXJ3SS3 
& I'lr, BMI*tE ? Ii3p1:. an aleliovce ir ?l_/yr.or.-:o 
Yaxdp d:\ed. ir. Wldt^^sra ? aas& waa o-urierl 
St»riin>;te2i ir. tlie W^st 1.15 Jta£.l£73. 

SMLIIE, SSieuias 9 sx5.z rretsrd^d ^iXl;£ss$toEL ni^nt-ione L 

SP^'XSEiSi? [Ssc^as Ust, & asters 9 Qa?$g^&?S&'b&r m 

2QII£3 f Sir Hob^i*;,ih.tr3r of 6ir Joisiia 

iYSGQGE s S:lr Eteassi .-or. of Sir riv^r^rdr dicr/uts v*. f m 
Sir Jcba I0.LLyS;hir; houss a% Zelsiej. 

M4,80IT ? Mr. ? of Lfeoolu. 

mL?00X^ 5 Mro Qriocaero.att^cy fc* 0:1:,' Sdr^rd iSOOGE. 
BJ.CH , Christ opn^ .y s of C^rr^c 7.2:2 ^sr^. r/^ed oi.hr:' livid 

thero 10 yorr-v; o;.:ri at Ov.} rc h^yj Xozi' ^z^: 
GBrMT,0oi*?.r3l:.-ic *^f£& to 


pNDOiT & MIDDX. , vol. 15, pages 195,209 b ,218. 


,IH0. 9 WILTS. 

The Marriage of Justus BUBKIN. 

682-4. WEIGHT, John, of Bris tol,mer chant , aged 36;born there; 

now lives at Wapping; first went to Nevis in 1663. 
BUEKIN, Justus, of the Island of ITevis , merchant, deed. ; a 
blaok, swarthy , man. 
" Anne .alias PBTBRSON,his wife,now at Peterborough 
Court, Fleet Street. 
COBLES, John, of the Blew Leg sWapping, oilman. 
MATESWES, Col. , Governor of St. Christopher ! s. 
LB!3J&Y,William,master of the "John & Mary", to ITevis. 
PYMM,Capt. his shallop from Nevis to St. Christopher f s. 
HOOPER t Capt. of the ship "William" ,1679. 
STAPLE TON, . . . Governor of Nevis, 

BASH,William,of "The Sugar Loaf ",Clerkenwell ,victualler , 
aged 60; born at Crool, Lincoln; formerly for 7 years 
at Whitechapel;now going to sea. 
SMITH t William. of Nevis , tailor, aged 38;has lived there 14 
years ;now lodgeth in Fleet St. ,his family in Nevis. 
JAMKS, William, of St. Botolph,Aldgate,worsred comber, aged 
30;born at Liddiard Tregoze , Wilts ; lived for three 
years at St. Giles in the Fields ,and before that 
for 5 years in St, Thorns , Southward. Hath been in 
France & Flanders; of St. Christopher *s ,1672. 
EAB3IGAL, . . . 

MANLOVE, Anne, aged 16, servant to Mr. HAWKINS , vintner, of the 
Three Tons, King Street near Guildhall , London; born 
at Dublin in Ireland; stolen from her parents and 
carried to Nevis , where she lived 7. years. 
FJEK1N, William, son of Justice & Anne,now in London. 
HOUGHAU, ... a minister at Nevis. 
WINTHB , Capt .ISTi 11 iam of the ship "The Brothers". 
HJ33HLL,Col. Governor of Nevis. 

KETH^/AY,Mary,wife of John, of Nevis , merchant , aged 41; ' 
married 19 years ;now lives in Trinity Lane. 

J>r**!u:Pers»1916. tj. 

3URKIN v.BURKIN.ccntd. 


1682-4* NMmVAY, Margaret, of Trinity Lane .spins ter,aged 20, 

"born at Bristol 5 lived in Nevis. 
WILLIAMSON, John, a-ged 35 , sometime of Nevis , St. Christ- 
opher's & Antego ,has "brothers & sisters 
at Oxford; is now servant to 
BDWLAND ? Walter,of Briston Cawsway, Lambeth, Esq,. ,aged 

45, has lived there 20 years. 
CHEVILLE,Father Andrevr,of the French char ch, St. Christ- 
opher 's ,1672. 
HJDDICK, ... of Nevis , owner of a shallop. 
HI !TCHC0CK, Robert, of St. Clement Danes , gent. , aged 24, 

horn at Aylesbury, Bucks. 
HITCHCOCK, Richard, scrivener, of near the Cornish Mount, 
Shipp Yard, Temple Bar, brother of Robert; his 
father of Pope's Head , Court , Chancery Lane. 
WILLIS Hilary, of St. Clement Danes ,spr. f aged 21;born at 

Wadsdon , Bucks . 
GOLD, John, of Shipbrewers Fields , by Nightingale lane, 

St.Botolph Al&gate , tailor , aged 55;has lived there 
9 years; born at Norwich; sometime of Nevis. An 
idle, fuddling, fellow. 
SHEERING , Robert , of Buttermilk Alley, Spitalf ields , 

Stepney, throster 9 aged 42, has lived there 3 years, 
bom at Norwich; lived in 1672 at Glean Alley 
in Southwark. 

H3&J),Mary, married William JAMES in 1672, lived in Drum 
Court in St.Olave's street , Southwark, & went to 
Chelmsford, Ess ex. 

SHBRRING, Anne, Wife of Robert, aged 42;married 20 years. 

READ, Sara, of Sto Gliomas ? Southwark, widow, aged 60 ? has 

lived there 16 years ;hsr dau.Mary married eleven 
years since to William JAMES at Newington Butts; 
lives over against the sign of the Still, a strong- 
water shop and so hath done ever since the fire 
of London, 

(61 contd. ) 


1682-4. HAHBO!RP,Margarel!-,w'ife of Isaac, of Romford, Essex, 

bricklayer, aged 26,married there seven years; 
was apprenticed to William RASH while he 
kept the Checquer Inn in Romford, & went with 
him to White chapel, where he kept an alehouse. 
HAJXBUS0?, Isaac, of Romford, bricklayer, aged 28, horn 
there an.d lived there all his life. 
Richard , of Newington Butts, aged 45, parish 
c 1 e rk 5 succ e ed ed 
BD'GBBS-, Herbert 

. r j?0DD,John,of St* Bride *s , London, painter-stainer, aged 
4£,has lived there ten years, constable of St. 
Bride 5 s ; found Anne BUEKBf in Hanging Sword 
Alley in the privilege of Salisbury Court, and 
carried her to the Compter for suborning witnesses 
BURKIN, James, of St e Buns tan in West ,me r chant , aged 26, 
formerly of St. Catherine Coleman, is agent for 
his cousin Mr . James BURKIN, party to this cause, 
they being brothers' sons. 
MkTSMBB. Edward, of Iver, Bucks. , cook, aged 55, has lived 

there two years; of The Goat at Ivy Bridge. 
KENQ? 3 Jo39ph,of StoClement Danes , surge on, aged 66, has 
lived there 40 years, 'born at Aston,co.Glouc. ; 
is beadle of St. Clements. 
SO!EPEeNS ? Richar-d 5 of the same , cook, aged 35, has lived 

there three years ;was servant to Mr.MA.Q?HEfaS 
at the Goat at Ivy Bridge for almost 20 years. 
AP£LNSON s John r of StoClement Danes , tailor , aged 48, has 
lived there 22 years, near the Paulsgrave's 
Eead tavern next to the Savoy. 
IMf 9 Sampson,of St.Bo'tolph Aldgate, cooper, aged 41, has 

lived there 11 years. 
WESTOH $ Peher,of Wapping, Stepney, cooper , aged 40 , has 

lived there 5 years. 
ATKINSON Eleanor ,wife of John, of St. Clement Danes, . 
tailor, aged 40, has been married 6 years. 

(61 contd. } 

BUPJOT VcBuECTT. ( ccnt d* ) 


5-4. EOLLAOT P Hi chard 9 of the same ,beadle , aged 5QVborn there. 
OAPKuL 5 John,of StoBctolph,Aldgate 5 distiller,aged 50, 

born in St, Catherine ..London 
GIBSOH, Jonas s of the same , chandler , aged 38, has lived there 
14 years. 

CLARES ,Mary, wife of John, of St. Mary Sav oy, gen t. „ aged 24, 

married 5 years, born at Bristol. 
HOPE, John, at Antigua & ffevis , alias John WILLIAMSON. His 
father died when he was very young and his mother 
married one HOPS. 
FISflEB g Sdward 9 of St„ Bride ; s ,sa&ler s aged SO, has lived 

there 15 years. 
PILL,John,of StoBctolph Aldgate 9 tailor 9 aged 40,has lived 

there 3.8 years . 
ETCHTSOil f Gerard , of St . Mary Abcimr ch .merchant , aged 28 5 has 

lived there 5 years. (Signs }: SV33ESEIT") . 
NBTHWAY , J ohn s of London ? gent . 5 sged 40 ..deposes that Anne 
PE2BRSBN was married at Nevis to John WRIGHT, 
in the presence of John SDY and Bastian EEEN3. 
HAJMEET01t $ 55iomas »of St oAndrev; Wardrobe .farrier ? aged 34, 

has lived there 5 years, born at Tong in Leicester- 
shire. Deposes that Join HOPS married at Hevis 
deponent's wife ? s sister and lias two children 
who go by the name of HOPE. 
KBrara, & idha , of 3t,H?-ry WhiteohapsI .mariner, aged 36, 


'[ • UL'lHJ&LY ,12 ,1916, 

•• VOL. I. ,I:C,6. 


New discoveries in Biography <Si Genealogy, 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Satuvday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 


io/6 per quarter. 
2 1 (- per half year. 

42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple ear), 
• London. 

'JpHE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get -at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 

& lilDDX. 




How Sdrnond HaKBI^I made his Will , 

BLICK,31izth. wife of William of St. Mart in in Fields, 

lor iner, aged 45;married 20 years ;has six children. 
Aunt, that is t mothor's sister of 

HAEBEN 5 Mr , ISdmond , deed . ; apprent i ce t o Mr* IVATT 9 wmmbsmt , 

LOCK, Mr. Roger & his wife 

WEST, Mr. a scrivener. 

WHIT2, . . . Aunt to Mr.Sdmond HABB&Sf ; she and her children 
always hunting after what he had and he wished 
them all hanged. 
BLICX,William, citizen & loriner,aged 55;was one of the 
trustees of LIr Morrin KAEBEN,father of Mr.Mmoad. 
NOADES , ICdmund , o f S t e venage , He r t s . , gen t . 9 aged 25 , ha s 1 ive d 

there all his life 
SMITH,William,of St. James , Gar lick Hithe , merchant , aged 33. 
WRIGHT, John, party to suit. 

XVA5S t Mr William, his wife & sister, in whose house HAHBEH 

H0W1ST i 11 iam , aged about 17,servant to Mr. IVATS. 
STI^/ABDjMary,wife of William, of St. George »s .Southward, 
tallow chandler, aged 30,rnarried 9 years. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 





vol o 15. 
presto:? v.COOK. 

The Estate of Isaac & Jacob PRBSTQIT . 

A. 3). 

1685/4. DEE .Rowland, of St. Mary Y/o ol church, London, me r chant , 
aged 70 ;has lived there ten years. 
COCK, Charles George of Norwich 
" Sara 

PRESTON, Isaac, Esq. , died Sept, 1683 , survived Charles 
George COCK, Esq. Had estate in Suffolk & 

BEKCKJITO , Thomas 9 servant to Isaac PRESTON, Esq. , of 
Beeston St. Laurence, Korf oik, aged 30, horn 
at Hickling, Norfolk. 
PRJ2S TON , Jac ob , d e cd . 

" Eli£abeth,Y;ife of Isaac. 

Estate held of the manor of Eofton St. John's, 
" Charles. 



L£SC3. Cr^PATO taXTP^^D. 

LOKPOft. Lord Garrard's dome stic affairs, ; 


1684. IIOHJIBYtijIdrif^tid^f Poult on. Lanes, .^ent, *aged 35; 
steward of Kether \7yersdaie. 
GSIU^AIlD^ig^y^Lordyliis estate in Staffs. , Chester 

& Lanes. »aged 21 on 16 July 1583. 
H&KLY.Mr, John, receiver of the Lord GrSHRflJBB)^ estats 
in Lancashire," 'V/alcing him suddenly at Gars tang, 
the said Lord rose out of his chair and gave 
him a "box. or two upon the ear". 
GAIUJNK&» 'jphowas {> of For to3i,yeoisaft, aged 4S;bora there. 
L&3LY,John,of Dimples in Gar s tang » gent. , aged 45, has 
lived there 6 years; deposes that Lord DIG3Y 
v/as 16 when he carried Lady Klisth.GBKaAPJ); 
she dau.of Charles ,Earl of j^CXH^FISXD. 
Liv.xL at Bandon Hill .Staffs. f for about 7 years, 
and before th&t was servant to Sir Charles 
SOLSLSY for ah out two years; was servant to 
George LIGBY, Esq, , Lord G&ii&KD'S grandfather. 
BlJllROiV£S f HQ^er ff of Little Leigh, in Croat 3udv/orth, 

Cheshi-re,lmsbandraan,a£ed 62, has lived there 
50 years. 

aUCaFSIUD, Peter, of the spJB3,£ged 75, bom there, 
3Ug)&3, JOhnjOf :cdint;ali,Staff:^ ,-rjent. s agod 65, has liver; 

there 2 years, at Vihiehnor for 20 years before that. 
ra;SLCCK f Abraliari, so rvGiit to Lord GS&RD v aged 28. 
?ILDi3LY 1 2horaas ,of Abbot *s Bromley »$teffs. , aged 59. 
mDiJSLJ^,Kd'vard,cf Llorley, Lanes, , living at Mierscough 
Lodge, aged 49. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 


WYAT, Jane , servant to Lady &£BMKD $ ag;ed 30, ."born at 

TudeiilianuG-louc. ..deposes that Lord GKKRAItD threw 
a tankard of "beer at his said lady; drank: with 
his gr corns and footmen. 
POWHALL ,Mary , s ervant to Lady GSHR^ED,aged 50, deposes 
that Lord CBER&BB was very furious and mad 
in his drink. 

B^ILSY^inne, servant to Charles 9 Earl of MGCLE3PISIJ) , 
aged 43. 

AMO LD ,W i 11 iam, servant to Charles, Lord BB£HX)N*&ge4 SO. 
GE3RAHD,Fitton,Esq. } aged 21, 

DBA YITJEPv » Joshua, of St. Mart in ' s in Fields ,Middx» $ apothecary 

aged 50, lias lived there 23 years, 
GABLIiEH s Andrew,ser-/ant to Charles ,Earl Of 1UL0CI£3F23£D, 

aged -30 , 

(64 cont&» ) 

I ;::cout. 

vol. 15. 

Dispute as to Thoma s BIjOW gE 1 S will. 
A.D. ~ ~ ~ 

1684. WOOLLY, Justin, sister of Ihomas BEOWNE,decd, 

BB0WN3, Amy, another sister. 

FAEMEBY , W i 1 1 iam , o f Ihavies Inn, London, gent. , aged 44, 
has lived there 20 years* born at Bramston 
near Lincoln; lodged at Hammersmith in the 
Summer vacation of 1680. Cousin-german to 
3rosho?J3i BBOWIvE. 
WOOLLY, Mart in, son of Mrs. Just ine V/OOLLY, married to 
0AKDIFE3,Mrs Mary,who had a considerable fortune. 
BBCTO£,Llartin s son of Humphry , apprenticed clerk to 
Fi^MESY s ¥0Vo 1679, with £100;his peculations. 
His mother lived at Saltfletby. 
BROWNE t £aomas, swore he would not give Martin BBOY/InE, 
his nephew, an ything at his death. Was High 
Sheriff for Lincoln in 1671. Died at Saltfletby. 
BEOTOE , Br oxho Ime & Amy his wife, of Osgarby,co. Lincoln, 
declared Thomas BB0WIT3 paid nothing when he 
lodged there and was very well pleased with 
the usage he found there. 
W£TSO!T,©iomas,of St ,Alban,wood Street, cit.& haberdasher, 

aged 49, has livod there 16 years, bom at Saltfletby; 
keeps a timberyard and is churchwarden. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 



i/mm voi.is. 

How William GAJ2LL f S will obta i ned a 
Codicil . 


1605. BKS^/ESL, Diana, of St . Hal en' s ,Loncl on .widow, aged 48, lias 
lived there 16 years. 
GAELl,V7illiam,worth £800 a year, died at Bow, in the 

house of 

TOO IXYjiilary, declared she had met with great crosses in 

the world, sat up with deceased ^making frequent 

applications to a brandy "bottle. 
WALLIS,Jane,of Little St -Helen's, aged 52,has lived there 

17 years, horn in St. Clement Lanes. 
JOKDtAIT,VJilliani,of Lincoln's Inn, gent. ,aged 3S;born at 

Woolston, Salop. 
WAISTER, Henry ,came into the room with a bottle of wine, 

and was called on by the deceased to make the 

company drink j brother to GAELL. 
JORDAN, Edward, of the Middle Temple t gent. , aged 25, -born 

at Shrewsbury, Salop. 
A3BLL,Mr. . . . wrote the Codicil in a coffee-house 
in London, 

Dram. Pers* 1916. 



vol. 2. 

Sir Tho raas LallPLU GH ' 3 ha n d wrlting, 


1634. IiaaPnJGH,A3ithoi3y, party to suit. 

GA3TH 5 Thorns , of Qocke mouth, (Ximbd. ,aged 26 , has lived 

there about a year, and before that in the family 
Of Sir Thomas L&HPLGGH in Dovenby;was born at 
Great Salkeld ^and liveth by soliciting causes. 
IAMPLUGH, George , party to suit. 

M Sir -Uioitas , dec eased , so infirm that he was held 
021 horseback by one on either side, Carlisle 
twenty miles from his house at Iwaiiby. 
Question as to his handwriting. 
TO LSOT,Lanoelot, citizen & merchant taylor of London, 

aged 54, has lived there 8 years .and before that 
in Sir 95iomas L^IPLUGH'S family 13 or 14 years; 
born in Bridekirk; nephew of Anthony LAMPHJGH, . 
part?; to this suit. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 


E3Y0HD S&L. . vol, 2. 

fosses v,wiAi^nr. 

Wine from the Canaries. 
A.D. ~~ * ~ " ~" 

1634. Ill GAUL T, Louis ,of Bordeaux in France , merchant , aged 48, 

horn there. (Signs). 
GJiQLIilB, James ,the elder, tools the ship She 3enediction 
to freight in the voyage to and from the 
Canaries with wines. 
iIANRY,John,a Frenchman , horn in Meshire in the province 

of G~aisn.es in France. 
GBQLIiSB, James & Peter, sons of Peter the elder. 
. F0S5S2,iidmond ) partners in the ship.with GH0LIE2 
WHE&PLST, Robert ) the elder. 
SO SEBHB f Jame s ) 
ES8CH3 ,Hicholas ) factors. 
BIflADGAE ,Martyn ) 




& LOUDON. vol.2. 


An T&ecutorship and a Bond . 
AiD. * ~* ' ' 

1634. OOGAK»AJidrew,of St. Andrew Undershaft , London, merchant , 
aged 32 s has lived there 3. years, and "before that 
beyond sea in the Hast Indies , etc. ,14 years and 
more. Bora at Watton in Simeshurrow,co, Dorset. 

MOUHFORD^ichai^d^eoeased.hcrund to COGAN in £100. 

Servant to Mr. CHALLENOR of University 
College in Oxford & his executor . 

SHSRBOHN33 f Sdward f executor to MOUHFORD. 

ALLO 5K? jWi II iam , of St -Mary & ochurch, London, merchant- 

taylor,aged 55;has lived there 35 years. (Signs). 

CHALL31T0R, "Bioms.s . 

SHUffi t Nathaniel,U.A. ,aged 47, rector of St. Mild red 

Poultry, London, these 15 years ;born at Giggleswick, 
Yorkshire. (Signs ) . 

Drain. Per s. 1916. 





A Monies Risborough Dispute . 
A<D< ~ " 

i634i HOWIETT,©iomas s of Owswicfc next Monks Risborough, 
Bucks. , husbandman, aged 60; has lived there 
50 years; "born at Askett in the same 
parish; deposes as to the Rothorsands & 
Sarnefe whether in Owswiok farm or 
StoeteelX farm 

LLOYD, . . , farmer of Hethersaada & 3arafeld. 

H&MKDM, Serge ant , owner of the same. 

OEOEHBLL,BjLchard, farmer of the same for about 6 yeare, 

30 or 40 years since, 
COS E&JD, Henry, farmer of the same. 
CHACE .William, farmer of the same. 
CAENE, . . . farmer of the same 
Q?K3V0R 9 Sir John, had it by marriage. 
HBBOENE, . . . two brothers ? farmers of the same. 
DUNCOMBE , Eaoira s . 

GAYJ^ Thomas , minister of Quldswick, received the tithes. 
CLAEK , Doctor , pars on of Monks Risborough. 
DINGrL3Y,Mr, , . . parson of the same. 
NEAL3,John,of Princes Risborough, yeoman, aged 63 f has 

lived there 50 years. 
GBEOT&Y, . . . oraer of Stocfcwell farm. 
PBTTIPACE, . , . ) in possession of Barnfield fa~* 
BiMPTOH, . , . , J 

Dram, Pers„ 19 16. 


.Lady MOEMTOg ; § y/j 1 1 4 

1634. HME!H?,Bobert,of Ampthill ,Beds. f Esq« »aged 4Y} 

2ms lived there all his life, son of Wllli&tt f 
who said his wife was the Lady MOKDIUNT'S 
grandchild* Bobert bom in Lincolnshire 
hut he knows not where, lliat the mother 
of the party prcducent and his mother rare 
sister's children. William above 80 yea^e 
of age. (Signs * 
M0RDAU17T?,Lord,deceased s his will. He died above 

30 years since. 
APPBIOB, Jererny,the surviving party appellant. 

" Robert, executor of the lady M0RM0NT about 
16 years eince married her daughter & Is 
father of William H9flVlK ft B wife. 
CUDDEIT t Thomas, gen t. , clerk to Laurence MIYTCTLL 

one of the Six Clerks of Chancery;aged 55. 
(Signs CUMDOft. ) 
ROBINSON, Mr. Edward, clerk to Mr. Valentine SAUKDEB3 

one of the Bht. Clerks "divers years since" 
A2KIN301T, Henry, of St „ Andrew ,Holbom 5 aged 40;has 

lived there 1-3 years ;bef ore that in Chancery 
Lane; "oom at Cranworth, Norfolk, ,s a clerk 
belonging to the law r{ . (Signs). 
WHI ETEY , Thomas , parby to this suit. 

DracuPerso ,19 15. 



vol. 2. 

Nicholas BUS'S trade &Jragi£es s . 


1634. IEBY,Edward,of Great Allhallows * London, grooer, 
aged 37; has lived there 13 years; has "been 
a cleric In the Mayor's Court s London parried 
the daughter of the producent Anne, (Signs ). 
KJSfNicholas 9 deceas ed 9 treasurer of the Company 

of Merchants of the Staple of London , uncle to 
HJB 9 Nicholas 5 the legatee 9 onxy servant of the said 
Nicholas, snd Imaw the mystery of the trade; 
only 3.4 or 15 when his uncle died, 
HUE, Nicholas 9 tha elder ,of Coventry s stol6 away Nicholas 
' the legatee ,his son 9 frora the custody of the 
executrix in Oct., 16 SO .five or six weeks after the 
death of Nicholas the testator. 
EUB,Anne 9 w:lfe of . Nidiolas v deoeasecUwho had no children 
at the time of his death. Is 60 years of age and 
lively to live many years ;not a weakly woman. 
WILSON 5 Hohe rt , of Bt . Olave-jBouttarark, laatherseller » aged 

50$torn there* (Sig^s ] . 
MDLLBNS jWilliam^tnassed Nichols HUE'S will (3igas 
MOLTJfS) or: St j01ave^ 9 woodmong3r,aged S7;has 
lived there 20 years. Born at Kenningale , Norf oUc 
DL450N,Shorcas ? of St 3 George J s s Southward leathers el ler f 
aged Z&jhaM livod there one yearjhefore that in 
St „0 lava's 5 years :horn at KornchurchyBssex. 

Dram.Pero.i9ls. (72) 





Some Laleham parishioners. 


162544 SHI&TON, Edward, of St ♦ Sepulchre , London , gent* , aged 26t 

has lived there 9 years; "born at Peckletonf 
Leic. Is a clerk in the office of the Olerk 
of the Peace for Middlesex, deposes as to 
oopies of records referring to the parish 
of Laleham and the deft* SMITH. (Signs)* 

SPILLER, Henry, of St, Andrew Holbom,Middx* 9 aged 29 J 

has lived there 12 years • (Signs ) . 
BROOKES, Susanna, wife of John, of Thame, Oxon . , aged 32; 

has lived there 9 months, and "before that for 

12 years at Laleham ,lliddx. ;horn at Woking, 

Surrey. Peeped in the window at Laleham when 

the minister was out. 
SMITH, ♦ . . deft. "a man much given to company and 

drinking", dwelt at Laleham, churchwarden; 

folded his sheep in the churchyard and church 

porch, and threatened the clerk. 
DEE* . • . widow, at Ohartsey,at whose house Mrs. BROOKES 

saw SMITH drunk. 
HJFFE, . . * widow, her house at Laleham. 
WHITE,Mft. Thomas, minister of Laleham, to whose house SMITH 

resorted suspiciously; leapt over the pales into 

his yard;was overheard to say to Mrs Anne WHITS, 

'What if old Thomas should come home?" and presently 

the candle was put out. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (73) 


3ATUI^Y,19 FKB.,1916. 


New discoveries in Biography (SI Genealogy, 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued' Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, Sth January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTION [by post): 

10/6 per quarter. 
21/- per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 
• London. 

'~j~^HE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. " 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 


surkby vol. 2. 



A Bequest , of .Lands in Kent „ 


.1634* LA£D f Roberb t of Canterbury ,3s q, >aged 48jhas lived there 
15 years* (Signs 
FYLE, Richard, pit* in a trial beforo the i\Iayor of Sandwich, 

BOUGER. John, son of Roland, leased land to FYLBiaaid 

Poland brother of Margery CONSEM. 
ROGERS, James, deft* at suit of FYLE. 
PHXLL1PPS3 , Joseph, party to suit. 
SMITH, John. 

EVF«SIES,Kenry f his bequest of land to BOUGEHjhis will 

triod in tho Mayor's Oowt of Sandwich* Son of 
Honry a gentleman of tho King's Chapel and Margery 
OONSSTT his wife, 
EENGK,8ara,of St, Saviour f s ,3outhwar&,widow,aged 45 {has 

lived there 22 years sdaut of Ho land BOUGEB and sister 
of John. Margery C9SSS3S v/as her father's sister. 
AUiIM,Anne f wife of Edward, of St*Martin~in~the~Fields , 
London,aged 34;has lived there 8 years ;dau. of 
Roland BOUGSR. (Signs). 
ROBINSON » Kan ry , of St - Kathorine-by-the-Tower, London , 

oord\valner,aged 50;has lived there 6 months, 
and before that at Stepney IV years. (Signs). 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (74) 


vol, 2. 

The Ship the Little St. George of Bristol. 
A.D. ~ ~~ " ~ "" 

1634. BURTMA CHI , Phi 1 ip , of St.Dionis Backchurch, London, 

merchant ,aged 59;haa lived there 6 years. 

GUNING, . . . agreed with BUHLUL5ACHI a3 to the King»s 
two thirds of the value of the ship the 
Gabriel of St.Gilles in Prance and her 
furniture and the goods taken in her by 
the St. George and her company. 

Y/YAH , Thomas , deputy register of the Admiral Court. 

BU3L2MACHI deposes that GUIUNG and the rest of 
the owners of the "St. George " were troubled at 
Bordeaux about the taking of the "Gabriel 1 *, and 
he procured for them an Act of the Parliament 
of Paris which cost him £4.8e* t but they refusing 
to pay him the money, he meddled no further in it. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. {75} 


VOle 2. 


Ogle Personal Ssta to of V/i 11 ,1am JOHNSON, 


1634. ATHS 5 3obert 5 ef St. Bride T s f Lond on , gent >, aged SO; has 

lived there 3 years ;be fore that, in St .Margaret f s , 
Nov; Fish Street, 8 years. (Signs MlB). 
JOKKSO IT, William, deceased , his estate ;rented house in 

Friday Street of the Fishmongers f Co. ;died in 
the last great sickness about 10 years since. 
BDPKSKSf Jonas s the now acoomptaiit of JOHNSON'S estate. 
FllTCH,Sir John, debtor to the estate. 
ABL23 10 ME ,i.-Ir. , debtor to the estate. 
&&B3,Mr. Ehotnas ^debtor to the estate. 
CBISPE or CHIPPIE ,Mrs . . . . lived three years after 

JOIHISOH. He to take rent of a house in Maidstone 
while she lived. 
PBOUSL),Wiliiam,of St. Michael , Crooked Lane, fishmonger, 

aged £8; has lived there 10 years; "bom in Exeter; 
clerk of the Fishmongers 1 Company. (Signs ) . 
JKLrlMBOT, Robert, of Canterbury, vintner, aged 33, has lived 

there 5 years ,and before that in Dover for S;bora in- 
He t c omb e , c o . Kent . 
LWObB,Philip,to whom JOB! JSC IT delivered bills at the 

"lieromayd" in Bread Street , London. 
lIA.Ll«Sa?T, Edward, kept the bar in the said tavern in Jan. 161^ 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (76} 


vol* 2, 

garrick v*shaotell. 

Slander and Evil speaking . 
A.D. ' * ~ " " 

1654. JEBOT, Robert, of Westminster, haberdasher, aged 28, 

born there ;keepeth a tavern under another 
and liveth thereby (Signs JEMAN). 
T0MPS0IT,Mary« servant to SKADWBLL. 
HOLXAND, Amy, former mistress of 3»MPSQN f publlokly 

censured for a bawd. 
CARIUCK,Wiliiam, called SHAOTE1L and his wife 

brother and sister. 
SHADWELL Jir*hls house a tavern near the Custom 

House in St.Dunstan's in the East , London. 
EDWARDS s ... a kinsman of GARRICK. 
WARD, Francis , in a room in CARHICK 5 S house .desired 
to depart, as the others had private business; 
used many uncivil and indiscreet speeches. 
KJPH&M, Alexander, of Bridgwater , Somerset , gent. ,aged 54; 
has lived there 20 years ;bom at Atherton als. 
Areton in the Isle of Wight ;dwelt for two 
years, about ten years ago, near the Three Cranes 
at the Savoy Gate, where SHADWELL and Elizabeth 
his wife kept a tavern. Has dwelt in St* George's , 
Southward, two years and is worth £1000. (Signs). 
SKADWSLL, Elizabeth, :, of a furious and cruel carriage 

towards her household servants 1 '. 
EDWARDS, James, of Allhallows Bar king, merchant ,aged 30, 
has lived there the greater part of his life. 
, Not taxed in the last Subsidy but hath paid 

Ship Honey. (Signs). 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (77) 


& vol* 2. 

Boor for the Founders of :Caryland._ 


3.635. HAWLEY, Gabriel, of London, gent, , aged 34,has lived 
there 5 years jbef ore that in Virginia ten 
months s and "before that in London 5 years 
and more, (Signs ) , 
BALTIi»IOi£l, Lord, his house at the Upper end of Holborn; 

his "brother and partner* 
L30KAED3 , Leonard, loaded into ,!f J?he Ark", sailing to 

Maryland in Sept . 1633 , divers tonnes of beer 
to the use of Lord BALHH0H3. There were 
three or four joined as partners in the 
said ship and her pinnace called "The Dove". 
H&LLYjLIro Jerome, a partner in "The Ark" s had an eighth 

HALLSY, Gabriel, did bespeak and provide beer and 

victual for the ship. 
'CALVERT, Captain Leonard partner in the pinnace. 
CCHNEtfALLYS 9 3fir Thomas , ditto. 
SAHBES ] Mr John, ditto, 
or SAUHB3BS') 

BOULTER,John,citisen & skinner of London, of St. 

Bbtolph -Aid-gate, aged* 40;has lived there 3 
years ,and before that for 12 years in the 
East Indies . Was purser and steward of the 
ship for the said voyage under the Lord 
BALTIMORE. (Signs), 

Dram, Pers. 1916. (78) 

TOl. 2. 


Tithes of St^rtin's-in-the^yielda^ 

+ *HXGK f Will iani , c f St. Margaret ,¥e s trains ter, brewer, aged 50, 
has lived there 23 years, was servant to Sills 
EMOBRSOH about 23 years since. 
Sa©B£SOK f .SlIis ,oi Westminster , farmer of the impropriats 

parsonage of St .Martin ? s in the Fields. 
FiLBIAHsMra (?John) had the grand lease of the rectory 

of St. Mar t in * s ? succeeded 
CO lis!, Mr* in farming the said parsonage* 
HAHVBLL 9 Franc ;l u ...of 3t. Mart in • s s f i shmongs r 5 aged 5 8 , has 
livp.d there 20 years; is no duo sidy man; knows 
not what he is worth; ho Ida three acres and a 
half in the parish and has paid tithes to Mr, 
PAGE IT these 12 years , (Signs ) . 
3FAYS,Ki% ,vioar of St.Martin's. 

MOUNTFOBD, Doctor. now deceased , late vicar. 
NQ3E,Mary,of Codpico Ooxrert , parish of St. Margaret v 

Westminster., aged 36 .widow of Anthony ^has- lived there 
a year, and "before that in Emerson's Yard in the 
said parish for 9 years, Dwelt near the parsonage 
barn , 3 o rn in 3 b * Mar gar e t * s . 
NASKE^John, father of Mary 10 BI. 

K0LMA1T cEobe rt , rented lands and Kept cows in the said 

BKBBINGTON ; Thomas , of St. Martin in the Fields , yeoman, 

aged 60 , lias lived there 55 years ;was horn in 
Fransham parish in Cheshire. 
HJL33SKEY, Michael, of the same ,3s q., aged 60, born there; hath 
lands there which were in possession of his 
mother 40 years since, who died 2G years since. 
Says the vicarage of St.. Mart in is V/orth £200 
a year. (Signs ) . 
RUSSELL ,John, of Westminster , gardener , aged 50, has lived 
there 26years ;paid tithes to Mr+WffitSON and 


BRA. YE v. PAGE??, (contd. ) 


1637. STHJraQIT # tone,held ten acres in St. Martin's 


BAKER, John, of St. Martin 1 s , gentleman, aged 50, 
has lived there 50 years. (Signs ) . 

Y/ALK£R 9 John,of St. Martini , gentleman, aged 41, 

has lived there 30 years, son of William, 
farmer of 36 acres called Croefields 
from 1614 till about 1618, when he died, 
after which this deponent held it till 
1623. Was horn in St. Bride' s , London. (Signs ) . 

GEORGE, John, who' held a good deal of land in St. 
Martin 's ,died ah out 1630. 

WILSON, Damar is , of St .Andrew * Ho Iborn, widow, aged 54, 
has lived there 30 years, wife of Robert, 
farmed 82 acres in St.Martin's. (Signs ) . 

EVANS ♦Edith .widow of John, ho Ids lands in St. 
Mart in 1 s . 

V700D,Anne,of St. Giles in the Fields , spinster , 

aged 40, bom there, holds l£ or IS acres in St 
Martin's. (Signs). 

(V9 eonta . ) 

Bundle 462 

jammi v.aiidkkw. 

The State of idind of Josoph Andrew. 


1787 HDB30S, Thomas, of Gui sb rough, Yorks. .innholder. 
, Deborah, an infant under age* 
WlC KACK 33021 , Duncan , guardi an of Deborah. 
M^RW/, Isaacs 

HICK3,2achariah Parley, of North Lofthouse , tailor , 

aged 44. (Signs). 
JACKSON, Mary & Thomas ;sL* occupies a house, etc., 
in Lofthouse. 
.William & Jane his wife. 
ANDREW, Joseph the elder, late of Lofthouse, deceased, 
& Joseph the younger , their wills, and property 
at Korth Lofthouse. 
KING,William,of £s ton, schoolmaster, aged 45, son of 

IJatt how, late of North Lofthouse , weaver. (Both sign). 
MAC KAOH3S0H f .21 1 zabeth , of Skelton, spinster, now deceased, 
witnessed will of Joseph AHDHE5I the younger. 
She was his wife's sister and thought he 
should have loft -his daughter Deborah £150, 
but he refused. 
BOYES, William, of North Lof thouse , tailor, aged 30, deposes. 
MAS CRIP, George ,of Fryup in Danby t yeoman, aged 48, deposes. 
- H0LDF0RSH,:£ary,of Lof thouse, widow, aged 74, thought Joseph 
AMDHEfw the younger was incapable of making a 
will; Eleanor, his mother, was in the house, 
SESPHENSON ,ISary,wife of William, of Lofthouse , mariner, 
aged 54, has known c envoi t. Deborah since her 
birth; that Joseph ANDHE& the younger died 
1 Jan. 1780; was a very near neighbour of him 
and very intimate in the family. Duncan 
MACNAUGHTOrl and his daughter got Joseph's 
will made, and Eleanor said to Joseph, 
"Joseph, thou has been getting a cruel will 
made," but Joseph returned no answer and 
appeared to be quite insensible. The house 
in South Lofthouse on the North side was 
built by Joseph ANPRKV/ the elder near 30 
years ago. 


Dram. Pors. 1916. (80) 

Ai\DK3;/ t James, of Lofthouse, shoemaker, aged 37; 

that Joseph the younger was his brother 
and died on a Sunday morning jworked 
for his brother in the business of a 
shoemaker. After the will was made KING 
said, "we had got nothing dono if it had 
not been for old D01IK1N and his daughter 
3et. ,f Is brother to Isaac, the deft.KIlftr 
said, "If ever old DOMCIN should affront 
him he could black him with regard to 
the said will-making'*. 2&0 ITAUGHTOIT • S 
daughter sat on the pillow behind Joseph 
and pra&aod him to leave her £150. He was 
worth £500 or £600. (Signs). 

i$DHIX/*]iiary ,wife of said James, aged 42, deposes. 

(80 contd . ) 


Bundle 482. 

Dispute as to Trust Estates of a Charity. 


1796. C.lDjL/*in) t 3arah,of "The Hotel" in Leeds. 

^£?3R3aLL, John, cleric, vicar of Ledsham, 
H3»IIHG!roiT t Bobert ,clerk,vicar of 7norp Arch, lived 

in 1768 in co. Leicester. 
J.TK3RIITGT0I; , George, clerk, vicar of Col lingham, lived 

in 1788 at Driffield, very aged and infirm. 



BUCK, Samuel 

I0w!ESa 9 Sir v/illiam 

V/ IL30IT, Chris topher 

HJ.V3DI1\ ,I«lary , widow of James 

30GGET?,John,a lease granted to him in 1788 , occupied 

the farm several years "before. 
IGJCY/LSS, Charles, a lease granted to him in 1768, 

married the daughter of the preceding tenant. 
SHIRTLIFFr,,i:dv?ard,of Least one in Kippax, farmer, aged 40, 

bailiff of Trust Estates. (Signs). 
SI-LLON, Walter, late vicar of Ledsham. 
2AL3Y, Richard, a lease granted to him in 1798. 

Dram.Pers.1916. (81) 


OHAH.PRO. 1758-1800* 

Bundle 48 2 . 

The Y/itnessinff of a Reed. 
A.D. " " ~" " " ' "~ 

1799. John, his house "The Hotel", in Leeds. 

ASKHAi.I,Y/illiam, gentleman, and Elizabeth his wife, 
and Sarah, Mary & Elizabeth his children. 
11 Susanna, widow. 

MIjXJLEY , John & Rebecca his wife 
H1KD3H, John & Ann his wife. 

11 Harriet , Apji, Jane, Maria, Robert , Joseph & John, 
MIDGLEY, Robert, gentleman. 
FIELD , Robe rt, clerk, 
Y/ILSON, Benjamin , gentleman . 

RICHARDSON, James , of Leeds .gentleman, aged 45, deposes 
that on 18 <^&iy 1781, a deed was signed 
between coraplt.Y/illiam ASKHALI and Elisabeth 
his wife (then Elizabeth Y/HALL3YJ , Susannah 
ASKHALI, John A3KKAM of V/ilberf oss ,gent, , 
since dead, and Francis Y/HALLSY of Leeds, 
tanner, since dead. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 



CRAIT. PRO. 1758-1800. 

Bundle 482 

Urs « Apple ton ? s Property, 


1799 LEERING, Peter, of "The Half Moon 11 ,LSark6t 
- Y/eighton,Yorks. 

APPLETON,Y/illiam, party to suit , husband of 

Fanny APPL3T01T , deed . 
FOSTSR, John, party to suit. 
I&.WS , Henry Gray, party to suit. 
APPL2 TON, Mary Ann, under 21. 
BURKS TT, Ken ry Purne 11, guardian of Mary Ann 

B3ITTLBY , Thomas , cf 3ev er 1 ey, gen t. , aged 28 , was 

witness to a Bond. (Signs), 
HALL , Samuel , of Beve r ley, gent. , aged 39,witnos8ed 
an agreement for dissolution of partnership 
between said DALES ,Y/ ill iam APPL3I0N & Fanny 
APPETON. (S|gris), 
CA~/00D,Krs. ,her house "The Old Sand Hill", in 

Collier Gate, York. 
JSHKIN30N, Richard, of Pockl ingt on , gent. , aged 32, 

says that Fanny APPLE TON died in March 1796, 
and James CAM?3SLL and V/illiam JHL3 
witnessed her will. (Signs). 

Dram. Per s,1916. (83) 




vol. 15, page 241 uc x<0 • 18. 

Y/ELLS v. St. GREGORY'S parish, 


The Debts of Richard V75LLS . 

MILLSOP? , John , of S t . Sav i our f s , Scuthwa rk , Surrey , 

gent. ,aged 26. 
WELLS, Richard 
GRE^ITE, Thomas 
W3EKSS, Charles 

V/A?TLL,IvIargaret ,decd.Mr.V/ELLS her executor. 

RICHARDSON ,Y/illiam " 


HARRIOT , Thomas , Es q . 

BARON", George ,Lsq. 

AVORY, William 

(several pages farther on) 
BROY/KE, Richard, of St. Gregory's , victualler, aged 30, 
has lived there 3 years, tenant to Margaret 
Y/ATTLE at the Three Pigeons in Creed Lane 
POY/ER, Francis , of St, Paul ,Shadwell , distiller , aged 48, 
has lived there 14 years ,was tenant of Margaret 
V/ATTLE of The Crown at Bell Wharf. 
BEARD ,V/ill am , of St. Paul 's ,Shadwell ,cordwainer, aged 40., 

has lived there 13 years. 
HILL, Thomas , of St. Paul f s ,Shad\vell, distiller, aged 43, 

has lived there 13 years. 
BRICE, Thomas, of St.Botolph Al de r s gat e , clerk ,aged 39, 
has lived there about a yea^r7psJLd.iirs.V/ATTLE 
£8. 10s. a year for a house he lived \n . xrUarerf 
Friars . 

>-nBU?sriwL916. (84) 

8SVCK & 


vol, 15. £o. 20. 

A voyage of the "Hope\7ell ". 
A. P. * ~ ~ ~" ^ 

1663. Y/OOD, Gilbert ,son of Giles , of Moreton, Devon , 

servant to Kr.Y/HITRO of Dartmouth, one 

of the owners of the ship "Hopewell", 

aged 16. 
WEIT30 of Dartmouth. 

LUCAS t \7ill iam ,raast or of the "Hopewell " . 
AYLVI1T, Mr. Herbert, paid the marinors of the 

. "Hopewell". 
BAW32EH , Richard t ) mariners of Dartmouth. 
3AWLIK3,2homa8 ) 
HJDH,Yvilliam ) 
HALLAT, Timothy ) 
GID3ALY , Hob ert ) 
HALU, James ) 
LG0S3, Michael ) 

. IIAJFE&TLS , Roger ) mariners of Newfoundland. 
DUlTNlKGjailiam ) 

A voyage from Dartmouth to Newfoundland, 
Lisbon and London. 

Dram.Pe rs.1916. 



a^2iffiatY- t 26 f: 3. ,193.6. 

VOL. I. ,110.8, 


New discoveries in Biography <5> Genealogy. 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTIOX [by post): 

10/6 per quarter. 
2 r /- per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 
• London. 

''jpHE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 

ClMtm v.PULLElL 

The Vicar of Croydon and his parishioners. 

A. P. 

1683. DUlTOAN,John 9 M,A. ,aged 32, "born at Annick,lTorthd. 4 sometime 

Curate at Portsmouth & Croydon, ordained 1672. 
P3VEECLL 5 J ohn 3 curat e to Dr. CLEWDR at Croydon. 
CLEWER,I)r , V/ i 1 1 iam 5 vi car of Croydon about 20 years. 
CLINCH , Andr ew ,LL P , ,of St. Andrew Holborn 9 aged 38, "born at 

Ipswich 3 Suffolk. 
KOTJAM, Robert , curate of Mart on, aged 34 5 curate there 10 

years jborn at Ashhurst ,Kent. 
HUMPHREYS 9 Anne .maidservant to Br^OLEWER who was indicted 
at Kings tap. Assizes for murdering her, and 
acquitted ; dau» of Ihomas „ 
BRAY 9 J ohn, of Croydon ? par ish cleric, aged 50 ."born there 
H0H&&H, Richard , a married man , of Croydon 5 carpenter , aged 40 

horn there. 

H03BS, Susanna gWife of Richard .clerk, of Croydon, aged 24; 

"born at Reigate 
MINING , J Ohn , and 

CHAMBERLAINS , Salph , diss enters who do not baptise their 

children at church. 
V/ENH&M, Jane furled by her f riends , though they v/ere tolu 

Dr.CLStfER- w.is coming from London "by coach, out of 

spight to the said ."Doctor, 
SULLEN" f Hen ry , report ed to be an Anabaptist and his wife 

a Quaker* 

. SKYNIffiR, Thomas ] of Beddington , clerk , aged 42, born at 
Ipswich » 

ALLEIGH,Jsrom3 9 S.T.?, f of St.Martto's in the Fields; 
born at ITawland in Pider, Cornwall. 


Dram* Per s. 1916. (36) 

SURH3Y. CIEMDR v„PULI£lT. (conta. ) 

A, J). 

1683. ALLSOP, Russell ,citisen & skinner of London, 

aged 66, born at Northall , Herts . 
P7iBHY , U i 1 1 i am , of St. Bar th . the Le s s , surge on , 

aged 54, born at Towcester , Northampton v 
GERRARD , Llary , of Bat ters ea , Surrey , sp ins t e r , aged 
20; born at Dint on in- War ham, co. Chester. 
JOHiTSCKjIifiv/ard ,of Lambeth House in Lambeth, 

gent. , aged 40, has lived there 20 years; 
borc at Bothell Castle jCO. Northumberland. 
WBBSOER^dv/ard^-T.P. , rector of Newington 3utts , 
aged 49, born at Little Sandford, Essex, 
(continued several pages farther on) 
TISSI]H,JoT:n, of the Inner Temple , gent aged 52 v 

bom in St. Clement Danes. 
THORNTON, John, of St. Andrew Holborn, tapster, 

aged 20; born at War ton, Lanes. 
SORDSBY, Robert, of St.Benet l s ,Paul 's Wharf ,gent. , 

aged 42; born at Shir land, co. Darby. 
KOH IAN, Richard, of Oroydon, waterman, "read the 
burial service over several corps, his 
daughter being present. 11 Fourscore & 
upwards buried at Croydon every year. 
GL0UCS3TI3, Henry, of Croydon ^gardener, aged 55; 
born there, 

BLAJG,John v of Croydon , husbandman ,agod 49, born 
the re . 

C0Y/P3R,John,of Clifford's Inn, gent, , aged 54, 

CHDSL>LT , J "hn , of the Inner Temple , London 5 3sq. , 
aged 50; bom at Talrtershall Lines ; of 
Charterhouse Yard. 

(86 contd. ) 




The iiarriage of Prise ill a PUHOHASB. 

A* D. 

1683, GHBKSLL ,31e ano r . of St, And rew , Ko Ibo m \ sp ins t e r , 
has lived there 6 weeks, before that 
5 years in St> Sepulchre 5 s , before th&& 
for 3 years in St . Duns tan '' s in the West, 
and "before that for 3 years in St, Gary's, 
Y#i ite chape 1 , aged 38; bom at Cranley, 

LAUHCB , Bar cy 3 mar r i ed at &r e at St. Bar tho 1 omew 1 s , 
London, to 

PUR0KASi;,Priscilla 9 c;nd "beaded at a weavers in 
Sheared it oh, 

00 BNSLIUS, Captain Gilberfe a witness at Guildhall. 

spent 20/s»upon him at Limehouse 
on punch, brandy and other liquors. 7/as 
afterwards sick and in prison in the 
01 ink , S outhwark i was carried to S t . Thomas * 3 
Hospital & died, 
' RI?iaS f Hanna t alias HAIiTIE i ,wif e of Bartholomew 

HIVEBS of St* Mary Somerset London- citizen 
& grocer, aged 42, lias lived there 15 years; 
"born at Breedon on the Hill ,co. Leic. 
JJQWEE&M. ,Magd&Ieii , of Christ Church Hospital , London , 
Y/idow,has lived there 6 years, and before 
that in St. Giles ,Cripplegate , for five or 
six years; aged 50 t born at 3a ttlehurst , Sussex. 
Deposos twice. 

isab eth^wi'f e of Thomas, of St . Andrew .Holbom, 
gent* ; has lived there 6 years, aged 40; born 
at Dorchester, Dorset. ivlet Oapt • 00HIISLItJ3 at 
Guildhall ; asked him hew he would dare to 
swear -^against a woman he did not know. 


SmjuFoxTulSlB. (87) 

, PUJtCKASS v.LAUSTCi:, ( contd, ) 

BLOTS, Silvester ,in the ilarshalsea prison; had 
been in Newgate and burnt in the hand. 
CHBflCH , Grace , of St. Giles, Cripplegate , widow , 

aged 40, has lived there 7 years foorn at 
Mashf ield,Glouc. ,hath Known IAU2TC3 since 
the great si civile ss in 1665; knew Priscilla's 
husband PtTkCMS'B \ LAUHCE a very bad man 
who did cheat I lad am M2uDHAi.l»a widow, and 
her children of £1500, by proceeding in. 
the Exchequer, 
THDHI'TSTDNjVailiam.parish clerk of Great St. 

Bartholomew's his son, both dead; the 
, father turned out for cheating the officers 
grief brought the son to his gravo. 
OAHLDTONjLlr. reported to marry the person called 
the Ge rman Pr ire e s s ,who had s ev era 1 
certif icates of pretended marriage between 
her and other persons whereby she got the 
estates of those of them that died. 
GAT33 , Captain, master of a ship, married the German 

OARLETQK,i.Lary ,the German Princess , said , n l shall 

satisfy thee bo the full s for I shall get 
gold enough", V/as transported for stealing 

POLIAPJ) ,Anne ,wi f e of Abraham, of St. Andrew ,Kolbom, 
c lo thworker , aged 6Q;has lived there about 
a year, and before that at Kings ton- on- Shames 
four years , bo rn at S t oke , Surrey . 

BUHfiESS^thony,clork,i.I.A. , rector cf 3t . Barth.. the 

Great these ten years v aged 40, born at Sutton 
Co ldf i eld ,Warvt ick. . 

(87 contd , ) 



• Hov/ Thomas 3CI£-l£j,I made his V/ill> 

1682. C1AKF0HD , Ho go r , of Da goiiham , L s s ex , husb andman , age d 42, 

has lived there 17 years. 
30KHi*L: , Thomas ,decd. ,of Vallance ,3ssex,said to 

his wife "Frit bee, Kan, ho contented ; thou knowest 
that I have made my will". Died about 3 Hay 

,f Hargaret ,his daughter. 
GUY, Liar gar et ,of St.Olave ,Kart Street , London , v.* id o\v, 
aged 76, has lived there 30 years; her son lived 
in Crutched Frip.rs ,over against St.Olave f s Church. 
&HSY,A1 ice, wife of Thomas, of St.Olave, Hart Street, 
merchant , aged 39,has been married 20 years. 

Dram.Pers. 1916. 

8&5C&Y. vol.15. 

KiUTCOOK v. ROY (no folio) 

Evidence of the aarriage of Susan ROY . 


1663. OS3CHHI3, John, of Hamb ledon, Han t s. , gent. , aged 40,has 

lived there 4 years ;born at Frensham in 

Farnham , Surrey . Wife Joanna. 
irJLLUsS ,I]liazer ,a poor , mean, and indigent person, 

brother of , and lives in hous^j of 
ffiHKIHS ,31 ©an or ,of Kanib ledon, moth or in lav; of 

John OP&DMS 
Q6W 111 , Richard , o f Hamb led on , but che r . 
HiuCCOGK,iirs Susan (formerly ROY) at Subbert on, Hants* 
Q330HLE;, Joanna, wife of John,agod 31 .deposes that 

Bleazer MJ1LIKS is. her--4notiu>r 1 s brother. 


vol. 15, page 185. 

v. [£HQDY» 

How John ??J : ;gTII-JAIT'S v/ill was made . 

1682 , SDIU^AiTT ,E1 i zabe th 

iilTDiiHSOlf, Eleanor, of St . Andrew « Ho Iborn , widow , aged 40 , 
"born there. 

PB3?TII-.IiUT,.John,of Purpoole Lane , deed. , said William 
TEDDY his grands on, had had "600 of him, 
but "his last cow had calved". 
TH0DY,\7illiam,son in lav/ to Krs.33?JLAN?;of the 

White Horse Inn, Holborn, "his own house". 
STCA1H23, Honor 
!312DHtuvl , xlar^V , nur s oleeepe r 

£03JI^TT,Prettiman,son of Blizth. ,not liked "by 

Mr.. PHuT TI1.IAH., dec d . 
BHMHET, Alice ,wife of Richard, of St .Andrew, Holborn , 

pattern-maker ,aged 50, "born at Ippolitts ,co. 


S3RJI]AIT?,Alway,son of Mrs 3BRJEA1TT , "burnt his grandfather's 

3iSUII3^,Mary,of St. Giles in Fields , spinster , aged 19; 

"corn in Gripplegate, London, servant to 
K3LSCIT s &r. , a turner in Princes Street. 
V/AR?3ILD,Alexr. ,cf St. Andrew, Holborn, blacksmith, aged 43; 

v bom in 3t..Dunstans in the West. 
BOTSFORDjilr. Daniel, of Gray's Inn Lane , St .Andrew Holborn, 

aged 52, born at Chalgrave , Beds-. '; has lived there 

15 years . . 

Y&RR3N, Thomas , of St .Andrew, Holborn r watchmakervaged 33 ; 
bom at HetnJjey^-o^^ 



SliHGn^T v. THODY. ( contd, ) 


1682, STFXLn,iIr. dec eased, an intimate acquaintance 
of John 

V/fUZIHSOH, Barbara, wife of Richard. 

, Thomas , of St . Andrew Holborn , shoemaker , 
aged 69; born at Skipt on, Yorkshire , 
brother of fclrs . 33Ma&H!k 

KSUBDB-, ... a carman in Leather Lane. 

DI3T0H, Frances , wife of William, of 3 1. Andrew, Holborn, 
victualler, aged 50, and married about 8 years. 

BAOTAHD,iIr. . . his house in Purpoole Lane. 

lull GHT, Thomas ,headborough. 

CHRISTY, Thomas , of Bedford Esq. , aged 61, has lived there 
33 years. 

CHAPLIN, iir s. , in Friday street , sister of Thomas CHH1STY. 
THODY, Izod, wife of William. 

(fl£ contd . ) 

& vol. 15, page 239. 


Concerning the V/ill of John PILR03. 
A.D. ~ ~ " ~ ~ " " ~ 

1683. NLV;T01',Uary,wife of Roger, of Barking, 3s s ex. , 

sailor, aged 50;born in East Ham. 
PIERCE., John, deed. , died 1681, "brother to Robert, 

former husband of said Mary. 
2H0MAS, Isaac. 

HUDSON, Anthony, "a very rogue", & his wife Anne, 

a legatee. 

AUSTIN, Sarah, found fragments of a v/ill in John 

PHAROS'S chamber. 
PI3RC3, Robert, a minor, son of Robert & next of 
kin of John 

INGHAU, John, of Bednall Grenn in Stepney , framework- 

knitter, aged 27;born at Waltham Abbey. 



vol. 15, page 235 a 

Proving the Will of Oliver PLETOjSLL. 


168£. ASH, Samuel 

3?RAITG£ s Y/illiara,of Chipping Farington,3erks. ,agod 37, 

vintner; has lived there 19 years; born at 

Stanton, Wilts. 
PiLUYDliLIi, Oliver, bur led by Martha his relict. 
OT0DI3Y, Thomas , of Shrivenham, tailor , aged 56, born there 
THOiILIIsSON, Martha. 

HJITSDOH, Barbara, supplied links & torches for the funeral. 

3R0UGLB3,Bdith, supplied gloves 

SOUTH, Hi chard, supplied a mourning dress. 

V/ILKIH3, John, supplied 19 mourning rings* 

HARRISON, Robert, supplied black cloth. 


HALE, Elizabeth, dau. Of Oliver PLC YlffiLL , s enr . 
QUIi;?IN,Y/illiam,of Swindon f Yfilts , 9 gent. , aged 35;born at 

Rackhampton f Glouc;has lived at Swindon twelve 

years . 
ASH, James. 

Dram. Persi 1916* 



Hoy. Blind Koocrl; Eligg^M left his mg&ey. 

HICKMAN pEli&abetli ,*^i£e of Henrys afterward?? of Peter. 
WHIETON ,E&ohol,vif© ^ John, of St, Margaret -'a .Westminster , 

gent* *agM 5-S quarried &bont '/.years. 
IBXCWM ,Hobert * deceased & "blind for 20 ye are- brother of 

Henry ;wat about the streets b9ggir*g in an old 

y*ed boat, 

GIJaBY 7 ¥ro , Harnaah*7Jif e of &Q6&M of StJSargarat »s 9 We4jtmi2iflter f 
&gsd SSoicarrled about 7 years . 

OUMffal&h eth f wif e of Anthony, of St ..Martina in ths Fields, 

vintner ..aged 50fssa?xlsd about 16 years. 
^010^ ^nne v dan, of Robert's brother 5 what ho thought of 

\ her mother. 

OPJ.S?H*Jorn,of St.ttargar&&-<« ,¥JeGtmj.nsteir v farr*ier,a^ed. 42, 

I has lived there SO years. 
HO&L^roe^of St*Margaret *s ,¥es tmins t or , widow , aged 32? 
torn "there. 

MTOYdLIS'ES, Jane, wife of John, of St. Margaret t geat» f ag&d 

^parried five years. 
a.tOMM y 4nne c nisce of Robert >&an.» of Ikoiam & iilis^both of 

We^tnxjlnater a'ziow wife of 
L^BI^CE ,Wil 1 lam • 

EXG&HAJ? ,Eaaiy, deed, .fat iwsr of Kobert and SSiouas 

V Elizabeth, appellant ,a stranger in blood to Bobert. 
HOT ,|"aith, wife, of Gha.v»les,of C-i area end r yl^ti»ll»^fipB4 

parried 10 years. 
K®fej|d??ard. 5 : of Bt Fc-vr-timr in Fiel&o.geai. s a#64 4-3; lived 

phere f?.C years. 
DSSSa^Mr.. John. 

?BIPiDY,|nojiUo,of Bt,.fert..na in fields >£ent, ^jlirred there 
ORfc^SmJklph * of Munej^grot, ^Oslivod tiwe 6 years. 

wilts. & vmMakmv Sons'. 

10ND01T. ;rol.«. 

ghe Eg tat e of Sir lEissfeu FOWLS. 
A.D. * " " " " 

1694. OXEKiOBH.John & Anne his wife, (Bi^i), 

FOWLS, Bofcer^ executor of Sir Thotms P0WLS 5 Y/ho was 
possessed of Poawsaj/ fax-n 5 .Wi.1t-?.. »and lived 
there s aud a ftcmse in Fleet street worth 
£1000 reras a of; t is en & freeman of London. 
FOWLS, iDame Jane, relict of Sir 2homaa*fcad £5550 on 

that account. 
OOPS^Snfvan.^a.dau^d only child of Sir Siome FOWIS. 
TOMS 9 3ir thorns «4ied Friday 11 2jtcv„ 1632, and his 
ehop was Ir.ept open all day the day ha died. 
His ho-as ii]aoIwd_e^^s^s _£'?GQ_ .a year . 



OEM, PRO. 1758-1800. 
Bundle 273. 

The Debts of Roger MSG ALL. 


1722. BOTLBS , William, Esq. 

EASSALL, Roger, gent. ,son of Honor, widow, deed. 

99 Honor ,Abigail & Elizabeth,decd. ,da^^>hter8 
of Honor. 

TAYLOR, Lancelot, of Bridgnorth, Salop, gent. 
RUSSELL , John , of Bridgnorth , s tat ioner ,decd. 
HASSALL, Roger, late of Deuxhill, Salop, gent. ,decd, 
MSYSSY , Thorcas , of Bewdley , Wore. , mercer, aged 34. 
STUBBS,BsnJn. ,of Bridgnorth ,mercer,aged 40. 
EASLB^OOD, James, of Bridgnorth, chandler, aged 38. 
OTEN, Roger, of Bridgnorth, joiner 5 aged 40. 
WELLS, John, of Bridgnorth, clothier, aged 40. 
HASH, John, of Bridgnorth ,malster, aged 40. 
BENNETT, John, of Bridgnorth,chirurgeon barber,agod 40. 
BAKER,Paniel,of Bridgnorth, shoemaker, aged 40. 
POYNER, Thomas ,of Bridgnorth, gent. ,aged 40. 
2AYL0R,Margery,of Bridgnorth, widow, aged 80. 
ROWLEY, John, of Bridgnorth, gent. , aged 40. 
OWEN, Edward, of Glazoby,Salop,gent. ,aged 40. 
TAYLOR, Rebecca, of Bridgnorth,widow,aged 50. 

M William, of Bridgnorth, apothecary, aged 40. 

The depononts are creditors of HASSALL. 

Dram. Pars. 1916. (95 J 

OXOH. , CH^. PR). 1758-1800. 

GLOUO. , Bundle 273. 

VJAffl. BMffiSY v.COLSS. 

De posit ions as to prenda eg in Coton, etc* 
A.D. " " " ' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ " 

1727 BEH TIjBY, Charles, 3s q, ,son of Charley ,decd. 

COLES , Sab ian, son of SaJ}ian,who was the son of John. 
FFJ£JCH t Margaret,widow ? her house called "She Sun 
Rising" .upon 3dge Hill in the parish of 

CBAKR, Henry, of Walton Shttckburgh,Warw. s yeoman, 

aged CO, was servant to Ambrose HOLBACH eleven 
or twelve years. w 
H0LBACH,\7illiam v eldest son of Ambrose. 

" Hugh 5 younger son of sane Ambrose. 
HALL, John, of Coton a Is . Cot ee ,co. Oxon, v yeoman 5 aged 50, 
has known the premises in Coton ,Wllliamsoott and 
Wardington,Oxon„ 9 for 20 years and upwards. 
PACKER.William, decs eased, ore of the clerks of Ambrose 

Pram,Pers« 1916. 

^ s „. 1 xU liXKkY 9 4 LIA. UGH 5 19 1 6 

VOL. I. ,110,9/ 


New discoveries in Biography (SI Genealogy 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 


io/6 per quarter. 
2 r '- per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

'"jpHE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun. where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 

, .LONDON, CHAN, PRO. 1758-1600 . 

C. ,OXON. , BERKS. Bundle 273. 


De posit long a,3 to Puolfliam Fam , 

A.D. • 

1729. CAREER, Thomas ,and Hannah his wife,dau,of Francis JORDAN. 
BAB I'lN^ Thomas, in occupation of Puokham Faim in Seven- 

hampt on , Gl ouc . 
WASHING&N 9 Richard , of Staple Inn , London , gent leman , & 

Elizabeth his wife, eldest dau. of Francis JORDAN. 
BOWLES, Char les ,ger.tleman,of the Six Clerks ; Off ice, Chancery 
Lane . 

PLUWER,Anne ./widow . 

ID33LLE j John ,Esq. *his house in South Cave^Anno his wife, 

formerly WASHJITG ION 5 aged 57, sister of Richard. 
LU02, Christopher ,,gentleimin, of Clement's Inn. 
JORDAN,, Thomas 5 eldest son of Francis , of Witney ? gentleman. 
GAISFOPJ), Hannah, in occtipa/bion of a messuage in Witney, Ox on. 
WASHINGTON, Eleanor, of Friday street , London pother of Anno 

POWELL, John ,hi s house called Frogmill in Shipton,co.Glouc. 
GIBBONS ,Anne ,v/if e of Samuel 3 of .Abingdon jBerks. schoolmaster, 

and aged 45. 
COLLIER, John,of Pitney, clothier, and 

JORDAN, Francis ,of Lr^house ,Middx. , gent. , parties to a deed 
in 1711. 

I<)iiFH3rT,Georgo./iec.ea9ed,form9r husband of Anne GIBBONS. 
RO GEES, John, of Bowdew/oll ,Glouo. 5 derk ; aged 40 , deposes. 
PRINN, John, Esq, ,of Charlton Kings 3 Harris ter-at-law ? aged 60, 

father of John FEINN. 
MILLION M ill iam ,of W i tney , mis tor aga d 35. 

CURTIS , ahoc&s , of Pi est>bury, CI one, 5 ye oman s aged 60 ; that Puckham 
Farm v^as chiefly stocked with 3heep,but the land was 
subject to tl>& wood evil, and one ihomas PLNSUU received 
great damage thereby and repented his coming there. 


Dram. Pors, 1916. (97) 

B07LKS v« CARTER, ( contd . ) 


1729. HJLHAM, Richard, of Oharl ton. Kings ,Glouc. , yeoman, 

aged 60, son of Richard. 
HIlTGKMAli%Jooeph f of Sevenhampton,Glouc. ,gent. ,aged 

]£BSftORTH f Richard , of Comhond in Elks tone, Glouc. , 
yeoman, aged 58. 
Thomas, of Prestbury ,Glcuo. ,yeoman>aged near 
60, oon of John who rented Puckham's Farm 
27 years ago. 
TI&BRSLL, Richard of 3 evenhanpt on , herdsman , aged 60. 
WALTER, Thomas , of Prestbury , yeoman, aged 60. 
GOODRICH , Edmund , "in the county of Gloucester", 
yeoman ,aged 50. 

Dram. Per s, 1916. 

(97 contd. ) 

OXON. , 



CHUT. PUD. 1758-1800. 
Bundle 273 

An Annuity due to Braaenose College. 


Thomas ,E3q. , defendant. 

• f ^ i 1 1 iam t s t eward of Braaeno&e Go Hog®, son of 

TILNBY, Philip, Esq. f his manors of Aldham and Shelley 
in Suffolk. 

BEN. . . ,Charles,innholder f of "The Bear M ^11 Saints, 

BB00KS,Jehn,o£ the University of Oxford, gont. t aged 60, 
believes John & William H0PKXKS have been dead 
40 ye&xni. 

STHE^ni*,John,of London, merchant ,&£ed 39. 
SHIPPON.Dr. , principal of Brasenose College, to whom f in 
1711,STBS&ES nsade a tender of £80 in p&ytaont 
of an annuity on Imhalf of KBHHIDOS or KEBRXEGB. 
Has been in possesion of the manor of Shelley 
since Lady Bay 1710. 
HBYwOOD, Francis, the younger, of Oxford f gent, f aged 48, 

His father was clerk of the &d£KroatB and steward 
of Brasenose about 30 years since I deponent now 
enjoys that office. The manor of Shelley is 
ffortn £400 per annum^and £650 appears ttn&ooounted 

STOH^li>ai6haj^ , of Somptlng, Sussex, gent. ,aged 26 r depo8^s. 


^racuPexB . 19 16 . 

VOle 23. 


Bie Batata of Joh n GQS TLETT, Hi f?h Sheriff . 


1695. G0STL3'??,LIai^%v;idovr of John,Bsq- , (signs ) . 

BB0AD 9 Elizabeth s wife of John and niece of John G0STL3TT. 
AJ^3,Mary y wife of George, another niece 5 married a little 
"before June 1684; the said George of mean "birth 
and a county Justice of Peace his clerk. 
H£NGOGK,Mr.Mward, lately dead, wrote the will. 
GGSTLETT, John «, Esq, v Kigh Sheriff for co. Gloucester, will 

dated June 1684; died in Jan. 1692/3 9 aged about 
60; seised in fee of Great and Little Marshfield. 
GOS!PLB?T f BenjaLiin.deceased s father of Elizabeth BKCUD 

and Mary Al>AM3' 9 dilSi 1664. 
EiUSEY , Henry , o f Linco In 1 s Inn ,3sq. v c ous in o f Mary 

GOS2LST3?, lived in Cornwall. 
HJlERINGTON, Benjamin, of Cerlon in PorfeiabamJDoreet ,gent. , 

another cousin. 
HMIRINGT01T , John , party to a deed dated 1674. 

u William, another party. 

TVRISCOK v Mary.,a domestic servant, now wife of 
DBI\03R,Nathaniel ,of Bristol. 

.WAH13B, John, and Joto,his son .witnesses to John.. OOSOSLBOT^ 

Household, gooda ,s^.c^f&rni ^tocJc enumerated* 

Bram_?ers..l916, (99) 




evaks v. o^mmi. 

John KIITGSMILL'3 estate. 


2695* 2&Z5iraLL, James, gent. , (signs), executor of 

John KINGrSMILL, doctor, married his 
daughter Anne. 
EVANS alias ZIKGSMILL t Mary f wife of Dr. Edmund 

KVANS,and eldest daughter of John KLRGSMILL. 
KINGSMIL1, John, dec eased, had an estate in Ireland 
of £8C0 a year,and one of £60 a year 
in }Sngland. 

READ, Francos, wife of John KINGSUILL. Marriage 

articles dated 1653. 
HliAJ), Franc is , Esquire. 
ICIKGSUIXL^Paniel , Esquire. 

" Eleanor, only child of the- said John, 
by hie s-eoond. vrif e- 

J>raauP0rs,a916. (100) 

vol.23.Hos.4,5 & 7. 

The 'bequests of Elizabeth LQVBJOY. 
A. D. ~ " ~ 

1695. CBDOKE, Richard, took instructions for the will of 

Elizabeth LOVE JOY. (Signs ) . 
GRIFFI Td ,Arthur , ecus in-german , or nephew, by the 

brother of Elisabeth LOVEJOY. 
EIGGS, Leonard, Esq. ,one of the executors. {signs ) . 
LOYEJOY, Elizabeth, deceased, the testatrix, of 

BOYS ,Mr. Geoffrey, wrote her will;went to Maidfitone 

SMITH, Mr. Aaron 

A bequest to the Brewers' Company, 
and a trial in the town Court of 
Canterbury referred to. 

LOVELACE , Franc i s . 

DENHS.Katherine, cousin-merman of Richard CROOKS 

and companion of Elizabeth LOVEJOY. 
GAG3,William,one of the executors. 
NICHOLSON , Nicholas , late inayor of Canterbury. 

Dram. PerSo 1916. (101) 


vol* 23. No. 10. 


A pretended will of Smyth KELL3Y. 
A. 33. ' " '~ " ~ " ~ ' 

1697. LLMBS3f f ajjL§g KiJJiEY, Susanna, now wife of Halph 

LAMBERT, c lerk , formerly wife of Smyth 
KELLEY, deceased. Came to England from 
Jamaica in August 1696;now in London. (Signs ). 
IAUBERT , Ba Iph , c lerk. 

BEGKFOKD, Peter, pretended executor of Snsyth KELLEY, 
whom KHLLEY never believed to bo an honest 

SADLER, Charles t another executor. 

WHI TTEIX, Char los f another executor. 

KELLEY, Smyth, deceased, whose will is in dispute. 

BESS TON, Sir V/ ill iam , Governor of Jamaica. 

BSHKAKD, Samuel ,deoeased. 

BHDUGH30N , Edward , Esquire .Secretary of Jamaica. 
HEATHCOTT,Mr.John, asked deceased T a age, to put upon 

the stone, to be sent to Jamaica. 
HEATHCOTT, Josiah,his brother. 

GRACSDIEO t Mr. ,sent Mrs. KELLEY the books of aooompts 

of her husband's estate. 
PARKER,Mrs. , signed reoelpt at direction of Mrs. 


KELLEY, John, son of Smyth, in England, aged 9 at the 
time of his father's death. 

Land near Port Eoyal came from Susanna KELLEY 'S 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (102) - 


vol.f85.Noa.12 & 13. 

A dispute about the Will of John GRAY. 


1698* TENCH 8 Nathaniel, Esquire, (Signs ) . 

OUFFNAILE , John .merchant , for several years at Aleppo, 

^eferned in ife&O, (Signs). 
SHSPPERD, Charles, managed the affairs of John GRAY. 

SHEPHERD , Thomas , of Northamptonshire . 
HEHNE,Charnoclv 9 a legatee. 
BAVIS 9 Ann , of Northamptonshire . 

GRAY, Francis ,br other of John GRAY, of Northamptonshire. 
GRAY, John, the testator, a merchant and factor, said 

he was tired of his relations. 
UIDGLEY, John, of Garraway's Coffee House ,a very honest 

man a scrivener, and a Governor of ChrisVs 


STEPHENS , Robert , a tsnant of the testator. 
SYKS3 ,Kenry ,a witness to the will. 




iDEi^GAaBS' exams. 

vol.23. 2*OB.20 & 21. 

The last days of Brigadier Richard 


1699. SEfcEPEL alias CUITHIGMM t Griz©l f Lady f late wife of 
Richard CU2TINGHA2J, Esq, ,denies that she 
ever pressed him to go into Scotland. 
Had a house in Edinburgh. A turbulent 
and restless spirit. 
CUNINGHAM,John t brothor of Richard, of uncertain 

CUK INGHAM, Richard ,Esq. , (Brigadier) ,of Go gar, 

Scotland .deceased, had a great tenderness 
for all his relations and their reputation 
in his sickness did often take the powder 
of cr&bbs ' eyes in asses' milk. His 
pretended will said to be false. Journey 
to Flanders. He lay at Mr. GRAY'S at 
Edinburgh till his death. Said of his 
wife "she would tear the very soul out 
of my body". On the other hand, his wife 
say s ,f he expressed himself wi^h extraord- 
inary tenderness" towards her on his death 
bed, "pulled her to him and renewing his 
former kind expressions". At lir. GRAY'S 
there was a skinner's or ourryor's hall 
over the deceased's room and a dancing 
room near or under the room where he 
lay, but there was no noise from the upper 
room, and no danoing T but once, which was 
immediately stopt by the Master of the 
school . 

V W3LW00D 

DranuPers.1916. (104) 

SEM££L ▼ftffiJKX&GEAlL (contd. ) 

WBX$00:D»Dr. ^attended the deceased. 
(UXLUUNtl)?. , another doctor, 

CUHXITGH&L! « Henry . What passed between the messenger 
and him, 

GLKNKEBNE.Earl of) *?©re refused to see the deceased 
XAtnODfiJ£ f £arl ) while he was at Mr.GRATS house. 

DAMAGE, lir* t nophew and apothecary to Hi chard CUTOTGKAH. 
WALUCI, Barbara CUITINGHSM alias, mother of said Mr. 
VA2JAC£ and sister of Richard CUNINGHAM. 

(104 oontd. ) 

■ ' £hg .l-srtgoy-^l ifor^a off Hshoooa KOTOH, 


1695* H&XIOJT * Jc&& 9 $m IX:rag near Loudon J.?, lulllwri^t., 
said to have "baan sxipporeted in lids eiiit 
"by t&a as^iviibly of people oalled Seventh 

Borsetnhire, kailt a little* bosse iisar 
<k>odi^n J s piel&s ,Mac!&z» (Slgact ) . 
SmpSOT jKtay ) ena of oi&taz-ei of Rabacea, 
alias £120:, } tft&a, KNOT'S? lata Y;i:Co. 1 
K&.1TOH , Bab ecoa ./tfifa of jcm 5 har estate and marriage 
to H A YJX) Imaged a!»ovo 40 at saasriaga. Ead 
lands in feo at Corf a Castle 2 Dorset, 
GOUJfl, Harlot ist.or of Hsbaooa K^DOIT. 
KUDOS' a Wi 11 ia*\ , father ox" t To2m ? at V?arehaia in Dorset 
lac>t Sept ssnhsr 5 and a^d about Y0 9 carried in 
a orasl manner "by Margaaret GGUID and hor 
adherents to Dprc&.Gst$i* £ecX 5 whare ha died 

11 £a^raol ; son of William, 
60UU) jAiari , 

HOX03j v Jomtl3a£C»^or* of ¥illi^ ; ooo'(xpicd tha greater 
part ot ¥ill:'UvA'j.t itonaa. 

Pars a 1915. 


OHM. PEG. 1758^1800. 
Bundle 285. 


Debts of Ri chard PCT YS Esq. 

A. P. 

IV 44. HILL > Elizabeth, of "Eha Golden Lyon" in Ipswich. 

BLMGa^B,2?hogas 9 3sq« ^plainti.f f . 

POTXB^Lady Mary v widov/" of Kichard POSYS.Ksq. 

* Elizabeth & Liary, daughters of Lady Mary 
Gj^IGAIT,Elizabeth 9 Coim*be55£5 Dowager of 
BDBIKSON f John , £a c v . 
CH*JSTCOS .> Her- ry , Duka of , 
BKJD3rTSLL-,Eon. James & Lady Frances 
HILL 5 Thomas , Es c . 
CAKDIG-AH , George s ferl of 9 ar,d 
BAP-LOT ,Hugh 5 Esq, s defendant a . 

VOSYS ,P.i chard Baq, , dec eased 7 his debts and money 
due to his:- 

IOTi5,Pere^i-:.r-3, y of Ipswich s gen t. , a creditor for 
solicitor's Moires a done; conveyances of an 
estate at Hintleaham purchased of John OAKELY. 
W0T8 ? xXDF ; r Jiioki?i a , of Ipswi oh , y counsellor at law , perused 
the title-deeds and never received any 
pa^m^nt . 

Depositions by many residents of Ipswich 
i and the locality as to debts due and 

specifying the kind of work done or 
cervices rt»nde:;'sc. 

Dram, Per a. 1916. 


HKEEF. Cm®. PEO. 1758-1000. 

Bundle 286. 

As to Premises in Kington. 


1745. CMBIP,j31ianor 5 hsr house "OHie Leopard", in 

BBEI^jJH). 3!hamas ,gentleman, plaintiff. 
SMI TH . Ihomas , IDs q . 

WILLLAtvlS,Penry,Ssq. ,& Ann his wife 
PARKSI^Johnjin possession of premises at 

Kington now in dispute 
BAyV/OOD,Hugh,defendants;Jo&n,wife of said 

VAS10N, William, of Leominster, gentleman, aged 33. 
KSYWOOD, Stephen, of Kington, but Cher. A deed 

"between h5m,Kugh the deft. , and 
VJ00DDIN,Bevd. John,vicar of King's Pyon, dated 

July 1733. 

WATKINS,John,of Kington, gentleman, aged 29, 
deposes he drew a receipt for rent. 
SCANDEJBTT, James, of Kington. barber, aged 43, 
says part of premises are in the 
occupation of Mary EVAKS (?Hugh 
HAYWOOD f S sister.) 
STRIPLING, Elizabeth, of Weobley, spinster, aged 31, 
cays she was a witness and that 
m a^HPENl^RjWilliamjanother witness, died about 
5 years ago. 

Pram. Pers. 1916. (107) 


CHAJ^PH). 1758-1800. 

Bundle 286. 

As to the Mortgage of Houses In Portsmouth . 


1746. GHHEN, Charles Harding, his house "The Crown rt f Riiig970od. 
B IKS TED , W i 11 iam , plaint if f . 
CLIFFORD, Isaac , deft. 

BALDWIN , Will iajaa , of Child Oakf ord , Dor set ,^ntlemn ,aged 37, 
a witness; that he saw some receipts at Portsmouth 
in March last. 
S$AM »Yf ill iam , o f Gosport ,innholder,age& 50 , about Lady 
Day 1745, lent BINS TED £160 to pay off a mortgage 
on houses in Portsmouth. 
Rli&DE , Edward t of Portsmouth, sawyer ,aged 36, tried to heooma 
tenant of one of oomplt's. houses at a rent of £10; 
says tis very difficult for tenants to procure 
houses at Portsmouth at this time, 
BADCOCK, Henry, of Go sport, merchant, aged 47,tenew complt. 

was trying to raise money by way of mortgage. 
BEDFORD ,&r ,\7ill iam , aged 32, acted as attorney at law 
for the deft. ,got BADCOCX to write something 
in his pockot-book. 
KUMFKEY,William,of Po ole, Dor set, gent. , aged 60 ,knows not 
whether Anne POUND who mortgaged houses to 
CLIFFORD be dead or living. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 


YORKS. CHAN. PRO. 1758-1800. 

Bundle 2Qi, 

Dispute as to William BR00 KE ! S will . 
A.D. ~ " ~ ~ " ~~" ~ 

175$. 2H0MP30H,Mr. John, of "'Bio 2albot»,inn f in Leeds. 

BBDOKE, Jame g .gentleman, cous in and heir of William, 

COLL ITT, Robert ) fanners of Sinking Ings 

BREAHCLIFF, Stephens Elizabeth his wife 
B1HKSS, Mary ,Sarah, Inn, Martha & Frances ,dof endants. 
BROOKE r Wi 11 iam ? lat e of Oulton, gentleman, deod. *and 
of Thorp Kali in Hothwell 9 died about 1758. 
Owned Sinking Ings near Swillington Bridge, 
Voodlesf ord. 
D0BS0N, Edward, of Rothwe 11, deceased. 
SIACK,Adam,of vVoodlesf ord, innholder, aged 71,has 
known James BROOKS and his ancestors the 
laet 40 years. 
TiORRSlLIOT f VUlliam»witnessed William BROOKE'S will 
in a room at Oult on, where he lodged, in the 
latter end of October 1737; was then a sol- 
dier in Lord Marie KERR'S Regiment of Dragoons 
quartered at Leeds; discharged on reduction 
of the Regiment about 6 years ago and has 
since followed the business of a shoemaker 
at Manchester and at S tone, co. Stafford. 
D0BS0N, John, of Woodlesf ord in Rothwe 11, yeoman, 
aged 36. 

H^S0N,0Gwell,of Uakefie Id, yeoman, (clothmaker) ,aged 
59, married the said V/illiam BROOKE'S aunt, 
witnessed the will; was at William BROOKS'S 
funeral; was much concerned in liquor when 
he made a certain affidavit. 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 




No. 1170. (vol.570). 

k Cl a ndestine Marriage & a Legacy. 
i^D. " ~ 

1755. H0IM3S, Sarah, formerly KINGSTON, wife of Francis, and 
relict of Samuel KHTGS TON, refused consent to 
the marriage of Bev^. Edward FLEET and Mary 

KINGS HON , Samue 1 , of St . George * s .Middles ex , Esquire , 
- • deceased, a Deal merchant and manufacturer of 
sail cloth; died 9 June 1736; his stock and 
effects amounting to £6,000. V/ill dated 11th. 
January 1725; proved 22nd. June 1736. 

FLEET,Mary, formerly KINGSTON, wife of Rev*. Edward, 
daughter and only child of Samuel KINGS TON, and 
aged 4 in 1736; came of age 2 June 1753. 
Married 1st. November 1750* Her father left her 
£1,000. Kan. away and was married at Christ 
Church, Southward, without her mother's consent. 
Lived in S^.Botolph's ,.4JLdgate 5 ten years "before 
marriage. Was taught to play on the harpsichord 
or spinnet. 

H^MBLET0N,RaheccA, mother of Samuel KINGSTON. 
FLEET, Re vd. Edward, for several year3 rector of 

Grunv i lie , co , Dor set. 
WILLEN, Samuel, an acquaintance of FLEET who married 

tho couple without banns in St.Botolph's or 

Grunville, and without licence. 

DracPers. 5 1916. (110) 


KO.U77. (vol. 570 J. 

mom v.joy/ett. 

iuflsegisaent for repairs of Holfceek oh&pol. 


1755. BRQG7HE ,Mart in , of Kolbock in Leeds. 

JOY/ETT, Joseph. .ch&pelwar&en of Kolfceok f his account , 

RSAD, William, of Leeds f gentleman ,aged 74, deposes. 

Parishioners of Holbeck,1750. 
KEYILE,Esq r . BRimilT.Benja. HUDSON, Joseph. 

. WES COS, UMERT, Joseph Qkm,U T . 



1 STEAD, Isaao USLER, James STE^Ssasual 
RHODES , Jo . BROftN , Thomas ODDY , Ben, 

LUTGST^FF, Joseph (& others) 

C&RR,^ill- ^curate of Eolheck. 

Drapers* t 1916. (Ill) 



vol, 23. Ho. £4. 

Otherwise BRIDGES 
mde Mb Mil . 


1699. FOi/IH** Charles ^propounded a will of 3&m&a 

alias' BRIDGES and cowt&p 
Ms alleged widow Margaret. (Olgns). 
BRIDGES »J ohn *appe 1 lan t . 

H&STOTG3 alias BRIDGES, O&omas, died at Kil- 
kenny in Ireland. His will proved 
in the diocese of Oesory , 9th«Sept*% 

HASHHG3 alia* BRIBaES .Harare t.Ms alie@©& 
widow, obtained administration of his 

UHH£K t Ri chard, drew up the will, of KilK^nny* 
a lawyer of very good character and 
reputation. An Irishman and R&n&n 

TQOXE,Mi\ Nicholas , returned from England with 
some of dec eased 1 a effects. 

GORE .Paul ,£aquire , let houses and a f am to 

S2y?LS5DN,ur. Philip, in the house when 93iomas 
HAS IP Iff (& &1mi»an, Xrlshsaxux-BaA Roman 

2)x®i3U?fcra. JL916 


vol.25. N<>8. 27,29,30. 
USB end LM. 

The Elopement of Mary L^B. 


1701. L&B, Godfrey, gent. His house at St Pattern, Surrey, 

LEB f Mary f his wife, eloped from him and oarriGd 
-&smy his goods. (A long list of fraiain© 
apparel, books and odds and ends). 
H A small bottle to put Hungary w&te? in 15 . 
"Books called Argalus end P'arihtm&M 
Ehe Amours of Queen Elisabeth and the B&rle 
of Essex* a Novell; Meisoirs upon Queen M&F&t 
King Charles the First his Eikon Ba^iX&ka 
and the V<'hole Duty of Man". 
"A green beg to carry writings inj ei^ftt 
sweet Smeat-glassos; twelve glass bottles* 
four of them having this respondent f s oOftt 
of arms upon them*. 

George, of South Lsmbeth^Surrey t and S*- 
Clave* s, Southward, and Mary his wife, to 
whoso house Mary LES went. 

LEE ,l!ary, daughter of Godfrey. 

HARRIS, Esther .alias JEFFEH3G£ k&llft|» JONES, wife 
Of John HARRIS. Harried at Stepney Church 
,f tho Thursday next following ^velfth day 
was four years this twelfth tydo". &e-and 
r his friend John MQR3 since drowned in tba S 
•West Indies. 

LEE ,Gathorine, daughter of Godfrey. 

GARHSTT, Charles, several letrtco-fivwrttrfc^^ 
W Godfrey LEE. 

PBIRSuN,M*\Robert,a witness. 

HJkM S3 ^SartUi^a^yritneea . 

& vol* 23. mos, 28,51. 


A Case of alleged Bi&amy. 


1701. . KAVAliAGH, Thomas ,his wife Katherino, alias BUTLER, 

said to be dead but (falsely) said to 
have been eeen in the city of London. 
He ,t>y misfortune , hath been in amo 
■under the lata King James in Iceland 
since the 13th* February 1688 and in 
the French King's Dominions since the 
11th. December 1688 , without licence 
from his present Majesty. (Signs). 
K&.VAKAGH alias EOI^It^Elisabeth^present Yfife of 
Thomas , 

PIUZGSRkLD^vIrs. ,of Rosemary Lano,near Tower Hill, 

told KkVAMm of a plot against him. 
SGUT, Captain John, sent by John KDLDSR into 

Flanders , was going to meet him at the sign 
of The Combe in the Old Bailey. 
HOLDER, John, plotted against KA.VAllft.GrH. 
CUMBERFOIiD, George, going to be hanged next day. 
MACAB!TY f Philemon ? met as he was going under Lud- 
gate,v?ont with KAVAKAGH to the Queen's 
Head near the temple. 
KEATING, Mr, Robert, an Xrishman^eeper of an ale 

hov.Be in Little Rider Street y 5t^ James % &* 
BUSH,John 9 a witness. 




m^mrn 9 mm. 


gha Oonrtehig and amrrla&t of g&rord 


. 1703, F^SGKildwar&^gq, *p&id his addresses to Dame Mary 

GB)SV3;T0& at Purls. Marriod her thoro la J\mo 
1701, in her bedchamber as sho was sitting up 
in her bed. Of an ancient Korthumberlaad 
ffcmily, brother of Sir Robert M<W ICX, knight f 

GBDSTOK)R,Dame Mary , alias Fm^/ICK t v9lfa of Edward ,turasd 

a Roman Catholic; her husband Sir Siomag GHD3YEN0R, 
diod in the Protestant faith. 
In September 1700 she sot out from her house in 
Cheshire for London in order to go to Paris. 
Her mother and sister lived at Millbank, West- 
minster. She went on to Home in April 1701 was 
somewhat indisposed and put into the Bagnio at 
I$rons. Very easy, pleasant and free with Edward 

FERW ICJC, Lodwi ck , he r chaplain and confessor ,a Benedictine* 
!TUmEIR^rs. f of P&mdon,£s8<3x,sistor to Edward and Ledsriole 

FENUICK and her child aooosmpanied Damo Mary to 

Paris in November 1700. 
000KS0N t Mrs. ,wont with them, to bo placed in a nunnery. 
EXES, Br. .prescribed "ometiques" for Dame Mary GROSVSHOR 
in Paris. 

I&20LIFFE, Francis, Esq. , friend of Edward FEIft/ICK.Lord 
RL ?C LIFFS , Lady Tudor RA.TCLIFFE his sister, 
lodged at the house of the Grand Monarch at 
Meudon in June 1701. 

IHTHUR.Ur. Daniel, a banker in Par is, at a supper party at 

Drem. Psora. 1916. (115) 

m and 

!«»• . mi^mmu ,&otte* ©f Slltatatli BOOTES E®v 
tobM eollooto* of Ho Poll 3te fto 


. - mtn£y^f^ f & *iM*. 

DOH^lLL,Sli«aboth # hor tetemd *uaA*v ?esy good 

IfUME^tSanthtirifo of 3tim 9 !l*mlw mm %temm~ 
©taso©® f yot they support ^^ilw *y 
thsiy labow and iadustiy". ferried 
tea y«&M sinoo. 
B3DMFX£X£ f . . . . itomm hosb&nd of Sassfe M&gSKS. 
Em^m^iUisa^ 24 rfoptonfcra 17Q0 t f*s$d or 
scratchad his throat with & fc3ilfft 9 &&& 
imbs^wmtly died. 
S298i&GB f Jo]m,a ma3fgoca*atttsMod him. 
BBK^*Hsa*y,f rioM of Sfcienh lOSSS&B. 
HUSeMc^&el.aot admitted to git up with Itattl*- 
\i£lL in his k;st illnose. 

8ihuI*m«1916. (116) 

IHPDB. vol, 23, 2:o.37 

A voyage to Guinea and Jamaica , 


1705. PYKE , Thomas , late gunner of the ship "Shrewsbury* 
IITGLS .John jiras tar of the ship. Took in negroes 

at Guinea and delivered thorn at Ant 9 go. 
JSFFSRYS.Sir Goof for? & Co. .owners of the ship. 
3HSRfOO]> 9 James ,a boat swain, put into irons for 

four or five days. 
RICHARDS .John, a foremast man^boaton by 

with a cet of nine tails made of ood 

line. in a very barbarous and inhuman 


ViILDilivK, Edward) '«7ent on shore at Guinea 
3ICHtIQXli),John j and stayed av;ay a week 
¥&P?IH s John ) without leave. 

' The master wanted to go back to Guinea 
from Antego/out the sailors demanded 
to be taken back to London according 
to agreement .whereupon he refused to 
pay them. 

Dram. Per s, 1916. (117) 



Dispute abou t Robert WSIffOH'E will . 
A.D. ~ ~~ " ~~ . 

1705. WEKD0H,2hoiras 9 exocutor of Ro?>ert. 

WEED03J, Robert, of Fawley f Bucks, ^deceased. 

Died at Windsor 20th. November 1702. 
^EKDON, Francos ,widow of Robert. 
HI LLIAJi ,W i 1 1 iam f at tlie Beare Inn,Horsef erry, 
Westminster, said to William 00CIC f 
"Sure v you will not be such a villain 
or rogue to swear so false a thing, 
for I never burnt the said Robert 
.WESSON'S will nor ever told you so t 
or any such thing". 
COCKfWi 11 iam , hired to swear on behalf of 

Dram, Pore . 19 16 . ( 118 ) 



Lord iiAOCLaSFlgLP'S will said to "bo forged . 
JLD. ~~ ~ " * ~ - - 

1706. 0BBY,Lady Charlotte, wife of Eioms, Esq. (Signs ). 
MOHJK, Charles f Lord. 

Y/HITLEY, Roge r , of London, Esq. ,&nd of Poole, oo. 
Chester, and his son Thorn® ,1677 and 

GERUU), Charles, Lord, afterwards Barl of M4G0L£B- 

F IBID, fat her of Lady Charlotte ORBY. 
RAYMOND , ©ion© s , of Gray's Inn, councillor at law. 

M&S0N,Sir Richard, of Worcester Park, Surrey ,kat. 
HDB4R!F,Sir Henry, knight, son and heir apparent 

of Sir John, of Blickling, Norfolk, Baronet. 
MASON, Richard, of the Inner Tempi©, London, Esq. 

Dram.Pers.1916. (119) 


vol,23.Nos. 48 & 49. 

Dispute between the Parson and Corporation 
of ^ilgan. "~ ^ " 


1710, FINCH* Hon. Biward f M. A. .rector of Wigs&. (Signs). 
HOLLAND f Will iam , churchwarden . 
TiyLOH,Williaa $ « 

BANCKKS, I&lph, gent. f syndic of tho Mayor, etc. , of 


3RAD3HiIGH,Sir Hoger f bart. (Signs). 
WllISMLEY f Balph,of Wigan. 
GUISBI80XE t ?Jilliani f of V/igan. 
ftELLSS , Mr. Richard ,his legacy of £200 for a new 

Wigan an ancient market and borough town. 
The mayor t aldermen f etc. ,sit together in a 
pew assigned to them in the North Aisle 
of Wigan Church. That about 30 years ago 
the Corporation built a gallery in the 
ohancel f where the organ t destroyo4 and carried 
away in the late Great Rebellion, formerly 
stood. Parson fulled down the gallery to 
provide space for a new organ. Old organ 
a chair-organ .stood between two pillars 
which divide the ohancel from the body 
of the ohurch.wnd was played upon when 
fit and in tune. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (120) 

OUSSBD. CH&N.FRO. ,1758-1800, 

Bundle 284. 

Mayy BAIM^S* inhorit&npo at BrororiRf; . 
A.D. — — - ™ ■ 

175£. 'BUSES 9 U&ry, an infant, the only legitimate child 

of SGhoci&a. 
I^)UaH e John, her guardian. 

EAEI^ f Vsilliaia and Frances his wife, defendants, 
3 2AJBKIB , Sfooraa s , guardian to Margaret BAMES ; Fwacea 

his wife, daughter of William. 
BIJKH^I, Margaret, an infant, natural daughter of 

Thomas f deceased, father of Mary;hia estate 
at Browm*igg holden of the manor of Holme 
Oultrarajhis hous e at Oughterby where his 
wife has an estate; son of v;illiam f the defendant ; 
died about 1747. 
BBDUGH,7;illiara # his house "The Wheatsheaf " at Abby 

BOAK, Thomas, of Abby Tovm in Holme Cult ram, clerk, 
aged 52. 

. BUJEER, Stephen, of Kings idohill in Holme Cultram, 
yeoman, aged 50. Heard William BABNBS say, 
•♦I will say as old JACX30IT of Hayrigg said, 
Give me copy and court roll and take all 
other wri tings'*, and, furthermore, "God forbid 
that I should v/rong the innocent babe". 

GIAISTER,Uilliam, brother in law of Thomas 3A3NE3. 

WIKDER, Joseph, of fireside in Holme Cultram, tailor, 
aged 68. GIAISTSH. 

teaauP%rs.l916. (121) 

BtBEEBS T.B&BTO B8, { o ontd , ) 


1759. GIA IS £EB , John , o f Bedflatt in Holm© Cult ram, 

y&on?&SL f aged 65. 
GLAIS 3!BR,Ka2y , of the esane,aged 69, wife of John. 
AKfl&BuOK fi Eobert , of Brawnrlgg. 
FELL, Joseph, of AUr&on , glorer , aged 58 brother of 
John, of Pellathoe ,who had two cons and a 

SHEL3DN c cSaoob , of Prostain,neai* Workington,bXae3£emlth, 
aged 58. 

WINDER, John, of Mlorside s yeonan,aged 35. 

HODGSON , Jo s eph , o f Biglande in Ailcb on, wear© r f aged 40; 

that (Ehoims BARNES wont to & Spas? or Wo IX at 
Annual in Scotland aril showed naoh love &s& 
tend erne ss to his wif e Jane end dau^iter llary. 

LITTLE, George, of KIrkbride,yeoman t aged 50. 

HAIIRISON , S imoxx , of Moss Side in Holm© Cult ram, yeornan, 
aged 61. 

CHAMBERS, John, of Long Nov/ ton , yeoman ,agod 45. 
IX)HUJ) t Thoims , of vVheyrigg in Bromfiold , mala ter, aged 60 
that Thorns BALTICS of Abby Cooper, was first 
cousin to dhorras t tho dood. 

ANDSRSON, Jonathan, of Farmery Oov/per in Holme Cult ram, 

yeon!an,agod 45. 
CHUCBSRS , Rob ert , o f Long Kowton in Holme Cult ram, 
gen tleimn, aged 48. 

Other neighbours and friends depose at groat length. 
One rofusod to lend £100 on mortgage of part of the 
estate, though it was worth £600. Another said it 
was a good estate for tho child , Mary , but there was 
euro to be a lawsuit about it. 

DranuPerSol915. (122) 

iM&tlCA. AJiKUAl for 1766, p. 183, 

ffar ratlre of Captain HARRISON. 

a.d. - ■ " 

1766. HUQISOU, Captain David, of "The Peggy •% of He?? 


CAMPBELL t J am e 3 1 n>ar in ei% & i od raving cad. 
FIA!P t David f a forensaot man 9 tq>on whom the lot 

foil to "bo killed ec-d eaten. 
DOUD t Jamea f Eiato v died duriag the voyage, 
3YEH3 t Cap tain Chornas,of "The Susannah" of 
Los&o<i t in the Virginia trade. 

. . . , a eeaman.died during the vcy&g©. 
ASEL3Y # Lant % ;el t a searraii. 
ffi^VCPwTK f Damiel 3 a seaman. 

Dram. Per 3. 1916, 


uoimm. sbs annual bsgisiih for 176?. 

page 197. 

Trial of William GITEST for RWx grtfegozu 
fillip guineas. 

1767; GU^T*Willism,a teller at th® Bank of Fm^yad. 
LH3AGH,John f a teller. 
COBHR^r. f a dyer on Bankaid©. 
STILL »Hicliard t Ms sesftmt. 
BBLL t Ko , bert»of tho Bank of Sogland. 
BLCB t Mr. 9 chief easier. 
•BBDlSPSOH^Ur. , cashier. 
I#€&S»Ur. ,of tho Bank. 
KMS%Mi\ t of the Bank. 
SMiXLIS ? ^r. ,of the Bank. 
EUlBE%TOH,Mr. f of tho B&ak. 

NICHOLS , Jo8eph,monler of tho Mist 10 years. 

LB£ f Sanuol t teller at tho Bsnk. 

THDUGK20N,Thonns t a j avollor. 

COLLINS f Esther, servant to William GU38T. 

FIU.TL3Y, Robert .optical instrument maker. 

HUNTEB » John , c lock-raakcr . 

HODGSON , Goorgo t cl ock^naker. 

Drapers. 1916. 



New discoveries in Biography & Genealogy 

■ • 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained, 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, 8th Januavy, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 


10.6 per quarter. 
21I- per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

r j^HE idea is to supply a few friends each week, ata trifling- 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

Historv, and of equal value, to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
., cost of copies on application to the Editor. 

.T/>^BnH !C*i« Awn*? Rfwiirtw fny 1767. 

& KOTJ. page 190. 

Elisabeth BB3WNRIGG and hor ayyor ontim ffirl®. 


1767. BaDWimiGCSlizabethpaged 47, of Pre scot stxHHtttfMdDB&'e 

Fields ;of Greenwich and St.Xhmsta*© £& tb* 
West (Fetter Lane), 
BIOTNRXGG, James ,plaietarer and painter ,h$2» img'b&M. 
K0RI02T t Mi% t Canonbury Lane , la lington. 

*aiCH3I£ f iIary,a poor girl,of 7*Mt of ri&rs ,&ged 14 to I?65* 
J02£J3 t Mary,a poor {jirl.of the Foundling Hospital f a^t4 14 
te 1765 

PLOUPaiHEB t llr. , solicitor to the ForadliBg Hospital. 
CLlFFCHD^lary ,of whitef riars ,on apprentice. 
BENHAM, • . . ,an apprentice boy. 
BIOTNRIGG, John, son of Jasses and Llisabeth* 
CLIFFORD, Mrs. ,in Cambridgeshire, step-mother of ifoiy. 
DI&C0I! t Mrs. t v;ifo of a baker, Flower de Luc© Ootart, 

Fetter Lane. - 
CLIPSON ill iara , appr ent ice. 
GHUKDY.Llr. ,ono of the overseers. 
DUHMIi t Mr. t of Wandsworth, chandler. 
0WEH,Mr. , churchward en. 
WINGRkVE ,&r . .apprehended ^rs • BHD\^IHI00. 

Dram.Pers,1916. (135) 

0X01?. ©ie total Bcgisttir for 1?6B. 

page 221. 

ghe Mayor and Aldermen of tef^gdjCn, ^gL&ff • ♦ 
reprima nded bytho Speake r of tfoe Ho^a^o^Qgm^gg 
for brib ery. 
JLD. " 

1768* WAHD,Biilip,late mayor of Oxford. 
USEiOHBHf John. 
MOHDA.Y,Slr fhooias. 
lI8B f IhaiaMi 
NICK0LB3, John. 

WBIKSON, Thome) lato bailiffs. 
BBQ¥/N f John ) 

Dram. Per s. 1916. (126) 


The Annual Register for 1773. 
page 191. 

Trial of jfojor General GAflSEL JTpy firing 
at three Bailiffs. 
JL2), " 
1773. GAITS2L, Major General. 

HYTG,James,a bailiff. 
LK£,Mr. , surgeon. 

L1AY0 ,Lirs. ,of Craven street , Strand. 

ASHFL&LD , Henry and Jamos f General GAKSSL f S servants. 

F3LTH0USE , !Zhomas , a bailiff. 

ARiSTROlTG, James, sheriff 's off icer, Carey street. 
HYDE , Thomas , brother of James, a bailiff. 
VICXiiS ,Hr * 

Dram^Pers . JL9 1 6 . 

(127 i 

YORKSHIRE, OEM. EBflL 1758-1800 . 

Bundle 482. 
Attorney &$*e.£al ¥ d 100f, 

jgge J[X#m.lJgSZg:.£k B r/rill in Low Blah oieagAe*. 


179 £. lfl50X}AI^,Geo^^ George & Dragon,", 

Pate ley Bridge. 
WE&TH25BHBAD # John 5 of StoibeoJc, linen weaver,aged 60. 
W00D,William,of Lew Bi^cpsddo, maltster, son of 

Anthony WOOD. 
WOOD William, of Pateley Bridge , gent, , brother of 

said Anthony* 
BUCKTHOUl 1 , pLOhe rt , innhol&er , Low Bishopside. 

Mi advertisement in the Igedg Mejggggg . 
KN0WIu3S,V/illiaan,of West Badfiii Fewston,yecms # 
aged 37. 

EBCSJBy,John,of White Hordes in Ripon,flax dreos-or, 

aged 45, son- in- -law of -Anthony Y/00D t and tenant 
of the Widows ? lar**. 

BOBI2J50N,Jobn,of Pateley Bridge , yeoman, aged 53. 

HAHJO^l'LE^illiam^of I6w Bishopside , shoemaker, 
aged 56. 

PIkRS01T,Jobn,of High Biehopside, farmer and linen 

"weaver, aged 35. , 
S?KA.r.rE,Kioras,of B;: ; aisty Wood in Kirkby Malzeard, 

gent, 5 agsd 37. 
WQQBjinthonystte yoin!ger,of New Close House, near 

W ills el 1 j linen-^earor , aged 37 . 
HlU^te^S, Henry r of Bacre Banks in Eipon,gent. , 
aged 35 . 

SKIWj „ John r of Bra is ty Woods , farmer, aged 63. 

JPPLE1KH , Anthony, of Wysi^g in Kirkby Malzeard, 

f crater, aged 57. 
IKSLESQN, William, of Pell Beck in Hipon P yeoman,aged 42. 
BraaiwP%i^;i) 16. ( m) 


Ba>i&2o 1. 

Kawyjpr r £010?^?*% B^ey% 


the Kiag*a wards iaya tfcat testenA Sic^a 
XOBMAMlad to 10 Zfeniy VXlX.(151G/9) end 
was seised of tha thirds of eli lasde ether than 
Sevyso Ho^e until fcsr eon Elcjia^t o&se to tfc* 

fcgO Of 21* 

Xfin@XAY % £a&Q ^l&sw*mothar of Kteg 1 ® w&sd,d6g>08ee. 

QkJ&Y f Bi6baxd 9 fi8dd 40. 
COPUY f Willifia»cead 40. 
3ft&#IA3 «3femi ,&gc*d 40. 

FCT? t Ilogar f eoa«ia-lat/ of 25orge*y Xfi$GX&rt&{§ed 36. 
WOP, ft John ^ascid SO. 
&YX30B t 31tiho]ii£ f aced 40. 
HinQT,Kdmund t Ggpd 50. 

HOB2Hii 9 T;iHleni«a0)d 50«6*vye that i.Iargsrg' &0UOXAY 

roeoiTod £80 of John i»O08D ffetfcer ©f tit* @aid 
Jme,tg? tho hand© of 22ieme B^4QIL) his eon t for 
th© Rtrri&co goods of Ja»e f t?if® to Hich&rd 

B:.iUA^D f Ki oho 1xxs f aged 40. 

WHOLLY f 2li chard f ©8Dd 50 e d op esse that il&rgery rtooirod 
26s. 8d. a yaar during life of Eiohard har eoa 
for her do*er. 

B0RE31X)Ii,&frard ) Consuls oiousre (tfoos© names negr 

S01&U13, George j migrant a elm® to the locality 

HOB1H 9 Joh& J oonoornodj. 



Bundle I.. 

Descent off Jaasgg *^SJ]gR»g lands. 


154 WEES OSffi, James s plaint3Lf f ■. 

GOWN Dorothy t *l£cw «,de fondant . 

WEBS !ESR, Roger ,anc6s tor of Janes , seized in fee of 
land in Bigging, co .Derfcy. Were they copy- 
hold of the manor of Hax^yngtkxi ? 

W22BSlEft,Hictiiolas, father of John, Ms eldest son, 
and James, his youngest • Stlie said John 
father of the said Roger *who died without 

OOKEYII, Francis, deceased,son and heir of Sir Thomas, 

SH&WE^Jilliaan,aged G^&eposes*. 

SOLlMvEeca-y.aged £0 .deposes that Roger WEBSTER died 
seised of the prmis es;that Nicholas had issue 
John, his eldest con and John had issue Roger, 
and the premises descended to Ja-aes,as next 
heir to Roger, and so it was found "by twelve 
men in the court of Hartington. 

BEITE T , Thcrca s , ag e d 50 .deposes. 

UMBISTON v John ,aged 50, deposes. 

JEHNE,William 3 aged GO .deposes, 

JB2NB, John, aged 80 .deposes. 

(Many others depose to the same effect}* 

DJm^ers»1916. (150) 


Btm&l© I. 
Is re BEMS0U1?2'S ltods. 


Drilling for coal. 
BB41aL0TO!P,lTic^olas,tli9 King's ward f ao^ of 

HE¥IOT f Joha. 
2JSXX£Y f Jolni. 
XEBE f John. 
EUUdRTB William, 

OIi^BKB,H0nry f also agreed to drill for Goal© 

and to in&fc© their work seven y&r&e fcffo&d 
HTOBLLyAndrew ) 

VH*LBHS f George ) Commissioners (all sign). 
HJBBOT f LIiohael ) 

Richard f deo©asod. A contract with 
the father to drill for ooalf at 
Overton Q^rtom&rsh^co.XiOieestdr. 

YOJ2CM0lin J 
8EEHfOSa t John. 

] agreed to drill for coals. 




Bundle 1. 

^5^S^Cyfiy>„ a ^ Bish op's Frome . 
A* So - — ■ - — - - - 

1540. JjUmOY ? Willieia. 

Jt^lIES ,Will iara 5 &ge& 50 s was in the parish ohuroh 
of Promo Bishop when V/illiam JAUHOY 
delivered to John a Privy Seal. 

VIK3 t Shorn a, gent. ,a&ed 40, that FlfZUlSIl swore 
at Hereford that ho had the said Elisabeth 
in his custody and that it was lawful to 
keep ho r 9 that he arrested JAUHOY on euspioioa 
of felony and impinor.ed him in tho etoeka 
for one night. 
MDKTiiEB , Christopher v cler]: 5 aged 40 , that JAUHOY 
and PIl'ZUBSB with a writ of Privy Seal ia 
the parish church of Fromo before Evensong • 
on a holy day. Be w&fc walking in the church- 
yard after evensong and JAUHOY oaid t r *Keep 
mo; keep ma, for the safeguard of rny life". 
H9 clew HSffiUIiSS coming up a:,d a^I^d him 
what he meant and told him that was no 
place to fight % hut PlfSlTBSE arrested JAUHOY 
and iota: him away with him. 
MOBS f S ir Gil es , oh aplaii: 8 aged . 30 s say s that upoa 
St. Bartholomew^ day last ho was deyired to 
come to an alehouse in Castle Frome to m?£e 
merry a&ongst other honest oompa&yjnei FITZVWB 
and hia wife there with Elisabeth H3Y;caw 
JAUHOY in the storjea. 


IfcturwPero.1916. (132) 

JIBEO! V.FX2ZUES2 (contd.) . 

K&LI*HR*Sir Hugh, chaplain, aged 30 f was at fromg 
Mill \&en WUKOY cda&;»t52iaSS said to 
him fl Siou wouldsH have robbed my wife 
the last day and I will arrest thea", 
who^upoa JAU2I0Y fled atid PIEUB3B &&& 
Roger JE3SO0B went aft or him* 

HiLFMXD f Rowland , aged 36, sew Elisabeth HEY in 
the church with har mother. 

H0IETT t Bopr,aged SO t says ho and jAUIICT goisg 
to Frome met Xatherine,wi£o of FI!£Wi31 
cad Elisabeth HEY her daughter. JAUKQY 
laid hands upon the said Elizabeth and 
said "X seise you as the Kirk's ward", 
and then her mother and one Salrester© 
BT00K1ON and two women took bar from 
JAUHCY and brought her to FX3&UJSE hosso. 

SAOHiaSSN5?5Hiohard f aged 54, deposes. 

IK)MKYH3 t Hoger,agod 34, deposes. 

WIRE, John ,£ged 30, and others depose to the 

83206 effOCt. 

, DrattuJ©rs.X916. (133) 



smcs worn 

j-^ec-p?, c>at .^-own^ jS^l^gg tgg. * 

LECKE s Bal ph 9 da £ endant . 

Pepogi-iiaoa taken &is Ilkeston to inmiir© 
wha'j woods have fallen gaad fceea out dera 
55* the lordship of Ilkeston. 

S SEEIJSY , S ir Nich o lan . (Signs).' 

GLYI s 10N s Sir Gervase. (Signs }. Consoles loners 
, Snoir-.fa 9 Kac . (Signs ) . 

fQSXEEt, Richard. J^BYSEIBB s Willlsjm 

BKYGGS $ K3nry. BIWJIT, Hichari. 

FYPSLER 5 E&kqqA . JOTSEHT , Zatrrea c e. 

BUEBAGE iWill lam. SOkLEYB c Mathew. 

MHTON,P.l chard. B&.LDM, Qlhtanas. 

Examined hy the coreiiiis si oners • 
WOOD, Roger 5 th a yoxsager ) 

Anthony. ) Servants to Bauf 

llOffiRYNGtOfiioiEas. } liEOHE. 


Buudlo 1. 
SZffiDtKU: v„ iRIWf. 

feSPpacs ±Vl Goffyiyth. 

1543. 82CfflOXra!5 s John f of 5e^calo3,Cv(mborlan(I 9 sontloa8a 9 
eeizod of paoturo ground oallod Bolton Fall* 
Did big tmooctors omorab the bordorer^ for 
putting their beasts in thn said pasture ¥ 
V.'oro thfiy soiled of JfotbDrgarthes In the 
parish of Gcffurth ? 

XRT03I,Geor{*o,of Lattipluftho 5 and 

IB50H,Jofcn 9 of Saatoa t and 

POS TLKTHu Ar: , Hob ert , of Cott Ibris* *gsnt leanon 9 

togothor with 
dtBilAlJ, John, of IPhiotilton r retain two acres, do. t 

against tfco will of SUfSOUSi:^ 
S2K0U 3 , EhOM&ci , c f Soscaills ,agod 53. 
MXS ON, Robert, of ^ftsthill3,G0,Cumbarland f aged 54. 
QJLIlBCAUih t $ ill iaiu , of jfraye^gad 60. 

M Willian,tho yotmger f of Drayo f &ge4 SO* 
A Charter cited (without dato) from 
ft ASUBTir&YT ,57 ill lain da, to 

8HKSDl7S3i£ f Ki6holas«of a tenement called Bishops- 
garth in Bolton Fell. 
Depositions tafem at Cockexmouth before 
X^KGH, John, and 

Clu^YU, Antony. (Both sign). 

PreauPers. ,1916 


got. court oi? mmv ipiposinoas 

Bundle 1. 


ffae Man or of J&aroh Jfeddcc. 


X546/7« SByMM,AlexandG^,3a:sd to have "been daml) and dead} 

cade a lease of the manor of Marcho Kaddon,oo. 

Oxon,to Eiurcaa H&DDO£K23, 
HADJX)OIQ3>Miorras , deceaseds aid to have craftily got 

gSMJE to make ZJm a deed indented giving him 

tho ;?ea simple and not a lease for years. 

Fellod and put down diver-a and sundry groat 

trees timber,*. 
XJYBR f James, gent. ,had lite estate from S2YMER in 

other lauds. 

V^Y^?i^ f thomaa v .g3nt, ? had the sanio.but f-ave thorn up* 

CffiSSJSS , BliJ)E,uOhn t of Norton V/awen t co.Oxf o id, hue band- 
man 5 aged 50* saw SSYMSH hold up his £^nger*i &r4 
smite his breast meaning by the same signs that 
HADDOCK should have the premises for five years 
©nly P as he understood. \7as not content that 
HADDOCK {should have any profits of the Court 
' and sent his con. 
GOFFE, steward to HADDOCK caused his son to 

he thrust out of foe house and bade HADDOCK'S 
servant .called EIWAHDS ,to kill him. 

!2MXKY,UiIliam f of Bryoe Norton s husbandman f aged 40 t 
does not depose. 

&0NGE,John f of Bwton,hus bondman, aged 70, tenant to 
Alexr.SEMER, deposes that he had for a fine 
either £6. 13s. 4d. or £7. 

QUENCH , Thomas ,of Bur ton, husbandman ,aged 55, deposes. 

SUBMAN William, of Burt on ,hU3bandman, aged 40 f deposes. 

mum of wasps s i^pop.i^::oitb. 

Bundle 1. 

As to y:e.r/.-<j a £ Hawaii, 

&.1S47/35* EiLSAXI^Sir Bicha?d y clerfc;, 
H^ISAIjL f u amoG t gen t . 

TOEBHE^IUSis* JIu^,cliapla^:i ? de90ses at Ealsall. 
BJffiBISOi,? , ? a^ok am not able to oome 
- "before lha Oo^liislonew. 

coram ,i^^,dopooeg . 

GBE&S f S£lIiani ,dsp eoec . 
L&2PA22B , 9 depooes . 

JOffiKO-^S^&rd »4ep&£6g tfcat ho hath g&M, &1* 
rents to Master Pars or. of Hals&ll. 

BLUHIiELXirWilliaa/^iat he hath paid Ma rents. 

SSOTOr£ P JoIm^at ha paid over rent to tho 
Eisg's bailiff. 

mwmx.mille&i^&.t he hath pa?.d hie to Master 

XQEEBY « Joan ,w idow ? that che paid he^s to tha 
parson before the death of Si? Shocks 
E&®StSL^d ftlfede to Master BDLOEDM. 

Eohert t c ;U0H3 : S&urotan WULFALL , Choreas 
HSriKSyi^ g IhoDas ?Y3 S George PYE, thorns 
Z£S 9 J<&h ZiB^xrBUBO,John IBEIAlOpJamoa 
JUSP5K4H.,*illi#i QOUSOM^waa KILL, 
Skcsa&s V«HA3*CON»all depo30 to the game 

(Ho coxaity). 

At 3). 

Bundle 1. 

in XQ rnimm. 

Mar ria ge of A lios ?ffiA» 

EVm^HOyLore. Whether after the decease of 
EVSI?&ja) 9 Heary v Enquire s her late husband ,ma&a 

tender of marriage "between 
SHiAtAlioe , daughter of Lore ISYEJtO# f and 
HVBBkBD,Henry v non of the said Henry. 
K)0^3Y f ^illiam & jiov7 husband of AlSoe SHU. 

Did Henry BVB3AKD "the younger offer 
her in marriage to him ? And was Henry 
contented he should have her without 

UEN^ORKI ? John 5 Eyquire t one of the executors 
of Haary v the father. Did the eaid 
Lore within a month after the refusal 
allude-?, to offer him an obligation 
for -foe payment of £200 Did Henry 
refuse to marry Alice or not ? 
{©te questions are not answered here t f or the 
depositions are not filed at this reference). 


1 aV J J 


VTjXi i TO j ^ 


New discoveries in Biography <Sl Genealogy, 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTION {by post): 

10. 6 per quarter. 
21 ! - per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

' I > H E idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 


ghe Begcgsxg of Karry ^Ai rfcTOR Y'S landt* . 
A.B. - . " 
1S4S* EiIISBURY 9 Harry v (,^mplainaii.-b ? ^on and heir of ferry, 

ILOYDE»John and Katlierina his wif e*def ec&atttd • 
H0LMD,S:.r Richard* clerk, and 

LLSH ap DJO.Eioe ap, enfeoffed of lao&a i% Llanryader, 

co 3>enb igh 5 by P^LICBUHY. 
!IXJDBR,Margaret t'erchvwife of the r-aid Harry SALISBURY, 

late o** Llanvaid^dec eat? ed * father avxd mother of 

Kathorine LL01T-. 
Whether Heary.th© father P he!d the lands of the King's 
Htgb3id:;s in capite or otherwise* "TTIio wrote the deed of 
feoffment ? Who wrote the deed of grift of entail ? 
Whether at the liVery and eels? in made by Sir Richard 
and Rice to Henry ..the father > it was openly declared 
that the j&m&ett should descend end go to the heirs 
roa/.a of Kanry the father "ty line of the "body of the 
oaid Margaret "begotten ? 

U IOH0 IAS , Ll ewe H5 2: apj' f LXas&a2mae*ag£d 54 5 dep<r3es 
that 36 or 37 years pact Eenry SALISBURY of 
Llanraiadr, deceased s enfeoffed Richard HOLLOD, 
clerk, and Baas ap LLM&LLII ap £10 in all his 
land 3 * ct o » the re , 
JAKEYIT f Sir David s ap* of Llanraiadr „ priest, aged 44, deposes 
that about IV year-; 1 past he was curate there and 
the said Henry tailing his journey to Rome, upon 
a holiday in the parish church said to his 
neighbours - jt Sirs s -3ome men report by me that I 
haTe wade &y lands to the heirs general gotten 
or to he gotten betwixt Lie and Margaret verch TUDOR 
VX0HAK ? n0Y/ my v*.fa,wMch is not truth by the way 
that my soul goetl.u And I protest there afore 


Dram.Pers.l c Jlf.. (139) 

SA LISBURY v » LLOYD fcon td, ) 


1543. yon and all ray loving; neighbours that I 

never made my land,? nor enfeoffed the came 
to any nee hut to my heir? male of the body 
of the said Margaret verch TUDER". And 
furthermore that ha was fclp ghostly father 
at his decease ,and the said Henry then made 
15.ke protestation. 
WILLIAM ap HaPilY, Robert m\hf the same, aged 80^ deposes 
that he yaw Fu*.ke FlMO^PS.then recorder of 
Dei'ib igh s subscribe his name to the re-feof fnent. 
MERTOH t John,of the natae s age& SC, deposes that at Henry's 
death-bed, ho said that after the decease of his 
late son by Margaret hie late wife one Dwenhen&r 
verch EESS his mother~in~laW,fcad a daughter of 
his iri keeping ? sent for him and bade him tal;:e 
her home, saying that she nor none of hers had 
nothing to do with the said Henry's lands for 
the insue male by her 'Jaughter was deceased. 
His son was suspected to die of the plague. 
E50TOESLSYE,a!liona3 t of t&a tamo, aged 62, deposes. 
BAYN, Sir William, vicar of Denbigh, aged 44, deposes, 

as to words by 
BTOH , Richard , of Denbigh, a common scribe, to whom BAYN 

was ghostly father. 
ROBERT ap J3VAH,&ir Jehu ap,of Llanraiadr 9 aged 57, 

ROBERT, David ap,of the same, aged 44,depooes that Henry 
made a declaration when he went to the King's 
ward to France, as well as when he went to Rome. 
(Many others depose to the came effect). 

D««u Pers. 1916 


• BannHHiaBHHHnOHBi 

ohsshxhb oovm of mm®< msQBinom. 



Si© Estate of SXaanft 

♦WW— K»tti w— m« <» < ■ »« ■ i i n i i m i— uw rti iMi m i mul m ni ai 

A. 2). 

1648. JODHIIiL f EfeM t s on aM hair of Bofer. 

Expositions eoaofcraiag tSisa t&&es& at 
Ghost 83?. Rog©r died ©oiie*l of the 
chief house of Yordesley* 
2fJM0E,or WSJiSrc^eHo^art^taaant of a tan^mt 
i& Biscay called Oraestye ©th@swig® 
Rog0©tsty@ f 0Qpykold holdon of th@ ranor 
of iS&eeleafisld. 
EHOWBli^ , Edmond and Williai& f ftl*o iea&ats. 
X/LKD^FYIiBEJficholas.of S^eylel|^ f eOcE@rby f 
tenant to Hast©? LSGH of Briton, aged 
54, testifies as to surrenders mads &t 
the l&Mete Court at M&oeXesfield in 
Henry VIII th f s time. 

, Hugh mid J&mos,held a tenement 
©ailed Weyley. 
OIJJsiR^SKA^HfKo^erttOf Tuns tyd,eo. Derby, aged 66, 

B3£K2»5fT|Alexacd©r f of ]3i8ley f &g®d 66, deposes. 
B33f£!P? t 7/i 1 liara , of Buggy ewor she t q o . Derby , aged 64, 

BlEIEM,Christoph8r f of Ifottil&holEiu 9 fLged 6&, deposes. 
WOODHDFf f Williaa,of W ©y ley , eo. Qhe@t er ,sged 58, 

LEGH,Jolm,of Hig#e*2sq, 9 «ged £8,d@poses that he 
was found the king 9 ! wast* for certain loads 
in 3uttoa f pareel of the lordship of fe$ole#fiel&. 


DranuPers.1316. (141) 


In re JODRBLL (contd. ) 


1548. D0WlfE8,John f of vert on, gent leman, aged 55, 

deposes that Nicholas JODBSLL was 
father of the said Roger and had lands 
in Yordesley,Disley,Weyley and Kettelshulinej 
that Roger had lands in Swomlow in right 
of his wife and she overlived hira;that Roger 
LEGE had no lands or tenements "but such as 
were ho Id en of the King's as of his grace's 
manor of Macclesfield by copy , and nevertheless 
his son was found the King's ward. 
WAIKlL4^ $ \7illiam,sged 76, deposes he was the King's 
bailiff for 30 years; that Roger would never 
appear at Macclesfield for his copyhold lands 
but did appear at Chester for his freehold 

SHORE ,¥illiara, of Hurdesfeld in the forest of Maccles- 
field, aged 55, deposes that Roger appeared at 
the Sniers at Chester. Roger was at variance 
with Mr. LBGH of Lyme and deponent heard him 
read a deed which he called his charter deed 
in Sir Laurence PAYIT'S chamber at Macolesf ield. 

STEELE John, of Mace les fie Id, aged 41, kept an inn 
at Macclesfield; heard the charter deed read 
which bounded JODR}^^ lands from the lands 
of Mr.LEGH. 

BRkJXSURY,Otnoll,of Y.'ey ley, aged 28, deposes that Roger 

appeared as a freeholder at Chester. 
JODHKLL , tne 1 1 , aged 54, shewed IOTKSS a deed of gift 

made by Master STANLEY'S ancestors to his. 
HE3KYTH, James, of Russhoton^agod 32, deposes that he 

found among his evidences an original charter 

deed sealed with green wax, and did read it at 

Sir Laurence PAYS' S. 


Drem.Pers.1916. (142) 

In re JODH B LL (contd. ) 
A.D. ~ ~ ~ 

1546. KKO TTB3F0BD ,E1 is abeth a deposes that there 

"bo certain writings in chests in her 
ho"use which concern her sister's 
inheritance who was wife of Boger 

BBOKE, James f chaplain, aged 50, deposes as to 
evidences contained in a box in hie 
lodging in Chester. 
(On the hack of this membrane certain 
ancient records from temp, Edw. I. relating 
to Sutton and D is ley are recited). 

EYBE, Nicholas ,aged 60, deposes that Roger was 
aged 7 at the death of hie father Nicholas 
JODHKLL and afterwards married himself to 
a poor maid. His wife's name was Ellen 
and he had younger brethren. 

POTTa,John,of fturge ,aged 65, deposes. 

MOKE, Henry, of ?/ey ley, aged 70, deposes. 

IXftVNES, Edward, of Bnggeswor th f aged 60, deposes 
that he was servant to Nicholas JODRELL 
the father. 

(Here follow three membranes of extracts 
from the Coxirt Rolls of the King's Manor 
of Macclesfield 26 Henry VIII. hack to 40 
Edward III. ) 

Dran.Pers.1916, (143) 

volume 2. 


1624. HEIWYS.Garrase and Six* Williamsons of Heme. Mary 

JOHNSON William, of W astminst e ? * gent . ,aged 45,3ms 
lived there 5 years and "before that at Sax- 
by, eo .Lincoln. (Signs}. 

HEIKYSjDsune Mary ? had two daughters s Bridget and 
Elizabeth, to whom in April 1629, at her 
house in Wollerby, Lines,. ,she made a deed of 
gift. !Phey survived her. Lived some time 
in Sir William PAEKHU3ST&S house in St. Peter 
3.e Poor. Mother of Lady PAJRKHUBST. 

COOK, Gregory, of Bar r owe Apton,Norfolk ? yeoman ? aged 
44-5 has lived there 14 years, and "before that 
in the family of Dame Mary HEK/YS at Worleby. 

PABKHUBST f Sir William, of Austin Friar s , London , s on 

in law of Dame Mary HELWYS. 
FAKRO?;,^Ir. John. 

ASTON, John, of St.Bctolph Aldgate , London, merchant , 
aged 34; has lived *bere a year and "before 
that for seven years in St.Peter-le-Poor in 
Sir William PABKKURST'S house. "Of alliance" 
to Dame Mary HEBVYS . (Signs). 


Dram.Pers. ,1916. 




volume 2. 

Tran ga^rQ ras , of S ir \ * Uliam Kflllffi TON . 
A.D. " " 

1634. JAOXS0N,John,of Bradly,co. Derby , yeoman, aged SO, 
has lived there 22 years; born in Mai^ketar? 
servant to Sir Gilbert IQTIVBTON 23 years and 
to Sir William 20 years before his death. 

KKIVLTOH , Gilbert, knight , son of Sir ^illiarr^who 
uied about 1630. 

GREAVES , William and Jane his wife. Tae said 
William chaplain to Sir v;illiam,but not of 
kin to him. 

FIDL3R^/illiam s a surety for Y/illiam GHEA.VES.aB. 
honest man dwelling with his mother, on a 
farm at Hedneston in Derbyshire. 

GRElAVES,John,of an Inn of Cottrt ? nephew of 
William GR3A.VES. 

CRiLTCHLEY , James , of Bradley , yeoman, aged 31; bom 
at Extcn, Lanes ; hath refused the Romi-sh 
religion and is a Protestant. (Signs OP^ST- 

Dram- Perso 5 1916. 


— —IB Wl\\f 



volo 2. 

A Ch urch Rate in Stackpoole Bllidor . 

10RE3, Henry, of Stackpoole Court ,co. Pembroke , 
Esq, .aged 45;born there. Had licence when 
he lived at 3t,Potrox,to bury his kindred 
in the Lady Chapel ,Stackpoolo , and to keep 
the same in &ood repair. 

GEORGE ,W. vicar of Stackpoole ,1638 ; rates for 
repair of Stackpoole church. 

ELLIS , George , refused to pay the money he was 
assessed at. 

TmiW2 § Edward, 

ELLIOTT, John and Griffith. 

L0RT,Abra, dec eased, her lands. 

D0LVYN,Dr. incumbent 7, 8, or 10 years since. 

Dr8m.Pers.1916. (146) 


: i 





vol. 2. 
In re Earl LIKD3EY. 

Lord L&QS^T'S af fairs . 


1634. iJ^HKHALl , Robe rt , ag od 19, servant in the 

family of the Sari of LIHDS3Y these 
8 yea i*s (Signs). 

LIHlX3"JY f Earl of , appointed High Constable 
of England, rod 3 at Hillary term down 
into Lincolnshire about draining the 
fens and then csjne up to London again 
and sat in the liarshal's Court. In 
Lent last was so busied and perplexed 
in prosecuting a grievous injury which 
was offered to his dau$ater by a 
minister that he could not frame himself 
to give any decision or instruction 
about any business. 

K3LINSGK, Christopher, gent. ,aged 40 f servant 
in the family of the 2a rl of LIHDSilY, 
these 15 years. (digns J . 

Dram. Per s. 1916. (147) 


volume 2. 


A Curate of Liortlake. 

1639. BOURSE, John, of ilort lake, Surrey ,aged 62, has lived there 
15 years; before that at Twickenham; is a waterman 
by trade and a fisherman by profession; a poor man 
Of little v/orth and estate. 

HARRISON, Osmund, lived at Ivlort lake, was curate, much 
spoken of for his frequenting of taverns and ale- 
houses, went into "The Feathers" at Mortlake with 
three in company and a great quantity of wine and 
beer was carried into them; stayed from 7 in the 
morning till 7 at night. Formerly lived at Kingston. 

ROBHTSON.Ur. John, blaster of Arts , performed the office of 
curate and preached in the church or chapel of M^rt- 
lake painfully and conscionably. 

BIACK/l&L^tr. ,of Uortlake. 
LEK , Richard , of ^ort lake, gent. ,agod 60,told BOUHB03 he 
must go to London to make an affidavit against Mr. 
HARRIS 01T; has lived there 7 years and before that 
in the city of London. (Signs). 

RUSTY, Mr. ,of Liortlake. 

JUKON,ilr. f of Hprtlake, sent BOU&S to CRABB3,th* church- 
wardens, and askad him if ho could depose anything 
against Mr.BAHRISOII. 

HOLLYBI^IRY alias HOLLBKRGH , J ohn , of wort lake , tapes try 
maker ("toxtor tappt") ,aged 50 , has lived there 17 
years, born at Brussels in Brabant; standing at Ids- 
own door saw Kr. HARRISON come into Mortlake very 
much overcharged with drink; took hold of another 
man* to support him. 


Dram. Pens, ,1916. 

HflJRRISOI? v.iPBIKSON (contd ). 
A.D. ~ "™" """" 

1639. tOIGHIlLS , J ohn , o f *iort lake ,tapest ry ran kBr, aged 37, 
has lived there 6 years; "before that 20 years 
in the city of London; born at Hdudenarde in 
Flanders, hath seen Hr, H4HHI30H play apish 
tricks and rairaick gestures. (Signs). 

G&KTS ,v* i lliaa , of Iuortlake,gent leman t aged 26, has 
lived there 6 years and before that in the 
city of London where he was born, T/as at 
"Tho i&iydenhead" tavern in Hortlake when Ur* 
EekHRlSOH came in and used apish and ridicu- 
lous gestures. (Signs). 

CI&B3 William, of Mort lake, innho Id er, aged 30, has 
lived there 20 years, born at Bromsgrove, 
Wore, ; keeps "Bie Haydenhead 1 * tavern; that 
1 one night in winter time Mr. H&.BRIS0H bounced 
and knocked bo much he was inf orced to rise 
in his shirt and take up the key of his e 
cellar door. 

FLETCIHR, James, of Hortlako, husbandman, aged 33, 

knows not how long he has lived the re, deposes. 

HILL, Richard ,of Barnes , yeoman , aged 46,has lived 
there ten years and was born there, keeps a 
tavern. Harrison was denied wine by his wife 
and went away in a great chafe. (Signs). 

H3B11730N, Richard, of Barnes , waterman , aged 43, has 
lived there 20 years, born at wan tage, Berks , 

E^JQ5S,Udward,of Mor t lake, wate nnsn , aged 26, born 
there; says Mr. HARRISON'S reputation is much 
eclipsed. (Signs). 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 



YOl e 2. 

Robert Underwood and his F amily. 
A.D. " ' 

1639. WINS 0X)H;j, Richard, of St. Stephen's Walbrook,aged 50, 

has lived there 23 years s borr. at Lungney ,Glouo. 

UKD&&VOOI), Robert, dec eased. At their house in Bucklers- 
bury,with his wife L'ary*going to Bath with WI1TS!K)N3* 
his will was packed in a trunk with other things 
that wore to be sent "before. On the way to Bath, 
when ft IBS TONE was loading Mrs . UI-TD3M00D down a 
hill (her husband being in the coach) she told 
him that her husband v/as greatly offended with 
his son Robert for his ill husbandry , and that 
he would make another will; asked V, INS TONS to 
prepare one. Died worth £6000. Cas partner with 
his eMer brother. 

C01TYERS, James, of Stratford Bow ,Liiddx. , clerk, aged 40, 
has lived there two years. On his death-bed IMDER- 
WOC-D said, M I have a w i 11 ", whereupon his wife 
answered, "Sweetheart ,you know that was burnt at 
the Bath and cancelled" , to which he said, "Ko M , 
and called for *Sr.HC BARD, his brother in law, and 
gave him keys to go to his house at London and 
find the will. He procured it and shewed it to 
deponent and said, l? lf that will should stand Mr. 
UBKHEJOCD had cut his sister's throat". (Signs ) . 

UAYDt/SLL , Poby , an d his w i f e . Do r o thy , dau. o f Robe r t 
UiTDiuR^OOJD , procured an Administration out of the 
Prerogative Court* A man of good experience and 
judgment . 

UKD3Ri00D illiam , of St. Stephen ,Bucklersbury , London , 
grocer, aged 39 s has lived there 20 years; lived in 
part of the house with Robert & Mary U;i T D3RJ0OD,who 


Bram^?orsa916. (150) 

U LXimUi ▼.UTOSHrf'OOP. (contd. ) 


1659. demeaned herself very harshly and churlishly towards 

her husband and his children and turned one of them 
out of doors jRobert wished sho night not have her thirds 
according to the custom of the city of London. She 
would seldom walk a furlong "bat would put him at the 
oharge of ten shillings for a coaohjbolieve she cost 
him £200 par annua extraordinary. (Signs). 

HDfiB&£2) 9 0ven,of St. Giles f Cripplegate f gentleman, aged 49, 
has lived there 14 years;born at l?ynold, Norfolk; that 
Eobsrt UHPSHtfOOD died at his house in Be??; said he had 
married hie daughter and gave her a port ion; deponent 
is brother to the producent who brought her husband 
£300 in goode and money. (Signs HDB&JRTj. 

EAlBCIDUGH 9 Wllliam v of St. Gregory 'a , London, tailor , aged 60, 
has lived there 15 years; said UUTKEVCOD called his 
wife "as arrant a devil as ever any map was matched 
withal". (Signs). 

F0raHIHE,2hoaEL3,Of St. Stephen's ,walbro ok, apprentice tc 
William U3DEHS00D, grocer, and born in the city of London; 
was apprentice with Robert until his death. (Signs). 

TlRREY,(or SHHRBY i , Arthur , of St. Michael .Cornhlll , citizen 
& smith of London, aged 24, born in the said city:wrcte 
the will on 7 March 1635, his master Mr. Francis HOSSS, 
scrivener , and Cta,UTTDZ7?;/00D, deceased T s partner ,bei ng 
present. (Signs]. 

LILE,William,cf St. Stephen 's ,7/albrook, grocer, aged 29, has 
lived thore 12 y ear d; was an apprentice with Robert 
UIID3I&CQJ) 8 years before his death. (Signs LYLS). 

MOSS3,Francis,of St. Michael Cornhill , notary public, aged 69, 

las lived there 46 years ;took directions for drawing 
- up UKDSHSTOOD'S will. (Signs). 

Dran.Pere.1916. (151/ 

IBBIAND. Annual Register, 1761. 

page 73. 

The murder of Ulss KNOX by her lover, 
A.D. — - 

1761. MCKAUGHj?OK,Jota,Ssquire,son of a merchant at 
Derry,vjhosG father was an alderman at 
Dublin. Nephew of D^.MONAUGHTON. 
Estate in co. ^rone. Educated at Trinity 
College, Dublin. Wife died in childbed. 
Oollector for Coloraino. Executed near 
Strabane, co. Tyrone, aged 38, for shooting 
/diss KNOX . 

KNOX t Mibac , daughter of Richard K2T0X 

Esquire, of Prohen ,co.Dorry. £1500 a 
year. At Swaddling Bar in 1761. Shot 
on the highway by MCHAUGHTOH. 

CALDWELL, Sir James, hia light horse. 

WENSLOi/, ,a farmer, on whoso premises 

MOKAUGH3DIT was concealed, 

DUNIAP, ,an accomplice, a tenant of Me 

NAUGHTON*S. Executed at Strabane. 

077EN3, .present at the murder. 

ASH,. . . . . f a witness. 

Dram. Pors . ,1916. 



Annual Register for 1764, 
page 149. 

A Robbery, at Lord Harrington's , 
A. P. ~ " " ~~ ^ ~ ' ' ^ 

1764. HARRINGTON, Lord. Stable Yard, St. James 's. 

Y/ESKET,John t a porter Executed for the robbery. 
BRADLEY, John, a servant ,\7hose father lived in 

CCQPilR, James , of Ratcliff Highway , cheesemonger , 
& of New Turnstile, chandler, transported for 
14 years. 

MOUNIAGUE, Henry, Esq. Lincoln's Inn. 
BURTON,Kir.William Hatton Garden. 
BEVIiL.Hr. Lord Harrington's steward. 

SPBRTAGB^r. , a justice of the Peace., 
BEA2H t Atr. a linen-factor of llev/ry. 

BRADSHAtf, ... a coachman at Garrard's Hall 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (153) 



. S^IUIQAY,! iLPBIL, 1916. 
VOL. I. .K0.13. 


New discoveries in Biography <S> Genealogy, 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the English from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 


iq/6 per quarter. 
2i/- per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 


' ^HE idea is to. supply a few friends each week, at a trifling- 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's , fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 


3 Vict. iHil.9 & 10 and Uich.5. 

jgae Estate of John Harrison of Eooa. 

A.D. 1 

1840. RflSLIHS.Hichard Jtod&ll,olerk,<Sb Elieth.hie wif©, 

dau.of John HARRIS OH. 
MOSS, John. 

HARRISON, John, late of Ho on, par. of Mars ton upon 

Dove & Bachel his wife. 
EAIQH s junr . & eenr. 
I&RRISON, Maria, dau.of John HARRIS01T. 
JACKSON.Saml. Geo. Stratford, & Mary his wife. 
BA1GUY, Bryan Thoe. 

mm;m*& Sllen his wife, dau.of John HARRISON. 
HARRISON, Clara, dau.of John HAR3IS0H. 

* Julia, deed. , dau.of John. 
FEARMf John,& Hachel his v;ifo,rel.of John HARRISON. 
HARRISON f Ri end. f of Eaton,Che8ter,son of John. 

" John Hudson. 

,# Rachel, dau.of John. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 



3 Vict. ,Hil.ll. 

Concerning a Harrlagg Settlement. 
A.D. " ' * ~ 

1840. ANGSLL, Isaac Edmunds & Hannah Llaria his wife. 

D£tfSOH,«/m.the eldor "the settlor". 
" John 2homas 
11 M junr. 

11 Maria ,widow. 
" Caroline. 
B3ADTB,Hichd.(S: Hannah his wife, 

,f Joseph. 

" Rebecca. 
WHA.TELY , Paulina f s enr . & junr. 
SIHMONDS.Joha & Maria his wife. 

11 George. 

" Edward. 
PRIOR, Ichoida Richard & Maria his wife. 

,f Richard Ichoida. 

11 Wm.Dawson. 

11 Thomas . 

GUMiriffifc&SS, Sophia .formerly BROWN , & aft.ANBEBSOtf, 
Concerning Liar riage Settlement. 

Dram, Per s. 1916. (155) 


ExcHsa.3)ia s ws. 

3 Vict. ,3aater 3, 

Who were the hoira at law of Patrick 


1840* DICKSON, Charlotte, spr. ,?dau.of Patrick. 
SUDDIS , Francos ,widow 

" Anne, widow 

M " spr. 
LINGER, Henry & Prisoilla his wife. 
SUDDIS, John James, inft. 

DICKSON , Pat rick, surgeon , formerly of Jamaica, aft. of 
Otley, York, end since of Berwick on 2faoed,& hie 
wife Anne. (FIGG). 
■ Dorcas Dorothea, ?dau. of Patrick. 
E^VEHSDO^N,Anne f ?dau.of Patrick DICKSON t Berwick. 
FIGG, Anne, wife of Patrick DICKSON .physician. 

Dreo. Per*. 1916. 



4 Vict. ,jgaster 2. 

Concerning tho Uanor of Tarring, Suss ex . 


1641. CUDDOIT, Jamas Norwich, 

Siomas ,decd. 
WHITE, Sdward. 

S3LSEY , Henry John , Lord, deed. Tarring, Sussex. 
RRSTIMJX, Joseph, of Korwi oh, gen t. , clerk to James 

H0RGAN,Arthur,fte\7 Bridge St. , London, actuary Squitable 

Assurance Society. 
RAIKBOw, Joseph ilenassch,Hew Bridge st. , London, actuary 

Crown Assurance Society. 
DRIVER, Edwd. , Richmond Terrace Whitehall, land surveyor. 
SMI TH, Char 1 es , Waterloo Place, land surveyor. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 


and 4 Vict, , Easter 3. 


About Some llonay in the Funds . 

1841. ESCKALAZ, Katharine, formerly Kath. X0#32£> ,wif e of 

" Josoph Ives, of Brooklyn t E3W York, gent. 
LOOTDS $ Kath. f after. 3SCHALA2 . 
MALLISOII, Charles , New York, surgeon. 
BUCHAwAH f James f M British Consul. 

WtilTDS , Hhomas . 

! » K&therino. 

" Mary Anne 

rl Frances 
JACKSOH, Thomas. 

M . Shomas. 

* iSlizth. f wife of John 3LF0RD. 
SLFOBD.Elisth. (f orm. LOVHIDS ) wife of John. 
HOOK, James. 

M Haria Louisa 
" William. 
LOY/HDQ .Annabella. 
HS1JSLEY ♦ Charles . 

Honey in the Funds. 

Dram. Pers . 1916 . ( 158 } 


4 Viot. f Easter 4. 

The Do s pendant s of the Revd. James DIXON. 
k.D. " 

1841. NBSTTOK , Sa rah f v; idow . 

NORRIS , Frances f v/idow. 
THOMPSON 9 Sfti ly ,widow . 
VICKBBS , Johii Honry 

11 Revd.tfm. 
L00£XCD,Re\rd. Goo, Palmer & Sarah Harriet his wife. 
Y1CKERS, 2hos. Thwaitos 

M James Dixon. 
H&RTLGY, James. 
DIXON, (Daniel James. 

JOHNSON, Thos. Lias on. 

M Margaret 
LOGWOOD, Sarah Jane 

" Elizth.Fry 

M George Palmer 
VICKEHS ,Mary 2&ria 

DIXON ,Revd. James, vioar of Scelosf ield f deod. 

11 Sarah,hi8 wife 

H John Horsfall, son of Revd. James 
DIXON, Harriot ,dau. of Revd. James 
TICKERS , Revd. John , Swannington .Norfolk. 

" Harriet his wife,dau.of Revd. James DIXON. 
BDBSFALI., Eleanor Sandall r.agna, York .widow of. 

Revd. Samuol , Gressonhall # IIorf olk,olerk. 
DIXON,Sarali t wifo of James t aistor of Revd. Samuel 

Drwa.Pers.1916. (159) 

S&iEX. vol.2, 

3AT\CR0F? v,i£SDGALF2. 

The Charge tor of Elizabeth Baroroft . 


1640 CAMPION, John, rent. ,of Bt.Kary Kagdalon,01d Fish Street, 

London, aged 54. (Signs). 
iUQGALFK t Chri s t opho r , a broken merchant , Of Old Ford, Strat- 
ford Bow in the diocese of London, came into the High 
Commission Office in Carter Lane ,3t.Uary iiagdalen's, 
in a very angry manner and uttered uncivil speeches 

BAKCI&FT, Elizabeth, her character , "she would run a tilt 
at a man or any man". A handsome woman. 

MAYLWELL, Thomas, of St. Mary ilagdal en, notary public, aged 20. 

HEN3H&'/i3, Thomas , of St. Anne * 8 ,Blackfriars , yeoman, aged 41, 
has lived there two weeks and before that in St.DunBtan'i 
in the V/est two years. (Signs ). 

DOKALDSOH, John, of St. Mary 2ia gdal en , notary publio,aged 20, 
has lived there 3 years; that I&3DGALFE did swear and say, 
•♦God's wounds ;ncw a -days a man may not call a spade a 
spade". (3igns). 

BUCKLEY, 2horaas, mentioned; what was said about him and Urs. 

UOOKK, Joseph, of (The Savoy , Middlesex, draper , aged 35, has live* 
there a year; served a citation on HHDGiXLFK by hanging it 
on the chapel door at Stratford ^klSDGAJuFS took it down 
and put it in his ^ocket. {wi^as,. 

DraauPers.1916. (160) 

D'i£ LiiGA TE3 f j£XAiIS. 

Bio taking of the ship "St. Peter" . 


1636. TOV/SHS, Vincent, of Dunkirk in Flanders ,sai lorded 29; 

bom there;one of Captain BUST'S company. (Signs TQOBS). 
BURT, Captain Gaspar, surprised and took the ship "St, Peter" 
when she was four Dutch miles (or twelve I&iglish miles) 
from the fort of Dartmouth. An inhabitant of Dunkirk, 
notoriously known to be of the dominion of the King of 

BARDK, Gaspar, officer in Captain BURT'S ship; of Dunkirk. 
DAVRY, Peter, ditto. 
BAB?, Theodor, ditto. 

PKN",.?INGB,Jon,graphier or clerk in the Court of Admiralty 
at Dunkirk, 

COCK, James Peters , master of the "St. Peter". 
POT, Adrian, of Bruges, sailor, aged 28 , has lived there 16 years. 

WILLKLIIKS, Michael, of Dunkirk, sailor , aged 36, has lived there 
15 years. 






Grazing in Uarylobone . 

A. D» 

1637. SMITH, tlhomas, of Padding ton f &iddx. ,victualler,aged 55; 

has lived there 20 ye^rs. (Signs ) . 

CCLL3TT, Thomas , in occupation of lands in Harybono , ten 
acres , eight acres ,nine acres adjoining Lisson Green, 
and three acres, where he pastured barren cattle; 
gravelly ground and the feed of little worth in a 
drought io summer. Is an innkeeper. Innkeepers in 
and about London fill his pastures with grazing 
horses, geldings or mares. An ordinary thing for 
innkeepers about London to take of their guests 
for horso-grass 6d.a night, or three-and-sixpence 
a week. Keeps the "Bed Lyon". 

T^ttriiR,John,of Paddington .husbandman, aged 44, has lived 
there 25 years;born in Totter idge, Herts. (Signs ) . 

EATON, Thomas , of 3t. Giles-in-the-Fields , London, victualler, 
aged 60, has lived there 3 years and before that In 
Maribone 17. 

V/B'^HRRin^^^illiam.of Padding ton, laboring man,aged 56, 
has lived there 35 years ;bom in Av/brey, Herts. 

Dram. Per s. 1916. (162) 


volvano 2. 

Bellas is:; v. teat soi 

A Presentation to the Rectory of gaoomb . 


1639. FJUBEUt, Henry ,of Gray's Inn in St, Andrew Hoi born, 

gentleman, aged 24; has lived there 6 years, 
before that in the city of Durham; born at 
Burbage, Leicestershire. (Signs). 

MYD&,Georgo t clerk, former rector of Sacombe, 

SLIKGDBY.Sir Henry, patron of Sacombe. 

B>iLlA3Y3,Sir William, another patron. 

B'JLIASYIJ, Henry ^squire, another patron. 

M3£7iIlX3ii, John, inducted to Sacombo. 

HA.LL, George , of Oswaldkirk, Yorksh ire , gent. ,aged 
52,has lived there 28 years. (Signs ) . 

GJ&Y,Job,a candidate for the living. 

Dran.Pera. f 1916. 


LONDON & MIDEX. , D3L£G4!E3S 1 , 

ESSSX; 9 I9iMi«.-i vol.2. 

WWm* ,Y0RK5. 1 3UHHSY , DI&&7ABE v.dlM. 


Sir Biomas ' Family Affairs. 


1639. GWILLIIj, Thomas , of Ho rns ey .liiddx. , gent. , aged 35, 

has lived there 5 years »b of or a that at Albons 
in £ssex 3 years; "born at Walthamstow. Lived 
with Sir Siomas l*DkTOI)3 , deceased, for 3 or 4 
years since ; gent loman of his chamber , ending 
about 5 years since ;married his daughter ,who 
is sister of the producent. (Signs ) . 

;ID&JNPS t Sir 'Jhoraas, being at Greenwich with the 
King's Court about 5 years before his death, 
was then and there taken with a dead palsy 
which deprived him of the use of his right 
hand. A goldsmith of the Strand made him a 
stamp which contained the letters of his 
name t and it cost 10/s. Often made trial of 
the same on paper by ink but never saw him 
sign anything of consequence therewith, 

WIWJl f Marti» de,told Sir Thomas that his dau. 
MILD&AY'S month was almost up, and that she 
would come and be a comfort to him, he replied 

M A upon them; they will but trouble me 11 , 

or to that effect. GuILLIm Baid was 
an idle fellow. 

PONT, Jonathan, served Sir Thcmas and waited on 
him in his chamber. 


DUP3RHT , ... a tutor to Lady DiiL&vAHH'S son; 
a popish priest boforc ho camo to ^n^;land;a 
schoolmaster to D3PL13UITS knew ledge, who did 
divers times see him receive relief at the 
French Church. Said that Lady DKLAWAH2 owed 
him £600. 


Drsm.Pers.1916. (164) 

DI1LA>VA.3S v.HILLUAY. (contd. ) 


1639. SOra^Kl!;, . . . steward to the Lady DSIA/fARE, 

married Islrs. !V/YFO}.lD,her gentlewoman, and live 
in house with the Lady at this present. 
Y/ILLIALI3QN,3ir Francis , to whom GVilLLIU expressed 
the hope that both wills might fail of their 
effect; for GJ/ILLIM'S wife was promised a portion 
of Sir Thomas's personal estate equal to the rest 
- of his daughters. 

SEkYHE,V/illiam,of Stapleford Abbot, Sssex. ,2sq. ,aged 78, 
-has lived there 27 years ;bom at High Ongar. 2he 
Lady DKLAVAI-SJ was daughter of Sir Thomas EDMUNDS * 
who was one of His Majostys Privy Counsil. His 
carriage towards her and her son always very loving 
and affectionate, and especially after the death of 
Sir Henry, his son, Knight of the Bath,who died about 
7 or 8 years since. With tears in his eyes expressed 
his desire to be reconciled to his daughter, Mrs. 
MILDItlAY , in his last si clcno ss , caused his goods to be 
carried away from his house in Albons to Sir Thomas 
CHAOS'S and Mr. STOI&lBD'S. (Signs SMS). 

SOU WOOD , 31 iz abe th f o f S t . S epulchr e • s , London , sp ins t e r , 
aged 18, has lived there two months ; before that in 
3t.Martin-in-the-Fiolda a year,and before that in 
Lady DBIA^AR;;} 1 S family in St. Sepulchre »s 5 months, 
and before that in Bull ington, go. Southampton since 
her birth. Th&t Sir Thomas died in his house at St. 
Mart ins-in-the-Fio Ids, and her lady's going thither 
v/as occasioned by hearing the bell toll and being 
told it was for hor father. Deponent's father 
Hurlebat SOUMTOOD hath for many years served the 
Lady DBIAWAHS and her husband, the Lord DELAY/AK3 as 
their steward, and her brother William SOUKIV/OOD as 
Lady DSIAWAHS'S usher for two years. 


Dram. Po rs . 19 16 . (165) 

D53^;;i.i& v.IIILDI.iAY. (oontd. ) 
A.D. ~ — — - 

1639. TEilPBS2,John,of lit • Sepulchre , yeoman f agod 23, has 

lived there Wo years and before that in St. 
Martin's for ton months in tho house mentioned; 
before that in the same parish in Francis tfOHT- 
LliY Esquire's family, and beforo that in as ton, 
Yorks. ,whore ha was bom. Was at Sir Thomas's 
house in St. Mar tin's Lane when he died ,Mr.DUPL&3 
find ilr.POlfT being also present. Lady D^L^VAHS 
his eldest and favourite daughter. Hrs.inLDivIAY 
did weary him with her much importunities. Tho 
stamp was of silver with a black brazeol handle; 
deponent helped him to guide his hand to sign 
his will with it, at Darby House in 13 1. Martin's 
Lane. (Signs). 
V."ILLUiISCIT,Sir Francis, of I slov/orth, knight ,aged 47, 
has lived there 12 years, and before that in St. 
luargaret 's Westminster, born at Gland on, Surrey. 
Lived with Sir Thomas for 17 or 18 years as his 
Steward, and was employed in his privatest affairs. 
Deposes that he serves the King and is taxed in 
~ . the Subsidy Book £9. (Signs). 

ANSTHSD,Joh£,of St. i/uartin-in-the-Fiolds victualler, 
aged 35, has lived there 4 years, before that in 
St.Iilargarot 's , Westminster, 3 months ,bef ore that 
at v^hethampsted , Herts. ,6 months, and before that 
in St. Anne *b ,Blackfriars ;was bom at Ardingley, 
Sussex. That Sir Thomas, his near neighbour in 
St. Martin's lane, was Treasurer of the King's 

BOOTH, John, coachman to Sir Thomas EDMUNDS, an honest 
man and such a one as will speak the truth. 

DSPLEU3S, Edward, of St •Mart in- in- tho-Fie Ids , London, 

aged 64, has lived there 30 ysars,born at "Trooensem" 
in France , employed by Sir Thomas as his apothecary. 
Willed him to prepare his soul for another world, 
as he was very oiclc,and Sir Thomas replied that that 
was a hard sentence. (Signs ) . 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 


LONDON & DliL3G^ , 2DS , IiXA4«:3. 
UDDLESEX; vol.2. 

Bonjamln Deoro's Jill. 
A.D. ~ " 

1639, t7hom>& t of All Saints, Honey Lano, citizen 

and merchant of London f aged 67, has lived there 
5 years. (Signs). 
EEOHO, Benjamin, the elder, deceased, his house in Botolph 
Lane; said ho waa an old man and wo woro all mortal 
and witnessed his will, but the executor 

Valentine D3CR0 his son,diod a year before tho 
testator. 2ostator diod last October of tho dead 

R&ITD , N i oho la s , o f St. Sa v i our 1 s t S outftwark , Surrey , merce r t 
aged 34,has lived thore a yearjbeforo that in St. 
l&nrund's , Lombard Stroot 4 years; bom at Langham, 
Essexjhas known Benjamin and Margaret DUCK) ten 
years;was a servant to Benjamin,the teetator f and 
witnesses his v;ill;is cousin to the producent 
Benjamin. (Signs ), 

OOLCHES !E£R t Richard , of Gray's Inn, Us q. , aged 40 f haa lived 
thore 12 yoars;was in August 1632 with Benjamin DHCKD 
at his house at infield and made alterations in the 
will at his roquest. (Signs). 

AGAH»John,of tho Middlo Temp lo , gent. , aged 38 or 39, 
has lived there 4 yoars and before that at KmisXj^toJx^ 
deposes as to alterations. (Signs ) . 

WIGGB?,Potor f son-in-law of tho testator. 

Drsni.Perc.1916. (167) 


vol. 2. 

A Seat In Clifton Church , 


16iO. ¥j3C&&N3 ,HJC^r'^4 > of Bristol ? ei>nt. t 8god 45, has 

lived there since his birth, (Signs ) . 

rjP&UJS, Francos .daughter of Urs.VvILSOfl and wife 
of Richard, si otor of Bf^TOf (or BjuNYON) the 

SiiSS. VVHI TTI1\G TON ,ilrs. Sara ,party f v:ith Prances 
YECIiAIIS,to a suit about a seat in Clifton Church. 

VKIWCTGTOH , John, brother- in- Uxs to the said Urs. 
IA3GI3 alias V,Hl?-PIiJGTCK. 

GlLBilRT,John,a very poor rnan.horotof ore a saddler 
and koopeth an ai ohouse,and his wife sollath calces 
and pudding pics. 

PAHIG,V/illiam,)copt a collar in Bristol and lived upon 
soiling of alo and boor and tobacco. 

BAGHi».LL, Anthony ,a man that is much given to drinking. 

BRj£WT,IIr. Jacob, came to live at Bristol long since, an 
intimate friend of Doctor JON^3;oane in place of 
lir.POV/lilLfdeceasod^inister of Clifton. 

IIICHOLLS,V/illiara, lived in tho prison at Bristol divers 
years and there practised Physic , being no graduate, 
and since his release Dr. J0I£-)3 hath granted him a 
licence to practise Physic, by reason whs roof he hath 
been drawn to depose in B|%J01vJ5' favour. 


Dran.Pers.1916. (168) 

B.MaTOIT v^jQjOijtfrgj; (contd. ) 


1640. SHA.rn T JilGD,?hilip t a barber , licenced by Dr.JOK'JU 

to practise phyoic and chirurgory there ;keeps 
a barber's shop in Bristol. 
V/KI r Ji^H,-nizaboth,v;ifa of William, of Clifton, 
Glouc. ,vintnor t a^od 60, has boon married 28 years 
was born at Froomo , Somerset ; has a davulJlizabeth 

BRA.CB, Richard, was call ad in question by Dr.JOITi-S 

and was excommunicate. 
S^RJAHT, Andrew, accompted to bo of kin to ..Irs. 

WHITTIisGTON.and one that was and is a foot post, 

a very poor man. 
GAUFFLi ,iir • , br o th o r- in- law of :irs. YXLIA1IS. 
HILLDIG ,JLnne ,livod at Shirehampt on, about two roilos 

from Bristol t had a suit in the "Jcclosiastical 

Court about her mother f s goods. 
STRJ3T3, Philip, is a tyler and a very poor man. 
JOKES, Doctor, chancellor. 

BIRD, Thomas , of Almonsbury, Glouc. ,gont. ,a£ed 40, has 
lived thoro 20 years ;born in Bristol. (Signs J . 

GRiLUNT,Elizaboth,wifo of Thomas. 

IU!TFORD,Ur. lived in the house of Jra.Yi20£UJS and 
died there. 

town. Per* -19 16. (169 J 

LCITDON, vol.2. 

Journeys botv;e-n jiiehmoncl ,Yor& and London . 
A.D. ~ ' ~ ~ " 

1640. GIBSON, T.omr.3, of IU chmond t Yorks ., notary public, 

has lived t'i-ro 4 years :bora at In£leton. A 
proctor in tho Consistory Court of Richmond. 
Took tho lease of Lr.Cil'vJDOCKK'S house in 
Richmond. (Sicns). 

C:=&DDDCi-:£ t Ur. Joseph, wont from Richmond bofcre 
28 Sept. 1638 to Icocp house in iioorfields near 
tho city of London ,and hath ever since livod 
in tho South parts ,viz. ,botv/ixt London and 
Ware; GIBSON went part of one day's journey 
with him towards London. judge in tho Consistory 
Court of Richmond ;marriod Elizabeth C^V/^3 in 
December ,and lives at Hodsdon in Herts. 

ClCiiJSi^iir. Hobort .doputod to receive C^-DDOCICJ f S 
Michaelmas r ents ,1638 f of London ,mor chant f aged 26: 
has livod there since his birth. (Signs CR..A; ..£5} . 

SQUIRE, Thomas, an iofcabltiurt of the city of York, 
and comes for tho most part every Court day 
to Richmond, on Tuesdays, and usually v/ont home 
to his -louse at Yor^v/hich is 32 miles distant 
from Richmond , on v»ednesdays. Is a proctor in 
tho Consistory Court of Richmond. 

Dram, Pers. 1916. 



SUFFOLK, volume 2. 

FFaUtfCB, 0L230EEE v.BJUBttOmiSTON. 


12AXY. The ^cotor Merchant" in a Storm , 

A.D. ' ~" " ~ " ' ~ * 

1640. ftATSOjT,Hoberi,,of tapping in Whitechaeei f i,IMdlesex 
marine r,a£ed 23, born thore; was at Genoa in the 
ship "Sxeter Merchant 1 - five years since f where 
she laid aboard 90 barrels of oil and was bound 
for Cale s ,v? ith paper , si lk t si lk s toclciii^s , et c . , 
aboard, and orange- flower water and other liquid 
goods. (Signs). 

TOLiPSOil .Samuel .factor or agont for B*aaHDISIOH., 
laded the said oil .which was will and carefully 
staved raid well approved on by TOlaESON. 

0LEB0RI<?i f Tnomas .meter of the ship; not by his 
default that i.he goods woro daranif ied # but by 
reason of grcat storms and tempests ,and great 
part of the : -"in .^water and beverage for the 
ship's provision wore stayed and leaked out. 
The ship* 3 mainmast was crate- d and split and 
her beak head brolcen away; they were forced 
into the port of Talloone in Provenca t wlthin 
the French kind's Dominions f v/her;-i the master 
went before the judge and magist rates who 
ordered an avera c ;e to be mad a on 4 the ship and 
goods according to custom. The ship afterwards 
sailed for Marseilles and Alicante and arrived 
at Gales v&v\rr- she dis charged most of her lading, 
went on to St. Lucas and from thence to the Downs 
and London, not neglecting any opportunity of 
wind or weather for their best advantage. 

HQYr^Sftlfldftn ,nf Xlhit^.hf^l f U\dA\naax $ n<*>(\ 27 J has 
lived there 4 years; born at Ipswich ^Suffolk . 
was aboard the ship at Genoa. (Signs). 

Dram.Pors. ,1916- 






volume 2. 

ffho Loss of "Tho Jane" . 

CIARK2,Thoimo f was master's ma to of tho 
barquo,tho "Jane" of Newcastle when 
the ship "Indifference T full foul of 
her, and all tho mariners wont on 
board tho "Indifference" oxcopt two 
boys. Bolievos that if thoy had remained 
on board thoy could not have preserved 
her from being lost. Tho "Indifference" 
by reason hor cable was cut did sail 
for Harwich, ho and his company being 
aboard. (Signs). 

HALL, John, of St. Mary Whitechapel , mariner, 
aged 46, has lived there 3 years, and 
before that at Newcastle, was on tho 
♦•Jane" in Yarmouth Road. 

WlISI2TSON,a3iomao,ownor of the ship "Jane" 
laden with coal when cast away by the 
fault of tho ship the "Indifference", 
as he said; but HALL said he would never 
set hand to a note in writing to say so 
if he novor had monoy so long as he 
lived, for it was directly contrary to 
the truth. 

Dram. Poro. 1916. (172) 


volume 2. 

Ooncor nin g the Will of William BURGHS . 


1640, HASSELL f Franois,of East Maul in (Mailing) , Kent , 
labourer 5 aged 65*has lived there sinco Ms 
birth. Ho and Joano Mo wife in 1638 at 
harvest in the fields at Dotton in Xent, reap- 
ing wheat »asked »7illian EURG&S Why ho allow- 
od thom not "boor , "bread and chooso,as formor- 
ly ho used. 

ELPHICKB, George and Anno > persons of honest and 
religions livos and conversation ;uncle and 
aunt to Alice BURGSS, George now deceased. 

BURGESsVJilliam^doceasodjtold I&SSE1L he was £100 
worse since ho had married hi3 wife Katherino 
"but ho had made his will and given his children 
what they should have. She should have what she 
brought to him and no more. V/hen they married 
he was a widower with four children and sho a 
widov/ with two children, a son and a daughter. ' 
Was worth £300 or £400 a yoar. • 

BURGSS , A 1 ic e , the par ty pr oduc ont . 

HASSELL,Joane 9 v/ife of Francis ,aged 64, has been 
married 25 years; born at Doc kling,co. Kent , deposes 
that William BURGSS said of his wife, "Sho will 
wear tho breeches". 

BURGSS , Samuel 9 brother of the deceased. 

SAYRES,Jame3 ,hio widow said Katherino received all 
or most part of the £30 that lay in SAYR33 • hands. 



iSS^.MVFOUlTOJiJTD, volume 2. 


g?he PugisMgit o f' William GOO Iff IN . 


1643. LIHCOM .Robert , of S*. Margaret .Westminster, surgeon. 

aged 26, has lived there 4 years *bef ore that in 
Dublin 8 years .born at Watorford. Went as 
chirurgeon on a ship called the "John &BWilliam". 
(Signs LYiTCOMS) . 

B11JTS, Leonard, mas tor of th<:» "John and William". 

JO V 1ft omas „ o f tapping, ma star of the "John & V*illiam H 
of "flapping. 

GOOIfiilN.ViilliEEi.a ocmmon man in the said ship in a 
voyage to I\ev/fo\indlfind and from thence to Port 
ft Port in Portugal , thence to the Oanariss and 
so home. Did oftentimes complain of an extreme 
-pain in his back^i&Gs^ the surgeon found the 
spindles or joints of his back almost dislocated 
and GOOIXiIN confessed it was from a mischance of 
a blow ho had received of a capstan bar in a 
ship in a fcrmor voyage, and he thought ho should 
carry it to Ms grave. The surgeon applied sere- 
oloths .unguents and cataplasms. 

l&RSHkLL ,W i 1 1 iam , o f S t . Goo rgo , S outhwarfc , Surrey , aged 
40, has lived there 10 years; born at Weymouth, 
Dorset. Ho and GOOIUIH pressed to serve His 
Majesty about three years since; went afoot from 
Ratcliffo Cross in Stepney to the Downs, three- 
score miles distant. 

Peter, of the Isle cf Purboclc in Swanago, Dorset, 
aged 30, has lived there since his birth. Was 
mate in the "Jojm and William". 


Dram.Pers, ,1916. 

BSTTS versus GOODft'IN (oont& ). 


1643. SAUNDERS , Anno f of V/applngjWidov/, aged 52, has lived there 
six years; bom at Hampton Poile,0xon; brought 
GOODvVlH to lodge at the house of William HOWELL; 
saw B3TTS hire him to go to sea; he returned 
strangely altered and desired her to go to Mr. 
Tobie GOOD?/ IN, his brother; saw his back bruised 
black, green and yellow and whales and great 
marks; Anne HEADS, Alice SAUNDERS and Anne HOWELL 
were present. 

HOWELL ,Y/ill lam, of Wapping, victualler, aged 71, has lived 

there 16 years; born in the Isle of Wight, and 

Anne his wife, aged 60, depose. 
RSAD12, Anne, wife of John, of tapping , sailor , aged 29, has 

lived there 6 years. 
SAUNDERS ,Alioe, of Y/apping, spinster , aged 22; born at 

"Wheat 1 ey , Oxen , dep os e s . 
ANDHEMS , George , of 8*. Katherine-by~ the -Tower , scrivener, 

aged 44, deposes as to the financial standing of 

Edward DAV31S of tapping, smith, and Edward HEY- 
. Vi T 00D of Wapping Wall, trunk maker. (Signs). 
JONES, Thomas , of tapping, sailor, aged 35, has lived there 

12 years; born at Llanarfch,co. Monmouth, deposes. 

(Signs JOHNES ) . 
STORY, John, of St epnej, ship- carpenter, aged 25, has lived 

there 10 years; born at Pa tringt on, Yorkshire , 

deposes. (Signs). 
FOWLER, Richard, of S^. Laurence Pountney, London, sailor, 

aged 40, has lived there 4 years; born in St. 

Olave 's , 3 out hwark, deposes . (Signs ) . 
YJR1GHT , Thomas , of Mapping, waterman ,aged 31, born there, 


ILES,\iilliara f of Armitage,Lliddlesex , sailor, aged 32, has 
lived there 3 years; born at Colchester, Essex; 
was liastor of the "Dorcas" and hired Y/illiam 
GOOIX/IN for a voyago. It is usual with Masters 
Of ships to punish mariners by bringing them to 

the Caps tern 

DraruPors. ,1916 



SBVON. vol.2. 


Ono who graded by Lending out Money . 
i.D. " " ' ~ ~ " - 

1637. BENDLB .Christian t &gojtt 28, servant in tho family of 

Robert COOZ of St.Botolph Aldgate, London, those 

6 weeks; "before that in John RADFORD'S family in 
Delbridgo, Devon, for half a y©ar;boforo that in 
tho family of Grace WOOD, now deceased, in Crediton, 
for nine months, and before that in Exeter with 
hor mother Judith 3EiiDLE;bom at Exeter. 

WOOD , Grace , said she would provide for Samuel WIELD 
tvs if ho were her own child; traded by lending 
out money, A wise and discreet woman. Samuel 
WIELD her sister's grandchild. 

WIELD, Eleanor .als.ELV/ORTHIS, came down from London 
and lived in Credit on, and Graco WOOD said sh» 
would break up house and dwell with her; said in 
tho hearing of tho neighbours , "I doo give Samuel 
WIELD £400 and Gilbert TBSMB'M living, and the 
rosidue to Eloanor WELD". 
. STOGKM/JT, Hercules, prosent with Graoo WOOD, said, "In 
what case will you leave this poor boy? ".meaning 
Samuel WIELD, who was then present and sat by tho 

OOLEIM,Mr. ono of Grace WOOD'S relatives , called 
hor Aunt, came to Creditonjsho said, "He may go GT?ay 
again"; and gave him vary cold entertainment. 

ELWORTHIE,V/illiam, took Eleanor, Grace WOOD'S kinswoman, 
without any portion, and therefore her carle and care 
was for the said Eleanor. He and his wife came down 
from London and placed themselves in Dolbridga, about 

7 miles from Croditon. 

fcraaupero.1916. (176) 


vol. 2, 


She College House an d a Seat in Haidstone 


1638. OAjRI^JttllXrE 5 Shows , of ZJaidstona .Kent ? &ont. 5 aged 70 , 

has lived there 20 years ; hired part of tho 0ollog8 
Houso 15 or IS years since. and his v?i£o sat in 
a certain scat in the Church. (Signs). Was Isorn 
in Godzsorshan in ICcnt.. 

FILM2R s La&y ; and her husband ,Sir Edward, lived 5 or 6 
years since in the College House in Maidstone, 
and ahe kept houoe there after his death ,with 
Sir Edward DU10D,whd keeps houoe in the same house 
and is, as this deponent thinks, hor farmer. 

iiAYNIE,Sir Anthony 9 and 

rt 2he Lady, an old lady, kept house in the College 
Houso twenty years since P and did sit in a seat 
which ho built in the Middle aisle of the church, 
near the Chancel , being tho seat now in controversy. 

SACICVILL'i'J^ho Lady, disputed Lady FIBER'S right to 
sit in the said seat dur5.ng tho time of divine 
service ; obtained an order from the Archbishop of 
Canto rbury or Dr.BRiMIShad the door of the pew 
nailed up. 

VTCATT, Mrs. , succeeded CAHKA:&I)G3 in part of the College 
house f and she succ coded by Sir Edward ftll&TKR. 

§UfiuRfaP,John g of Maidstone, yecman ? aged 67 9 hao lived 
there 40 years ,*bom in Linton ,ICent; lives in part 
of the College house P nov? divided into two dwelling 
houses ;Sir Sdward DDKB and his family in the other. 

GEBENE , Mr. Gabriel „ a jurats of the tora, dwelt there 30 
or 40 years since & and Sir Anthosry MANY took tha 
house of him, 

Dram. Perso 1916, (177) 

FIIMBS v,SA.GCTIJJ...a (contdoj 


1638. H30PSH,Mr3. .married on© tfr.CHIPPSS and dwelt 

together in the said house . Tho church- 
wardens carao to warn the Lady ?ILMER out 
of her seat, and she answered it \?as her 
seat and she would sett there,. She Lady 
FIJiQiH is 70 years of age and upwards. 
FLUID, John. of Maidstone : gont, 5 aged 58, has 
lived there 20 years ,was horn in Mayfiold 
'in Sussex ("in Mayf ield" crossed out). 
There was an order read publicly in church 
by the minister there f in time of divine 
service 9 that the Lady SaCKVILLE was to 
"sett" in the seat or pew and that the Lady 

should forbear to come and "sett" 
there, and yet the said lady FIIiESH did after 
that come and "sett" in the said pew. (Signs). 
HELY, Elizabeth ,wife of John, of Maids t one, grooer, 
aged 57, has lived there 29 years ;bom in St. 
Laurence parish in Thanei^ The Lady FIIMER 
said to the churchwardens , 17 j$0"ff you have done 
your office s I pray you, let me alone." Q5ie 
parties are this deponent -s good friends and 
she loveth them both aHke f Her husband is 
a decayed man, is he subsidy man^nor paye th 
to the ships provision, (Signs), 

Dram. PerB. 12X6. 


ESSEX and 

Volume 2, 
FINCH versus FIUOH. 

Goings on in Orchard Street . 


1638. UK3»Klis^both,vrife of Eraenuel,3. ,vicar of Ohigwell, 
Essex, aged 50, has lived there 50 years. Deposes that 
since Hallovvtide last for her health's sake sne hath 
lodged in Orchard Street ,3 Margaret ■ ?> Westminster , 
whore Mrs . VAL^tTlV-iG keeps house; imms Sllinor and 
Sdv/ard FJHCH and has dined with M r .FIHSH at Mrs . VALEST- 
M3&3*S.; has seen him go in and come out of Mrs. FINCH'S 
house, (Signs } . 
TITLOE 5 Kebocca ,v;if e of Thomas , of Westminster , gent „ , aged 
4-4, has lived there 20 years; standing at a vrindow 
early in the morning could see into the garden of Mrs. 
VALSKEIHE'S house and M^hFIIICH come out into the 
garden as if he were newly come out of his "bed. Also 
saw film come out ^ith Mrs, VALIilI\TIF£,hG J?eing booted 
and his cassock girt to him and she dressed up in a 
"black hood and a black scarf pinned about her shoul- 
ders as if they were to taTte some journey together. 
(Che neighbours said he vras a preacher and that he and 
Mrs. TALESTHEB. should marry. (Sign). 

BARTON ,Anne ,v/if o of John wharfinger ("fabri lignarii") of 
Orchard Street, aged 78 v has lived there 6 years, hath 
heard a noise in the house at night time, but whether 
a man lodged in Mrs . YALL^TTINSti * f> house she cannot tell. 

E£A.<X)CX,Marvr ? aged 27 9 a maid living in Orchard Street these 
three months j before that in Gardner's Lane in John 
BIKD'S family three month? ; before that in the family 
of Thomas MlziES,a barber in the f-ja/cy, about a year 
and a half; heard Mrs . VALEITTI1TS ask her child, *KihO 
hade her look in Mr. FINCH'S charaber for her father" 
and beat her vilely. 

STSDEtiLL ,Anno , of Orchard Street, wife of John S553DDALL, 

translator, aged 30, has lived there 4 years; hath seen 
Mr, FINCH and Mrs . VA.L3&HNE disguised with drinking. 


Drtjn.Pers. ,1916. (179) 

A.J). * ' 

1638 . JSBHIEGS , Thorns* , of rt, Margaret • & , chandler s 

aged 30 { Ms liv&d ifeera & year and before 
that for four yea^s in St. Martin* a in the 
Fields. (Signs ) . 

BBTTSRTOIT , Grace t wS3t& of Frsnoi£ 9 of Westminster, 
gent o « aged 40, has lived there fifteen 
years « (Signs). 

SAMPSON, Anne 9 -.-if & of John, living in St. Peter's 
Street s V. ; estmins ter ,t ^.lor , these two years, 
aged £4, Heard £rs. say to" Mrs. 

FllTCH^Host thou think th$ husband is not 
able to get a child if he should lie with 
mo fs ? and reviled and abused her in 7/ords 
very grievously. 

ISLINGTON, Jane, aged 23 .servant -co Dorothy 

VAIt*2TTM3 9 wido\7 s abaut half a year,says that 
Lir.FIITOH had a child dieted In Mrs.YAXEN- 
TINS'S house, and when he happened to be 
lata, lodged there ^ith IJrs.YAL^TTIl^'S son. 
lfrs*YJxiMil?Ii;u fohnerly lodged at Mrs. PIMM'S 
in Gray's Inn Lane ..and at the -Red Iyon" in 
Palace Yard ,7*es t;r-ins ter . 

KH22ul $ Andrev/ 9 of 01 erken v/o 11 .gent. ,aged 51, has 
lived there three years and before that in 
St . Giles ,Crippicgat e , for twenty; that Mrs. 
. YA!CSIf(DIHS had a house at Kdnontcn.and after 
that in VJhitocross Alley ,and after that 
lodged at Mr JJj 3%LS : 3 , an alehouse in Clerk- 
envoll. Hath sonn her at plays ana in nis 
ov;n house, a tavern called "Eie Feathers" ,in 
St. John's Street .drinking wine, (Signs 


Dram.pors. ,1916. (180 J 

FDTGH versus FIITOH (Contd. ) 


1638. JXJOIlAL3,willim f of St. James 1 ,Clorkenwell, 
habordashor,a£;ed 47, has lived thore 17 
years; is a chandler and keeps a house 
in Clerkcawell Close; took in a ciclc 
child, as some doctors of physick said 
it was not the plague, at the desire of 
&r.BMJJTHIX,a minister, who lived with 
him, (Signs). 

KSriT£ f Slizah^th,v;ife of the said Andrew, 
aged 40, has been married 8 years; was 
godmother two years ago to Hrs.VALEN- 
BJDS'B cMld at Edmonton. Mr. FINCH 
went to church with the oompany when 
the child was christened. Mrs.VAJLSN- 
TIKS said she was going to Bathfe with 
her mother and daughter and went to 
Windsor to bring her mother home. (Signs). 

BOGDiLB, Joan, wife of the said William, aged 50, 
has lived in St. James 1 ,Clerteenwell,17 
years; that since the sickness began in 
London the last year, what time that pease 
wore ripe f Mrs . V&LHOTI»S came to lodge in 
this deponent f s housc,for she had the 
siefcaess in her house where she dwelt in 
Moorfields. Mrs. VALENTINE'S son, (Thomas, 
sometimes lodged with her. 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 



volume 2. 

Affairs of a Russla^M&rohant . 


1639/40. PTE, Robert, aged 23,sorvant in tho faaaily of 
Mr. DB/JXXXLC thoso 8 years, lived for a time 
in Moscow in Russia. (Signs). 

GLOVER, Fran2is f docoasod, factor for Mathew 
OI&DOCK in Russia; Francos, his widow, came 
over from Russia with nor father Dr. DEE. 

ORADOCK, Mat hew, sent Francis GLOVSR a groat 
OargaEono of goods , via. , cloth, load, paper 
and fustians , tots and pistols to the value 
of £3000; had a grant of administration of 
GIAVH^S goods from tho P.C.C.as a oredi- 
tor; spent a groat deal of money , bos ides 
hio 1038 of timo, travail and pains about 
tho discovery of Francis GLOVER'S estate. 

DEN, Francos .alias. GLO TOR, widow of Francis 
GLOVKR, lived in and about the city of 
London; in November 1635 PTE served a writ 
on Dr.DSK for her; took into her possession 
five pipes of wine and a certain quantity 
of tobacco in rolls. 

VtkRTm, , confessed he bought GLOVER'S 

' part of tho spinning #f gold thread of Dr. 
D^»,for which a patent er special privilege 
had been granted by the Emperor of Russia. 

PIOKiLYKS ^igmond i sham , o f Lond on ,no rchant , aged 
25, born in Lond ai, but has been for 7 or 8 
years beyond sea trading in various mer- 
chandize. (Signs). 


Dram.Pors. f 1916. 


GLOVSR v.DR^DOCX. (contd. ) 


1639/40, aUK222,John,of St. Botolph,Bishopagate, London, 

merchant , aged 26, has lived there a year; born 
in St. Bride's; lived with GLOVER in Russia 
about 7 weeks ;was at Mathew CRAJX)CK'S house 
in London; has "be on at Moscow. (Signs). 
- . !IHEIRKjr,Christophor t inadG his will and gave the 

greater part of his estate to Francis GLOVER, 
decoasod,\7ho spent money on TKERRY'S funeral. 

JO'KQ/JT , John, of St . Swithins , London ,merchant ,aged 
25, has lived there 3 years and before that in 
Russia 5 years ;born in the city of London; 
was servant to CRADOOIC in Moscow; GLOVER was 
factor to ORADOOX under a bond of £5000. 

SktfTIE, Thomas, of St. Martin Orgars , London, gent. , 
aged 64, has lived there 9 years, and before 
that in St. Clement's and St. Leonard's .Easfcohaap, 
35 years and more, deposes as to copies of 
records in Chancery. (Signs). 

JOKES, Humphrey, servant to SAIT TIE; aged 19, of St. 
Martin Orgars ,has been there half a year and 
before that of V/elshpool-,co. Montgomery since 
his birth. (Signs). 

Dram. Pera. 1916. (183) 



ghg Ccnsistory Court of York . 

KftiiPSON, Thomas, of York, notary public, aged 28, 

has "boon there 14 years, as Clerk in the 

Consistory Court of York, deposes that in Oct. 

1640 the following were Proctors exercont 

of the Consistory Court of York. Only 

eight Proctors allowed to practise at one 

time. (Signs ) . 
GAMBLE, John ) 

L3i2,v/illiam ) Deputy Register of the Prerogative 
HOBSON.V/illiam) & Exchequer Courts. 
BRIGHT .William) 

LHE, Piers } practised in place of his father. 
SQUIRE, Thomas ) 

PALER,V/illian ) admitted on the death of Robert C1APH&MS0N. 
FSER.f/illiam ) admitted on the death of Richard BROOKE. 
PARKER.Ur. Franc is, admitted after Mr. William LIS, the younger, 

and after the death of LIr. Thomas SQUIRE, the older. 
WiUBIKGTON.Mr.Joren^.&dmitted after 2H0MPS0N,but neither 

intends to practise until a vacancy occurs. 
MO 7TEBSHED, Edward, Doctor of Laws .before whom Francis PARKER 

appeared to be sworn a Proctor. 

Advocates admitted in Thomas THOMPSON'S time, as follow: 
George RIDD3LL and Toby WORLICH, doctors of laws. 

Hichard \700D Timothy CALVERLEY and 

Paul GI^XK.bacheloxs of laws^and 
Philip BROOJljjE^master of arts. 

DramJPerB.1916. (184) 

JBLliGA^S 1 

Captain William BUS HELL of the "Llary Anno" . 


1G40. YOUNG, Georgo, of Sateiif fB f Ididdx. t marinor f aced 25, has 

livod there since his birth; born at Plymouth, Devon. 

BLl f Bichard , ownor of one butt and two hogsheads of 

tobacco, which ho did lade on the ship "Mary Anne" in 
the Pool of London, in the river of Shames, bound for 

3USHBLL,Capt.V/illiam, master of tho "i<Iary Anne" and 
afterwards of tho "Hep tune"; died 4 days -after tho 
arrival of the "Mary Anne" at Uirbyan in Franco. 
11 lar.Brcwno, kinsman of Y/illiam,vhGn the ship was driven 
in at e» port -town called Passage in Biscay, caused tho 
tobacco to bo broken up. Of Newcastle under Line, Staffs, 
gent. ,aged 29;hao lived there 7 years ;bom at Whitby, 
York. (Signs ). Owner of the "Ma ry Anne". 
11 Rachaell,a subject of the Kingdom of England, executrix 
of William BUSH3LL. 

HA3HIS0N, Giles, of Bearo Lane, All Hallows Barking, cloth- 
worker, aged 34, has lived there 2 years ;bef ore that in 
Winford Street , Stepney ,3 years ;boro in Lambeth, Surrey. 

JOHNSON, Henry, of Tower Hi 11, mariner, aged 38, born in St, 
•Mary Magda 1 en , S outhwark , Sur roy . 

jROGIIRSON,Lir. Richard, an iiinglish morchant,at Passage in 

ALSOP,l,Ir. ... a merchant of St. Sebastian's. 
GOAHK,iIr. Gerrard,brother of Ito.Bachaell BUSH2LL,all dopose. 
HAOTY/IH, Grace, of Crooked Lane , St. Michael *s ,wax chandler, 
i^s lived there 15 years ;born at V/olstonJ/arw. ;was at 
the "Green Dragon" in ?.sdiffa with Oaptuin Y/illiam 
BUSHSLL. (Signs). 
Dram. Pers. 1916. (185) 




GOdfcAlf v. AUSTIN. 

Tithes and tho Hovd.Lr,AWS?.olT. 


1641. PAI-7CC 3 T , ".,dv;a rd , o f As h t on , c o . N ortharap t on , huo bandman , 
aged 56, has livod there 18 years, born at Asploy, 
co. Bedford Reposes that in 1637 he agreed with 
GGGJXiAK to pasture t./o score sheep in the common 
field of Grafton Regis. Ilr.AWS^I demanded five 
shillings for tithes ,deponont offered him half-a- 
crown;but he would not take less than four shillings, 
so that deponent was forced to borrow eighteenpence 
of Alice LIARCY, otherwise KOHaAH to pay it. V7as 
unwilling to have anything more to do with Mr. 
AWS'^Uso sent tho money by the said Alice, but 
received no acquittance. Sheared his sheep in 
GOOJXIAK'S orchard. (Signs). 
NC}£uUT,Alice f of Grafton Ilegis f widow, aged 40, has livod 
there sines uirth,born at Shittlohangor. lias known 
PA1TC0S1 1 20 years; took the money to iir.AV/SESN and 
told him that Goodman PAiiCOg? had sent him four 
shillings for the tithe of his sheep that wont 
that year upon Soodiaan's Common in Grafton Field. 
irlr.A : <7o?'Hs counted it, put it up, but gave no acquitt- 
ance to this deft, for the same. She livod for a time 
in Passenham. The money was paid to *lr.Ai7S!E2N on 
his hall table in Grafton Parsonage house, in the 
j^i'ufaoi^ce v^f i^orotuy xxx<j^j ,hib fciiS^i ^srvant. u/oth 
verily believe that Iir.A';, r 3Tlii is seldom or never 
guilty of abating to any man anything that is due 
to him. PANCGST believes Hr. AUSTIN is a man so 
far from abating any thing of his due that he is 
rather apt to demand and take more than his due 
when he can get it. 
Dram. Pers. 1916. (186) 

QUO, D.'jL^QkT.jij ' iTU-iS, 

MX, vol.2. 

rf J5NGU1II). COLE v . ROBBIirS . 

Zho Loss of j tho Brig tow Mercha nt. 


1642. GCG1)Y3R, Thomas, of St. ^;in 's , Bristol , sailor ,aged 28, 

born there , deposes that tho ship tho "Bristow 
iuerehant 7 ' at her sotting out from Bristol on 
her voyage about 3 years and tv;o months sinoe, 
carried 28 piooos of ordnance and other munition 
and tackle correspondent. He went as master's 
mate. (Signs G00D.^.:iL). 
GIC , W i 1 1 iam , and 
HATCH, Captain John, of the "Br is tow Uer chant", when she 
v/as driven out of the Gulf of Venice She was 
forced by bad weather from Barry in tho Gulf of 
Venice to go to Zante,and the Captain was in a 
great strait what he should do in regard his 
merchants were in prison t and at last altered his 
purpose and went for liossina. BQBS advised him to 
return to Barry, who re the mor chants were in prison, 
and try his uttermost. He endeavoured to go back 
to Barry but the wind was contrary and he shaped 
his cou-se for Alicant, In his passage thither 
athwart of Callery ho met with six sail of Turk's 
Men of Jar, and after a long fight K43GH was slain 
with a great shot and the ship miserably torn, so 
that they wore fain to put into Callery to repair 
her. One ITliA&QN * v/ho was IlkTCi-I'S chief mate t was 
ilaster in his stead. Afterwards the ship was seized 
by the French, after she came into the road of 
Valencia, and by them carried away and never returned 
to the owners. Captain 113*30 H received for two lurks 
taken in the former fight 180 dollars. There wore two 
Blain and three or four hurt in the ship's company; 
in one of tho Turk's ships there were threescore 
slain, so that they had much ado to bring her into 


i.rarc.Pors.1916. (18?) 

C0L3 v.aDBBiHS. ( contd, ) 


1642. M$BffiMS& ,2&sa&& Bristol,merchant ,aged 28, 

has lived there 20 years ;born at ?uddenham, 
Glouc. ,\vas owner of a tenth part of T '2he 
Bristoll Lie rchant' 1 , valued at £6000, and of 
40C ton burthen ;\vas factor ,v;ith V/illiam HISHICZ, 
for the voyage. At Barry, the Vie o-King, unable 
to lay hold of the ship, upon some false inform- 
ations , imprisoned this deponent and I£'&?J.iICK, 
pretending them to be Commanders , and detained 
and soquostered a cargo of oils valued at £6000. 
He and iMURRICK paid the ships 1 company oight 
months pay at Leghorn beforo she came to Barry, 
besides money lent to IIAPJCS and BiiUJLI0L T I?,th8 
chirurgeon. The ship was employed from Bristol 
to ITev/ IJng land, thence to ICev; found land and there 
ladod fish and sold part of it in Spain, in truck 
for sugar; carried the sugar and the rest of the 
fish and lead into Italy and sold them at Leghorn. 
'JSiey made £1000 loss, except what was got from 
Bristol to Kev Jngland. (Signs). 

3303 IKS, John, served in the ship as gunner's mate, and 
was paid 24/s.a month; the mariners behaved them- 
selves very uncivilly and disorderly , but they 
behaved themselves valiantly against the j?urks. 
AilUITDuiLL was imprisoned at Barry in January 1640; 
HkTCH vas master raid tenth part owner. 

BiJCH,Goorgo, merchant in ITaplos ,was imprisoned there 
by the Vice-King at the same time that "Iho Bristpw 
Merchant" was surprised in the part of Nice ta, upon 
pretence of having inG&r&gti iu b-uip, 

Dram.Pers. 1916. (186 ) 


BU3K.1H ▼•HISS. 

Roguery Somewhere . 

HDiuBI£ 9 w ill iam 9 of St.ilary vVoolnoth, London, 
citizen and leather-seller, aged 30, bom 
there and has livod thero since his birth. 

HIDE»3enjainin,a milliner , tenant of a shop in 
Pope's Head Alloy, a man of a weak estate; 
his yearly rent £14;was tenant to HUUBLE'S 
father four or five years before and owed a 
year's rent last lady day; paid his rent with 
difficulty.. His part of the shop is now shut 
up and ho now liveth about lioorf ields. 

Ha*33,rhomas,of St.xlary Abchwch, brown-baker ,aged 
32, has lived there 7 years ;born at Easfr/ell, 
Kent. (Signs ) . 

CH^iIB:-;l13 f Catherine , do ceased, said to have owed 

HIM moneys, who said ho would pay his creditors 

ViOOroA?.D,Jonas f of St. Michael Itoyall, wine-cooper, 

aged 55, has lived there 17 years ;bom at Brought on, 
.lucks. \7as bail for ETJu in an action in the Lord 
Knyor's Court and had to pay. HID:2 left in his 
hands a box of ribbon valued by him at £40, and 
then cunningly got it back by saying that the said 
action was removed and he had given bail. Benjamin 
HIILI and Edward, his brother ,wan ted him to be bound 
with thorn for the administration of the goods of 
Outlier ino Oi.*,..,,..,;^ ,.«.», and said that the possession 
of the girl,t}ie minor in this cause, and of her 
estate would be a very great fortune to him, {Signs). 

Dram. Pers . 19 16 . ( 18 9 ) 


vol. 2. 
HLiCiWOli v.Lord REA 

Lad:/- Iteay's Carriage. 
A.D. " " 

1635. POB,V/illiam,of Llaune Pee ,co. Fermanagh ,&sq. , aged 35, 

has lived there ten years, and before that in Co. 

[Tyrone ten years. (Signs). A married man worth 

£3CC0 or £4000. 
IBk , Rache 1 , Lady , alias HA?: I Wm . 
HaJCU30i-I t waiter", said to have married to the Lady 

1&A and also to 

f DCLAl\ T D,Annaball,as to which marriage a Commission 

sat in the parish church of Sligo. 
O'DUGG^luJ^Bolloff ,a priest, a blind man, and bed- 
ridden ,at 3iceene, twelve miles from Sligo, testified 
in Oct. 1633 as to the marriage of Walter & iumaball. 

1 DO LAiu) , Bryan , a w i tnes s 

" Teige,a v/itness 
B3LF^U^,Iir. Alexander, one of the Commissioners. 
REAY, Lord, his houses at Tower Hill £ Gardiner's Lane 

in Westminster; bargained with P02 for raising 

BOldiers in Ireland. 

Dram* Per s. 19 16. 




Sir Thomas XAKiS'S Inheritance. 


1634. GCT,Nicholas, minister of "likigworth'Soo^-iiddx. , 

aged 49;has livod there 13 years. (Signs ) . 

LkKS f Sir Thomas ,und th© Lady, his mother, their 
agreement about & lease; his house in St. 
ilartins in the Fields. Said, "Am not I a 
wise man, having contendod to hrvo tho admini- 
stration of my father's goods or of his 
whole estate, to givo over my right for a 
portion out of it?" "I pray you "boar v/itnoss 
that I seal this release", "1 givo away all 
ray right to Sunbury". 

PUBSLOJil, Thomas, servant in the family of Damo 
ilary I^JCiS, widow, these 4 years, rged 34. (Si^ns). 

GrO!f f xaargarot ,v/ife of the said I, T icholas ,aged 36; 
has livod there 15 yea rs , deposes. 

Dram. Pars . 1916 . ( 19 1 ) 

h OXON. 


Incidentally of tho Arms of Lord .Roberta , 


1635. DEA2T2 f Honr^% citizen and scrivonor of London, aged 25, 
has lived there 13 years testifies as to certain 
reoords in tho Courts of Chancery and High Commission. 

B^GSHAw , Honry ,agcd 30,servaat in tho family of Henry 
HUGG&PGHD and living in Fotter Lane f London, this 
year and a half t also testifies. (Signs). 

GBJSEKSHUHS 7 , Hob ort f of Barnard* s Inn, London, gen t. , aged 80; 
has lived there 40 years; of affinity to William 
IWSU by his wife. (Signs). 

KX?SE,William,J.P. ,decd. ,a gentleman of good behaviour, 
well beloved in his country, tho producent's brother- 
in-law. Lived from hie wife some part of a year 
before his death. Lodged for a time at a tavern 
near Charing Cross. Wont with hie wife to Oxford. 

IK)BEKTS, Richard, Lord "could never in right quarter the 
arms quartered on tho seal, for the same are the 
proper arms of Lady Frances his wife by the name 
of HSIDiSR and ought only to have been impaled 
with hie and not quartered". He and Robert GlffiENEHURS? 
"came of two sisters". Lord R0BHRT3 bare in his 
arms a hand in a canton which all Baronets bear. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (192) 

L01TOH & vol.2. 


T he Character of Susan Hudson. 
A.D. ~ ~ " ~" ' " ~ * ~~~ ' 

1638 THOH2^I01T,Kugh t of St. Alban's ,Horte. ,blacXsmith f 

aged 31, has lived there 5 years ,and before 
that in St. Stephen's .Park Street , where he 
was born; Jane his wife f dau. of John BURGLES. 

HUDSON, Susan f \7ifo of William, first the wife of 
Roger BURG3S, lived with him in the Strand, 
London, an honest , modes t Ionian of good name 
and fame. 

BURGIS, Roger, uncle to SiOHKSTOirS wife. 
BURGI2S, William, root jHOBNSODN at 3rentford,at the 
sign of the "Katharine Wheel", and said his 
mother, Susan HUDSON, had wrongod him, and used 
scandalous words against the good name and 
reputation of the said Susan, 



Dram.Pers.1916. (193) 


volume 2. 

hoop;:r v. jokbs. 

korcanti l e Transactions with St. Halo. 

1640. BAYLI^Jchn.of 3 t.lialo .France , merchant ^god 25, 

has livod there all his life. (Signs BALLSY). 
Savr in 1656 an accompt for provision of the 
ship "williara and Anne" for 3964 livros, 
receipt 'd by 

PCU^SUJohn la f hic houn^ in St. Nicholas Lane, 

London, vhoro HCOPJR and NICKOLIS acccmpted 
together in February 1633, the aoccnpt in 
J3&YLL2':, c..n handvriting and a trua oopy of 
v-hat ho sar at the Admiralty Offico. 
B^YLL^ sav; NICM01LS sign thr : eam^ and 
KICK0L13 remained indebted for thR balance 
amounting to £10.3s.Od. 

JURI!< ,James ,of St.Benet Shcrcho^N Lend on, merchant, 
aged 28,has livod there a year and a half ; 
born in St. la ve 1 s ,3out}warK, Surrey ; deposes 
as to money ho paid on behr.l£ of Anthony 
HQ0P11R; dealings in tobacco. (Signs). 

HOOPiJR .Anthony , plaint} f f . 

DranuPors. ,1916. 



SURREY, volume 2. 

ESS:^. mSUsY" v.O&BDNSH, 

Estate o f vaillam V/ARR3R . 
A.D. ™ ~ 

1640. WYR£,I&ioch,of St.LIary I5a^daleu,BoroondBey # 

; Southv/ark, Surrey, porter, aged 51 ,has lived 
there 21 years t born at Amershara, Bucks. 

VARHUR, William, tho testator , died of a consump- 
tion; ^ave his mother £200 and C100 to her 
son. Accompted to bo a very honest, 
Christianlike man, 

l&SLSYJ&r, executor of William WAHKclR, lived 
at the Chapel Houco upon London Bridge . 

CLBRIC15 ♦Air. James »ono of SLIKNISR'S creditors, 
lives in Fonchurch Street , London. 

LEIGH, Mr ,v/ho xrna M*^/&iB&C£E f S latter 

fcusb&nd find executor. 

DOBSOl^IiKi&o^Afli^SR'S apprentice. 

FIELDING iN&thaniel f of St.Aiban,Wo©& Street, 
London »citix<jn and ^acfcpic tor", aged 53, has 
lived there 8 years, horn at Luc ton, Ss sex. 
Richard fcAHPIB was his apprentice and had 
£20 as u legacy by hio brother William's 
will. He raid his mothor both now deceased. 

CLARK/2, Jan*. s,of St.Dionls Backchurch , London , 
grocer, aged 44, has lived there 20 years; 
born in Mark Lane, London. Dwells at tho 
Red I$ron in Fonohurch Streot t v/hero he hath 
lived 12 years, and in tho same perish and 
street very near 30 years; lent HjlTLET and 
William : \ai3SBGa £50 in 1627. (Signs). 

Draxn.Pors. ,1916. 


volume 2. 

foe Impr i sonment of Lord Loftus . 

1640. BARHODELL ill ion , o f Dublin .gtaat. , aged 50,hftG livod 

there 10 yoarsjborn at St. Benetf ink, London, servant 
to Viscount LOFTUS 10 years. (Signs BO&U&YLE). 

LOP TUS , Adam, Vis count , of -ilye f in possoseion of tho 
Archdeaconry of Glan&e laugh and tho prebend and 
rootory of Kov/c^stlo in Ireland; Imprisoned in the 
Oaatlo of Dublin from 21 April 1638 till 9 Hay 
1639 and then in his omi house in St* Mary Abbey 
till tho 9 .uugust following. ; <as reputed Aroh- 
doaoon of GLaiidelagh. 

LEGH, Richard, of Dublin, goat. ,aged 40, has lived there 
13 years ; born at Baggo ley , co . CXh-i s tc r , s orvant to 
Viscount LOFTUS 13 yearn. Lord LOFTUS was com- 
mitted to prison by the Lord Deputy \J^T,<OilTH,and 
being weak and sickly was carried to St.liary 
ubboy in a sedan. (Signs). 

003^SII,Viilliajn^of Dublin, agod 24, domestic servant 
Df Lord LOFTUS these 12 years f deposes. 

BO^LE.Riohard ,ag.-'d 34,domostio servant of Viscount 
LOFTUS these 6 yoars; born at Khcr.7th,(20.Iu0ath. 

ST.BAil3D t V;illiiim,of Dublin,gont. ,r.god 26,hi.s livod 
thnro 7 yoars; born at Stabbing, itesox, deposes. 

LOWE, Thomas, of London, clerk, aged 43 t hr.3 lived thero 
13 yoars ,<=vas one of the Vloars Choral of St. 
Itetriok'c ,DubIJLa,,about 6 or 9 yoars 3inoe. (Sigaa). 


Dram.Pors. ,1916. 






Voyr.^o of "Tho Samaritan" . ' 


,1641. SftVHT» John, of St.Dionia Backchurch, London (merchant, 

aged 34 t ha2 lived there 8 yoarfr t bowi at Plymouth, 
Devon, draw up bocks of acc~mpts of a vcjrage for 
iio s s rs . ICIKicAS TDK and BC:.il-r&«.L; dopes oc as to the 
casting away of tho ship "Tho Samaritan" and a 
claim cf tho Jiaxst India Company. (Uigns ) . 
• KI2uL'iS^)N,:«lr.T}\cnai3 ) 

B0N1&L, Samuel ) partners in "The Samaritan". 

OF IKLD , Richard ) 

LEV3T,Samuol,of SWDionio Backchurch,gont. ,aged 22, 
has lived thoro 6 years , and before that in St. 
Botolph,AldgTito,whero ho was born;paid divers 
sumo of mcnoy at SIGHT'S request. (Signs). 

lQin^lSTON,Arthur,of 3t.01avo,Kart Street , merchant , 
aged 22 1 has lived thoro 8 years, born in Shrews- 
bury f dopo3Cs that ilohelia is about 1200 leagues 
short of tho iSaat Indies and is a free place of 
trade for .English ships if thoy have the King's 
Commission. OFIiSID had the King's Commission 
and died boyond sea during the voyage on the 
"R )obuck" t tho Commission was delivered with other 
goods to his relict Llartha. Deponent \7a3 purser 
of »»a?he Samaritan". (Signs KTNNAS 2X)N ) . OFIEU) 
said that his ship v;a3 veil fitted and manned 
ami no aiu. xAot Luzo what ^art of the world 

ho went # to iCast India or the Rod Sea or past the 

. KSHSUY.John.of St epney, Middlesex, gent. , aged 28,has 
lived there 4 years f bef ore that in St.Magnu3, 
London t 3 years f and was bora there .deposes that 
HOWARD, Master of the "Patient Arko" was brother 
to tho party appellate. (Signs ). 

Drcan.Pors.1916. (197) 

v*Of IL1D. (contd. j 


1641. SINGI3ft)IT f John.of St.Olavo ,Hart Street, oordwainer , 

aged 36, has lived thoro 20 years ,bora in St. 
Botolph,Aldgate iabodo at Lloholia with divers of 
tho ship "Samaritan 1 5" company after her casting 
away for eleven months. Ho was cook 1 !} mate} it 
was a reprisal voyage f a nd tho wholo ships • company 
excepting Royeil B/>JU^iT f the gunnorjdld renounoe 
their wage and agreed to take shares of v/hat they 
should get. (Signs j. 

SAr>,ViiLL t Thcma3, servant to FIELD, toolc along with him 
an East India platt (nap or plan] 

COBB, William, of St.iiary wMtechapol, sailor, aged 36, 
has lived there since his birth; has lain in $he 
Island of Ilohelia six months together; it io not 
in the Sast Indies hut short thereof about 1000 
leagues ;ha3 been a seaman these 25 years. Captain 
JOHO/jIT'S chip h&th lately gone to the 3ast India 
in five months and come home in five months more 
and took in lading thoro ,which any ship with good 
success may perform. It is as much danger for a 
ship to sail to Barbary or the Straits as to 
}aohelia Is land, if the weather be alike. OFII^LD 
carried with him divers ISast India Journals and 
an ;jact India platt for his instruction in the 
voyage. This doponont often perused the 3ame with 
him. (Signs). 

Dram.Pers.1916. (198, - 


ddi^g^s 1 mum. 

volume 2. 

"The Pleyades" and Venetian Soldiers . 


1640. HALL t \Villiain,of I)eptford,Xent t nariner >a£ed 30 ,has 
lived there 7 years ; born at Vmlsingham, Norfolk. 
Was quarto master in tbs "PI evades". Has so en 
POWELL disordered with drink; when the chip was 
at Breudesly ha fell out with ono of tho Venetian 
sold iora t v/ho roof there mm about 60 on board t and 
some of tho nh.ip'2 company carried kin botr/een 
decks to qualify hira,but PO-i&LL got a half piko 
and threatened mischief to the Illustrisimo or 
Governor of the Venetian soldiers. '.Van present 
at th<>ir setting sail frora Corfu to £ante and the 
Illustrisimo granted P07f:lIL*S release. 

HiLL, Captain ,a eorornander in one of the 

King's ships, gave the ship's company a month and 
a half's v/agoo for their goodwill to serve the 
make of Venice; v/as part owner of a sixteenth of 
the ship "Ployadeo'Sand had in her a groat 
adventure of currants and other commodities, at ' 
the tine of her casting av/ay; ho lost £1S00. 
The ship carae up the ?dvor Blames from Greenwich 
towards Deptford. 

Dr&nupors. ,1916. g o -{201) 



volume Z 




tornado to a Cargo of Fruit and Sugar. 

NOVELL , 3 imon , of St, Buns tan r s - in- tho-Eas t , London , 
merchant, aged 33, has livod there 8 years, born 
at Y/ittolohan, Suffolk. Deposes that in 1637 
a groat quantity of sugars ,ra is ino of th© sun 
end piece fruit was laden on board ship at 
Marseilles, the "George and Elizabeth", for the 
aceonpt of HAKGEB and PAIN3BB; deponent was 
present when the same were laden and they 
were damaged in the bringing hone. Has been 
twice in Spain at the ports of Halaga, Mar- 
seilles and Gibraltar. (Signs). 

ELLISOH and his company brought up in his 

long boat forty pieces of frayle fruit and 
privately laid then at a w&re&ouso at Wig- 
gins' 3 key. 

WHISG/UID , Shomas , of St . Olavo , Southward, porter , 
aged 45, has livod there 18 years? born at 
Brentwood, Ess ex, deposes. (Signs Y/HISKLHD) . 

AmoOD .William , of St . Olave , Southward, woodraonger , 
agod 51, has lived there 27 years; born at 
Little Stoughton s Beds. , helped Y<IHSC£JD unload 
the ship. 

Dram.Pors. ,1916. 




volume 2 

Negroes and the 0oa3t of Guinea . 
i.D. " ' ~ " ~~ — - - 

1 643 . MILGI&VE , Timothy , o f A 1 thai 1 ows , Barking , London ^me rohan t , 
aged 38, has lived there 5 years, before that "beyond 
seas for ten years or more; born at Chepstow, Monmouth. 
Was factor in Guinea for Messrs. CRISPS & Co. DE GBOET 
forbore to acquaint this deponent with the sale which 
he made of the company's goods. (Signs). 
IHFJi&ND , Gc or go , th e master of the ship that brought DS 
GBDET, persuaded I^ji&B/LVE to come away for England, 
which he did, in consequence of his porsuasions. 
MULGBATC was at Cormentine on the coast of Guinea and 
saw DE GH3ET offer much abuse to the negroes by beat- 
ing thorn and threatening then for moneys which he pre- 
tended they owed him on a former voyage ,whoro by they 
were driven away and discouraged from trading with the 
said DE GHOBT. The sale of pieces of eight is gener- 
ally prohibited by the English and Dutch, yet LB GJROET 
sold great quantity thereof to the negroos,who did 
molt then dorm into their gold whereby their gold was 
much imbasod. pEI G13DET well understood they bought 
it with that intent and purpose. DB G3DET refused tc 
lot MULGKAVE have the keeping of the day-book and 

2HDMPS0N,John t of Allhallows , Broad Street , London , merchant , 
agGd 25, has lived thero 3 months, before that in St. 
Mildred's , Bread street, 8 years; born at Newark-cn~ 
Trent, Notts. Arrived at the Gold Coast in 1640 and 
delivered a cargazon of goods to DE GHOE? for the 
particular adventure of :v[r.3a~nuol CRISPE, not included 
in the general cargazon, and about the value of £186. 
DE GnOET was seised in the road of Cormentine 21 April 
1641, and shortly after brought h&ne for England. (Signs). 

I>n *>.Pera. ,1916. 



D3V0N & volume 2. 

beyond sea. COURT^N^ v. 3I0HLTBU3K. 

The Custom cf Uarinors . 
A.D. ~~ ' " ' 

1643. S3kFF01^3onodict,of Deptf ord,Xent ,mariner ,aged 37, 
has livod thero 8 months ,bof oro that in Stepney 
15 years; born at L ins tone .Devon, deposes that it 
is the custom of tho sea in voyages to Spain, 
Tho Straits ,V/est Indies ,&c, , that if tho 3hip 
v/hon homeward bound bo lost and cast away, no 
ovmor is bound to yxj tho mariners V7age3 after 
tho last port of discharge in tho outward bound 
voyago. (Signs). 
SP31IC^H,Thoma3 ,of Stepney, mariner, aged 38, has 

lived there 16 years; born at Waldo rsha re , Kent . 
Has taken charge of ships as master and mate 
those 13 years, in voyages to Guinoa , Brazil and 
Barbary. In a voyage to southerly parts in 
tho ship ? T>ragon" they lost half their ships 
company and more in 16 months at St. Thome and 
the ooast of Guinea by the diseases that the 
country bred and were fain to sot Portugal Is , 
Frenchmen and Negro os to help then bring their 
ship homo. (Signs). 

DmuPers. ,1916. 


KOHTHD. ,J&Hftki, 

VOlU.10 2. 


The Seizure of the '^avid". 

1645. K2Y, George ,of Stepney ,ilid&2es ox f me reliant- tay lor, aged 26, 
has livod there a year; before that in St. Stephen, 
Coleman Street, and born there. %7as employed in the 
ship the "David' 1 of London, from London to Sunderland 
and Her; castle, as a factor for D.;;iiLL to sell his 
goods. Herring were taken in at Yarmouth and they 
intended to put into Hull, but near Darlington Cliffs 
they were overtaken by the ship "Charity" and HIGH 
- and nine men, all armed vith muskets and swords, cane 
aboard. (Signs KiVY ) . 
HIGH, Hi chard, mas tor cf the ship "Charity", took George 
KEY prisoner, together with the oockets , bills and 
writings , and wculd not 1st him go aboard the "David" 
any more. 

BkYNr£a,AnseLnie,mstcr cf the "David ", desired HIGH to 
leave the cockots and writings ,but he refused and 
left her at anchor , the roby exposing her to be a 
prize to anyone that would take her, so that they 
wore forced to return with their chip to Yarmouth 
and re- ship the goods into another ship for New- 
castle; whereby they were much damnify od and leaked 
out. About a year and a half ago ho was taken 
prisoner off Dartmouth by the King's forces as he 
was coming home from Guinea, where ho had been four 
years. \7a3 carried into Cornwall, kept prisoner 
nine months t marriod a wife there but hath no child 
there. He stole away in a Danes ship and was set 
ashore at Dover, but had not the opportunity to 
bring his wife with him. 

'Ml 'iL, Abraham- vhad the goods in his custody at Yarmouth. 

BOvVKLL, Daniel ,of Ipswich, Sufitilk^ marine r , aged 31, born 
there, at his own costs and charges built the ship 
the "Charity" about 12 years ago; had letters of 
Liart (sic) granted him under a bond of £1000. (Signs). 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 




ESSEX, OXON & volume 2. 


Rombout Jacobson,the Brewer. 


1645. WARDEN, Robert , of Aldgate , London, citizen and skinner, 
aged 60, has lived there 20 years , "born in co.Kent. 
Is a debtor to JACOBSOK'S estate in £10. (Signs). 

JACOBSON, Rombout, deceased, lived close to WARDEN, kept 
a great brewhouse and was a man of great trading 
in that way; kept many servants; died 1 May 1643. 
His relict Johanna lay very sick about throe or 
four days after Jiis death, and kept her chamber 
all the month of May. 

C0RS2LLIS ,and 

IIBIIRT,M r . ,went with WARDEN to JACOBSON f S house to 
hear what Mrs. JACOBSON would say concerning her 
husband* b will, and she left it to their discret- 

MARTEN ,W ill iam, of St. Mary ,Whitechapel , London, brewer, 
aged 38, has lived there 12 years, born in Essex. 
Yfas one of the clerks and household servants of 
JACOBSON twelve years and upwards. Wrote tick- 
ets inviting deceased's creditors to meet at the 
•Windmill" in the Old Jewry. (Signs). 

HEGEWORTEFi,Ahashuerosh,IiI. D. ,$f S t . Andrew Undershaft, 
London, has lived there 5 years; born in the city 
of London. Is a Fellow of the College of Phys- 
icians in London. Attended Mrs . JACOBSON in 
Aldgate parish. (Signs Ahasuerus IMPORTER). 


Dram.Pers. ,1916. 


JACOBSON ver^^KN (cent d . ) 


1645* TX>9CHI&, Tobias, of St.Bl^nis Badta&BHP^»agBd 40^pottos^yS 
has Lived there 15 years ,born in 0lfi3*& university. 
Was JACOBSCN'S apothecary and administered physick te 
him in his last i linos s; visited Mrs . JACOBSON daily 
during her sickness till the 9th. June 1643. (Signs). 

COBSELLIS ,Nicholas, «f S t . Mary-at-Hi 11 , L«nd.on*me rchant , 
aged 45 , born there. Examined JACOBSON 1 S books after 
his death and found that he owed betvveen three ©r four 
and twenty thousand pounds. (Signs). 

BiLlI*3S^eshaw t wif e of Thomas, of Hackney, aged 43, has lived 
there two months, and before tteit in S t. Bo tolph's ^Lid- 
gate, 9 years; born at Kings bridge, Devon. Lived im 
house with JACOBSON fer 9 years as a nurse, and for half 
a year after his death ,with his wid«w. 

WHITBY ,Mar^tret, wife of Thomas, of St. Mary ,Whitechapel, 
lighterman ,aged 24, has lived there a year and a half 
and be fere that in St. Saviour *s ,Southwark, where she was 
bom. Nursed one *f JACOBSON* S children, and was with 
Mrs . JACOBSON at her hsuse in East Smithf itld. 

OOESELLIS^Abrahqin,®f St. B$t©lph,Aldgate, brewer, aged 47,has 
lived there 8 years, born in the city of London. Was 
on© tf JACOBSON *S near neighbours and creditors. At 
the meeting #f creditors at the , Windmill $ *,J*hn EATON 
said that if the estate would rise t§ only fiv* 
shillings in the pound he was undone; would giro n« 
c»nssnt to any agreement and so went his way. (Signs ) . 

HARTLEY, Ralph, *f St. Michael, Cornhi 11, scrivener, aged 49, 
has lived there 20 years; born at Manchester, Lanes. 
Brew up articles of agreement amcng the creditors for 
settling the estate. (Signs). 



vol, 2. 

Thomas Mann's Will Bur ne d on Purpose . 
A.D. . 

1645 WAHD, Pot or, notary public, proctor of the Court of 

Arches , London, deposes. 
LLHGHAM,Mr. , agent for 

BAY, Mr. Thomas, husband of Dorothy MUNN alias D&Y,and 
a near neighbour of IATTEH in Sussex. 

LATTER, John, of Rotherfield, Sussex, yeoman, aged 64, has 
lived there 50 years , born at Tunbridge,Kent. Being 
in MY'S company and applauding his good fortune 
in getting rich wives ( he having had four wives in 
all), said he heard he had got a fortune of £1500 
with his 3ast wife Dorothy , relict of Thomas MOM. 
DAY replied it was not s© much but he had esaployed 
Mr. ULNGH&M in the business, who was a skilful man in 
the Ecclesiastical Courts, and that ha was to have 
£1000 clear and with quietness out of MUM'S estate. 

BOOTES, John, of lunbr i dge , Kent , gent. , aged 25, has lived 
there 5 years, before that at Rotherfield one year, 
and before that at Fletching,where he was born, 
deposes as to copies of pleadings in Chancory, lives 
with Mr.WELLEB. (Signs } . 
■ HIOKJiOOT,V/i 11 iam, party to a suit in Chancery , named as 
executor in Thomas HUM'S will which was burned 
voluntarily by himself. 

LEIGH, John, of C ranb rook, Ken t , gent. , aged 66, has lived then* 
40 years ;born at Heavi tree, Devxmrwas-eoslicl tor for 
Dorothy MUKH, deceased. (Signs). 

MUTC* v ^oraaa^ao* of the parties appellate. 





How Yeoman's Will was jjade. 

^ *C39. GILiiIS,V/illiara,of Alf r is ton , Suss ex, yeoman , aged 46, 

has lived there 40 years ;born there (Signs V/all 

XfiDUANS| ,?< ill isxa , d i ed about two years ago, left a 
nuncap&tive will. .Had a wife, "but GILES knows not 
if she is living. 2hat the will was made in XSMPE^S 
sister's house v;hich is an alehouse. 

B A T.L A HP , \7 i 1 1 iam , o f that shallow capacity and understanding 
that ho is not able to repeat the Ten Commandments . 
GILES believes that he knowoth not the difference 
I betwixt a nuncupative will and a written will. 

BAJX>E*LNT t Sdward f of Alfr is ten, yeoman 5 aged 30, born there 
and has lived there all his life, William, his brother, 
wrote the said will and came home to their father's 
house very sober and in good temper. (Signs BAJXMT) . 

OOKENDEH, . . . a fellow that playeth least in sight 
i and dare not show his head. 


Dram. Pers. 1916. 



LONDON vol, 2. 


A Voyc^.frQH^thQ Sunraorv^sJiuids . 
A.D. ' """" 

1640 IJBGtfO0D,John,of Rotherhi the , Surrey , sailor, 

aged 62, deposes that in Jan. 1638, the ship 
"The Patient Arke if , arrived from the Summery 
Islands in the River of Thames. HOVAIED came 
to his house in Rotherhitho and they agreed 
to refer all contraversies concerning cable 
and anchor, ropes and tackle to the Master, 
Wardens and Assistants of tho Trinity Hou&e^ 
BEST, Thomas ) 
G0CDLAID,William ) 

SALMON, Robert } then Asters or Assistants of 
HOOKER, Jervis ) the said Society. 
!IXJCHEN, Anthony ) 
COOKE .Walter ) 
BENNET,John ) 

&YDEDIE,Mr. Roger, also one of the Masters of the 

Trinity House. 
HOWARD, . . . ordered to pay £64 to 
MULLEKAX, . . . 

TROVERS, Mr. the merchant that freighted the said 

TSflTTY, Roger, of Redriffo ,Surrey, gen t. , aged 52, has 
lived there 30 years ;born in BorwlcJc~oiir-<IV«ed , 
deposes. (Signs T;VE£DY). 

Dr ambers. 1916. 


L01TD0H & 





The Revd. Jaineg^ Oopyerg_ u of ftow. 


1640. GYLES , Hobo rt , of Stratford Bow,Middx. ,oarp<3nt9r, 

aged 41, has livod there 8 yoars;bom at 

Broadwell ,0xon. 
CONYEBS , James , clerk; frequented alehouses and 

taverns and is much addicted to drinking and 

company keeping. 
EAGLES FIELD ,Mr. an honest man. 

BIOTI7E,*iathow,of Stratford Bow , Esq. , aged 44, has 
lived there 8 years ;born in the city of London, 
deposes'. (Signs). 

BAJCEJMU chard, of Bow,clerk % aged 48, has lived there 
a year and a half , be fore that at Hampstead a 
year, and "before that in Stepney 16 years ;born 
in the city of London. Keeps a school at Bow; 
looking out of a window saw C01TYEBS come along 
the street reeling and staggering, and another 
time met him coming out of tho ff Floisrej w -di>-Luce " 
in Bow disguised and overcome with wine. (Sigas). 

Dram.Pers.1916. (211) 

BUftff. ,flDE*K. , DEL2GA£SS 1 EXAXS. 

WILTS. t 0X0N. , vol.2. 


Bartholomew Wayte's Migration . 


1641. HUTL3Y, Robert, of Portsmouth , Hants. , hosier , 

aged 47, has lived there 10 years, before that 
in Salisbury 28 years, "born at Culloripton, 
Devon. That about 30 years ago he lived at 
Andover in Hampshire two or three years to- 
gether as an apprentice to his brother John 
HUTL&Y,a stocking-maker. (Signs ) . 
WAYTIS, Bartholomew, of Andover, son of Ur. Walter 
WAYT3,a woo lien-draper, was a goung man there 
when RUTLEY was apprentiood-seen by HIT TLB Y 
in October 1638 walking in the streets of 
Dublin, in a plaoe called Skynner Row;drank 
a pint of vine with him at the London Bavern 
in Dublin and remembered and drank to many 
of his old friends and acquaintance in Andover. 
On the 5th. Nov. ,they went to the Castle to 
see and hoar the guns go off for the solemnity 
of that holiday. T ^AYTE was a spare man,with a 
lean ,v/rinkled f visage, of low stature, grizz led 
hair t black & white, and somewhat above fifty 
yea re old. 

CHURCH, 2Tehemiah,with RUTL3Y in Dublin, when they 
saw V/AYTS. 

BRAD30 RITE, Richard, of Andover ,viotualler, aged 47; 
has lived there 40 years ,knew ^AYTE,who was 
born in Andover, 20 years ;went over to Irelaad 
in January 1637-8 and was at Dublin from March 
to May 1638; often saw WAYTB walking about the 
Custom House and from thonoe to the Castle ;he 
lodged near St. Patrick^ church. Y/AYTS'S wife 
is "Che laoiiier of ~x . ^um*x<jj.* * J Y*ife f wiiG hatJi 
some houses in Andover. (Sigis). 


Dram. Pera. 1916. (212) 

PAYHHI versus UtfB3 (contd.J) 


1641. HraT,£ktaand,of St. John's , Dublin, gent. , aged 5 6, has lived 
there 10 years i born at Hempsted, Norfolk, knew the 
producent and Bartholomew WAYTK in St. John Street in 
London, at her uncle* s house , Mr, Thomas \7AY?E ,where 
they kept company as man and wife. In 1632 or 1633 
Bartholomew went to live in Dubl iu,where he died in 
May 1638, at the house of Widow AIDERS 3 Y. He was 
buried in the parish of St. J tai's. (Signs). 

PAHHIS, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas, of St. John* s , Dubl in, 
gent. ,aged 21, has lived there 10 years; born in the 
oity of Cork. Her aunt,^rs.B arbara WAY 23, dwelling 
in St.Jchn street ,L:nd on. Her father wrote tc her 
brother, living in Cheaps id e, London, to certify him of 
Bartholomew V/AYSE'S death. (Signs). 

LiSE, Henry, at Highga to, Middlesex ,gent. ,agod 56, has lived 
there 24 ycars,b:m at Caver sham, Oxen. Lived in 
Highgato near Sir Bobert HlYKZ'S house,when a gentle- 
woman .about 7 or 8 yoar3 since, lodged the re, in his 
absenco,with her maid. Sir Robert was in Hampshire, 
and it was reported he was t: marry her. Sir Robert's 
house and land in Highgate i3 worth £410 per annum at 
the least, and in Essex near Humford he has a house 
and land of £30 per annun,and in Hampshire a brave 
lordship called Barton Stacy about the yearly value 
of £800. (Signs). 

ASHUAlI,Hichard,of Highgate in the parish of Pancras, 

London,bricklayor,sged 48, born there. Knew Patience 
WAYTE and her husband Bartholomew for many years. 
About 8 years agone Jdrs.7*AYI!B came to Highgate to 
Sir Robert's house in hie absence, remained there five 
weeks and never was seen at church till the last 
Sunday before her departure. Eao been at Sir Hobert's 
houses both in Highgate and Hampshire. Last saw 
Bartholomew ^Y23 in Hampshire before his going over 
into Ireland,. 

Dram. Pars. ,1916. 



DSICaBK, vol, 2. 


The "Peter" tafcen "by an Irish Han-of-War. 
A.D. " " ' "~ ~ ~~ ^ ~ 

1646, P£lKBS0H,3tone t of St&vanger , Norway ,marinor,aged 31, 
has lived there 3 years and six months, and "be- 
fore that in Denmark since his birth. Was master 
in the ship "Peter", her tackle and furniture 
taken aboard at Stavanger, where producent wag 
Burgomaster 8 or 9 years. There were laden 
aboard 4400 deal boards ,600 hasle roads and 12 
fathom of wood to be transported to Leath la 
Scotland. She "was surprised on the way by H3ffi$3ffiCK- 
SON and hie company about 28 June last, who 
tried to carry her into the port of Wexford 
in Ireland ,7/hich was then in hostility to the 
Parliament of England, but they failed somewhat 
off the Bay of Dublin and Captain HICHSLL took 
her and carried her into Liverpool. (Signs). 

HENDRICK30K , He rraan f in his Irish Man of Y/ar, carried 
PfJIRSQH to Wexford. 

2URKLES0N,torence,of Stavanger, mariner, aged 38, 
born there; in the "Peter" and turned out,with 
the other mariners, on shore in Scotland at 
Ualros near Dundee. Went back to Norway. 

KNC¥/DiS TON , Paul , owner of the "Peter", a burgomaster 
of Stavanger. 

GEMkNSON, Erasmus, of Stavanger,aged 38, born there. 

GEECIAN,Robert,at Leith,to whom the "Peter" was 


SOiffiRSET, vol.3. 

MXE v.KAYE als. FOKD. 

A Suit for Nullity of Marriage , 


1634. BAYJB,V/illiam,of Portsmouth, Hants. , gentleman, a 

cannonier,aged 60, has lived there 12 or IS 
years ;bef ore that at South Petherton and 
Shepton feach^, Somerset; born at PuckingtGn, 
Somerset. Sometime chief constable of South 
Petherton; father of Edward. (Signs ) . 

RAYS, Edward, in Llay 1621, at William RAYE'S house 
at Shepton Beacham, agreed to marry 

FORDB, Charity ,Married at Bristol, when almost 12 
years old. Died at Yeovil 10th. Deer. Induced 
to disavow her husband. 

MASON, Mr. ^minister at St. Mark's church, commonly 
called Gaunts in Bristol. 

MAEKES,Mrs.Hester 5 wife to one of the Prebends of 

Bristol, and her daughter .present at the marriage. 
•* Andrew 

WILLIE, Collys 

WINTER, Elizabeth, of South Petherton, widow, at whoso 
house Edward and Charity HI YE stayed, where Charity 
eat and served for two years in Edward's mercer's 
shop until she was 14. She ibapt.at Esrell in 

MANNING, John, charged with stealing a sheep. 
FORDS , Lionel , father of Charity;his will that she 

should be brought up by her aunt Joane FORDE 
HAR2WELL , Henry 9 and the mother of Charity FORDS, lived 

at Yeovil and were brother & sister by the mother-, 

as commonly reputed. 
WOLRIDGE, George, of South Pother ton, chandler, aged 50; 

has lived there 28 years ;born in Gillingham, Dorset. 

Is a messenger attending upon the King's Majesty 

and the Lords of Council. (Signs). A common informer 

and lives by false accusations. 


Drcm.Per8.1916. (215) 

MYS v.R^ra als . FOKD (cpntd. ) 

1£E3S TON, George, of South Pother ton f husbandman, 
aged 50; has lived there 26 years ;born at 
White Laekirtgton. (Signs). 

CRIBBB, Alice, aunt to Edward MYE & Charity FOKD. 

ANS TYCE , Edmund , of South Petherton,mercer,aged 44, 
has lived there 21 years, and before that at 
Yeovil; says that William MY went to Portsmouth 
and got a soldier's place to avoid payment of 
his debts. Is worth £100 and is a subsidy man 
(Sigas ANSTIS). 


CLERK, John 9 was prest for a soldier in regard of 
his misdemeanours. 

John, reputed a man of ill-carriage and 

HATiLKTT, ffiomas ,of Yeovil, attorney, aged 40, has lived 
there 17 years and before that at Weymouth; born 
at Pendomer, Somerset. (Signs). 

HKBDITCH, Richard, parish cleric of South Petherton. 

Dram. Pers . 19 16 . ( 216 ) 

LONDON & llUm. , D3L3GAT23 ' 3XAMS. 

BEEKS. .BUCKS. , vol.2. 

and KSY v. INGHAM. 

.* * 

Wllliag MAN and John INGHAM'S deaths. 


1637. PABIiOCK, Richard, of Westminster, locksmith, 

aged 35, has lived there 20 years ;born 
in Hans teed, Berks. Liveth in !Uheoving 
Lane near to the sign of the Still in 
St. Margaret 1 s parish and came out of 
Barkshire. (Signs ) . 
INGHAM, John, a neighbour Of FAKROCK'S, lying 
on his death-bed 9 started up,saj^ing, "V/ho 
is that? viho is that ? ,f , and some of the 
company answered , "It is Hi chard the smith". 
Dorothy ,v/i-fe of John INGHAM and Mrs. INGHAM 
died of a consumption. Mr. INGHAM died 
CLIN TON, Mrs. a neighbour also present. 
MAN,William,and John INGHAM his nephew, buried 
both on one day. MAN was dead in the house 
when PARROCK was with Mr. INGHAM, who, with his 
wife and children lived in MAN ? S house for 
four years & were well loved by him, Mrs. 
INGHAM dwelt with Mr. MAN before she was 
married to Mr. INGHAM • MAN worth £10,000, 
could write well and used a scrivener-like 

DUBBLKDAY ,2dmund , of the Inner Tempi e, Es q. , aged 
36, has lived there 16 years. 

EXLSH, Dorothy ,7/ife of William, of S tJLnne ^Aiders - 
gate, citizen and goldsmith, aged 21; has lived 
there 5 years ;bef ore that in the family of 
Francis SIMPSON in Cheaps ide 3 months, and before 
that in the family of William MAN, the testator, 
13 or 14 years, being of kindred to him by marriage. 
Supped below stairs ,was called up, and tarried by 
his beds ide, and sometime by the fire, until he died* 
Was born at Drayton in Buckinghamshire's she 
hath heard. WIMBSRLEY 
Drsm.Pers.1916. (217) 


and KEY v. INGHAM, (contd. ) 


1637. yiMBBRIESY f Gilbert,S.T.P. .aged 43, curate of St, 
Margaret f 3 ,tJostminster,visited William MAN 
and administered the Sacrament. (Signs ) . 

KIPlMi.Kobert.S.f.P. .at MAN'S feeds Ida', said he 
must go to his brother the Archbishop of York, 
and MAN answered , "1 pray you to remember my 
service or duty to him, and pray for me". Aged 
60, a prebendary of Westminster, do poses that 
DIGRAM went to London to prove Mr. MAN'S will, 
and soon after foil a iclc. (Signs ). 

CHAPMAN, Peter, the College b rev or in 9 estminster. 
" James .the College bs&or. 

ANTBOBUS, ... a countryman of Mr.IHGHAU'S 

HEWOOD, Peter, of Westminster, Esq. ,agod 60, has lived 
there 40 years jv/as bora at Heywood Hall in Lanc- 
ashire; had the will put into his hands by Mr. MAN ; 
Mr. 8HALCBDSS, scrivener, and his man James PAHCALL 
being present. (Signs). 

BROTOB ,Adam , of S t . Margax et • s .Westminster .vintner .has 
lived there 23 years ;born in Saffron Walden, Essex, 
INGHAM, on his friendly advertisement that God had 
put a good estate into his 'hands by the death of 
his uncle. asksd this deponent to pray for him. 
Two days after, becoming distempered, he called for 
this deponent, pinched him hard by the hand and said, 
•'Browne, Browne, Browne; I have been a Puritan indeed, 
but no^ I will not be so any more", and about two 
days after he died. Lives in Tattle utreet,rig^t 
ever against the fl Peter and Paul", where he hath lived 
about sev@n years, and useth the trade of a joiner; 
had lived in Westminster 14 years before. Mr.& Mrs. 
INGHAM matched by William MAN; lived in his house and 
dieted at his table. (His mark a barbed rose. ) 

8KFI0N , John »par ty to this suit. 

Draa.Pers.1916. (218) 


volume 2. 

The vicar o f Batters ea T s Tithes. 


1637. SHBJMONDIHE , John . of Battersea, Surrey, yeoman, 
aged 67, has lived there 49 years. 

PBltiHAED ,7/ i 11 iam, inducted into the vicarage 
of Batters ea about 1627, and was in peace- 
able possession until his death about two 
years since, and of the small tithes. Half 
a hundred of apricocks worth xij&. Half a 
pecK of peaches worth x.ij<i. ,etc. 

G3AJIDIS0N, Lord, proprietary of the parsonage, 
died about 163 2. 

ST. JOHN, Lord Oliver , dwelt in Battersea; his 
will, of which Sir John ST.J0H2T was ox'or. 

2A.YLEH, Thomas , of Battersea, yeoman, aged 50, 
born there. (Signs). 

PIS OHAPJD, Barbara, widow of William. 

WOP, Nicholas , of Battersea, yeoman ? aged 40, 
has lived there 40 years. (Signs). 

SE3NCER,John ,of Battersea, gent., aged 66, has 
livod there 44 years ; was born in Gar- 
sington.,Oxon; is the King's servant and 
a subsidy man in the King's house. (Signs). 

^OOD, Thomas , of Battersea , husbandman 9 aged 69, 
bom there. (Signs). 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 




volume 2. 

Lord KOUDERNESS his Norfolk property & Annuities. 

A. D. "" ~ ~" ~ ~ ~ ' "~ 

1640. BARRET? .Martin , of Terrington ,Horf oik, yeoman , aged 49, 
has lived there 26 years and "before that at IbIs- 
ham,Cambs. ; born at Snarwell , Gambs . , farmed some 
of Edward RAxlSEY 1 S land. (Signs). 

RAMSEY , Roger , aides t brother of Edward RAIvISEY Esq., 
deceased, had lands in Terrington and T/alton in 
Marshland worth £700 a year. 

RAMSEY, Rob ert , brother by the half-blood of the 

deceased and pretended administrator of his goods, 
etc. ,and younger than Roger. 

DIXON , Pat r i ok , o f S t . Llart in ' s - in- the -Fi el d s , London , 
tailor, aged 5 4, has lived there 32 yoars and be- 
fore that in Edinburgh, Scot land, where he was born; 
that Roger and Robert RAJuSEY had both one father 
but not both one mother; that Edward had long 
leases in Jilney and Walpcolo in Marshland and 
other places in co.ITor folic; that lands were left 
in trust to Edward RAMSEY, 15 years ago, by the 
Earl of Eolderness to pay annuities to his 
brothren and sisters and certain RAMSEYS of Soot- 
land. Robert paid them for 5 years, but then 
failing ,he , by an order of the Lord Keoper,was 
adjudged to prison for his contempt , viz t. the 
Fleet where he remaineth. Receives £20 a year 
from said lands. (Signs). 

KEXE, Mr. George, of the Bedchamber,) sequestrators , now 

GRAYDIEU,Mr. John, of the Robee, ) pay the annuities 
or yearly pensions out of the said lands. 


DraauPerB. t 1916. 


BAI^SEY vorsus (contd. ) 


1640. V/ALLIS ,-Ajdam s of Choc 8 Icy Hurst ( Chi s lohurs t ) ,Kent , gent. , 
aged 45, has lived there 10 years , "before that in 
Norwich,ITorfolk; bom in Scotland; that Edward HAM- 
SHY was lessee of tho Queen's IJanor in Torrington. 
(Signs wAIl*LC2). 

S3*UFffi,Ii£nund,of St. Bene t , Paul f s 7/harf, London, gent. , 
aged 26, deposes as to a copy of tho Inventory filed 
in the Prerogative Court, and to an Answer in Chan- 
cery. (Signs). 

SAH3)BH0OK]j,John,of 3 1. Michael, Cor nhill, citizen and 
draper, aged 60, has lived there 40 years; v/as born 
at Coventry; doposos as to copies. (Signs). 

DraaUPars. ,1916. 



Ol? SOOTLtJ-JD vol.2. 


Sir Thomas CANNON'S bequests . 


1640 GAMMON, Jane, of St.LIary Havorf ordsrest , Pembroke , 

agod 38 ,widow, sister by marriage to Sir 
Thorns CANNON. Heard Sir Thomas make his will 
as she was listening at the chamber door. 7/as 
born in Rosomarkot ,co. Pembroke; is of kin to 
Arthur OWM'S wife, mother of the pro&uoent ,and 
of Hugh OY/BN'S wife. Her late husband v/as uncle 
to some of the legatees named and brother of 
Sir Thomaa. 

CANNON, Sir Thomas, lived and died in V/averf ordwost ; 
when questioned by Doctor PRITOHARD whother he 
had settled his worldly ostate,made answer, "It 
is done". He died in Oct. 1638 , aged about 72. 

GRIFFITH, George William, called to bring in the said 
will, read the will to Sir Thomas in an audible 
voico,and Sir Thomas gave God thanks that it was 
done, subscribed his nam©, and immediately there- 
upon wrote a vorso out of the Psalms, f, Tho Lord 
hath taught my hands to War, and my fingers to 
fight", and under that M Benodicat Deus l! ;did seal 
the same with his seal and delivered it to Dr. 

GANNON ,Llaur ice present at the making of the will. 

Sir Thomas's brother's son and acted as his Steward. 
DAY IS , Thomas f aJLs o pro&ont. 
FRY, Edward, also present & with 
STIB3IN3,John & his wife. 

UILWARD,Ur. , physician to Sir Thomas. 


DraHwPors.1916. (222) 

PHITCHARD v. G4NN0N. .( contd . ) 


1640. CAOTON,Liervin,of Lla3mrtley,co.Carnarvr>n, 

gentleman, agod 22, bora at East Greenwich, 
Kent; is nephev/ and livod in house with 
Sir Thomas. (Signs Ilarven CANON). 

SHiSPHSAHD .Matthew , of St.Botolph,Aldersgato, 
London, gent. ,aged 60, has lived there 20 
years ,was horn at Donictt (?Donhoad) , Wilts. ; 
v;ont to the Registers Office of the Star 
Chamber in Gray*s Inn to examine certain 
Answers remaining there upon record. (Signs ) . 

IvIINSHALL , J ohn , of St.Benet *s ,Paul f s Y/harf,aged 
20, servant to Mr. Charles SELLERS, proctor 
of tho Arches Court, born at Glutton, co. 
Chester, deposes. (Signs). 

GIFK)KD,John,of St. lave , Silver Street , London, 
U.D. ,aged 73, has livod there 40 years. (Signs ) . 

RI!AD,Alexandor,of St. Andrew Hubba rd, London ,M.D. , 
aged 79, born in Scotland ;was Sir Thomas 
GANNON'S physician. (Signs). 

V/RIGH?, Lawrence ,11. D. ,of Charterhouso,2Iiddx. ,agod 
50,doposos as to the? nature of an apoplexy 
and of "somnus profundus". "Appoploxia fort is 
which onds in death and out of which their 
master Hipocratis telloth us it is impossible 
to escape". (Signs) . 




volume 2. 
im*lfo v.SAKFOHD. 

Character of Gyles IPG ON of Sevenoaks . 
A.D. * 

1S40. C0M^7;AY,a.:argarot ,wifo of Thomas, of Sevenoaks, Kent , 
currier, aged £6, has lived there 14 years; "born 
at :;itham. 

TO* 1PS0IT, Gyles ,a poor man of little or no credit, 
sometime a Bailiff of Otford Court, a retainer of 

OL/^Rkli.l.Ir.I^alphjV/ho hath given SD^lPOOSf his livery 
or cloak to wear, and liveth in house with 

3A1TF0RD , I Ir. Charles, who employed TOIIPSOU as servant, 
and is faulkncr to Mr. CLLPHALi. ■ • 

BLOOMI,,lIr.\\illiam,of Sevenoaks , gent. , aged 50; born 
there; employed I0MP3C1T as "bailiff, hut ejected 
and cast him out for being false and playing the 
knave. Is worth £40 a year. (Signs). 

BAHie:?,, Ill izabeth, said TOx.lPSOlT was the father of hor 

T0MP30IT , Thomac ine ,wif e of Gyles ,who instructed hor 
what to depose , insomuch that the Judge was 
of fended, and asked what fellow that was that 
whispered with her, and sent him out of Court. 

G0LD'w1iLL,xIr. ,said ho was £100 worse for the said 
jPOuPSOIT. Undcr-Sheriff for the county of Kent. 

Lij.'./RDlTCi], Oliver, of L>ov en oaks , gent. ,agod 27, has lived 
there a year and a half , and before that for three 
years in St .Michael *s ,^ood Street , London; born at 
Farly in Kent; that TOIIPSOIT was employed by Ur. 
Balph CiAPILU.i and carried his hawks. Is an 
attorney of the Common Pleas. (Signs). 

GOO PDR, i.I is tress ,grandmother of the producont SH/u)J, 







B3HKS. vol.2. 


A Suitor for Alice Eaves. 


1642. C0XK23R, Nicholas, vicar of Dunstev; f Oxon. ,agod 44, 
has livod there 16 years ;born in Abingdon, 
Borks. Deposes that in Bartholornewtido in 1639 
©lomas DAVI33 camo to the house of Anno RAVES, 
mothor of Alico J£*V£3 in Duns tow, to "be received 
by Alico as a suitor for marriage. Alico public- 
ly professed and said that she would do nothing 
without her mothor* s consent. Deponont said to 
Thomas and Alico, "I doubt not but ore long I 
shall marry you", whereupon Alico ropliod, "Soft , 
Mr.C0XE23R,let him first got ray mothor* s consont**. 
Thomas never could obtain it and did thoreupon 
affirm that ho would not proceed further in tho 
w/ay of marriage with Alice but was going to 
another, and before oho should see him again ho 
would bo married to another. He received from 
her all such gifts and tokens as ho had givon 
hor and declared they were absolutely partod. 
Deponent is worth £40. (Signs). 

GAS T3LL, Thomas, of Dunst,ow,yooman T agod 55, has livod 
thoro since his birth, deposes. Is worth £400, 
his debts paid. His first wife was sistor by the 
mother's side to tho mother of tho producont. 

COX, Robert ,of Duns tow, tailor, aged 28, has lived thoafo 
14 yoars,born thoro. Heard DAVIS wish Alico , "Good 
fortuno* , ,snd say he was going to soo anothor 
v/oman,srrd before he came to Dunstow again ho hoped 
ho would bo a married man. (Signs CGXH). 



vol, 2. 


llorocco Bound . 


1643 BKrai3T?,William,of St.LIary Woo lnoth, London, 

mo reliant, a god 31,has livod thoro 3 years, 
boforo that in St. Andrew Hubbard 10 years; 
bam at Lav/hit ton, Co rnv;all. Deposes that 
in 16345 there wore Articles of Treaty be- 
tween the King of England and tho King of 
Morocco for trade botv/een their subjects. 
A Patent granted to Sir William RUSSBLL and 
others as a Socioty for tho solo tradoja 
'joint stock to the value of £12,000 ; deponent 
one of tho factors they employed, having boon 
conversant in Barbary. A robellion in tho 
kingdom of Fosse, part of tho King of Llorocco* s 
dominions , maintained by a Saint called Llahomet 
Loishai. Tho King of Horocco soized tho Fronoh 
King's Consul and other subjects , made thorn 
slaves , forced them to turn from their religion 
by tormonts f and took all their estates from 
them. (Signs ) . 

CL0BURY,l.Ir.\7illiam,in his lifetime a member of tho 
said Company in the Barbary affairs. 

BALLOV/,John,of St. Stephen, Co loman St. , merchant, 
aged 60, has lived th^ro 8 years, born at Thame, 
Oxon. f vas accomptant to the Barbary Company. (Signs). 

DracuPore, 1&16. (226) 


YORKS. ,DOBSBT, vol. 2. 



rho Parliament's Army boforo Bristol . 


1646. PESaBSOH,35iomac,of The Savoy , London, aged 37 , has livod 
there 6 years, before that for 13 years at Hosling- 
ton,Yorks. ,born at Shorry Hutton f has served a3 a 
soldior for about a year in the service of the 
Parliament; first in Col. IRUTOIT'S Rogiment under 
0apt.G»7ILLILl,and since his death under Capt.PHETTY 
who suocoodod him. 

&7ILLL1, Thongs , chap la in in a troop of soldiers in tho 
sorvice of tho Parliament till ho died a little 
before Llichaolmas lost. Lay in his hut in the field 
boforo Bristol; there being hawk in the hutt ho 
was looking on her :.nd said he had loved the sport 
well and had f ormoriy kept a leash of hawks of his 
own. His oosen,l«7ill CALL07/ , should have and onjoy 
his estate, that ho might live like a gentloman and 
maintain the sport of hawking as ho had done. Adding 
furthor that his brothor Charles was in tho King's 
Amy and an enemy to the Stato,and that if he should 
meet his brothor in the field he would kill him if 
God did give him strength or ability thereto. Ho 
• spoko words to the like effect in his hut near Dur&on 
Down betwixt \7e3tbury j;nd Bristol. 

UJ,LLHR,Iir. ,his house at Yetminstor in Dorsetshire. At 
tho siege of Shorbourno Castle, in the dining parlor, 
GV/XLLIIi said to one Lir. JSHNIiTGS , "It is a great comfort 
to mo to have my nephew Will CALLO^^my sister's son, 
with mo,whom I have loved of a ohild and do purpose 
to settle all my estate upon when I die". GV/IXLHI 
served as a soldier or Captain in the service of tho 
Parliament, first und/a- Sir Arthur H2SZ£LRIGGs>thon under 
Sir v/illiam wALLhiH^vtid lastly undor bir I'hornas >A£rtilAA. 
in tho regiment of Col. IRuTON, where he was slain by 
a sally made out of BrislK>l^near J^es-fbury. 


-TteGBUto?*+22l€>. (227) 

CALLOW v.BUHGOYES. (contd. ) 


1646. _OAILa7 t \7i { lli«a,nophow of Capt. ©7111111, at 

King* 8 Y/oston hard by with tho Quart or- 
mastor of the Troop. 
LONGBO TTOM ,Mr . , o f Capt. GV/ILLIII'S troop ,v;ao 
slain before Bristol tho samo day, told 
CALLOW what his undo had declared at 
Bath about throo weeks boforo tho docoasod 

\7A1T0N, Thomas ,his house at Harwoll,whero GftllLIM 
lay a night or two. 

IijvSTSMa i T,Thonxio,of Shilling Oakgord, Dorset , 
yeoman, aged 29, born thoro,v;as prosent at Ur. 
UILLEH'S at Yetrainstor when Capt. GY/ ILL III do- 
olarod his nuncupative will. (Signs). 

GWTLLIH, Charles, of S taunt on, Gl ouc. , gent. , aged 40, 
has livod there 5 years, boforo that at Tropon 
Konnett in the parish of St.Y/aynard 's ,co. 
Hereford, where ho was bom. Is brother of 
Capt.Y/illiam GWILLII.I, dec eased. Sorvod as a 
gont Ionian of Major HARLSY'S troop in $ho 
corvico of the Parliament ; now livos in tho 
Forest of Dean and has often boon called to 
assist tho Parliaments forcos at Monmouth 
against tho soldiers of Eagland Castlo. 
CALLOW was a good while in arms for tho King 
against the Parliament in the troop of Sir 
Charlos KBYLilSH, under tho Lord HSIffiEHT,and 
was takon prisoner at Sir Thomas FAIRFAX'S 
going to the V/est. Deponent was in arms on 
the King's side for about a year in tho first 
boginning of those Y/arSo CALLOW is nophow or 
Bistor's son of this deponent and William 
GtfL--Iii. (Signs) . 

Dranu^ors^ IS 16. ( 228 ) 



Horo About Joseph Runiney. 
A.D. ' " " 

1646/7. &LL0M01T,John,of St .imno , Blackfriars , London, 

shoemaker, aged 48, has lived there 20 years, 
born at Sothon in Franco. 

HJMNEY, Joseph, deceased, often sont for S/ilOLION 
to his house in Iremongor Lane, and complained 
of the unjust dealing of his brothor V/illiam, 
to v/hom he had given ,£1500 to put into tho 
East India Company's hands by way of adventure, 
but v?ho put it all in his ovm name. Ho v/ag 
novor af terv/ards permitted to soo tho deceased, 
and v/hon, during his last si cktioss , Joseph heard 
ho was in tho houso ho said,"Ayo,ho is come 
to soo if I am dead, but ho shall be nover the 
bettor by it". Tho Lady BULIHBY,his mother, left 
him an estate of £45, 000, and tho general famo 
was that he died v;orth £50,000. 

N0KBS,Bartholomev/, cashier to Joseph.,paid Y/illiam 
money for household expenses. 

C5ii3ir^,Lady,boi*rowod £100 of the deceased v/hon she 
was going to Oxford. He told her ho gave her 
that, for he know she v/ould pay him nono again. 

CiaiFBNTBR ,Anne t o f Chr i s tchurch , London , sp instor , 
aged 21, has lived there 9 months , before that 
. for a yoar in St. Martin's ,Iremongor Lane;born 
at Eddington,Viilts. Lived for about a year 
with Ilr. Joseph as his domestic servant. 

Dram. Per s. 1916. 

v 229) 


SOMERSET, KENT, volume 2. 



A Voyage in the "Li ones so". 
A.D. " ~ ' * — — 

1641. ERBURY, Henry, of Allhallars the Groat .London, 
merchant , aged 22, has lived thoro 7 years; 
born at Brut on, Somerset. Deposes that in 
a voyage about 1639, GOULD and company lot 
the ship "Lionesso" to freight to Gonsalvo 
HDDERIGUES do Conha,v/ho lot out two thirds 
thereof to John idUL33 and Richard B?AR3» 
this deponent then living in Lisbon in the 
house of John WJJJ&* (Signs). 
AI.1Y, Thomas, tho factor or correspondent of 

GOULD and company. 
R^-.l£,M\;ard, servant to Thomas AMY. 
UATHDV/IjS .Maximilian, of St.Olavo's, Southward, 
shipbuilder ( "naupegus") aged 44, has lived 
tjiero 16 years; born at Madloy, Hereford. 
That ho \;cnt in tho "Lionesso" as ship 
carpenter; v;as at Lisbon and in all tho 

EDGATTj , Thomas , of Dove r, Kent .mariner , ago d 19, 
has lived the ro ton. years; uas bom thoro. 
That ho v;as in tho "Lionosso" all the 

D ram. Pors-^,1916. 





volume 2. 

william NORTON'S will . 


1640. SPitfTCHR, Stephen, of Poeckshippon (?) f co. Wilts. , 

scrivener, agsd 27, has livod there- three 
yoars, before that at liorton in Thornbury, 
CO. Gloucester ,20 years; born at Wells in 

NORTON, 1 ;, illiam, his will, nr.de his mark as his 
hand shook so, at the request of his son 
till iam. 

NORTON, Ur. Robert .brother of the deceased. 
WIISHS3R, John, servant to w illiam NORTON, 

witnessed his will. 

BDACH, ,wifo of Goorgo,and daughter 

. of v;illiam NORTON; her father was induced 

to give her one cow or heifer. 
NORTON .Anno, in the house when the will was 


Dram. Pors. f 1916. (231) 


DIjLEGA'ILS 1 i^u-iS. 

volume 2. 

Gray*s ;Unshouso [it Taunt on . 

1646. RAYICR, Christopher, of .O.lhallo\rs ,Broad St root , 
London, no rcer,age& 4 5. has lived thcro 17 
years; born at Lon hem, Kent, lived in house 
vith Robert GRAY eleven years. (Signs). 
GRAY, Robert ,do coasod. Built an Almshouse at 

PO./TJLL, Joyce, alias CL0 2/0R2KY. ) Claim to bo 

HAY1U:,S , Julian, al ias PlelCr,, ) of kin to 
alias CLO?.;ORTHY. ) the 

S. ",V I LJ j , 1 iary . ) de c oas cd . 

CLO WORTHY ,\ .ill iam ) 

SCADDIITG, James, "of St. 1.1 ary St cyning, London, 
merchant t ay lor, aged 50, has lived there 
9 months , be f ore that in 3 1. Uarti n' s , Iron- 
monger Lane, 6 years, and before that in 
St.:,iary-lo-Bov; 3 years; born at Uilvcrton, 
Somerset. r .as Robert GRAY'S household 
sorvant 17 years; was often at Taunton 
for him; never heard of above as his 
kindred or in any v;ay till his doath 
v;hcn tlt-y came to claim his estate. (Signs). 

?ITCHDR,Hugh,cou3in to Robert GIu.Y, often 
received letters from him. 

IdLYO , Jam-' s , o f St. Duns tan- in- 1 h e ; est, Londo n , 
gont. ,aged 55, has lived there 16 years; 
born at liilborne Port , Somerset . Kncv/ 
GRAY 20 years; v:as employed by him in 
law business ,v: hie h is his profession. 

Ei.RRT)?'? »\ illiarn ,rr rriod the daughter of the 
said Hugh PITCHER. 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 








Oxford in the Civil War^rs.Bambridge's 

ZOUCH, Richard, LL.D. .principal of St.Alban's Hall, 
Oxford, present at the making of Mary BAMBHIDGE'S 
will. Know hor almost 20 years before her death. 

BAHBRIDGE, Mary, widow of Dr. BALSBRIDGE ,raade her will 
in hor house over against Morton College, 25th. 
February 1643. She had t£ireo sons in London. The 
Lord Primate of ARMAGH reminded her that according 
to Moses 1 law the eldest son should have a double 

GREAVES , John ^nominated as sole executor, told the 

King he had been left a gDOd estate. 
USHER, James Archbishop of Armagh, resided at I&ceter 

College. (Signs). Was present at the making of 

the will. 

HINSOH, Thorax s, servant to Dr. ZOUCH, present at the 

making of the will. 
ALPORT, Philip, and Mary his wife, servants to Mrs . BAM- 

BRIDGE and Dr. ZOUCH, were present at the making 

of the will. 
FLETCHER,Uargaret,a legatee. 

SUSSEX , Thoma s , Ear 1 of , aged 50, at his house in Covent 
Garden, ©ays he lodged at Mrs . BAUBR1DGB 1 S most of 
the time that Oxford remained a garrison, and ob- 
served her to be a very sickly .weak and feeble 
old \rosattt«yi very defective in her understanding 




GHB&V3S vvBAJBIgGgOg (con td. ) 

A. 2). 

1646/7. and memory. Tho sun of £660 was placed 

upon bond in this deponent *s hands for 
securing the same, some few days before 
her death,and shortly after an order 
came from the Lords Commissi oners for 
the stay and keeping of the same in this 
deponent's hands for His Majesty's use , 
and afterwards another order to pay it 
unto them, but most of it being already 
predisposed of for this deponent's own 
necessities he sent £250 in gold for His 
Majesty's use. //as present at the Council 
Sable at Oxford when Mr.GHS&V3S appeared 
upon a summons and explained how the money 
was disposed. £100 was destined for the 
building of some house of Astronomy vfoich 
these times would not yet permit, and so it 
v/as lent to the King and tho Lord Treasurer 
assigned it to this doponent for his Maties 
house whereof this deponent was then treasur- 
er. (Signs). 
WALKlR,John f ag8d 21 f domestio servant to Lord 

SUSSEX these 7 years; bora at Burs tall t co. 

York. Was at Oxford in Mrs . BAMB1UDGE ' S house. 
ELLIS t Frances»wife of V/illiam.aged 39 .domestic 

servant to Lord SU5&EK these 9 years ;born at 

Overthorp, co. North 'ton. Was at Oxford at tho 

&aiQ3 time. 

GK&ITT,Matilda t wif3 of , Eiomas f agad 36 .household 
servant to Lord SUSS3X these 20 years ;born at 
Ho r ton .Bucks. That &a.£UlBaiJXx£ appeared to 
b© a very we&lc woman. 

Dram. Pera. 1916. (234) 


3UFFK. WAK/. S BUFFS. vol.2. 




1646/7. EDGAK, Thomas, of Gray's Inn,Middx. , Esq. , aged 43, 

has lived there 20 years ;born at Fr&msden, 
Suffolk* (Signs). 

DEVEB2UX ,lirs . El i zabeth , only dau. of 

WITHY?OLL,3ir William, dec eased , who retained EDGAR 
as his comisel at lav; about his estate. EDGAH 
wrote his will in Sir William's house in Drury 
Lano,where he lay very si ok. V/as much subject 
to p&ssion "before his sickness whereof he died. 
Ho died in August 1645. His house at Ipswioh. 
Disliked his daughter's husband. 

\7I2HYP0LL,LIrs*JLucy t his sister , coming to visit the 
deceased, interrupted the making of the will. 

FELTOH,Sir Henry. -Sir William declared he should 
have no part of his estate, for he endeavoured 
to betray him at his coming over from beyond sea. 

TOLLELIACHE, Mr. Ptolemy, a legatee. 

VO 2HYPG LL , Edmund , a legatee. 

DSVEREUX, Leicester, Sir 7/illiam declared he should 
have none of his estate. 

LILLY,Williara,of St. Clement Danes , London, gent. , aged 
44,has lived there 26 years ;bom at Diseworth, 
co.Leic. Became acquainted with Sir William in 
August 1643 when he v^as a prisoner in Winchester 
House after his return from Flanders. Said he 
had been betrayed by Sir Henry FELTON ,whose 
mother Mr.BBGOKES had married. He had intended 
to return undiscovered to Brussels. Declared that 
once ho wished F^iOli so well that he had intend- 
ed to give him Chris tchurch and the lands near 
Ipswich but that now he should have neither nor 
a penny out of his estate. (Signs). 


Dran.PerB.1916. (235) 

FELTON v.DEVKREUX. (oonfcd. } 


1646/7. Robert , of Bury, Suffolk, Esq, ,ag©d 50, ' 

has lived there 3 months ; "before that at Faken- 
ham 7 years ; "born at Helminghara. Chat Thomas 
EDGAR was solicitor to Leicester DEV3RHUX, 
husband of the party appellate. EDGAR in his 
chamber in Gray's Inn told deponent his son 
should enjoy whatever Sir William had intend- 
ed him,?;hich was £50 per annum. Sir V/illiam 
resided at Ipswich and Thetford and Bury, 
dolightod in the company of the producent and 
satisfied that he had no hand in his arrest 
but that it was a plot of his father-in-law's 
William BROOKE. He was cast into the Fleet for 
some time after his discharge from Winchester 
House. Deponent is uncle to the Lady FELTON. 

GILBERT, Jeffery, an old man, a goldsmith at Ipswich, 
urged Sir William to settle his estate;said 
that he had always found him faithful and there- 
fore rested satisfied. Sir William said he had 
given his daughter a long spoon and that will 
shall stand. The deceased said in choler that 
no such knave as EDGAR should know what he put 
into his will. His daughter had played the jade 
with him in the Low Countries and he should never 
forgive her. 

TOLLEMACHE, Edward, of Fakenh&m, Suffolk, gent. , aged 26, 
has lived there two years, before that for six 
months in Somersetshire, before that for two year© 
in the city of London;born at AdorBton,oo.Warw. 
His father, Mr. Robert TOLLSUAGHE,at Fakenh&m. This 
deponent and the Lady FELTON the produoont's wife 
are cousin-germans or brother's children. (Sigas ) • 

RXGEiiOED , Robert , of St. James ,Clerkenw ell, London, aged 
48, has lived there six months , before that as 
domestic servant to Sir William V/ITHYPOLL at Christ- 
church near Ipswich, 12 years, before that in London 3 


DraauPors.1916. (256) 

FELTON v.I)S\rSHEUX. (contd. ) 


1646/7. years ;born at Flixt on, Suffolk. Mr. Jeffrey 

GILBERT said to Sir William he was an old 
man and his wife an old woman, and he had 
moneys in Sir William's hands ;he desired 
to know how they should bo secured. Sir 
William hade him take no care, for he had 
made his will t which he affirmed to the old 
man with deep asseverations. When Sir 
William's daugh t e r , Llrs . DETCHEOK , came to 
Christ church he would not see her, hut gave 
orders that she should have neither fire, 
meat, nor .candle ;but it being late at night 
she stayed till the next day and so went 
away. He Baid she had kicked against him 
in Flanders and that he would never for- 
get her. Mr.& Mrs . D2VE330X at the time 
of deceased's death were- at Leye<Court 
near Worcester. (Signs). 
BROWNE, Joseph, of St. Clement Danes, aged 24, 
servant in the family of Henry WILFOED, 
Esq. ,6 months, before that at Hasted, Essex, 
for & year,before that in Sir William 
WITHYPOLL'S family for a year and a half, 
and before that at Ipswich, Suff olk,where 
he was born. 

D&WES,Hargaret,of St.01ave,Hart Street, aged 58, 
wife of Thomas, has lived there a year, before 
that in Stepney 7 years ;born at Trentham,co. 
Stafford. Nursed Sir William for 13 weeks 
before his death, Ke acknowledged Mrs. 
DBVSKSUX to be his daughter and only child. 




ESSJ& and 1100 HER v. KNIGHT. 


A Shipbuilder's Affairs , 
A.D. ~ - 

1647. EYRE^Ihoras.of St. Dionis,Backchurch, London, 

aged 70, has livod there 16 years and 
more;born at Horsley,co. Gloucester. Is an 
socomptant by profession and has Known 
Robert CLEMENTS ,decoasod,for 20 years 
past. (Signs ). 

OLEklENTS, Robert, dec eased, in partnership with 
KNIGHT concerning masts and other materials 
for shipping. He died indebted to the 
pro&ucent Richard M0OR3H in £1394. 18s. lid. 
Father-in-law to KNIGHT. 

WRIGHT,William,of Allhallows Bar king, London, 
grocer, aged 41, has lived there ten years; 
born at AsBheler,co. Gloucester. Looked 
after a suit in Chancery between producent 
and the deceased. (Signs ). 

VINCENT, Christopher, kept the books of acoompte 
between MOOHER and the deceased. 

MOO RER, Richard ,mort gaged lands at tapping Wall 
to Captain WALKER. 

BATEMAN, William, of St.IXmstan' a-in-the-East , 
London, grocer, aged 62, has lived there 40 
years. (Signs). 

PIGGOTT, Richard, of St. Clement 's ,I3astcheap, London, 
grocer, aged 64, has lived there 40 years. (Signs ) 


Pram. Pers.1916. 

KOOHBB v. KNIGHT (contd. ) 

MBRISOH, Brian, of aitechapel, Middlesex, Esq. , 
aged 58, has lived there 40 years. Knew 
William KKIGHT and taiew his father very well, 
who loft hirn £80 per annum in land and some 
parts in ships ,&s ho belioveth. KNIGK2 had 
besides some £400 he had got by his own 
industry bo for 3 he married the daughter of 
Robert CLHL3NTS. 5wo of KHIGHf f S brethren- 
in-law were men of good estate* KN T IGHT was 
part owner with this doponont of the ship 
the "Achilles". (Signs). 

BYER, Edward, of stepney , citizen and leathorsollor, 
aged 55, has livod there 18 years ;born at 
Staunton, co. Gloucester. (Signs). 

Y/00D,William,of Stepney, aged 34, has lived there 
16 years;bora at Tangton,co. Gloucester. Depos^a 
that CLUiEIJTS died in September or October 
1646. (Signs). 

AR1ABEERE , Edward , of Stepney, shipbuilder, aged 54, 
has lived there 30 years , deposes. (Signs 

EiLRLK , Robert , of St. Dunstan * s-in-the-Eas t , scrivener , 
aged 32,has lived there 16 years , deposes. (Sigtis ) . 

H0LLIS,©\onxi3,of Chigvvoll , Essex, merchant , aged 36, hag 
lived there 3 4 years; born at V/arniington* oo. Uorthr- 
ampton. (Sigis). 





The Parish Cl erkship of Morflc's 
Risborou gh. 
A.P. " ' 

1634. RU*K&RD,Jool, vicar of Modmenhanwaged 36, -has 
"been there 10 years ; married the sister of 
Henry HEiTH. (Signs). 
HSffiOT, Franc is , Henry & James. 

SExTpK, . . . parish clerk of Princes Bisborough. 

JELL^ODN , Robert , of Princes Rishorough. 

Hl^*, Christopher, of Yiaddesdon, grazier, aged 32; 
^bas livo<i there 3 months, and the greater part 
of his life in Princes Risborough. Was over- 
seer ;brother to Henry. (Signs). 

BENSON, Richard, curate of Risborow. 

S?M?0?D1T, Robert .candidate for the parish oler&ahip. 
^REYNOLDS .Nathaniel, cliiorchward en of Princes Ris- 

James, of Sdmonton,IIiddx. ^hn^ben^msax^aged 37; 
has lived there 4 years; before that in Princes 
Risborough the greater part of his life. Brother 
to Henry HENN. (Sigis). 
BSXD^Ri^Lleoor x Aylesbury. 

I)1 ^uPeraUS16. (240). 

U>fflft$ s DEL3GA0SS r EXAMS. 

31AFFS., vol*2. 


The Countess of Su f f ol^ s Sstate. 


1639. ldAYEH,John,of St. Hartin- in- the-Fields , yeoman, 

aged 38, has lived there 19 years ?boni at 
Uttoxeter, Staffs ;was servant to the Countess 
Dowager of SUFFOLK about 16 years before she 
died,boing divers times at Audley Bnd in 
3s sex, and other times at Suffolk House .near 
Charing Cross. Heard her say she gave Thomas, 
E&rl of B3HKS, lands to the value of £1500 per 
annum* He stands "bond with others on behalf 
of the Countess in £1500 or £2000 more than the 
estate came to at her death but oonceiveth the 
' Sari of SUFFOLK is in honour bound to satisfy 
the same. (Signs MBIHE3 ) . 

SDFFOUC t 5hoophilus f nOT Sari of .employs MAYER; 

administered the goods of his father Thomas , the 
late Earl, and allowed hie mother, the Countess 
Dowager, the use of divers household stuff , plate, 
hangings and other things. Kat her ine, Countess 
of SUFFOLK, at her death left five sons and two 
daughters ,viEt. ,Theophllus ,Earl of SUFFOLK, 
Thomas, Barl of BERKS , Edward, Lord HOWARD, Sir Robert 
) HOWARD, Sir William HOY/AH), Elizabeth, Countess of 

BAHBURY,and Cat her ine, Count ess of SALISBURY. 

HARBEY,John,of Awdlend, Essex, gent. f aged 50, servant 
to Hheophilus ,Earl of Suffolk f and his predecessors 
these 13 years, born in Newport ; stand eth bound on 
behalf of the said Countess to the value of £1000. 
©ie Lady VAUX one of her children. (Signs). 

HAY*ARI),William,of Wa Id en, Ess ex, gent. f aged 76, has lived 
there 35 years, born in Norfolk;was receiver of the 
rents of the Countess 20 years before her death; 
the Sari of Berks in possession of the leads in 
Wiltshire for 12 years before. (Signs). 





A Seat in Clifton Church . 


1640. JONES ,Gilbort, LL.D. , chancel lor of the city of 

Bristol, aged 4r7;has lived there 14 years ;went 
with the Bishop of Bristol to view the seat; 
was vice-chancellor to the Bishop. (Signs). 
WHITTINMON, Andrew, claimed a seat in Clifton parish 
church ;his son John, lord of the lands of Mrs. 

WILSON, Mrs. ,and others , opposed the claim. 
POWliALL,Mr. ,the Register, his house adjoining that 

of Dr. JONES in Bristol. 
WOOD, George, a notary public under Mr,POWKALL,&s 

his clerk or deputy. 
ARNOLD, Henry, of Bristol, notary public ,aged 2&,has 

lived there 6 years ;born at Pulham„J}orset. (Sigas ). 
( see also page 168 ) . 

Ibid. WHS3A0ELY v.MARLE??. 
A.D. Tithes of Hitchenf ield . 

1640. COLLIER, Edward, of Ports lade, Sussex, husbandman, aged 40, 
born there and has lived there since his birth;has 
been at sea for a month or six weeks together on 
fishing voyages ;was at Hitchenf ield on Whit Sunday 
and in the church at both morning and evening 

WHEA2SLY,Lir. Richard, his house at Hitchenf ield in 1634 
or 1635, was born at Ports lade. 

UARLETT,WiIliam,aclaiowledged that he had compounded 
T7ith WKSAESLY for his tithes and ecclesiastical 
duties for that year for £5. Was at Ports lade when 
COLLIER first saw him. 

CHELSftUl, Richard, servant of Mrs. WH3Au33LY, present when 
he did so;has been servant to WHSATELY 8 years; is 
ZZ years of agerwas born in Hitchingf ield. 
Dram* Pers . 19 16. ( 242 ) 


volume 2. 



St. Peter's College ,Irthlingborough. 

BU CKLIAS iEH , Roge r , o f Irthl ingb o rough , c o . No rt hazap t on , 
husbandman, aged 62, has lived there about sixty 
years. Heard there was in former time a College 
founded near about the steeple of St. Peter's; 
hath seen ruins of an old building and a piece of 
an oven there; hath heard say there was a Dean 
and singing-men belonging thereto; hath known the 
tithes, oblations and ecclesiastical rights belong- 
ing to St. Peter's paid to the Lord VAUX. The Lord 
YAUX'S mother presented to the said cure one Mr. 
B3ADGATS. JBelieves there was a church or chapel 
formerly standing in the churchyard. 

B3ADGAT3,Kr. John, succeeded Ur. ISicmas GA2DS on his 
death, and ho was succeeded by 

MASON ,I£r. Robert ,who was succeeded by one 

BLB?S03 t Mr.Zd\vard,who was succeeded, on his death, by 

0MlT3,Mr. William. 

CHE]ft;2Y f Laurence, of Wellingborough, gent* ,agod 76, has 
lived there 34 years; born at IrthlAngborough. 
Kath heard of St. Peter's Oollege,and of a Dean, 
Canons and Clerks; hath heard his own father and 
mother relate that they formerly dwelt in the 
said College, that the Dean served the office of 
ourate in the parish church, and the tithes, etc. , 
belonging to the said College. The yearly 
pension of 20 rearms per annum was paid to the said 
curates out of the tithes belonging to the rectory. 
Is Roman^C&tholie anoL hath not received the Sacra- 
ment, etc. (Siena) 


DraauPwu ,-1916. 


A.D. VAIJX versus ENFBILD (contd.) 

1639-40. KNIGHTON, Richard ,of Irfchlingborough,co.Northi^ton, 
gent. f aged 50, has lived there since his birth, 
has a tenement first granted by a Dean of the 
eaid College and unto this deponent by letters 
patent from the Crown. Is worth £2500 his 
debts paid. (Signs). 

MULSH012,Mr. Robert, of llhingdon , co . Northampton ,Esq. , 
the said lord's kinsman. 

, John , of St , Sepulchre 1 e , London .porter ,aged 
58, has lived there 15 years; born at Irthling- 
borough. (Signs). 

CUL33HF0KD , J Ohn , of Boughton,co. Northampton, aged 42, 
has lived there 4 years; born at Perry Kall,co. 
Staffs. ,is worth £500 but is not taxed in His 
ilaties.booK: of Subsidies. Has heard of a ohuroh 
formerly standing in Irthlingborough called All 
Saints or Allhallows. (Signs). 

i$LT3BS,Francis,of St.Bunstan 1 s in the Y/est , London, 
aged 24, has lived there ten years; born at More- 
hall in Bidf ord,co.Warwick t deposes as to records 
in the Augmentation Office. (Signs). 

L3IGH, Thomas, of St. Gregory , London, notary public, aged 
28, has lived there and in St.^Iary LIagdalen,01d 
Pish St rest, three years; born at Geddington,co. 
Northampton, deposes as to records in the Aug- 
mentation Office. (Signs). 

BING, Stephen, of St. Gregory , London, aged 28, a minor 
oanon of St, Paul f s ,has lived there half a year, 
and before that at Holy Trinity, Canterbury, five 
years; born in Canterbury , deposes. (Signs). 

Dram. Pars. ,1916. 





Abraham Tryon ' e Library . 


1640. SHERLSY,John,of St . Botolphi,Aldoragate , 

London,bookseller,aged 30 1 has lived 
there 14 years. (Signs). 

B0URKHJ, Thomas , appraised and valued several 
books with SHSRLKY (a long ld>st of books, 
with values, filling nearly 19 pp. of 
foolscap). Of St.Botolph.Bishopsgato, 
stationer, aged 40, has lived there 16 years. 
Well knows the books to be worth the money 
as appraised by himself and SHEHLSY. (Signs). 

NLERSN, Garrett, of St. B eno fcftak , London f merohant , 
aged 28, has lived there a year and before 
that in St. Bartholomew by the Excbs≥born 
at Sandwich , Kent . (Signs). 

TBYON.Mr. Peter, of London .merchant. 

PEHSAX,Francis f of St. Bride 1 s .Fleet Street ,g®nt. , 
aged 48, has lived there 7 years or at Gray's 
Innjbora in St. Catherine Coleman. (Sig^s). 

TRYON, Abraham, his will in the Prerogative Court, 
seen by KIEHSN & PEHSAX who also testify as 
to an entry in the Register of the Dutch 
Church in Augustine Friars in Broad Street, 
referring to Peter TRYOIT son of Moses EKYON 
and as to an entry in the Register of St^C&riirfc- 
opher by the Exchange, giving the age of 
Samuel, son of Sir Samuel TRYON. 

HAHDING,2Ihomas,of Hale ted^Elss ex, gent. , aged 38, 
has lived there 8 years; bora at Ierby.co. 
Lincoln, lived with and attended on Sir Samuel 
TRYON .Bart. , for 8 years. Sir Samuel was bred 
first at Grammar Schools and then for a year 
and a half he livod as a Fellow Commoner in 
St. John's College. Cambridge, who re this deponent 
also served him. (Signs). Hath served Sir Edward 

br*m^*xHu!916. (245) ' 

W0B2LEY v. TKYOff. (contd. ) 


1640. WORTL12Y,La&y Elizabeth, do livored into Sir 

Samuel HEYOH'S company ,when ho was 21, 
Mr. Abraham THYOH'S books. 

2I&7HIE, Mr. Robert, of tho Mewos. When HARDING 
came out of Germany, out of the eervloe of 
the Swedes, he lived with Lir. TIKtfHIT a 
twelvemonth and then went to Sir Samuel 
flERYOH. HARDING understandoth something of 
High Dutch having lived in Germany and Low 
Countries about 7 $ears. Believes this suit 
is about certain books late of Abraham IERY0N, 
deceased; has made use of Chaucer * s Works, 
being one of the said books. Sir Samuel 
unders tan-doth English and Latin. Mr. Richard 
WQRT1EY was his tutor in hie father* e house 
before going to Cambridge and at the University 
also where he studied Divinity and History; 
believes Sir Samuel is now about 24. 

BRIDGES, Mat hew, of Che 1ms ford,£saex, gent. , aged 48, 
has lived there 30 years ;bom at Little Ba&dow. 
Deposes that the books, key and house are now 
in Sir Samuel's posses si on {understands only 
Latin and English; is taxed in the Subsidy at 
£3 in lands. (Signs}. 

MARSDELT , Ge orge , of Horns ey ,LIiddx. ,U. A. , aged 25,has 
lived there half a year, before that at St. John's 
College ♦Cambridge 8 years; bora at Thomhill,co. 
York. Deposes that Sir Samuel T3Y0N, Bart. , son 
of Sir Samuel, came to reside in St. John 1 s 
College. Understands the latin, Greek and Hebrew 
tongues; is maintained by his father. 

Dram Pars. 19 lt>. 


vol* 2. 
WlUHfi v £ LLOYD. 

ghe Bigh t of Presenta tion to V/itherby 

A. P. 

1641. WA3B0N^thony,olerk & vicar of Aehby-de-la-Zach, 
Leic. ,worth £36 per annum, has lived there 19 
years , deposes 5 he was presented to V/itherby 
in Kay 1633 ,and hope-s to be rector. Is not 
worth a penny his debts paid. (Signs). 
WU£*UR,Sir V/i 11 iam 9 knight ? patron of the rectory 
of Witherbye,LeiCc .recovered the right of 
presentation against the Bishop of Lincoln, 
DO MOLI27, LLOYD and others, in 1638, at Leicester 

EDWARDS , Clement , clerk, presented to tfitherby by 
Sir William T7ILLEB in 1619, and held it for 
four years. 

WA3B0N s Anthony,clerk,presented in I633,by WIIMBR. 
3)U M0LI2T, Peter, clerk, presented by the Bishop of 

Lincoln, v/ho refused to present the deponent 

Y/A2S01T; continued there for 3 years, 
LLOYD, . . . presented and instituted to \7itherby 

in 1632, hut never inducted. 
WA TEES, Franc is, of St .Dunstan- in- the-Vest, London, 

gent. , aged 26 9 has lived there. 12 years. Is worth 

£300. (Sigss). 

Essex. ibid .saALs v,mcdbsa t es. 


A.D. H3AD,7/illiam,of St Leonard 9 Colch ester, sailor, aged 30, 
1641. has lived there -14 years shorn in Newcastle. Deposes 

that Richard BSiilS foil him ATOKSY/IS borrowed so 
much money of him as purchased half the goods in 
the ship*' Deponent 9 after his arrival at Oolohester 
5n the voyage mentioned, wont for Bordeaux. (Signs). 
BAEHAMS ,Ben jamr.n , of the same palter, aged 34,has lived 
there 13 years; born in Colchester, is water-bailiXf 
of Colchester,, (Signs). 
BranuP©r8ol916o (247) 


QXON. »IBIC. , vol.2, 


Custom in the Oloth Trade, 


1641. HARRIS ^Robert, of St.Alban,Wood Street, London, 
merchant ,aged 22, has lived there a year, 
before that in Aide rmanbury, for 5 years; 
horn at Hanwell,Oxon, , deposes as to the 
ClothyTorkers' mark. V/as at the Custom House 
when the oloth arrived, (Signs Jtob.EABHIS 

HUDSON, . . . his factors at Hamburgh, send 
over oloth to London. 

SSJOKDEIN , J oha , of Allhallows Barking, Lond on, Salter, 
agod 76, has lived there 40 years {born in 8t. 
Giles, Cripp-legato, hath used the trade of a 
lighterman 60 years f deposes as to custom 
of unloading ships. (Signs). 

BUHL BTG , William* of St.01ave,S outhwark , 1 ighterman , 
aged 37, has livod there 9 years, horn at Oat- 
lands ,Surrey; has been a lighterman 20 years; 
deposes as to custom. (Signs). 

XE3TIAL? , Francis , of St . Duns tan 1 s-in-the-West , fish- 
monger, aged 34, has lived there 8 years; born 
at Great Bowdem,Leic. ;has been a wharfinger 
7 years, deposes as to custom. (Signs). 



GLOUG. DAKFi YN , J ohn , o f St, Andrew Ho lborn, London, gent. , aged 
A.D. 21, has livod there 4 years, and before that at 

1642 Derby, where he was born. Deposes as to a judgment 

in the King's Baaoh between Llargaret BANCBOF!?, 
widow, and V/illiara POTTJILL. (Signs). 
WEut,I£r. Nicholas , BAKEYN 1 S master, attorney for the 
plaintiff ;of St. Andrew Ho lborn, gen t. , aged 58,hsa 
lived there 36 years ;born in Gloucester. Was 
attorney for ISargaret BANCBOFT. (Signs). 
Drwa*Pegs.l916. (248) 





vol* 2* 

The Scotch Regiments in Irel and , 
A.D. " 

lUS. BIU3X23S, William, of Belfast in Ireland 9 merchant , 
aged 45 5 has lived there 8 months , before that 
in JXmpatrick 5 co. Down, 28 years; bom in Scotland. 
V/ent in February last to Carrickf ergus , eight 
miles away,tc meet the sMp ;, 2homa8" of Sly, 
but found only a Parliament roan~of~w&& there 
with £10,000 'in money for the Scotch Regiments 
in the Parliaments Service, 

PIiUOKNBTT, Captain . * ..took the ship the "Olhomas" 
wherein prcdtiqent ? s winee were. 

PARKES,Potor 5 of Carriekfergus 9 merchant , aged 30 , 
has lived there 12 years; born at Stow~on~the~ 
Wold, Clone c , deposes as to the price of French 
wines in Gavr ickf a -rgfus., (Signs). 

Cl&llHBLL,John,of Edinburgh in Scot land, merchant , 

aged 30, has lived there 16 years , bom at Strahema. 
Was a soldier under General HQTJHIEIiQE in the 
service of the Parliament; is Commissary to the 
Army at Carriekfergus (Signs CAMPBELL). 

DranuPers* 1916. 



tfNDON vol.2, 


Dealings in West Indian Tobac co. 


1645. SHILLING, Edward, of Charlton , Dev on, shipbuilder, 
aged 29, "born there. Has lived at Charlton, 
about 3 miles from Salcombe up the river, 
almost from hie birth ;was told by Thomas 
E2X7ARDS,a ship carpenter, who wont in the ship 
belonging to H^.S ISEJyEBS , that the vessel was 
bound out from Salcombo in Jan. 1643. Served 
with the King's forces at Totnes & Bxeter. 

PORTESCUH.Sir Edmund, forcibly drew SKBLLIHG from 
his abode at Charlton to the Garrison at Dart- 
mouth, to serve for the Zing, five or six days 
after Candlomas 1643. Caused the fort at 
Saicombe to be re-edified and Icept for the 
King's party. The townsmen are very well affect- 
ed to the Parliament but are overpowered. 

HIinK,Robert f of Saicombe, mariner, aged 24, born there. 
About Candlemas 1643 wont in the ship the "Rose" 
of Dartmouth in a voyage to the Islands and New- 

PHILLIPPS , Isaac , of West All in^t on, merchant , aged 22, 
born there. (Signs). 

D0V/1CSS, Ric&ard, of St. Clement Danes, London, gentleman, 
aged 25, has lived there 5 months , before that for 
4 years in the West Indiee,and before that in 
London,where he was born. Went to the Y/est Indies 
in the 'Charles" of London, Cap tain JACKSON, in 1644, 
Captain TAYLOR in the ship "Nicholas", in the Port ■ 
Of Kayamanoe,sold sack and strong waters to the 
Company of the Charles", for which they paid ready 
pieces of eight. (Signs). 


DraswPers.19 16. (250) 

TAYLOJl v . S . (contd. ) 

A. P. 

1645. BOKD, James, of St* Stephen 1 s , Cornwall , gent. , 
aged 25, born at St.Columb. Y/as in a West 
India voyage, in Oapt . JACKSON T S fleet con- 
taining about 8 sail, in July 1644. Kept 
oompany with tho "Nicholas" till they 
arrived at tho Bermudas or Sumner Islands. 

Y/0R8AM , John » of All Hall ows , London ^merchant , 
agod 34, has liv^d there 8 months. Has traded 
to tho West* Indies for ton years past and 
dealt much in tobacco. Barbadoos tobacco 
sold in London at throe halfpence a pound, 
has not known it above twopence. Little or 
no oo in used at the Barbadoos .but the people 
there trade by the exchange of their goods. 

ESAJDB , lEhomafl »of Allhallows Bar king, London, aged 
34, has lived there 8 years. Has used the 
West India trade for ten years past. (Signs). 

ASHEIY, James, of S t. Helen f s , London, merchant , aged 42, 
has lived thore nine years, was ono of the 
first plantors in the 7/est India trade. Was 
never in person at the Barbadoos. (Signs). 

TUBHKB , J ohn , of St.Bonetf ink , London , fishmonger , 
aged 59, has lived there 18 years, born at 
Ohesham, Bucks. , has traded this dozon years 
past in tobacoos as a sworn broker. (Signs). 

Dram.Pers.1916. (251) 


WBLAED vol.2. 
1AH0. VAKDaSillffi & BLAjGHFOBD. 


D0B3BT. Dublin in tho Civil v/ar. 

A, D. 

1645. CCHITEV ILLS r John , of Cano in llonaaody .merchant f 

aged 28, and born in that province ,has been 
factor or agent for Ur. William BLACHFOI© 
for elovon years past in Ireland and England. 
Daring tho troubles of Ireland and while 
the city of Dublin stood firm for the Parlia- 
mont ,1'Ir.BIAOHFOHD landed three snipe lading 
there of corn for tho relief and succour of 
the Protestant well-af f ectod party, and for 
which he is unpaid to this day. Intended to 
come away from Dublin with Hr.BLA.OHFOHD'S 
goods in the ship the "white Lamb", but the 
ship was taken out of harbour in the night 
on a sudden, and so ho was disappointed and 
forced to come away in another ship. The 
Parliament by an Ordinance allowed any Prot- 
estant freely to come away and bring what 
they had with them, and so deponent shipped 
for ITewhaven or Havre de Grace, a free port 
in Franco, in October last, with goods for the 
solo accompt of Mr. BIACHFOHD. (Signs). 
1AMS&2T, Garrett, mas tor of the ship the % r hite 
Lamb 11 . 

CIABKE, Cap tain, . . , seized the "7/hite Lamb" in 
Dublin harbour, and carried her to Liverpool. 

Y/ADE, William, of St. Michael, Groolcod Lane, London, 
merchant, aged 32, has lived there ? years, born 
at i.'othorbury ,jx>rse t>; employed tnere 7 years 
as BLACIiFOHD'S factor or agent in London, he 
living at Gaen in ITormandy. (Signs). 

CUL3B0HSLL 11 iam , o f Caen in ITormandy, aged 20, 
bom there; lived with BLACHFOHD at Caen for 
three years and was employed in his aooompts. 
DranwPenu.1916. (252) 




Pipes of Canary and Ches t s of Suga r. 


1646. 2UMICK^0]homas ,of Stepney ^Ididdx. ,mea«lner, 
agel 51, has lived there 13 years, born 
at Ashwe 11, Herts. 

Y^JjKEH,Capt,Bdward t aiid hie eon- in-law . . . 
JOKES, made bo arch at the Custom House 
for the lading of the ship the "Golden 
Angel 1", pipes of Canary and chests of 
sugar, (Signs). 

JOKES, Matthew, of Stepney, mariner , aged 26, 
has lived there 12 years, ,r born in that 
oity». (Signs). 



FRANCE. Dublin and the Sngllsh Parliament. 

A. 3). " 

1646. TOS30N ,Mary,of St. Mary ,Whitechapel,Middx. , 

widow, aged 42. lias lived there a year 
and a half ,bof ore that at Dublin for 
six years. Was born at Cambray in the 
Dominions of the King of Spain. (Signs). 

AHHOULT,Steven, lived in the same house in 
Dublin as Mrs. T0330N. An adherent of the 
Parliament of England, it was arranged 
that his goods v/ore to be sent to Roan. 

ABi»HJ, Isaac, livtfd in j^ublin^neax the iiey. 






Testimony as to Reoor&s . 


1637. U43G$,Sia3ph£n,of Lincoln, but living in 
Gray's Inn,agGd 21; born in Lincoln, 
where ho has lived all his life except 
these 4 years, deposes as to records 
in the Augmentation Of f ice, Chancery ,ete. , 
referring to Willingham vioaaage. (Si^is). 
COILEDGE, Robert, aged 18, servant tn the family 
of Mr. Samuel FRANC KLYK of the Arches Court, 
London, these tv/o months., and before that 
in the family of Honry DURHAM, notary public 
in the city of London, four months or more; 
born at Harrow-on- the-Hill, also deposes. 
• (Sigis). 

1636. THSAI2B Matthew ,notary~public,prootor of the 
Arches Court, depos es that Mr. WEB was sued 
in the Arches Court by Hr*BAYJIARI>. feigns). 



DronwPerB% 19 16 . 





1634. BUOOmiBCW f Heiiry t of Ixmdoa^notai^r public, 

agod 30 ; has lived thoro 14 years {testifies 
as to records in an office near Leadmxhall 
called Auditor PHLLLIPPS office for the 
county of Hereford and in the First Fruits 
office in the S t rand , concerning the rectory 
and vicarage of Clifford. (Sigas). 
DEYER,or DIM Alexander, helped examine the 
documents; aged 22, in the family of Thomas 
GE3KES , notary public, of the Arches Court 
these 6 months. (Signs). 



1634. HOLMAN,Walter,of Plymouth^merohant.aged 26;born 
there. (Signs). 
" Jane 

BURGES,Fridasv?ide,wife of Thomas, and George >her 

DEVON and Ibid. HOLE v. HOLS. 


A.D. DBAKS , Edward , of C oly ton, gen t. , aged 33;has lived 
1635. there 20 years ;deposes as to copies of records 
in the King's Bench. (Signs). 
HOLE, Edward, of fleeter ;Mary , alias WINDKQS^and John. 
HERBERT, Gregory, of Lyon's Inn, St. Clement Danes, 
Middx. ,gent. ,aged 35;has livecL_there 12 years; 
deposes as to records. (Signs). 
DramJPers^l916. (255) 

A iaisoollany. 



1635, PIERCE, Edward , proctor of the Arches Court , 

aged 33;has "boon so five years. His house 
in St. Gregory's next Paul f s Church. ( S igmj ) . 

FBAl^aYlI f Sejnuol t servant to LIr. Richard V/YA1T, 
aged 23; eight years in the city of London. 

WYA2T,:>ir. Richard. 

SMI37H t Goorge,witno9S to a protocol. 

mrm. ( ibid , bhoox v.lynii. ) 


1635. SMtaBBON , John, clerk, rector of St. John's in 

Huntingdon, these 18 years, aged 52. (Signs). 
BROOK, James ,B.D. , inducted 14 Sept. 1634 into 

Mcwlesworth rectory. 
PASSHELER, 1 ive r , of Mowlesworth , co . Huntingdon , 
yeoman, aged 50;born there, deposes that Mr. 
BROOK, rung two of the hells and celebrated 
both morning and evening prayer. (Signs 

AH3ELL, John, present at the induction. 

DraxruPers. 1916. (256 ) . 

SURREY t NORTHD. , Coals from Newcastle . 


UIDDX. , (IffSIJ^GAJBS ' EXAMS. ,vol.2. YB&MS v.COUXOmN. ) 

A. p. CQSSNS , Robert , of S t . lav e , S out hwark, o o . Surrey ,mariner , 
^642. aged 44, has lived there 17 years, born at Oraabrook, 

Kent f testifies as to the custom and coolcet charges 
for ooals laden at Newo&stle and Sunderland, (Signs). 

COLDCOLL Robert, of Stepney ,14 iddx. ,ir&r:nier , aged 36,has 
lived there 13 years, born at Leeds ,Yor3cs. Was master 
and part owner of the "Christopher" in 1639, in a coal 
voyage to Newcastle, and did transport his lading of 
coals to ItarOcirk. (Signs). 

EHOBES, Robert, of Kings ton-upon-Hull , marine r , aged 36, has 
lived there 22 years f born at Anlaby ,bred a seaman 
and has been master of several ships. (SJ-gna). 

UEVON Agnes DYER'S Portion . 


( Ibid . f vol.3. DYER v. DYER). 


1649. S0UTHW0Q3>v^AOexander,of the city of LondoTugent. ^notary 
public ^aged 60; born at Hesnyoke , Devon . (Sigas ) . 
JfXSR«Agnes,to have £500 for her portion. 

&r®a*uPexs*J3 16. 


LONDON & MIDDX. , English Ships and Spanish Soldiers . 


1643. wSHfMt Henry, of Stepney, Middlesex, mar iner ,aged 40, 

i&B lived there 20 years, "born at Plymouth, Devon, 
waa pilot of the "Assurance" some part of the 
voy&ge in quest ion, but left the ship at Passage 
in Biscay ^and oame home in another ship the 
"Hope 11 in company with the "Assurance" almost 
to the Downs. She was freighted by Benjamin WEIGHT 
with soldiers to Alarache in Barbary,and from 
thence brou^it old soldiers back to Passage, near 
St •Sebastian' s. Mr. John MAES TON had hired her 
from the Master and owners for so much per month, 
and employed a young man, one Thomas CHAPLIAN,einoe 
dead, who did wholly dispose the ship whither he 
pleased. They all with one consent put into Ply- 
mouth and would have been lawful prize to the 
Holland Fleet had they been met with, and with the 
first fair westerly wind that happened they put 
forth for Dunkirk. When she came to the Downs two 
or three Holland ships were in close pursuit of 
the "Aesurance". Fourteen Itankirk ships with 
soldiers in them stole away in the night out of 
the Downs and got to Dunkirk. The Spanish soldiers 
were so full of sickness and infection that none 
oould live any longer among them. (Signs). 
PENNINGTON, Sir John,prest the "Assurance 1 ' into the 
King's Service, and set the broad arrow upon her 
mast. ana on all the masta of the rest of the ships. 


Dram.Pers»1916. (258) 

English Ships and Spanish Soldier s. (con td. ) 

BRDIJtfELL, Isaac, of Redr if fe, Surrey ,mariner,aged 60, has 
lived there 2 years ;bof ore that at Stepney t lli&cbt. , 
5 years ;born at Ipswich, Suffo 11c jwent as master of 
the "Assurance" in the voyage in question. (Sigis). 
CR077DER, John, master of the "Baynbow M ,and 
BKE^UXiAKSjTliornas^ster of the "Prudenoe",went "before 
with soldiers from Calais to Dunkirk and were taken 
by the Hollanders. 
BROMMLL, Isaax) , junior, of Redrif fe,mar iner, aged 23, has 
lived there 2 years, and before that at Doveroourt, 
Essex, 3 months ;bef ore that in Harwich, where he was 
born; was one of the company of the "Assurance", 
throughout the voyage. 
CHAPHAN, Thomas, John KABSTON'S servant, received the freight 

for the voyages. 
\VHITE,Peter,of Dea 1, Kent , gent. , aged 55,has lived there 
4 years, before that from his infancy at Redrif fe in 
Surrey ;born at Lee in Essex. In September 1639 he was 
Master of His Llajesty's Ship the "Unioorn", under Sir 
John PEEKING TON. Two English catches laden with Spanish 
soldiers put into Margate road, but about noon a Holland 
frigate, having put up the King's colours to deceive the 
catchraen the better, seized on them, though they were 
shot through and through by the fort, and escaped away 
with the soldiers. Deponent was employed to the Holland 
Yice-Admiral to domand satisfaction for their wearing 
the English colours. (Signs). 
BROWNE,William,of Stepney , mar in er, aged 41, born there; was 
master of the "Royal Exchange" in the voyage in question 
and agreed to carry the soldiers when he saw no other 
remedy. (Signs). 


Dram.Pers.1916. (259) 

English Ships and Spanish Soldiers, ( contd . ) 
A.D. ~ ~ " ' ~~ * " ~ ~ 

1643. ZACHEaY, Robert , of St.Olave, Southward, mariner, aged 40, 
has lived there 30 years ;born at Dover in Kent. 
V/as at the house of Benjamin WRIGHT in Madrid, who 
became Papist and subject to the King of Spain; 
made contracts with the King of Spain for the 
transportation of soldiers. Deponent saw his Com- 
mission written in Spanish, which he very well under- 
stands. (Signs SACXRI3). 

PASFI3LD, George, master of "The Content". 

CKAK*IAH, Catherine, wife of Thomas, of St ♦Leonard, Shore- 
ditch, aged 66, has lived there three months , before 
that in St. Catherine Creechurch 3 years, before that 
in St. James ,Duko , s Place, 5^ years ;born at Ge&anum 
in Prussia. That Thomas CHAPL1AN, dec eased, was her 
son, who was bound apprentioe to the producent for 
ten years. Her husband has been absent from her 
in the Barbados this 8 years past. Her son wrote 
that Mr. Henry HDM30LD,a very honest man, had enter- 
tained him to be his partner in trade. (Signs). 

MARRIOTT, Thomas, of V/hitechapel,mariner,aged 48, has 
lived there 20 years, born at Bradfie Id, Suffolk, -the 
ships were released from Hobedeau in Gallicia only 
on condition of their conveying soldiers to DunMrlc 

HEATHER, Thomas, of St. Andrew Undershaft , merchant , aged 24, 
has lived there ten months ;born in St. Margaret f s ,!Tew 
Fish Street; Thorna 8 CHAPuIAN father of the deceased, 
wrote letters from the Barbadoes. die deceased, Thomas 
CHAPUAIT,was bound an apprentice to the producent in 
1632 for ten years, and wrote letters in 1641 to Mr. 
William MARST01T, brother of the producent. (Signs). 

ANDREWS, Samuel, of Whitedhapel, mariner, aged 32, has lived 
there 5 years, and before that in Bristol ;bom at 
Yarmouth, Nor folic, deposes that he was master of the 
"Katherino" and v/as in company with the "Assurance" 
and the whole fleet of English ships when they put 
in to Plymouth. 
Dram. Pers .1916. ( 260 ) 



SSEX, ghornaa Leventhorp's Administration. 



1643. VIHYOR,Georgo,of Dunmow,Essex,gent. ,aged 18,has lived there 
^ 17 years and was born there, went to the Prerogative Court 

to see the entry of administration;was household servant 
to Mr. GAELL,and served him as his clerk. Mr. GAELL proctor 
[ for lars.B 30 GRAVE. (Signs). 

LKVEN THORP, Thorns f deceased, administration of his goods granted 

12 July 1642 to the Lady LEYHt<TI-DHP and Mr. Edward LEVEN THORP. 
MORLEY, James, of Albany, Herts. ,gent. ,aged 29, has lived there 8 
years;born at Sabridgeworth; is servant of Mr. John BROGRAVE. 

BR0GRA.VE ,Mr. J ohn , s on of Idrs.3R0GR*VE,the producent in this 
oause, procured the Commission of Appeal at York. 

RUSSIA, A Parliamentary Commission to Copenhagen. 




645. JEHKES, Richard, of Dantzig in Prussia, Esq. ,aged 63,has lived 
there 24 years, born in co. Radnor in Wales. Is secretary 
and agent for the Eastland Company. Went as a Commissioner 
to Copenhagen for the Parliament of England about September 
last. (Signs). 

SKIHKER, Thomas, of St. Peter-le -Poor, London, merchant, aged 33, has 
lived there 6 months, and before that for 6 years in Old 
Jewry, \7ent with JENKES to Copenhagen in 1644 as his colleague. 
Employed by the Parliament of England, (Signs). 

CLENCH, Edmund, the producent , do sired a true copy of the Sentence 
of Confiscation of goods in the ship of Timothy GRIM3LE. 

iiuu2u4X,bir Frederick, the King of Xtonmark's Secretary ^made the 

DranuPer a . 19 16 . ( 261 ) 

BUCKS. f GLOUC. >GQM\i. , 
! NORSHT. > UKG» ,YO?u£S. , 

; U)NI)0N,H0LL4J£D» Quest ion, abou t Lady Cran e's Will . 

3KDP. ,!?0HF. .SUSSEX^ 
j UM. ,£35£X. (Dj1LEGA?3S 1 3XAUS. .vol. 2. WILSON v.BRk£MS). 

j A.D. 

U 1645. QfiiiJBfWilliam f of Lovftoa^Bucks. , ( ? iJssex) ,2sq. r aged 35, 

U has lived there and in the city of London 9 years; 

born at ITewton, co.Korth* ton. Visited Lady C3A2TE at 
Stoke Lodge with his wife who was niece of Sir 
Francis C3AI&. His house on [Power Hill , London. (Sigas). 
CHAiDiltMary t La&y .widow of Sir Francis ,at Graft on, IforthS- 
j ton,about 9 years since. Had a house in Norfolk. 

Said she had very sweet lodgings at Stratford Langton. 
| Died at Stoke .Lodge 16 August last and was buried at 

St. Christopher's behind the Ibcchange in August last. 
BUl'HUTG, j5-OEBs f lived in Lady CluU^'S house as chaplain 
and preached her funeral sermon. Was curate of Graffeon 
and a priest in orders. Suspected for a spy and im- 
prisoned in the Fleet, 
j WlLL30I< f Ilartlianna, lived in Lady CRaEa'S house ;she and 

BU1JK1ITG gave very fair respect and were vary court- 
eous one to the other. :,lrs. '.7IL30I3 t widow of one Mr. 
YJIL30H f a minister. V.ould sit at Gleeke with visitors 
for mny hours to gat her. 
CU&VIVi/illiam t demnded some of the deceased's things 
for Liarthanna WILSGli. Lived with lir.HAHOOCK at 
^ Perry Lodge 5 or 6 years. 

BOWLES , Dr. , physician to Lady CI&1TJ3 f went to Higham.-Terrws , 
| lived at Oundlo. 

EffiSHkii t Hr. .his house at Ho? ton f where Lady stayed 
on her way to London. Uncle to V/illiam QRaKE* 

.pnakJten*jai&. (262) 


Question about Lady Crane's v/ill . (oontd. ) 
A.J). ~ ~ " " 

1645* 0BAHB,Sir Francis,whon ill of tho sickness of which 

he died wrote a letter from Paris to Ilrs • WILSON ,who 
lived in house as a servant ^and knowing she had 
great pcwor v;ith his lady, to desire her to be care- 
ful of his lady's honour in case she should marry 
again. Grafton House made a garrison about two 
years since and afterwards was burnt down; deceased 
eaid she lost thereby one way or another near £20,000. 
COOKS , Wolf ran, of Lovrt on, Buc ks. , yeoman, aged 50, has lived 
there 5 months , before that at Graf t on, co. Ho rthampton, 
12 years; born at Slater ,co.Glouc. tfas servant in house 
with Sir Francis CBA253 and his lady full 13 years. 
Hatli known Mr.HM^COCK and his wife ever since their 
ooming to Perry Park in Horthtonshire about 5 or 6 
years ago. llr.HAITGOCX and his wife ,Mr, BU171TI2TG and Mrs. 
WILSOH are loving friends each to other, feast and play 
a£ oards. Sir Francis CRAUB sent for ilary BPAEUS and 
Susanna COOPEH out of Holland, who were entertained with 
much love and respect, and after Sir Francis' death Lady 
CEAlOi sent for her uncle and aunt also out of Holland, 
the father and mother of the producents f who came and 
brought servants with them. Ivlrs. WILSON took occasion 
to affront them often at table and presently after they 
were all paokt away on a sudden by her means and pro- 
curement. One ilr.STUCKY said that Sir Francis CHjUIS 
built Stoke Lodge. Uarthanna WIXS0E f S husband died about 
9 years since and about two years after she bought a 
lease at Potter's Perry which cost her £1000 or £1200. 
0BL& or H0BLS,Hr. ,his hous6 in Honey lane. Chops id e, where 
Lady resided before she returned to Stoke Lodge- 


DramJPers.1916. ' (263) 

Questi on about Lady Cra ne's WiljU (contd. j 


1645. H&2TC0CK >Lir . Richard , and his wife, lived in Korthampton- 
shire, kept a house and servants and conversed with 
the better sort thereabouts. 

BMBIIS, 2ir ,came to Kewton and offered to salute 

Lady CI&HEsshe put him by and said that was no time 
to kiss. Urs • was one of her nearest kinswocKm. 

BRDV/IvE ,;.:art in , of St. Gregory # London f maeter of surgery, 
aged 63,has lived there 32 years ;born at Louth, 
Lincoln. Mrs . HalTOOGK gave him some ill language at 
his house in Croed Lane. (Signs). 

LS I , J ohn , unc 1 o to Lady 0HAHi2,and his daughters her 
cousins-ge man, came from Holland to be preferred by 
her in marriage. Lived with her at Grafton and at 
Lothbury in London. After the producent's marriage 
she sent them several loads of household stuff to 

COOPER,! Ir.V/i 11 iam,v;as beneficed in Sussex and after- 
wards employed as chaplain to the Queen of Bohemia; 
went over into Holland and resided at the Hague; of 
good affection to the Parliament. In the will artic- 
ulate a small diamond ring is all the legacy given 
to Llrs.CCGFKB there in; she was of kindred to Lady 

C0KNKLIU3 , Jane .wife of Gilbert, of St. Botolph Aldgate , 
London,biskott baker to the King's Navy, aged 40, has 
lived there 5 years ;bom in the city of V/estminoter. 
Her husband was servant to Sir Francis Cr&H£ above 
20 years ago; has been married 18 or 19 years ; managed 
Sir Francis and Lady CKMB'S affairs here in town. 
Mra.WIISON confessed that the Lady CHAIiS being in 
much pain she judged there might bo pigeons' feathers 
in the bed, which might cause that she could not die. 
Ihey were removed and yet she dmed not, and having at 
last bethought herself of the cap on deceased's head, 
she caused that to be taken off and then she immediate- 
ly died. 


J)raBU^er8-1916. (264) 

Question about Lady Crane' Will, (oontd. ) 


1645. E6I£QT!P,LIr. ,a gentleman of Colchester , pretended love 
to 2.Irs,Y/I130K and sont her a letter. 
CBAN3, France s ,wife of V«illiam,gent. y aged 28, born in 
Cornwall; lived in house \7ith lady CH&NIi); married 
MrcWilliam CPiini) 9 or 10 years sinoe. Heard lire. 
WILSON acknowledge sho had some skill in palmistry, 
Mrs.BHZu&13 and Hrs* COOPER, the produoents , came over 
out of Holland about 11 or 12 years since and were 
acoorapted to be the cosen-germans of the Lady &B&HEU 

CORNELIUS , Gilbert , of St.Botolph Aldgate,aged 48, has 
lived there 5 years, before that for ten years in 
St. Stephen r s ,Col eraan Street; born at Lazoclc, Corn- 
wall. Deposes that ;lr. COOPER left the benefice 
at Ringmer esteemed worth £120 per annum. (Signs). 

MOULIN, Lewie du,of St.Anne,Blackf riars , London, H.D. t 
aged 42, has lived there eleven years; born in the 
city of Paris. Was at Mr. !E3GSIIAM f S and at Stoke 
Lodge as deceased's physician. (Signs). 

JACKSON,';/ ill iara, of St . Duns tan-in-the-W est , cook, aged 
35, has lived there 4 years, be fore that at Parsen- 
ham, Norfolk, 3 years; born at Rullingtcn,Yorks. 
Lived in house with Lady CX&Sffi for 3|r years as 
cook, and went from thence to Sir Robert BAKNISKR'S 
about 4 miles from Grafton. That Mr. BUNKING was 
taken as a malignant and thrown into the Fleet. 
He v/as since stepped at the Courts of Guard about 
London upon suspicion that ho was a spy. Deponent 
keeps a house and shop and maintains himself by 
his trade. lir . BjMIIIIKG used to preach most Sundays 
in the forenoon at Grafton under ^.*.US£IN the 
parson. Deceased was buried in St. Chris topher's 
behind the Exchange near Sir Peter LS M4XRB her 
brother. (Signs). 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 


Que^t^Cfi about Lady Crane's Will, (contd.) 


645. LAKE, Judith, of Quaint on, co. Northampton ./widow, aged 38 , has 
lived there 19 years, born at Bownest Bury,co. Bedford. 
Frequently visited Lady C3ANB at Graf ton, about four 
mile 8 from Quainton. Lady CPANS asked her where her 
son Edward was, who had gone out of those parts. As 
soon as the spiced cap was taken off her head Lady 
CRANE died in a violent and painful manner. (Signs). 
LEE ,Mar ga ret ,wif e of Hi chard , of Stoke Bruen , cc . North 1 1 on , 
yeorran ,aged 37, has lived thero ten months , before that 
at Grafton 20 years; born at Alseley ,co .V.'arv/io".:. T.as 
a servant in Lady CRANE'S house 20 years. lire •WILSON 
used very much to play at tables and cards and did 
frequent Mr . BREEDQN to learn of him to calculate nat- 
ivities or the like. iurs.IIaNCOX proposed the Antimonial 
cap for the deceased in her illnoso and gave her an herb 
called Ashery-bacchae in the garden; five leaves stamped 
and strained in a vine-glass , but it wrought not at all. 

BOURNE ,E1 izabe th , of 3 1 . Bo tc lph >Aldgate , London , sp inst er , 
aged 33, has lived there 6 months ;at Stoke and Grafton 
18 years; born at 2\7ickonham,i:,iiddx. ; lived in Lady CHANS' S 
house as hor servant 18 years. Lady CRANE said to her, 
"Bess, I perceive you wish well to Tom YOUNG; I have done, 
well for him. I have given him .£100 in my will, and to 
yourself as much more", but she desired this deponent to 
keep it private. Mr. BUNKING- came to London to bind a 
brother apprentice in Michaelmas last and was apprehended 
as a spy at his lodging in Lumbard Street, but vindicated 
himself so clearly that he was acquitted and keeps his 
living at Grafton. Sir Francis gave Lir. WILSON the benefice 
of Groen's Norton and sent for Mr. WILSON'S father and 
mother down from London, so that Mrs. WILSON might be with 
Lady CRANE. Lira; WILSON was the daughter of Dr.RAiE,a 
Doctor of Divinity in Essex, a man of good quality and fame. 




tfAHf. ,SURR3Y,S0MT. , Richard Aldworth, merchant of London , 
SALOP. ,OXGH. ,KENT. ~ worth £28,000 . 

A.B, (DEIJ3GAT28 1 SEAS®. ,vol.4. ,BOVEY v. SOUTH. ) 


CIIA.SKE, Saokiol , of the city of London, gentleman, aged 24, 
born there and has lived there since his birth. 
Nephew or sister's son of Richard A3OT0RTH, deceased, 
and lived with him as his servant or apprentice for 
about years before his death. (Signs). 

ALDWORTH, Richard, deceased , whose Will is in question. Of 
St. Mary Magdalen, Hi Be Street , London; died at Stanlakes, 
Berks. , aged 75 or more. Decayed in his memory ho 
•fould pray to Goodman God and Goodman Christ, and mention 
Liaster Parliament and Uaster Honey and other such vain 
expressions. Had -near upon a hundred kinsfolk at the 
time of his death, as expressed in the schodulo^jaovr 
read. 7/as worth £30,000. 

SMITH, Thomas, of St.lvlary Magdalen 1 s ,Hi Ik Street , London, 
scrivener , aged 67, has lived thero 40 years;was bom at 
Newbold-upon-Avon, co. Warwick. Knew Mr. Richard 
and livod near him in the same parish 40 years . |Si^is ) . 

LEfiTES ,iEr. Edward , and 

MOlJTGOIsffiRY, Richard, servant to Sill Si, witnesses to a document 
dated 11 Jan* 1644. 

H&iD,Elizabeth,vvife of Zachary,of St. Giles ,CripplogaW, 
London, sawyer, aged 40 , has lived there 6 months ,bof ere 
that for 5 months in St. Olave, Silver Street ;boforo that 
in St.Botolph,Aldgato,3 months , and before that for ton 
years in St.iiary Magdalen,^Iilk Street. Was born at Reed 
in Hertfordshire. Mr. SOUTH dieted for a great while in 
LIr.ALDV/ORTII'S houso and affirmed that Mr.ALEWORTH had 
made an honorable will, but that it was all done by 
SOUTH' S directions. Mr.ALBtfORTII made his will before 
going to Stanlakos. He was much displeased withjir. 
BOVEY because Mr.30VEY'S Aunt , Mrs •HELIHG, had made him 
her executor and given him her estate, which was very 
great, and had passed by Mr.AKD»YORTH,who was her brother. 
Dram. Pers. 1916. ' BRAD>J2Y 


worth £28,000. (contd. ) 


1650. BIUI>Hi;Y;John,of St. Bride 's , London, skinner, aged 31, 
has lived there three years; before that for ten 
years in St.iiary Aldermary . V/as born at Hethor 
Penne, in Staffordshire. His v/lfo v;as Hr.ALD- 
WORTH'S domestic servant for about nine years. 
Had mourning given him by the v;ill and attended 
the funeral. (Signs). 

DliXj* , 331 iz abe t h ,v;i f e of Art hur , of S t ♦ Pan eras , Sopor 
Lane, skinner, aged 40, has lived there eleven 
years. V/as born in the town of Heading,Berk3^ 
L3\/33 said that if Ar. SOUTH had been earnest 
with U r . ALU \ HTH , d op one n t might have had £50Q. 
for her legacy instead of £100. Knows ilr. 
SAX3Y,i:rs.Arny and Anne ALIXVORTH and i_nne GARTER. 
Xitxs at a feast at Reading at her brother's hous-o- 

BR/vDlTliiY , El iz ab et h ,wi f e of John, of St. Bride *s ,aged 
28, has lived there three years and before that 
in St.LIary i.Iagdalon *s ,i.Iilk Street , nine years or 
more. V/as born at Lambeth, in Surrey. V/as of 
kindred to the deceased Mr. ALDV/ORTH and served 
him in house nine years until she was married 
away. Is the daughter of Elizabeth AJiRVORTH 
alias TRIPP. 

SOUTH, Zhomas, party in this suit,v;roto his vail and 
lived in house with ;ir.ALI£<ORTH,who thought 
neither hira nor L£;/i;S fit persons to trust with 
his estate. 

ALD.V0RTH , ill is ab et h , of S t . Hartin ♦ s- in- the-Fields , 
spinster, aged 28, has lived there one year, before 
that at ilewma rke t , Oam br id ge , f or 9 months , be fore 
that at I lor t lake and Putney in Surrey for ten 
months, before that in St.I.lary llagda 1 en , Hi lk 
Street, 6 months s bef ore that in St. liar tin's— in- 
the Fields two jrears and a half ,and before that 
at HajaiLOndsworl^^ years and three 

months. Was born at OoljibrxxOc^BucJcs . The 
deceased was her near kinsman. (Signs). 


l>raaU?ors^ f 1916 . 


RJeJo : z ) \ k ci. 1 l of iQpd on, 

worth £28*000, (ccntd 

0HAJ2C3 $ 3xckiol,of St. Laurence, Heading, aged 24, has lived 
there 1-g- years , "before that in St.Iiary Llagdalcn^LIilk 
Street, London, four years or more; horn in St. Andrew 
Under shaft. Ehat at the time of his death Richard 
kUt:;0:\Td was about 72 years old. ilr. Ralph B0V3Y is 
sister's son of the deceased by the v;holc blood and 
nearest kindred. LLr s. H/IALIHG and ilrs.BOVBY were 
his sisters; hoard him say he would do well for his 
kindred when ho died. His estate amounted to loss 
than £28,000; the executors expended in funeral 
expenses and lav/ charges about £3,000. Deponent 
was the deceased's sister's son and lived v/ith him 
for five years. Was told lira. HALING had made a 
will and given this deponent , his brothers and 
sisters £4,000. (Signs). 
PHEOTY,lIary ,v;if e of George, of High ,;y combo , Bucks. , 

yeoman, aged 41, has lived there most of her time and 
was born there. 'J* as a cousin ence removed of Mr. 
.AJJ£#QJQH t v;hO allowed her and her children three 
shillings a week. 
iJilKiOriTH, albert ,of St. Dunstan' s in the west , gilder, 
aged 33, lias lived there 14 years; was born at Ooln- 
brook,Bucl: s • , is a ne ar kinsman of the deceased. 
(Signs "Albert us iJLaVOR'JH") . 

, £1 iz abe t h , ago d 30,v;ho formerly deposes, says 
that Richard ran out of his house in Milk Street 
into the street without his hat after John BRLDUSY, 
and rallied upen him and told him he would make him 
marry his kinswoman. Her father and the deceased 
were cousin-germans ,that is, brother's children. 
(Signs iajjJX)33Hh 
DB^ ^Arthur , of S t . Pancra s ,Sope r Lane ,me rchant ,aged 50 , 
has lived there about eleven years; was born at 
Reading in Berkshire. Lived in house with lir. 
Richard j&Li//unTn aoou"u 17 y<*ars tuiu. » haJUf/uufc 
wont from him about elovon years ago. (Signs). 


Ih^^ars^l916. (269) 

Pd chard iJL&:orth ,ra er chant of Londo n. 
worth £28,000 . ( corttc U ) 

A.D. . 

1651. flII^lAJJ3,Uary,of St. Leonard, Shored itch ,widow, aged 56, 
has lived there about two years, and "before that 
at West iakham,whoro she was born. Was a near 
kinswoman of Ur.ALD./OuTIL Is a daughter of Arthur 
E&Vi; and llary AL1)7/0BTH who was deoeaeed's cousin- 
gorman,that is, they were brother's children. Has 
seven children living. 

KOHLI-JR, Thomas f of St, Giles- in~tho-Fields f gent, f aged 40 
and more s has lived there 4 years ;was bom at S t rat ton- 
Upcm-tho-Fosse, Somerset, In iiarch 1647 t at Ms house, 
I.ir. ALLW0R2H askM him, hat news?" Deponent replied 
that the news on the Exchange was that th& Scots 
wore come in to invade England under the Duke of 
H&4lLT0IT,and the deceased in a sudden passion did 
earnestly call for his sword. Said it was no time 
to sit there to have his throat cut, Mr.30VSY was 
to have married Lady SHEJUiOD^S daughter, but she 
died. Mr.ALDV/ORIH sat in the out or gate at Stanl&ke'g 
House until BOVEY came f and would not be got in, and 
wept exceedingly for joy as soon as he saw him. (Sl^is). 

BOmiAJT,gaorflac,«f St. Leonard ,Shoreditch,distiller,aged 26, 
born~thero f was of kin to Hr.itLDWOHTH and called on 
him to borrow '£5. (Signs). 

HYA;T7,Henry,of Lambo th , Sur re y , y so ma n , ha s lived there two 
years ;bef ore that at Uapledurham,Oxon. ,about a year, 
and before that at Rus combe in Berks. about 3 years. 

STEStfElTS, Caleb, of St.Petor ,Vost Cheap, London, apothecary, 
aged 45, has lived there 28 years ;bom at Bishop's 
Cast lo .Salop. Prepared physio for Mr. and his 
family. (Signs). 


DrairuPars»1916. (270 ) 

£28,Q0qT (ccntd/) 

1651 MAD 31 iz abe th , al ias 2URKBR,wife of Zaohary READ of 

St. Giles ,Cripp legato, has lived there a year, and "before 
in Olave Silver Street for three months. Ur.MIOKSSB. 
prayed extempore in his family with good sens© and 
undo re tending. 

CHAL£HERLAI11IS , John , of St.Gi lo a-in-thfo-Fio Ids , oaachnan , 
aged 34, has livod there 4 yoars ; "before that in Mary- 
tone parish 7 or 8 years ;bom at Harrow^on-the-Hill. 
Drove Ur.ALDV/ORTH .to Reading, to a feast at the Mayor^s 
house, who v;aa a kinsman of his. 

SMlOH^iary f v4 f of Bdward,of St. Andrew Holborn,aged 60, 
ha a lived there 3 years , before that in St* Liar tin' s- 
le-Grand above 30 years ;born in Maidstone, Kent. Was 
married out of Hr.ALE&'ORTIPS house about 40 years 
ago. 25r«ALDv/ORTH told her he would procure her to be 
the matron in Christ's Hospital and that he had done 
well for the Hospital. 

BA TK.IAN , Thomas ,of Reading, gen t. f aged 58, born there,was 
kinsman to Ur.AIWORTH t who dined with him at his feast 
at hie Mayoralty. mr.ALDUORW was born in Reading, and 
was urged to leave a bequest to the poor in his will. 

•j3rem*J?or 3^1916. 


t INC . , SUHRSY , WegtojjQgtor Koj^tibaurB . 

WOBC. ,3SRKS. , 

!X@V0H. .SmFPS. , (£&L3^A3ES 1 ,vol.4. HUOTLEY V.ED1TTL3Y. ) 

OTT ,0X011. , 


^L&50. B£LL,Williain,of St.^Iargarot *s >< /e3tninster > ap<ytQKK>ary, 

aged 60, has livod there 40 years and raoro;v7as born 
at Kingsrby in co. Lincoln. One of tho appraisers 
of William JIUKZLLY'S goods after his death. Never 
had any intention of marrying Lirs. Sarah HLfiJTL^Y, 
though there was a flying rumour in V/oatminster to 
that effect. flight have lent her an angoll or the 
like, "but received it back again. ",Yas a witness at 
Croydon Assises about land in Gayton (?Gatton). 
Going to Sanders tod on business he inquired for 
Nicholas BtEIiLSX at the Qxite Hart at Croydon, to 
give him a subpoena, but found him not. Gave the 
people thero a false name the bettor to get access 
to him, was a Burgess of Parliament for Westminster, 
but deserted the house long since. (Signs). 
HURLEY, William, dec oas od ,was for some time before his 
marriage an inhabitant of V/es tains tor, and found to 
"bo worth £4500. Llarried LIr. John AILUK'S daughter 
a little before 2^ay,1649. His will dated 21 Aug. 

n Mrs. Sarah, mot her of William, requested 32LL to 
appraise his goods. Hop second husband was BALL'S 
wife's father-in-law. 

ALLEH, ilr. John owed HUITTL3Y ,£1000 as his wife's portion, 
man of efficiency and quality. A Justice of the 
Peace and High Sheriff for co. Berks. 

PARCALL, James ,of St. liargaret 's /Westminster , gent. , aged 60. 
bom there, and has lived there since his birth. Was 
for about IS years a linen-draper, but since has 
lived upon his means. Has known lirs.KUNTLEY 38 
y&ars. (Signs). 


JJranwPers.lOie. (272) 


1650. MAAM&M , Joan »v/ if o of Georgo,of St.Iiargarot 's , 
tfostminstcr^gent. ,aged 53, has lived there 
30 years and more. Was bom at lUddermjbaafreas 
Wore. Her house is a victualling house in 
King Street at the sign of the ,! Pox", which 
she and her husband hold of Jrs.HUi\ T ?LijY. Mr. 
ALLuN told her he had bought all the estate 
of old Lir. ,/illiam jrUIITL..,!, father of tfiulam 
im£L3Y f the M Fox " and all from Nicholas HUTOJETT^ 
and heir at Is? ,and had boon at Carshalton and 
given him £100 to supply his occasions at law 
against his sister, the produoont ;and had agreed, 
to give him £20 a yoar for life and his diet 
at Bassledon in Barkeshire ,at ALLSN'S house, 
, whon he would come for it. In ^Irs.KWTLEY'S 

garden, on the Tuesday before I^idsummor Day 1549, 
sho movod ~ir.7/illiam HUiTTluDY to settle something 
upon the three children of his sister ,see-ln^ that 
his mother had left him all and had done noth,ing 
for her daughter's children. His chamber in th$ 
Temple. He died fourteen weeks after his marriage 
and without issue. Deponent married George ALAIS&Oit 
in June last in St, Bride's Church, Fleet Street; 
hor name before that was JoanJORY. She can read 
printed books but not written hand, nor can sho 

ALI*K1I , Ilr . Balph , b r o th o r of John, brought the news of 
HUITTLEY'S death, Mrs, KUITTL^Y sent a copy of jrho 
will to her daughter-in-law Anne HUXTZLEY. 

AT,hr,TI ,Ilr^Hichard ,bro ther of John. William fflMELET 
lodged with hinL,hi3 wife's uncle-, in London. 

^raiWorB^L916^ (273) 

Westminster Neighbours . (oontd. ) 


1650. IWO^Anne,wife of George, of Hsz3rpsi>ead ^IdicLdx. , 
aged 24. Was born there and ha a lived there 
over since. Was present at King Street wh.en 
William said that he had made his 

will and that he would never alter that will 
till it should please God to send him children; 
which words he delivered in a very serious! 
mannor, having his eyos and hands erected towards 
heaven. Ho said Nicholas HU1TTL3Y was an idle, 
debauched, man, and ho had given him £10 in his 
will t and would give him no more. Deponent lived 
for one year with the lady SPIUGHELL at Highga/tov 

SHSMOIT ,A1 io e , of St. Ma rgar e t 1 s Q ct minst er ,w idow , 
agod 68, has lived there 44 years. Was born at 
Tiverton in Devon. Hory intimately acquainted 
with Llr.7/illiarn HJ^^LSY from his infancy and "In 
his riper years ,and was very much of his coxmaoL. 
Was -with Lirs • HUN ZL2 Y when the unhappy news of her 
son's untimely death was brought and advised her 
to search for his will in his desk. He and &^p<mm$ 
Called each other "cosen". Richard SVANSON is a 
housekeeper in Westminster and hath a wife and 
children, but was in the King's Buttery under Old 
Mr. HUNTLEY, dec eased. (Signs ). 
EVAftSQN>Kichard,of St. Margaret »s f \Ves teiinster^y^oma^i 
aged 50, has lived there 30 years, 7/as bom at 
pall in Staffordshire. Was sent for by Nicholas 
HUNTLHY to come to him at the house of Bichard 
HOGGINS in Three Glove Yard in v/estminster,an4 when 
there Richard aslcod him to speak fcr him to Mr. 
William HOTTL3Y,his cousin, lives upon a Collage 
lease and is no tradesman; has lived in the &&&& 
house in Sea Alloy in King St root for 20 y©ars>ps^ty 


VrtmJterz^lSlS. (274) 

Wgg tmias "tor Ke r ^h^(7ur3 . (contd. ) 
A.D. ^ " ~ "~ .' 

1650. M^YKS^W i 11 iara , of Dudley »Woro. % F9Qmb*a&& 42, 
born thoro. Belonged in 163&-41 to the late 
Kind's Court at Whitehall. i(hew Joan JO HI for 
a hilling v/Qrcan, buying and selling rav; beef, 
»buttor, otc. »and addicted to lewd and un- 
* civil language. Has caught her stealing wood 
aurora tho woodward, shearing that the Court must 
keep and maintain her and her children. Believes 
her husband is living and at Deal , in Kent. Mr. 
BULL, tho apothecary, lived in King Street, 
01XF1 ? £ >3 ernard , o f St. Margate t 1 s ,V/o s tiiiiairtor , gent . , 
aged 51, has lived there about 30 yo&rs;v:ao born 
oz Oxford,dopcses. (Signs). 
FITGlIHrr t WiH^cs,of Westminster, gent. , aged 63>has 
l^vod thoro 30 ycarsr^as born at Barford St. 
Martin's ,*7ilts. r depos os. (Signs). - 
HTJjjiS , Franc is , of Crt)ydon.^Surrey , gent. , aged 51,has 
ivod there 22 years ;v?as bom at Abthorpe in 
roost or ,iTortht on. Is an attorney of the Court 
Common Picas. In July 1649 Nicholas 
hoir at lav; of william H01T£LSY t tha oldor^aold 
.t Carshalton of the yoarly value of 
land in co.Kent,to William l^TfE^W of Baall« 

the use of lir.ALL^. (Signs). 
ames,of Croydon^yeoman ,aged 60, has lived thero 
8 20 years; born at Blicklon, Norfolk. Is a 
for and innkeeper by profession. Has known Mr. 
nearly 40 years, the first occasion by his 
Kiting the Sari of KOTTUJGHiJi'S housGL,whom 
.s deponent served. 

1 J ohn , of S t .Llargaret 1 s ,7/es tminst or , gent* .aged 45 , 
.s lived there 20 years4b*rn in St^Poter's ,Com- 
hlll. lives next door to the "Fox" in King Street. 
Was schoolfellow of William HU1TTLSY at V/esianinster^ 
arroorth of small understanding. (Signs). 
FRAMF2QN ,^Iartha , of Si^targarot » s ,V/os iaxSjo^tsr^wij^, 
aged 60, has lived there 40 years .born in SUJ)X<m3* 

■ • BackShureJ^ (SignsJ. 

. J>3ranwP«r^.JL916. [zTb) 

SUBHKY, The godd Family of 'fondridge. 

LONDON <5e ' " * 

MIDDLESEX * (D3L2GATE3 1 >J&'uiS. ,vol.4,3YI& V.HSM7TIS. ) 


1650. HOKB,HidholD 9 ,of Tandridgo, Surrey f yooman,aged 58, has 
livod thoro 35 years. 

DODD, John, tho oldor,decoased, purchased tho lease of 
part of tho tithes of Tandridgo rectory of IJdward 
HUHTLSY. Had a son John,who died before him. 

DODD, John, nephew and next of kin of Handolph DODD, de- 
ceased, who Was the "brother of Jcmes D0DD y also de- 
ceased, tho oldest son of John DODD the older, all of 
whom lived and died at Tendridge. James and Randolph 
died boforo thoir raotlior; James leaving a son John, 
tho minor now concerned ,and tho othor two "both died 
ohildleos. John, tho minor, was horn about 14 years since. 

KEiiUTIS ♦Edmund, son of tho last wife of John DOD,whioh she 
had by a former husband Henry M&IUTIS. Mary imUTIS, 
wife of John DODD the older, and mother of Edmund MEA.UTIS . 

EYIS1, Edmund, tho producent. 

£Y3a, Thomas, of St.Iiartin f s in the Fields , London, gent. , aged 
63. Randolph DODD was the son of this deponent's own 
sister and John DODD the elder. James left two othor 
eons besides John DODD, the minor. Deponent is brother of 
Edmund &YJTS. (Signs). 

ARNOLD, Thomas, of Tandridgo, husbandman, aged 35, has lived there 
since his birth; lived as a servant in the house of John 
DODD the older in Tandridgo. Is cousin-german once re- 
moved to John DODD tho younger, party in this cause. 

EYKS,Susanna, daughter of Edmund, aged 26;now dwells with her 
father in the very same house whore John DODD the elder 
and Jamoa died, and where John DODD the younger now' liveth. 
J&mos marriod this deponent's sister and had three sons. 
Edmund LLuAUTIS is cousin-german to this deponent and son 
Of Henry IMUTIS ,who was the former husband of his mother, 
jittery mj*kJJ2iij ullaa iXjjuv. (bigns;. 


Dram. Pers. 1916. (276) 

Tho Do&d Family of 2andridfto« (c ontd , ) 


1650. 3X)IU> > 4nno »of Wostminstor,£rpinst er^aged 40, has 
lived there 7 years or more;was born at 
Ean&rldge. Is dau^itor of John DODD the elder 
"by a former wife; lived in house with nor father 
at the time of his marriage with Mary &EAUTIS. 
By her ho had two 3one,John who died leaving 
his wife with child, a girl who only lived a 
few day 3 ,&nd Randolph DODD who also died with- 
out issue, John DODD tho minor is son of James 
. DODD, this deponents brother, who was son of John 
DODD the elder ,by his former wife L&ry COV3B3\ 
also this deponent's mother, married above 30 
years since. Bandolph was 20 years old when his 
father died. Mary M15AUTIS alias DODD survived 
her husband John DODD the older about 6 years. 
He was buried at the care and costs of James 
DODD, his son and executor. Margaret MEAUTIS is 
wife of Henry. (Signs). 
MEAUTIS»Henry,of St*Andrew,Holborn,gent. f aged 44, 
has lived there 9 years ;was born at Farley in 
Surrey, son of Henry and .Mary ^UJ?I3 who married 
John DODD when deponent was about 11 years old. 
She survived John DODD three or four years. (Signs 





BEBKS . , DEVON , John CharnberlajLae *e last Trip to London. 

Buns.fVMH/i (skewme^ jxaks. ,voi<4. , bllis t.b&teeuh.) 


1650 • COOKE, Joseph, of St ♦ Bsrthoiome^by-tha^Brdhangd ,Lon&on, 

citizen and scrivener , aged 29,1ms lived thoro 4 
years, and before that in S t.Hiohaol f 0omhill for 
8 years or moro;bom at S&r/icKoaham^jiddx. Livod with 
Mr.iV10B3ij,a sorivonor in Goinhill,as hi3 approntico. 
Wrote iliv.CIIA^B-jiW.lIIIl'S will* Francis U053E a witness. 
(Signs K 

CKA^BSItlAiDra John jdcccascd. His will executed 3 Fob. 

1645 in £©SSB!B house in Comhill. William B^IK^N 

his executor. 
CHidBERIAINS, James , to whom Mr. John gave his land. 
ELLIS, John, to whom ho gave £200. 

BENT, Sheophilus, His house in Reading ,Borks. Died sinco 

15 Oct. 1645. Ke and 
CLkUKE v James , since deceased, the residuary legatees and 


KNIGHT, John, of Scnning,Oxon. , husbandman, aged 34, has lived 
there 20 years ; born at Kingsclere, Hants. Was servant 
to Mr. John CK^lBEIUiklRE about 20 years. His master went 
to London in November 1648 and lodged at Kr,\700 LEY'S 
house on Ludgato Hill. On Thursday, the 23 ^.November, 
hd supped at Lir.ELL13'S house and eat his meat very 
heartily and well, and was very merry and cheerful. He 
lodged in bed with him at Ur.WOOLLEY'S and left him 
well on Friday morning, but found him dead on his return. 
He had intended to stay a month in town. (Signs). 

MASON Anthony, lived in 1650 at &r a* SNOWIES house in London, 
an oilsh op, said he was appointed executor. His cousin 
3ENT*S husband^ minted. *u; executor ,v r as dead. Mr, Alan 
SNCftjhis late master. 


I>raxaJP©ra.JL916. (278.) 

John Chamborlalno's last Trip to London, ( ccntd . ) 

k.J>. ~" ~ ~ ' " 

1650. B13EMAH t iir.Williaa f whcm Hr.CIUlEB3HULIHS very well loved 
and respected as his kinsman by tho marriage of his, 
the deceased's ,nieoo. 

SHHILSPK)]* , William, of \7h it church, Hants. ,gont. ,&god 65,has 
lived there 40 years ;horn at Basing. Uas kinsman to 
Mr. f3W&X3BJJM&. 

W00LLEY, Nicholas, of 3 t.Llart in ? Ludgate, haberdasher, aged 62, 
has lived there 50 years, said was bom in tho same parish. 
He married Ur.CKAliBSPJjmr^'S kins^man. 

BAQBBi&LN , Anthony , of St.Dunsten in the East , merchant, aged 35, 
born there and has lived thoro most part of his time. 
After the death of James GIAiSG and in 1647 f Mr. John 
CHA3ffi3HLAJH3 camo to London to make up the match between 
his kinswoman llizaboth CL&HKE daughter of James, and 
William BA2-S*&N,and came to this disponent's mother's 
house, where ho thon lived. This deponent and William 
BA5EMA1TS father were cousin-germans f or brother's children. 
©ie marriage was solemnised 18 Hay 1647, at Ur.H&HDY'S 
churoh by the corner of Lime Streotlthis deponent's brothor'f 
daughter was married the same day. Words were spoken in Mrs. 
Klizabeth B4353SUlH ' S house in liinoing L&ne,in the great 
parlour, about the beginning of May 1647. (Signs). 

TC^EXflTILE, George, of St.Dunstan~in~the-£ast , sugar-baker, aged 69, 
has lived there 40 years, born at Credit on, Devon. (Signs). 

X3MDHICK,Matthow,of St. Catherine Creeohuroh* London, sugar-baker, 
aged 50, has lived thoro about 30 years t born at Care in Shrop- 
shire. (Signs). 

George, of St, Bartholomew Exchang9 .London, merchant, aged 35, 
has lived there 3 years and before in the parish of St. Helen's, 
London, 7 or 8 years, born in the oity of St. Helen 's , London, 7 
or 8 years ,born in the c?ty of London. Has known Mr.BA/KIiH 
10 years and ha 6 dealt with him for divers thousands of pounds. 


Dr8HwPers,1916, (279.) 

Johfl t Chamborlaine 's last tr3p to London. ( oontd. ) 
Jl.'D. ~ ' • 

1651. BBDOKE,John,of St. Christopher 's ,London,scrivoner t aged 50, 
has livod there 20 years ;"bom in tho city of London, 

22K2SS, Thomas, of S t. Andre;,*, Ho lb orn, gent. ,aged 22,has lived 
there a dozen years, born at Coloshull in V/arwiolcshire. 
(Signs). He and 

3LLIS,v7illiam,of Staplo Inn >Holborn,a clerk in the Six 
Clerk's Office, aged 18, born at St . Alban 1 s , Herts. , exam- 
ined copies of a Bill and Answer in Chancery. (Signs). 

ivIDLK. , Simon Gibbon s of Westminster. 


CHESHIRE. (D3L3Gii^S t ETJ^S. t vol.4. ,CHAS3 v.CAV/OOD. ) 


1650. SLU.Tr^H,William,of St. Uargarot f s f V/ostmins tor, victualler , 
aged 68, has lived there 35 years ;born at Botholds, 
Suss ex, was intimately acquainted v/lth GIBBOUS. Walking 
with him in ?othill Fields GI3-30N3 told him of what his 
©state consisted. (3igns). 

GIBB01TS, Simon, deceased, accounted his neighbours to be 
worth £1000 in personal estate. Had houses in Petty 
France, Tothill Street, & Theoving Alloy. 

ARCHER, . . . son-in-law of GIB302*S,had £100 of his. 

X&ftLU)Y,John,of St.L:Iartin-in~tlie-Fields,Ulddx. f labourer, 
aged 36, has lived there 17 years ;\ms born at Peaver f oo. 
Chester. His wife, while she lived f \/ac sister of the 
said GI330NS. 

LEMALT, Frances, of St. Paul *a ,Covent Gar den ,widow, aged 40, 
has lived there 10 years ;v/as born in St. Clement Dane's 
parish. Questioned tho tenants and found what houses 
GIBBON had the rents of. 

Dram. Perst 1916. 



DEVON , CTJMBKIUAND , Lord Dirlton's Letters of Administration, 

ESSEX, SUSS©; and 

K3NT, (DBU&^TIS 1 aXAliS . , vol . 4 , CJUitBOHlC. v * DIRLTON ) . 

JL.D. . 

1651. S0U^r t 700D,Aloxander,gent. ,now resident in the Old 

Bayly f London ,a(*ed 63, bom at Hoi3yook,oo, Devon. 
Has boon a clerk in the office Of tho Actuary of 
the Prorofiativo Court those 36 3'oara; deposes as 
to practice of thu Court not to issuo lot to re of 
A&mini strati on, vithin fourteen days of a doceased'a 
death. (Signs). 

&UTw00D»iuin,of St. Martin's in tho Fields Middlesex, 
spins tor, a rv>& 40, has lived thero 18 years; bom at 
Chisel 1 ,2ss :*x% Lived in house vith tho Ikxrl and 
Counters of DlX.TOl: 18 yo6.ro . Is v/oll able to 
roaintain herself. (Si^s). 

MHL TO?, Elizabeth, Countess of,t/idw; of James, riarl of 
DI?J.,T0::,and mothrr of Diana, Lady CIVJiBOiffi. OSie 
I&rl died on Monday 28 j^pril la3t,at Kolyrood 
House in -^dinbur^h. 

0.«UK30;mIi t Diana, Lady .tenderly brought b up by her 

CBOOICB,u'^,'l , honL.a,of St.ilartin in the Fields , gent. , 
aged 50, has lived there 20 years; bom at Carlisle 
in Cumberland. Pho servant to the liarl and 
Count ~3 3 for 13 years and upwards. (Signs). 

CTl3I^flrBl0»s,#f the same ,ynoman,a5od 37, has lived 
there six year 3, end befors that in Long Jloto six 
years; born uX Bosorae in Su33ex. Was servant to 
the Earl and Countess. (Signs). 

V;iLOOXO:i,rhonvis , notary-public, scal-lcoopor to Sir 
Hathaniol BitCri?, depose a that letters of adminis- 
tration of tho goods of Janes, la to ^arl of DIRLTON 
were, on behalf of Lady C. 30 lu,"^ .passed under seal 
on 6th.i-lay 1650. (Signs). 


Dram, Pore. ,1916. 


Lord Dirlton's Letters of Administration , 
A.D. ~ ~ ~ * ~ ™~" 

1651. P13HIuH,V;illiarn f notary-public of the Prerogative 
Court, aged 44 , born, in S 1. Sepulchre *s without 
lto7gatn , deposes that ho was clerk to Llr.John 
FISH, one of the Proctors, for 12 years f and has 
practiced as Proctor for 14 years ,d epos rs as 
to practice*. (Signs). 
ALLIEN, John ,not ary -public ,proc tor of the Preroga- 
tive Court, a# d 52, deposes as to practice 

C0T2L^,:iark,of London , cent . ,agod 40, has lived 
there twenty years and up.vards; bom at ITorth 
Ta\7ton,co.Dovon. Has be en a cleric in the 
office these twenty years past; deposes as to 
practice. (Signs). 

i-^uC«^LL,John,of St.IIartin's in the Fields , Middle- 
sex, a£od 21, has lived there five years, bo fore 
that at Auder.vick in Scotland two and a half 
years; born at Kirkhouso ,co, Galloway, Served 
the late I&rl and tlie Countess of DiaLTON 
about seven and a half years. (Signs). 

S^LLUK, Charles , notary-public, proctor of the Pre- 
rogative Court, aged 55; has lived twenty years 
in St. Benedict 'a ,Paul 's wharf; born in the 
oity of Canterbury ,d epos J3 as to practice, 

THO^Uj Ihomas ,of St. Pet or, Paul's Y/harf ,publio 

notary, aged 30,dep03os as to practice. (Signs). 

RUL^? 1 ?, Richard, of St.Kary ;iagdalcn ,01d Fish Street, 
public notary ,aged sixty ,doposes as to practice, 

HAEC, George, of St. Sonet* s ,Paul f s Y.harf . public- 
notary ,3£ed 37, deposes as to practice. (Signs). 

Drara.Pors. ,1916. 


LONDON and Row Ug^AYSgQUOH ma de hor Villi , a ^■■lA./ WjSLL" note. 

(delegatus 5 zsazzq. ,voi.4,0LZHxa v. bold.) 


1651. KBMOST,Biomas,Qf St. Clement f s Lane, London, f ishmonger ,agod 35, 
has lived thorp throe quarters of a year; formerly in Fan- 
church Street for 2 years. Married a niece of Hrs. Elizabeth 
AY3C0UGH. Is a platv— v;orker in liis ordinary trado and lived 
for 4 years in ot.^ichaul , Crooked Lane. (Signs). 

AYSCOUGRVirs. Q izabeth .deceased f of ..'ilk Street, London. 

tiLPJfrJsLt Jpan\ , said t %"o K ,me an ing he rself and lir. BOLD ,hor co- 
executor , "'cannot give- mourning to any but to Hrs.AYSCQUGH'S 
best friends", and that her estate was to go for the main- 
tenance of Llr.John AY3C0UGH,and after his death to Sir 
33ioinas CLJIv~, Joan ikSViILL v/as maidservant , and lived in 
house with ilrs .AYSCCUGH. 

}I&\TR } Francis , of St , Gregory near St , Paul * a , ba cha lor, aged 40, 
deposes that hes was in the Dining Hall of Doctors* Commons 
vhon .Ir. Arthur BOLD declared that he followed the old will 
in setting dqv/n the residue. (Signs). 

S£I2u-Ji, Charlo s , of St . Benedict ,Paul »s wharf, gent. ,aged 54, one 
of the proctors of this Court % deposes that iIr.BOLB.ras a man 
of middle ago aixl stature and inclined to a sanguine com- 
plexion. (Signs). 

MOSS'S, Sllis , of St. Giles, Cripplogato ,widov/,agod 68 , has livod 
there 30 years , deposes that urc. AYS COUGH dictated her will 
by word of mouth to Ilr.BOLD. 

JO^£? t Rebecci>. 5 kinswa^in of ilrs .AYSGOUGII,logatoe for £20. 

PAilTRIDGju,Eannah,ef :histlev/orth,Mlddx. , spinster, agod 28, has 
lived there 2 years, and before that in tho city of London 
14 years, waited upon ilrs > AYS COUGH *v/hO died about 2 years 
and a half ago, at her house in jlilk Street. She had brought 
up John AYSCOUGII from a child, and declared that she had 
givon the house wherein she then lay sick to Sir Thomas 
CLB3KK. Joan ZJA3££LL made a thankful acknowledgment of the 
great favour and respect her mistress had done her in 
1 making hur executrix and giving her £100. 


j Dram. Pers, ..1916. (283) 

Hew; Krs.AY SCOUGH made hor yill.a f 51ARVBLL" note , (oontd. ) 


1651. John AY300UGH was not fit to bo exocutor f for he was a 

prisoner and disabled in hi3 censes and \mdorstanding. 

SHORTSR t Mary,of the same, spinster, aged 30, born there, deposes. 

JO YHISR, Alice ,wif o of Thomas f of baling, Middx. , yeoman, aged 53. 
Has been married to JOYITER about ten years; has to own Sir 
Thomas CLERKS twenty years ^lrs.AYSCOUGH'S plate had former- 
ly been her father's , Alderman Roger GIARKS'S plate, and she 
aaid that after hor depeased Sir Thomas CLERKS should have 
it. Deponent was given £3 for mourning .which was so little 
to buy mourning with that she had to v/ear coloured o loth© a 
to deceased's burial. She dined with Sir Thomas CLERKE at 

MYJ^ELL, Godfrey, of St. Clement »s Inn, co. M i ddz. , gentleman ,&g©d 
59, drew up a will in writing for !<irs .AYS GO UGH about a dozen 
years since, appointing L I r. Anthony BUCX33RKY and Ur.AYSCOUGH 
her executors. Mr. BUCK3URY died about five years since, (signal. 

MARYSLL,Iiatthew f Leiftennant of Coll. BAXTER'S Regiment^Aged 
about 38, deposes he is brother of Joan. Was present in the 
Dining Hall of Doctors' Commons before Sir Nathaniel BKESN1? 
when Ilr.BOLD declared that he followed the form of her f orm— ^ 
er will in disposing of the residue of Urs. AYS COUGH'S estate. 

HOUHDEFQ HD , Ms ry , o f St. Mary Magdalen's f Milk 3troet t widow,aged-j89, 
was a neighbour of Mrs.AYSCOUGH for near 30 years, urged to 
remember Sir Thomas CLBRKE f her brother's .son^JLuJi^r will. 

Brwa.Pers.1916. (284) 

jONDON & iilDDX. , War v ith Franco ; capture of tho "St.Poter", 

<&LGHK f 3CSlIT, " " and tho "aamuol". 


{Vl&L&LZ& t iyjU3. f TO.l»4 9 00Ii2 v.SOU'JK/OOD. ) 


1651. AIUSTH)NO f Joha t of Stepney ,1-Iiddx. , mariner ,agod 19, 

served as apprentice in tho "Samuel". V/alked 
on foot with BIOISBY from Dunkirk to Ostend. 

BB52I33Y,Joseph,mf. ater of tho ship "Samuel", taken 
by tho Galliott Hoy. 

GaJJTOEIii, Jacob do f compandor of tho Galliott Hoy, 
sent tho "Sr.muel" to Ostend, and took BB3&3BY 
and ii$iS2nDliG to Dunlcirk, A tall , big, fat , burly man. 

KIRCOCX, Leonard, at Ostend had tho tar and live goats, 
takon from tho "Sanraol", in a yard thero,bofore 
his door. He v;as a merchant and part owner of the 
ship 'St. Pet or", arrested by tho producent in th9 
Admiralty Court. Livod in a houso beyond the prison 
as you go into the town, in a turning on the left 
as you go to tho market place. Something tall in 
staturo f and of a pale, whitish, complexion. 

Thomas ,of S 1 . Xat nor ine -by- tho -Tower , Lond on^marinar , 
agod 24, wont, in ITov.l649,in tho "St.Poter" in a 
voyage from Ostond to C&los in Spain. (Signs). 

S0Um»00D,Ur.Jchn t party to suit. 

COLE, William, of Ostond; ho and iOHCOCK owners of tho 
"St. Peter", and tho main mon there for sotting out 
and employing ships of war. r £he "St.Poter" hath 
since boon employed in taking and surprising our 
linglish ships. COD;) a tall, swarthy, man. 

BI&HTLTT, Henry, of St. Katherino~by~the- Twer, mariner, 
aged 24, deposes. (Signs). 

BSI51TIiTu?,Liathow,of IX)ver,co. Kent, mar inor,agod 40;born 
there. Knew COLS and KILBOOCIC in Dunkirk till that 
tovm was taken, and then they removed to Ostend. 
Brought the "St. Peter", as pilot, into the Port of 
London. (Signs). 

B1DII&I, Thomas, of St. Mary £fc£*a.al en, 3 outhvrark, mariner, 
aged 35, has lived there 24 years ;born in Scarborough* 
Yorkshire, deposes. (Signs). 
prom.Pers.1916. (2S5) 

& , f Jho llano r of Bm^ghton Poggs. 

.BEDS. , 

)imo. , liiic . , (jpi^aas 1 lac^ • # vo 1. 4 , godficy y . godfhsy. ) 

jCJT. ,0XCN.. 


1651, Pitt OHAJQ, Valentine ,of St. IJmis tan- in~tho~tf os t » London, 

scrivener ,agod 48, has lived there 6 years. Jas 
bom at Llanfoys ,co. Monmouth; deposes as to a copy 
of a Doorco in Chancery. (Signs). 
GODFREY, John ,party to suit; son of Kenry f whoso will is 
in dispute. . 

M&Y1TS 301TB f John , of ye Savoy in tho Strand, M iddx. , gentle- 
man, a^od 52, has lived thoro a year, beforo that at 
Bristol for 30 van or eight years ;born at Philipps 
Kort on, Somerset, lurried a daughter of Henry GODFHEY, 
docoaood 9 a:id sist »r of the produoont. Dooeasod so- 
loumGd at this deponent's house then in Paternoster 
ficw, London. The iap.no r of Brought on Pouggs was recovered 
from the doceasod "by the v/idov AL.TlIB by a final Deoree 
in Chancery and £700 was paid to him. He had it in 
possession 12 or 14 years. (Signs). 
CaPiEH, John, of Blots 00, Bods. 4 yooiKin,aged 64, has lived 
there 32 years ;was born at Potton. Is oouain-^rman 
to both parties litigant. Henry G0DF:i3Y the elder vroro 
u seal ring with "H. G. w upon it. (Signs j. 
fiOtf-UlT, William, of Uff ing^x>n^Lincoln,Ssci. ,aged 51, testifies 
to the hand-writing of Jane DOV/HtwlT , who was his mother. 
2he produoont and himself are oousin-germans . (Signs J. 
S!RSa^BAJl t ChariGS,of Ho lr; roll ,0xon* , gent. , aged 54, has lived 
there about 24 years ; bom at Barnesley^yOa^G^Louo. De- 
poses that the manor of Broughton^Poggs wa3 \7orth_X200O* 

Dram. ?er3* 1916. 


KORFOLK , A Frau d ulent Altcration;Fhilip Browne's Will. 


(DULEG^r^S 1 SXAU3. t vol.4 f GBENL; v. PARTINGTON. ) 


1650, ■S3US0H f William t of Littlo v/aloingham,Norf oik, gent. ,©#ed 29, 

has livod thore 5 years; before that in Pembroke Hall, 
Cambridge , for 6 years or noro. Was bom at V/alsingh&m. 

a witnoss to certain schedules and a deod signed 
by Philip BIBWHfc. (Signs). 
B3DV/irii f Philip # d3CGas0d»unolc to Will lain SI1I30N. A legacy 
of £1500 given by him to his sister GH3L»N3 and her 

L0D33 , Robert , of Littlo .walsingh&n, locksmith , aged 4r4 f has 
lived there 24 years; born at Kerringham. './as a witness 
v.'ith SI1ISC1I to the documents referred to. (Signs). 

MOOS , Franc is , of Seaming # Korf oik ,yooman, aged 50, has lived 
thore 13 years; bom at Shipdhara. V/ao present at the burial 
of Philip BBDWftiS on 3aafc&r Monday, 15 April 1650. Lives 
within a mile of tho place whore he diod on Ifiaster eve. 

P^ACOOK t Richard f of 3hipdham,yeoraan f aged 29,has livod there 
two years ,bef ore thrt at Seaming for 6 years and more; 
bom at Finch&ra. V/as one of BR07/NEf f 3 next neighbours at 
Shipdham. Hoard the boll go for Mm and saw him dead. (Si^ns). 
■ YfciO , William , public notary/ and one of the proctors of this 
Court, deposes as to an alteration in a will. 

SUCKLIilY, Raphe, one of tho proctoro of this Court , deposes as to 
a fraudulent alteration of £1500 to £1300. (Signs). 

ALIJSiT t John,of St. Gregory , London , notary-public and prootor of 
this Court ,aged 52, also deposos. (Signs). 

v;aL33» The Seizure of the "Grave von j aifastin ". 


(I>^GA3££> SSUiIS. f vol.4 f J3SSPBBS v. ST^AlSfWOHt. ) 

A. 3). 

1651. J2HXIHS, Walter, of I/ingondaeme ,co. Carmarthen, gent. , 
aged 23 ,born at Langonech,was on board tho 
"Holena", in October last. (Signs). 

WILLIALiS, Cap tain Hoove, had Letters of Ilarque for 
tho "Holena" frigate, to seize the ships of tha 
Frsnch King and his subjects. 

tflLLIALlS, Captain John, of the "Helena", seized the 
ship "Grave Van Slfastin" of &ma tordam, near tho 
Bay of Odiorno upon tho French coast. 

WILLIAM .Dennis ,ordered to take tho "Graco" into 
Plymouth, was chased and seized by throe Dutch 
men-of-war. Tho Vico-Admiral took a glass of 
wirio and drank to JiSKKINS, telling him that he 
oould do no less than what ho had done, unless 
he would bo hangod when he came home. The 
"Hollandia",ono of the men-of-war. 



HERTS . • QAMAIWQll , Francis Sl rinff ton's Estate , 

wmm & MiDJPoc. ftcaaofciBB.' jjkus. f voi.4.mE3 v.^xaxxasnr*) 

1650. PAKKEIX William, of iitandon, Herts. ,aged 55, 

ha3 lived thoro 3 years ,b of ore that in 
Thoydon,£sccx,9 years ;\vas born at Awbroy, 
Herts. Bolievec ho is v/orth £500 and lives 
upon a farm. (Signs). 

BLRIKGION, Francis ,doooasod, his yd 11 in tho 
Prerogative Court. 

SHI Td , Thomas >and 

KAitB2H,]tory t sorvcnts to Francis }JLB1KG'30IT. 

iUjHINGTON, Mr. Edward, his wife oomo to deponent 
PiilKSLL'S v/ifo and pressed nor vary muoh 
to porsu&de him to say deceased in his life- 
time promised that harvard ELIIETG'JM, 
should have all his estate, 'but PiJiNELL told 
hor he knew no such matter. 

ANJ)HEWES,Owen,of Gray's Inn y i.lidcbc. ,£cq. ,agod 39, 
has lived there 20 years ;was born at Carnar- 
von f co. Carnarvon. As ho was coming from Sir 
Edvrard BASSETS house in Hertfordshire, 
ELRIKGTOH'S servants ,3111131 and BAKBBR,cam9 
to the coach side and said Francis BLUING ION 
had directed that ISdward IJIHIKGION should 
A.D. not meddlo with his writings, (Signs). 

1651, COOKS, Robert, of St. Gregory *s , London, public notary, 

a proctor of the Prerogative Court .deposes as 
to a paper found in the deceased's pocket 
after his death. (Signs). 



L0inXSH f D3VOST. ♦ Tho Seizure of the " Blessing ". 


[VuLZGLTSQ 9 -SJCiLaS. f vol.4 t *£5LHUISH v. POTTS. ) 


1661. Q}&80;S, Timothy, of St * Hoi on 1 s , London t nor chant f agod 57, 
has lived thoro 30 yo&rc , deposes as to negotiations 
for tho purchase of a ship. (Signs ). 
WINDSOR, liichard ,parfcy to this suit. 

2L3i2T0JJ t ^r. Anthony t paart-^wi@r of tho ship tho "Blessing", 

alias tho *tyillUm and Thomas". 
HSYTHUYS^Llr.G&rrott van , ongagod to %tr ite to Falmouth, 

to buy the ship in for tho owners, out of the hands 

of thoso v;ho had taken hor. 
HLLHUISH, Thomas ,v/ho livod at Penryn, requested to buy 

the ship. 

M2LHUI3H, John, tho younger, of St.LIary Aldermary, London, 
draper, aged 24;born thoro and has livod there or or 
8inoG f 8on of Hr.John liKLHUI§H t «?ho was asked to write 
to his brothor Thomas, at Falmouth, to buy the said 
ship. (Signs). 

HISROI^JosQph^f St. Martin's Orgar, merchant, aged 35, 
has livod thoro 4 yoars t boforo that at College Hill, 
London, 7 years ;born fet Uodbury in Devon. Was part 
owner of the goods on the 'Villian and Thonns". 

roST0H2H, Thomas, part oroer of the same ship. 

DraauPers.1916. (290) 

iism. (Che 'Will l an & Rich ard" i n Coll ie ion 

with the "Gregory". 

(DrjiZjOkTBG* ,voi.4.po;^;ri x+Qim&sz. ) 

^}T2JY,Johii,of Stepney ,Hidd:v. ,nF-rinor, aged 44, has 
lived there 26 years, Was Captain or Commander 
of the ship ♦William and Richard" in tho voyago 
for Guiney and the parts thoroabouto for a 
14 months voyage. Shu v;as damaged by a Dutch 
ship, the "St. Gregory". She v/ao 240 ton and 
carried 36 men and no more; freight £70 por month 
and no more. 2he^ had to employ tho "Benjamin" 
when tho "William and iUchard" was disabled by 
tho Dutch ship. - Tho "Benjmin" of 320 ton and 
43 men; freight £92, 10a. por month. Iho "Gregory" 
and the *%i:W5Mm & Hichard" foil foul and drove 
down tlio river together towards Bow Creole. The 
"William and Richard" was designed to the port 
of Wiincombay in Guiney; tho "Benjamin" v;ent from 
Tilbury Hope and nover let fall anchor till she 
came at Guynesi f v;hQr% they found the "Star" and 
& Bristoll man and some others , English and Dutch. 

B&SS3,William,of Stepney, mariner ,agod 27, Sfcs master 1 
mate in the "William and Richard". (Signs). 
John, master of the "Star" frigate. 

CURTIS, John, of Stepney, mariner, aged 48. V/a3 master's 
ohief mate during the whole voyago in question. 

CIABX3G1T, George, of Stepney , marine r f agod 63, deposes 
that ho built the "Benjamin", and was part owner 
of her. (Signs). 

^raauPoxB. 1916. 





I BUCKS. • 5s tat a of William Long of Wooburn. 

( BEDS. • 

t ' (Di^GMES 1 # vol.4 f B03BIH3 v. HONG.) 


1650. 3LH?G3BY,ji>iark, lived in Newport Pagnell for 20 years 

past. (Signs). 

3LINGSBY,£k!mund,of Huoboroo Crawley , Beds. , gent. , aged 45, 
has livod there 6 years, born thoro,and is an inhabit- 
ant and freeholdor thero. 'was foreman of tho jury 
which brought in a verdict against tho supposed will 
of William IX) KG. Livod at tfooburn 9 yoor3. (Signs). 

TILCOGKS 5 iiiohaGl, plaint iff in a trial at Bedford Assises 
in July 1649, for the validity of the will of William 

LOKG,V/illian,docoaood > hia alleged will declared against, 
TILC0CK3, Elizabeth, sister's daughter of tho deceased. 
2&YL0R, Lionel, of Y»ooburn»gont. f agod 76,has lived there 
40 years ,born at 2horp© in Ussex. '&as an intimate 
acquaintance of William LONG;vioitod him the next day 
but one preceding his death. Found him sitting in 
his chair in the hall of his house at Wooburn, and his 
-wife on a pallet by the fire, %/as unwilling to dis- 
course much because his wife v;a3 so near, who had been 
but a oross woman to him. His wife presently arose 
and retired farthor off in the room,and deponent asked 
him if he had made his will, 'whereto he fell a weeping, 
• and holding this deponent fast by tho hand, said, "No", 
ho had not. Deponent after some little talk promised 
to como again, but tho second morning after, LONG de- 
parted this life and deponent saw him no more. At the 
Assizes tho jury found tho supposed will to bo no will 
and gave in their verdict on behalf of Christopher LONG. 
3!he house called the Woolsaok is freehold and only pays 
twopence a year quit-rent to the Sari of Bedford and 
fourpeaoe upon auy cnarge oy death. Deceased held a 
victualling house, lands in the occupation of one SCAR- 
BOROUGH and leases of Crouch Close and headlands which 
descended to Christopher LONG. Tne Woolsack was burnt 
about 5 or € years ago by the late Kings forces. 2hat 
31&UNTQN and GUHISY were ancient and intimate friends 
one to the other. (Signs). 
{ 3ra»w£wy.I916. (292) 

8'JRRSY, ^ro«Snolllng and h or Ilind rod. 

Wgmi. [KZSGL'FiX' L£A1£. f vol*4,3P:2iCiR v.i,iAliriU. ) 


1651 H&SH-i^BIlon^of Kings ton »Sturroy»v;idcra t aged 60, has 

livod thcro 12 yearojborn at Iliobmond, deposes. 

3KBLLll<Gt*-^rGr»-rct,diod at Kings ton, about l;r yoars 
ago f in the house of ^ary CIlU\L^;C0i)» Kocoived 
£5 annuity fron hor cousin SPISTC^IU 

3P2NG^;^^rgarot , cousin to ilrs. SiriiLL IHGr,livos at 
Karbury in Warwickshire. 

VffiS3B:©aKE,jttittih,v/ifo of John f of ICingo ton, cooper, 
agod 60, has livod there 15 years gv«&8 "born at 
^ollaston in ICorthtonshiro. Kor daughter Eli** 
aboth and fccrsolf neighbours and 

friends of *:ro,SI':iiLLIKO. 

ftjU^M^ John, and his \7ife t to whom llrs»SlTJLLIlvG ovod 
money. I'jrs.^U^TJN said IIrs.UlIUi^.IITG t S kindred 
v/ould do nothing for hor; "no, not tho goggle- 
eyed Lady", moaning Lady «i>TO2X^^^u? t lior kinswoman. 
Such words struck so to hor hoart that she thought 
it would bo hor death. 

SCUBAllOR3,Joan,a poor , needy ,v:onan, of littlo or no 
reputation, and much given to tippling and drinls- 
ing;a black, thick, short woman, 

W^TBIKKDiOi^lisabothpOf Kingston, spins tor, agod 19, 
born thera. 3ays that r*r3.3iniI£ILTG,hor godmother, 
' died in February 1649. Doponent's broth or- in- las? 
was gent for to write a will, but none mis made. 

OHlLaiJilV/OOJ) # iJary f wifo of Henry, of Kings ton, chandler, 
aged 34, has lived thoro 12 yoars ;wns born at 
Wootton. iirs.SKHLLING livod four yoars in her house 
and diod there. l\r* BISHOP was fetched to make hor 
will. Sho 2*ecoivod £5 of an annuity from Thomas 
wife. (Signs). 

BUTLER, John, of Karbury ,tfarv\ , gent. f aged 4o,ha» lived 
thore 30 y oars, b era at Str&tf ord^n^\T>n^djarpOQes 
that Margaret SPEHOEH is dautfiter of (Enoraas SPETCBH, 
a near kinsman of Margaret SuXI£LLIHG. Deponent re- 
ceived tho rents of tho manor of iUngwood from which 
Urs.SXTSLLIlTG'S annuity vra a paid. (3ignsj. 
Dram.Por8.1916. (293) 

0NDON & ^IDi3X. , John ?afton,distractod in his Wits . 

£10. ,S1&FFS. 

,650. KII£,iklward,of 3t. Clement Danes ,Hi(Jdx # ,agod 23, has 

lived there 7 week3, before that in the parish of 
Sails on f co. Cambridge, 5 years ;born at \»'intorburn6, 
co. York, (Signs). 

7UFT0N,Sir Kumf roy ,pro3ont in Court when the grant of 
Administra tion was made. Court hold in tho dining- 
room in Doctors ** Commons. 

HUDDLES Wll , Lady & Sir Hob ort .attended in Court by 
deponent KID12. 

TOFTOft, John, doc eased. Administration of his goods granted 
in the Prerogative Court to ars. Francos 2UF20E". Y/as 
distracted in his wits. 

IJAiHIO?!?, Reginald, of . la ids tone, Ken t , aged P3,has lived 
there 6 years, bom at Paul or* s ~i^ry,co. Northampton. 
Is domestic servant of £ ir Humfroy TUFTON and receivos 
A.D. £6 per annum, (tfigns). 

1651 P3DL3Y, Humfroy, of tho Charterhouse Ya rd, London, gent . , aged 

53, servant to the Countess of But land, with whom ho hath 
lived 22 years ;born In the town of Stafford. V/as omploy- 

| od by the Countess to look &f tor John TUF'10II,who diod 

in Jan. 1649. He lived and died at the Millb&nk in 7/oat- 
rainster in a house which was his own and was oxo coding 
troublesome to all that carao about him. Ho had a son, 
and his wife ,Lirs. Frances lUF?OII,was big with child, but 
no provision v/as made for the children in tho pretended 
will. The Countess of HJTIA1JD was aunt to the deceased. 
He was of lumpish, melancholy carriage, making strange 

j faces ,anrl but little discourse could ever be drawn from him. 


OTHirilR,Dr. ,who lived about Drury Lane, deceased's physician. 
: PKilGSOIi, Dr. ,v;ho lived in the Old Bailoy , deceased »a physician. 

ATKIil, John, of the Charterhouse Yard ,aged 22 /servant to the 
| Countess of ^ZukiL^W-iere he hath lived eleven years ;bora 

I at Kaythorne 6n Leicestershire. Visited the deceased 

frequently, by order of tho Countess. (Signs), 
j Dram. Per b. 1916. (294) 

R03OH & lilMK. , An Usher of Wostminator School* 

£ICaSlEaSHI33. (*M DISPOSITIONS. Bundlo 1674.) 

PIDDOCZi: vorsus KY23. 


1756. GBWfflaTiB^^rd t agont to Mr, HILL of tho Six Gloria* 

Off ico, London ,g 31 1 Ionian f agod 40,dopooos as to 
oopios of a Hortgago dated 28 Llay 1743, and tho 
Kogistor of Burial of William KY2& in tho parish 
of St.Goorge,Southi7ark. (Signs). 

W&ffiTRflfcrir 9 vti<lwr t agod. 60, living at tho Hor3o Perry, 
liillbank, in tho parish of St. John., v/os trains tor. 
Knows hor hue "band paid ront to Daniol HBALH^ho 
diod in 1743. lias soon William W& and Mary his 
\rif ojboliovos they aro doad. Hor husband took tho 
promises at the Horsoforry in iiiohaolmas 1742. (Sigas) 

'.3AJHTHILL t Potor t of Garliok Hill in tho parish of St. 
James 9 Garliok Hi tho, London, surgoon, aged 60,kao#a 
Mr. (Fhomas XY!El,an uohor at Westminster Sohool,and 
Sarah,daughtor of Mary JOTa^doooaeod. (Si^ao). 

hZWOEAUB , John , late of Birohin Lone , cutler , deceased , 
married Potor SAIKTHILL'S sister and diod several 
yoars sinco. Had tv/o dau^itere Mary and Margaret. 

Km^ary^ife of William,dau#itor of John BH4UGHAMP 
by Petor a/UillfflllL'S sistor. 

0KJ&,<Tohn,of He2boizrno,I)erby9. ,achoolraast9r,agod 36, 
new/ "Inning 1 * at tho sign of "Ben Johnson's Head" 
in Witch Stroot,Wos^aiinoter. Knows John PU3D00K&, 
tho complainant , end ha 3 known him for 20 years. 
Khevr William KYTS and LSary his vvifo,then of Aahby- 
te-*2&~&ovo3b^l,e±(}* ^&bout 14 or 15 yoars ago ,ond saw 
a dood sealed and delivered by them-and JOoonard 
•-•MJXDOCiffi.-.- (Signs). 

PraaJPwp»^1916. ( £95 ) 

BEHKSHIHE. The Manor of Hilton Merles , 

(Exchequer Depositions^ V/m. III. Trinity 13) 


•1696. GAL TO IT , Paul , tho elder,son of Robert GALLON, of Milton, 
. Berks. Was seized at Abingdon for debt which 

ought to havo boon paid by Paul GALLON , the younger. 

YAmiAII paid tho Sheriff out. 
CAMON, Paul, the younger, took possession of the manor 

of Hilton 5n 1688 .which YATSMAIT was employed to 

sell for £14000 with tho cdvwDcn of tho roctory. 

William JItSKKSBS 3s q. ,bid £11000. 
PAYH3 , John, of Abingdon, apothecary, aged 68, knew IJhomas 

EDLT Esq. ,aad killlam BMDfiSJ and John raJIK # all 

since dead. 

IGSTCHiiS 11)3, James ,of Sutton Courtney ,yooman ,aged 4-0, 
on 8 December 1624 purchased of Paul GA1T0N the 
elder and Paul CAXTOft tho younger, a piece of land 
in Hilton calloc. Uhe Boyn,and paid £430 for it at 
their direction to ilrs.Uary HOBBY. 

SPICI2R, Augustine. of HSast Hend red, yeoman, aged 60, 
know the Upper Farm and Great Hale meadow. 

Fulfil*, Thomas, of LLilton,yeoKan ,agod 24. His father 
John FULL'SB purchased ground called Horsobrook 
piece of Paul CAI/BON the elder. When tho goods 
were seized Paul CALTOH the younger wont to his 
mot nor in law's house in Hilton and there dwelt, 
but Paul CAL1QN the elder's wif9 continued in the 
mansion house. 

C001.D3, James, of Hilton # oaron , aged 60, says the re- 
version of his brother 'Ihomas 000133 living was 
sold for £265. The whole estate in Hilton 
settled upon Paul CALQD2J the younger was worth 
about £450 per annum. 

Dram. Pers. ,1916. * (296) 

The Manor of Milton, Berks, (cent** . ) 


1696, YkTSSMlU Francis , of Harwell, gent. ,aged 45, says that 

&bout St. Andrew's tide in 1694, when execution was 
levied upon Paul CALT01T the elder's goods , ho was 
not in the house, "but his wife sent for deponent 
and dosired him to buy of the Sheriff's officers 
the bed and bedding upon which she lay, which he 
did and lent the sane to her. Her husband was 
skulking up and down in the neighbourhood and 
often lay there and the wife continued there till 
after Christinas. It was said the son turned his 
father and mother out of doors, Madam OkLTOll and 
her husband had neither victuals nor drink but 
what v/as sent them by their neighbours. One day 
in the groat house at Milt on 7 w hen witness was 
present , Mr. CALTOir the elder took up a copper pot 
in his hands and the son took up a chair t on which 
the father said the son was a coward, and dare not 
fight him with a sword. Upon which ho ran upstairs 
to fetch hi3 sword and the son reached a rusty 
sword from the bacon rack and went to whetting it 
on the side of the chimney, ran after his father 
to the stairs 1 foot and said ho would prick his 
pudding ,but was prevented by John 3VAIIS,a bailiff 
then in possession. The father hath boon since 
maintained by the charity of the Duke of 3QL102T, 
and his wife by bar sister tho Lady EV3LYIT. 2ho 
son has sold £600 worth of timber and £5000 worth 
of land since coming into the estate. 

GH)Vi3, Thomas, of S te ve n ton ,yeor.B,n, aged 50,deposes. 

SI& LLB0IT3 , Henry , o f Steve nt on, yeoman ,dop03es that in 
1694 his brother ,now dead, purchased the Middle 
Farm and land for near £1700. 

SHERVOOD, Richard, of Gilbomes (in Sutton Courtney), 
gent. , aged 6? 9 knew Robert GALLON the father of 
Paul, the elder, and tho Manors of Milton and 
Sutton,and that Paul, the eldor 9 sottled £500 per 
annum on Paul, the younger. 

Dram. Pars. ,1916. 



LEICESTER. Sufferings of Dr,Eolden . 

' EX/iMS, vol. 8, HOLDER v.OtfM) 

1662, K0LDEN,Dr. John, hud exceeding groat sufferings 
and expenses in suits of law occasioned by 
Sir John 0W3U. Eo was administrator for 

?KOHSS3Y,v/illiaia,of the Middle Temple, London, 
Esquire .aged 32, son of Christopher, to whom 
Dr •HOLDS! cwod £300. V/as horn at Eolt,co. 
Leicester, and is a councillor at law, resi- 
dent in the Lliddle temple and worth £5000. 
(Signs THUBSBY). 

GOUGH , Francis , of St . Botolph^ldersga to .London, 
silkraan,citizon and morcc r,agad 60, has 
lived there aevon years. Dr. H0LD1-3N, after 
the surrender of Oxford ,v:as arrested at the 
suit of Philip WILSON, sorvant of John 
HaV&RS. Deponent v/as horn in St. Giles, 
Cripplegato, London, and lived in Choapside 
many yoars before ho went to live in Alders- 
gato street. Is worth £100. Dr.BDLDBN 
his mother's sister f s son. (Signs GOFFB). 

Dram, Pars. ,1916 


LONDON , Witness to an Indenture . 


(Delegates 1 Ikams , vol . 8 , f o . 3 9 , HOLT v.BANKSS). 


1663. VI0L3TT, Thomas, now decaased, sealed an Indenture dated 
1661, to Mr. Alexander HOLT. 

STOLEN, Handle, of St.lSary V/oolnoth, London, go Id smith, 
aged 29, has lived there 8 years , deposes as to 
Thomas VIOLET. 

BRIS3J3ro^T,2tteholas,of St, Mary Abchur oh , merchant ~ 
taylor,aged 50, has lived there 6 months, and before 
that in the parish of St. Edmund the King, seven 
years or more; deposes that the Recognizance dated 
2 October 1661 is on record in Chancery. (Signs). 

SCARISBRICK3, Thomas, has served in the family of Mr.. 
Alexander HOLT of St.M ary YJoolnoth, these two years, 
is aged 20, and was born at Scarisbrick in Lanca- 
shire; deposes as. to the Recognizance. (Signs). 

GOLDS TON , Henry , of St. Mary V/oolnoth, go Id smith, aged 24, 
has lived there 14 years and was born in the city 
of London; was a witness with John V/EDGvVCOD, to the 
indenture named. (Signs). 

HANTS. Procrastination of William WI LTSHIRE. 

(Delegates* lSxaras,vol.8 ,fo. 565 ,DAL£ V.V7ILT5HIR3) . 


1666. 7/ILT3HIR2,7/illiam,deceased,put off the execution of his 
will until it was too late. The lawyer called several 
times, but he was too ill to see him, or he wa3 re- 
fused by the people of the house. 
DAL3, William, cousin to V/illiam tflLTSHIiffi, appointed his 
execut or. 

TRAFFICS, i^dward, of V/inchester,no tary public, aged 51, 
took instructions for the will of V/illiam WILTSHIRE. 
Believes iir.DAL>j,thinlcing the will would be to his 
disadvantage, did not desire the perfecting thereof. 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 


LONDON, Sir Jot? HARBY and his Relations . 

SURREY". (Delegates' Exaras ,vol. 8 f ff .397 ,516 ,HARBY v.KARSY). 

A, P. 

1664. HARBY, Sir Job ,dol ivered a paper to dated 28 May 

1662 , declaring it to be his last will, written with 
his own hand, sealed and declared before witnesses, 
and rcalcing his wife, Dame Elisabeth, his sole execu- 
trix. He sent his servant, Robert SQUIBB, for it on 
or about the day on which ho died. He was a person 
of very sound and solid judgment. (Signs). 
M08SS»He!ary , of St. Michael , Cornhi 11 . Lbnd on , notary public , 
aged 50,1ms lived there 40 years; deposes as to Sir 
Job HAR3Y r S will being handed to him at his house on 

SQUIBB, Robert ,of 'frallington , Surrey, gent. ,aged 25, has 
lived there two years. Says that in December 1660, 
Sir Job lodged at llv . DOWLjIS ' house in Great Wood 
Street , London; deponent lived about four years with 
him as his servant and witnessed his will. T:i May 
1662 Sir Job was in his house in Ooleman Street, in 
his study. (Signs). 

POCOCK, Roger, of Bass is haw* London, merchant ,aged 37, has 
lived there 4 years, says that Sir Drasmps HARBY was 
only son of Sir Job, and Rebeccah was daughter of 
Sir Job. He died 3 April 1663. He and his wife lived 
together in a very affect ionate manner, as man and 
• v/ife ought to do* Knows Henry M0SS3 is a person of 
good and honest name and fame. 

COLLADON ,Sir John, first physician to King Charles II. 
and the Dowager Queen, aged 50, transacted several 
affairs concerning the estate of Sir Job HAHBY and 
received a general acquittance from Dame Elizabeth. 

WEDDBLL, Robert, of St.Olave ,Hart street fishmonger, aged 
42,has lived there a year,toew Sir Job HARBY and 
Dame Elisabeth about seven years. (Signs). 

WILD,Hicholas,of St. Catherine Cree church, merchant, aged 
45, lias lived there ten years; is a member of the 
company of Ironmongers of London and knew Sir Job 
to be a member. '(Signs WY1DE) . 

Bram.Pers. ,1916. (300) 

LONDON & MIDDX. , Captain R oger Garland of th e Vfeat Country. 

kssix.surrky, * ~ "~ ~ 

DORSET, mSBtSS, (Delegates ' Exams , vol . 6 , f f . 371 , 447 ,467 ) . 



1664, GARLAKD, Captain Roger, of Stepney , made his will 20 fey 1664, 
the day before he died, mentioning his nephew Robert;. 
After tho West Country language when he approved a thing 
done to his mind, he said, "Why it is right". A man of 
considerable estate. Robert was his brother's son. 

GPJ&TC3 , Abraham, of Liraehouse,in Stepney shipbuilder, aged 48, 
has lived there 47 years, and was bom there. Says he 
called on GARLAND at his house in Stepney, the day before 
he died. (Signs). 

\VILLIA£iiS03T,;*Ir. Sdraond, the scrivener , present in the room when 
GR3AVE3 called, taking instructions for GARLAND'S will, 
who told him and GHSAV3S and Mr. William WILLIAMS to go 
downstairs and the servant maid Mary OLHEKR would set 
out the gammon of bacon, which they did accordingly. 

BAYLY, Captain Simon, of Manuden ,Ess ex , aged 44, has lived there 
nine months and before that in Stepney 20 years, born in 
Lyme Regis , Dorset . Was present in the chamber when GAR- 
IAITD died and V/ILLIAiiSOiT brought tho sheets of paper to 
bo signed. GARLAKD was accounted to be worth £6000 or 
£7000; several bags of money in his house, said to contain 
£800 or £850, all of which, ho believes , came into possess- 
ion of Mr .William \7 ILL LUIS, party in this suit. Robert 
GARIAKD is accounted to be eldest son of deceased's 
eldest brother. Walking with WILLIAMSON towards Stepney 
the latter said , "Sure ,Capt . GARLilTD was not in his right 
senses when he gave his br other, Capt. WILLS, so much J". 
Mrs. V/ ILLS feared the Captain would die before he ratified 
the alterations in his will. (Signs). 

Dram.Pors. ,1916. 


Captain Roger Garland of the V7ost Country. (contd* ) 

1664. BAYLY, Bachael .wife of the said Simon, aged 40, has been 
raarried 20 years; lived noxt door to Roger GAHLAKD 
at Stepney, and had a door leading into his house. 
VICAJIS, Catharine, of St epney , spinster, aged 20 ,has lived 
there 3 years , before in Southward for 6 months,. born 
at aaby in the Bishopric of Durham, Says that when 
WfM»J;&iiIOI came to Roger GAJSIAftD'S house to make 
his will he was sent for by Um.hkYM without GAH- 
LalTD'S knew; ledge. Robert &1J^SD was at that time 
at Lisbon in Portugal-. Mrs* WILLS was sister to 
Frances GAPiLaKD. Deceased often sent fruit to her 
and such things of small value and three pair of 
old gloves which were his late wife's* He paid &rs. 
IAKCA3TKR £75 due to her out of a £100 bag, which he 
said was all in half-crowns; called ilrs. WILLS a dis- 
sembling jado. 

OLIVLiiiwIaary ,of Stepney , spinster, aged 49 , has lived there 
25 years; born at Dunstor in Somerset. Says that the 
apothecary's man camo with some things, ordered by 
Br.BURNj3T f and brought a bill with him. The room in 
which CAPiLAlD lay was a very large room and had 
wooden window shutters ,which were all open. 3Sie 
scrivener lives in Gracious Street. 

Dram.Pers. f 1916. 



MIDDLESEX, Married at the Tower of London by a Romish Priest, 
Y0RKSIIIR2, ~ " * 

NORTHUHBLD. (Delegates 1 :&ams ,vol. 8 ,f f . 29 ,158 .GIBBS v. 1X9X39019}. 

1663, COLLUPP, 21 izabeth GIBB alias, her husband , Dr. John COLLUP 
alias S0S3\V£*JLL, utterly/ disclaimed any interest in her 
goods after her death .saying that they parted long 
before and he loft her free to dispose of her goods 
at her own will and pleasure. 

'HUHj5,Amia t of St. Martin's in the Fields , London, spins tor, 
aged 4-0, has lived there 23 years , deposes as to Dr. 
COLLUPP and Mrs . GI'jBS , their alleged marriage. (Signs). 

H&JLLY , Col oiio 1 William .witness to the separation* Of the 
City of London, 3s q. ,aged 54, has lived there 3 months, 
"before that in Kensington. Lodged in her house and 
accompanied Mrs. GIBBS to Dr. COLLUPP 1 3 house to demand 
a release from him as to the pretended marriage , she 
having found how she had "been abused and deceived by 
him. Hot him at the "Hose" tavern in Covont Garden. 
2hey said they had been married in the Tower of 
London by a Romish priest. (Signs HaWLY ) . 

DEMSBOD23, Mr* John, engaged in the King's Service, a credi- 
tor of 31izabeth GIBBS. 

NDffHOUSS.Mary ,wife of ' William, of 3t*Martin's in the 
Fi elds, gent. , aged 35, has been married 6 years and 
has lived there with her husband 6. months; before 
that in Goodman's Fields, Y/hitechapol, 2 years, before 
that in St.£ndrew,Holborn,4 years, before that at 
Hull , co. York, two years; born at Morpeth,lTorthd. 
Deposes that at Bartholomew Fair time last she went 
with 2Irs.KUi£E to Dr. COLLOP'S house in Well CISso or 
Well Y ard,near Christ Chur oh Hospital. Dr.COLLOP 
said to Mrs. HUMK, 'Sdadaine ,it is long ago since I 
disowned » her", meaning the said Elizabeth GIBBS, 
•tod all that was hers, and if she had left £10,000 
I would not desire to possess one farthing of it". 




Married at the Tower of London by a Romish Priest , (contd. ) 

a.d. ~ ' ' ' " ~ ~ " 

1663. 'We gave oach other release in tho presoaoe of Colonel 
HAJ/2J3Y 1 *. Believes they wore accounted "both Papists and 
were married by a Roman Priest. Dr.COLLOP formerly 
lived near Blackwell Hall and moved to the place 
aforesaid. (Signs). 

LONDON, The Relatives of Elizabeth Acton . 

SUFFOLK. (Delegates' Sxams ,vol. 8 , fo. 567 ,BR0ND versus BIRD). 

1666. 33>30) f Wllliam t Bsq# ,uncle of Elizabeth AC TON, deceased, that 
is, her mother Anne's brother. 
ACT0N,31izabeth,died in her minority. Dispute about her 

BSHIFPE , Henry , aged 23, in the family of John ALI3/0R1H of 
All Kal lev/ s, Honey Lane ,London,for 8 years. (Is sister's 
eon of Henry BROND, crossed out ). (Signs). 

BIRD, Thorn 8, married into the family of William BROND. 

BIRD,Janx s ,son of Elizabeth ACTON'S aunt. 

BA.CON,Abrahaa,of Boxford,Suf folk,c loth ier, aged 30, born 
there. Deposes that he knew Elizabeth ACTON from 
childhood. (Signs). 


LONDON, The Codicil to John Barker's Kill. 

8US3I2C. (Delegates' ^:ams,vol,6,fo. 557,R*.RK£R v.YARDI^Y). 

1666. BARKER, John, of St. Saviour 's ,3outli,varlc, Surrey. His house 
on St. liar £a rot's Hill. Testimony as to how he made a 
Codicil to his will. 
SURFLj!TT,v;illiam t of 3t. Saviour »s,South,vark, Surrey, aged 20, 
living V7ith Francis BUNTING of tho same, scrivener, these 
three years, before that in St.01ave'3 parish ,whore he 
was born. Says that he v/as desired by Mr. to come to 
the house of John BARIGR,in the parish of St. Saviour's , 
on 3rd.January last, to write a Codicil. (Signs). 


Dram.Pers* ,1916. 


The Codicil to John Barker's Will , (contd. ) 
A< D. ' ~ ~~ ~ ™ " ' " ' ' ' ' * ' ~ 

1666* BAIUGll, George, present when the Codicil to John BACKER'S 
v^ill was mado. John said ho had run him out £200 
already ami would give him no more. 
B0UCHI33,John f of St, Giles 1 f Cripp legato .London ,o it izon 
and cutler , aged 33 f has livod there 4 years; before 
that in St.llary Abchurch,5 year a , and before- that in 
St. Michael ,Cornhill,4 years; born near St. Magnus, 
London. Draw up John BAHEEB'S will 31 Dec. 1665. 
(Signs k&'OESB), 
YAIQLi3Y,ittchard and Mv&rl t executors of John BARXBK. 
Helped him very much towards the raising of hie 

BlUkK,Bornice,of St. Saviour *s ,agod 25, has lived there 
11 months; before that at Croydon a yoar.and before 
that at Lowes in Sussex, since she was bom; born at 
Alton«Hants. Livod in house with John BAlflCkR. John 
MYLLZT? and Robert DALE v;oro in tho roan whon the 
Codicil was mado. It was handed to her, this de- 
ponent, to put away. 

COLLIUS,2homas,af/cd 23, has been in the family of John 
30V/CH1EH those six months; before that at Chiches- 
ter in Suss ex, whore he was born. To OK tho engrossed 
copy of tho will to John BAHK^JVS houso,who execu- 
ted it in the presence of iir. Mward YAISDLEY and 
Prudence his wife. Sitting by tho fire he signed 
and sealed it. (Signs). 


WB3 ££D , HEE33P , GLOUO , A Cloud of YfitnoeaOB. 

HQR5HD f HOT TIT , BUCKS , (De locates f Exams ,vol. , f f . 43", 157 ) . 
N0RF0K , YORKS , GiU33 ♦ IjgOR vers us J0ITJ3S, 


1663. PA1TO, Amos, former husband of Anne JfBflES alias PAYS, 
on his bed of sickness whereof he died , expressed 
his great dislike of Thomas MAJOR, his son-in-law, 
and advised his v/ife to marry an honest man whom 
she might trust with her estate and her small 
children. Anne was a widow 10 or 12 months and' 
married Humphry JQN: : /3 who was gone into the coun- 
try towards Denbighshire when she fell sick and 

BIHCKi&sVilliara, of 3t. Giles ,Cripplogate, London, citizen 
and goldsmith , aged 25, lias livod there 6 years; born 
in Ackenbuiy .Herefordshire , deposes as to Amos PAYKS 
with whom he lived as servant 6 or 7 years. Works 
at wire drawing or flatting of silver and is worth 
£60 in ready raonoy. (Signs). 

MAJOK,' Thomas, a man whose ways were not right. He and 
Jorman I&J0R,his father, endeavoured to overreach 
PAY1TU in £1000 in the Articles of Marriage between 
Thomas MAJOR and Sarah PAYNE. 

YATOAY,Mr. a scrivener ,was always employed by 

. Anne PAYIT3 in the management of her affairs, and did 
ever deal very faithfully and carefully. 

FLETCHER, Mark, not likely to be employed in drawing up 
& will; was an apprentice to the trade of heel- 
making. Game into a house in Moorfields where 
Humphrey J017E3 was with other company and declared 
that Anne J0K8S was not compos mentis when she mado 
her pretended will. 

WHJ23LER Arthur f of C lerkenw ell, gen t. , aged 54, has lived 
there 16 years; born at Iver, Bucks. Keeps a vic- 
taualling house and is a servant to the £a.rl of 
Not t ingham. (S igns ) . 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 


A Cloud of Witnesses, (contd. ) 
A.D. ~ " ~ ~ ' 

1663. 00KB3LIUS ♦Gilbert ,an a lohouso -keeper, with Laark FLETCHER, 
drew up the will, shut ting the chamber door and deny- 
ing entrance to all persons. 
HILL, John, of St.Michael f \7ood Street , citizen and gold- 
weave r ,aged 4 9, bos lived there 20 years, born in the 
city of London. Dined at !Ehomaa mAJOIS'S house when 
his br ot he r~ in- lav; ,Mr . Ihoraaa SWASBaJ ICK , came in* 
GILL, Char lee, of St. Giles ,Drury Lane, gent. , aged 34, hag 
lived there a year and before that in the city of 
Westminster for 7 years; born at Shelf or d,Cambs. 
Walking in iloorfields with FL^TCK:^ and COIS^LIUS, 
,7I&-2GBS3 produced a quantity of gold .about 20 or 30 
pieces, put up in a purse wrought with bugles ,with 
tassels at the corners and lined with red a ilk, which 
ho declare d he h§& for making the will of lira. Anne 
J01G3,and did applaud and glory in his . own wit and 
contrivance, and declared he was to receive much more. 
Deponent is worth £300 or £400. (Signs). 
P&1S ,liklward,of Hawkoston,Cambs. ,innholder,aged 30,haa 
lived there 8 years; was bom at Colchester, Essex. 
Was present in Long Al ley , Mo or fie Ids , when the gold 
was ahewn. 

HAI&IS, Richard, of St.aichaol ,Y/ood Street , citizen and 
grocer, aged 64 , has lived there 40 years, born at 
Shorten, co. Gloucester. Harried a sister of the said 
Anne JOKIjS alias PAYiES* (Signs). 

JONES ,Hobert ,of St. Giles ,Cripp legate ,gen t. , aged 22, has 
lived there 10 months; before that fo^ three years 
in Norwich; born in co. Merioneth. i)eposea that 
Thomas MkWMK end John WOOD married '.Thomas MAJOR'S 
si8ters,and Amos B?.Y«)i is MA«Jtfe f I3 wife's brother, 
(p. 69). Amos PAYH& being in Humphrey JON .13 1 kitchen, 
declared he would have his life t or he his, although 
he should fry seven years in Hell for so doing, 
except JONIiS would gi¥a him a piece of plate. 
Humphrey JOftSS is this deponent's father's brother. 


Dram. Pere,, 1916. (307) 

A Cloud of witnesses, (contd. ) 

I A.D. 
I 1663. 







!HS2n.MT»V/illiara f of St. Giles .Cripplogate, cordwainor* 
aged 49 , has lived thoro 27 years f born at High 
Barnet ,co. Herts. Is one of the Sheriff of London's 
officers. (Signs). 

H*ait]^,J^vard , of St . Giles .Oripplogata t citizon and 
habordashe r ,aged 40*has lived thoro 7 years, bom 
at Bristol. Maintains himself by his trado of 
w i re ~d raw ing. (3 igns } . 

ELLIS , 31 ia s , o f St. Magnus , Lond on , c i t i z on and mo reliant- 
taylor,aged 60, has livod thoro 12 years; born at 
LlandannuckjCO.Mor ionetri. Is second cousin to Mr* 
J01Txi3,the party producent, (Signs \, 

DfewGG^^'t Goor go , of tho Inner Temple ,London,gont, ,0ns 
of the attornies of the King's Bench at 7/est- 
minstor,agod 27; has lived in St. Alphago, London, 2 
years; before that in St.Clornont Danos,5 years; 
bom at Howe,co.' York. Believes that tho protended 
will v. T as framed by fraud and undue practices. Is 
worth £1400 and is rated in the Subsidy Book for 
Middlesex for £1 in lands. (Signs). 

CRAJ}B£,John,of Y/apping,Hid&le3QX t gent. t aged 36, has 
livod there 16 months , before that in .Norton Fol- 
gate, London, two years ,and bofore that at Bodmin, 
Cornwall, 24 years; born at Killing ton, Cornwall, 
was on 7 October, 1662,at tho "Blew Coat Boy" in 
Norton Folgate when Llrs.PAY/iU'S maid came in and 
desired FLKTCHBH to make haste and come to mak© 
her mistress' will, Accompanied him 0.3 witness and 
recommended C0JHL1LIU3 as a scrivener »thon in tho' 
same house, and they all wont to the house of Mrs. 
Anno J02U3 al iaa PAYH73 near the Postern Gats. 
MAJGulwas sent for,and they went upstairs , leaving 
this deponent in the kitchen, 55\o will was made 
and they went to the Pope's Head 'Javorn in Moor- 
fields where it was proposed that tho will should 
be read over to the said Anne tho next morning ig 


j &r&m.Pbr3. t 1916. 


A Cloud of Witnesses, (contd. ) 
l.D. ~ 

1663. she should live so long; but FL^TCKLH passionately 
declared it was well enough and worth £600 to him, 
OOKil-SLIUS and FLU'iCJ&R declared they would thence- 
forth "bo sworn brothers. Deponent keeps a vic- 
tualling houso t ia one of the Knight Marshal* a 
officers »and is worth £60, his debts paid. (Signs). 

YJILKINS01T , Stephen t of 3 1 . Margar e t 1 8 ,Lot hbury f c it i z en 
and vintner , aged 32, has lived there 3 years, before 
that in St. Bride's a year; bora in the city of 
London. Deposes that Lieut. wIITON of the Trained 
Bands, at the King's Head r i3avero without Bishops- 
gate .declared that FLUTOIlLlli and 00?JI,iHUS fell out, 
fearing that one should have a greater reward than 
i.D. the other. (Signs). 

1664, WINT£R,Jane,of St. Giles, Cri pplegate , servant in the 

family of ^r« Humphrey JON^lj ,a&ed 30, has lived there 
5 years , be fore that in Dt.LIichaol ,'*ood street, four 
years; born at 31egull in Westmorland, Mrs. JOKES 
lent KAJOK £200 in the presence of h** daughter 
Mary PiuIKiJ and this deponent ,who is informed that 
MAJOR has since destroyed the bond and denied 
borrowing the money. I£rs. J0KT*3 was a weak and 
sickly woman and took cold lipping to the .^chequer 
Office to see if proceedings had been entered, as 
MAJOR said .against her husband. Was much incensed 
against him on finding it was not true, and fell 
sick of the sickness whereof she died. While the 
will wa3 being written MA JOI1 , PL3i'C?I2it and CO'SNBLIUS 
kept the door of the chamber shut and would not 
permit any of Mrs. JOKiiS 1 friends to come to her. 
The neighbours in the kitchen advised HkJOH'S wif3 
to go up and give her a cordial, or anything to 
comfort her; said they would break open the door 
and feared there was not fair dealing touching the 
making of the will. 


Dram.p ers. ,1916. 


A Cloud of Vvitiiessos, (contd. ) 


1664. J01&S,Kathcrine,of the city of London t v;idow, (St, Giles , 
Cripplegato, crossed out), aged 68, has lived there 7 
years, bom at Huntington. Is ttio widow of the 
producont's brother, and livoth upon the love and 
charity of her relations, a plentiful estate being 
lately taken from her. (Signs). 
GrB3ElT(/AY' f Kebecca f of London, spins tor ,aged 22, has lived 
there 10 years; born at iVIortla&o,co, Surrey ,deposes. 

I&VI~C3 , Hie hard , of S t . Liagnus , London t c it i zon and povr- 
teror,aged 26 ,ha3 lived there 11 years, bom in St. 
Clement JXines,;.Iiddlesex. Served Alderman PHILLIPS 
six or seven years since, is a drysalter and rated 
in the book of Subsidies at £1 in lands. (Signs). 

J0K£3,i.Lary f wifo of John, of St . Giles , Cri pp legate, con t ♦ , 
aged 15 (sic), has lived there 7 years; born in St. 
John 'lachary, Gutter Lane. Anno J03( >S altos PA.YIJ3 
v/as her mother. Saw £200 paid out to i$tJ0K before 
her mother's marriage to lir. Humphrey JOK/iS. Amos 
PAYlTil is her brother and Amos PAYIuJ,deceased,vms 
her father. 

BODUBDi., Griffith, of Lincoln's Inn,jJsc|. ,aged 39, has 
lived there 11 years; born at Bodur da, co. Carnarvon. 
Had several meetings with Humphrey J0HV1S and ilark 
FLETCKP.il at the "Globe" in Fleet Street, the : 'Golden 
Lion", in Fetter Lane, the "King's Head 11 without 
Bichopog8.t;e,and the king's Head Im n in the Strand. 
FI^2CH3E declared v/hat he said v/ao true, with several 
dreadful oaths and execrations. He lodged in tho 
house of Oapt.WIDrJD:?, in a lano in King Street ,Wgs t- 
minster,\vhen the Captain died. (Signs). 

LlVJcSTDSE , Ov/en ,A?as present at a difference between 
FIJCrcicn and C&^UBLIUS when it was declared that 
one received greater bribes than the other. 


Draan.Pera. ,1916. 



A Cloud of Witnesses, (contd). 
A.D. " "™ ~~ ' 

1664. BLIftED^ t Lucy t of Vapping in Stcpnoy Middlesex, widow, 
aged 42, ha 8 lived there 20 years \ born at Ted- 
dingtcn^iddlesex. Paid FLi^CH^ £12 to got her 
a licence to sell v/ine by retail, but he fraudu- 
lently gave her a urit of subpoena out of dato 
instead and swore It was as good a mine-licence 
as could be procured. 
THO!TT t Samuol t of St . Leonard, 3horeditch,cit is en and 
cordv/ainer,aged 40, has lived there 13 years, born 
in the tovm of Hertford. Anno was married to 
Humphrey JOIT.'.J about 5. or 6 v/eoks boforo her last 
sickness and to Amos Pi.YTfa about 20 years* Lives 
in the same street as Hark FJ^ft>&ftl,w}iO said he 
\ \ v/as postered by SJiAJUICK and W00D3 , brothers of 

MAJOR. Mark FLJIPGHi^H lived at Hev/castlo-on-Syno, 
removed to Kings ton-upon-Thanxjs ,from thonco to 
Wostmins ter.and from thence to Long Alley- in I*loor- 
fiol&s, dealt in winoa. Was at the "Cock-in-the- 
V/all ff in Moorf ields. Gilbert COHNliLIUS doth now 
keep an alehouse and drawoth bonds and othor such 
writings as a scrivoncr. (Signs). 

Dram.P ers. ,1916. 



DBVOIT, Joh n Brewer»a trader In V/ool find Qloth. 

SUKR3Y. (Delegates 1 Vxam , vol. 6, fo. 571 , COPLEY v*BHK*3H). 

1666* BROTHR, John, traded in v/ool and cloth, Eis wife Anne, 
party to suit, his administratrix ,v/i th the will 

6HX/I)^5i t iUchard t of St. Thomas Apostle ,London,c it izen 
and skinner, aged 36; has lived there four months, 
before that in St.lTicholas ,Cole Abbey, sevon years; 
born at Okeharapt on, Devon. Ho mtmfpd the affairs 
of Mrs.BH;XKR after her husband's d oath, and with 
Mr. Sdv/ard S/OOPft&Hb paid sums of money in discharge 
of his debts. Is a trader in the world and there- 
fore not bound to discover his estate, as ho be- 
lieve th« Mrs ,B"3/fJl traded in Spanish wool, John 
had goods at Battorsoy. (Signs). 
WOODV.AID,l&ward,of Friday Street , London ,citi z on and 
vintner, aged 27, deposes. He was servant to John 

at his death. Paid 2Si\3gITH, herald-sinter, 
for escutoheon3 at iir. BJT : 57B:t f 3 funoral,£3. 18a. Od, i 
to Air*BH£X/!i)R, senior , to \7hora ho allowed £24 per 
.« annum,£6,and sovoral other sums. Deponent is by 
• trade an oilman and was born in St.Botolph, Bishops- 
gate, (tfigns). 

Drapers. ,1916. 


LONDON & A Comnagder in the xtrmy of Kfog Charles I . 

3UHE3Y , YGHKS . (Delegates f 3xams , vol . 8 , f f . 224 , 275 , 345 } . 

ggYigg y.bi&gh/:^ . 


1664. GliYifcJS ,Colone 1 Richard, deceased , expressed much fraternal 
love and affection for llr s. Lla t tew his sister. 

He was a Commander in the Army of the late King Char- 
les the First of blessed memory, in the late unhappy 
wars under Sir Henry 3. afterwards Lord BliLL^LiOITT. 
Ke v/as unkindly used by his relations at Peckham, 
meaning Sir Thomas GrfYiu<S,a yoiung man of about 27, Sir 
George GiXMlho, deceased, and his lady, the father and 
mother of Sir Thomas* JUc'iard was addicted to vain 
swearing and cursing. . 

3i^GJV i .V:u,Mrs.ivIathev/,and her son Thomas. Shew was sister 
to Colonel GRYiLvS and lived at Beckenham in Kent. 

Stephen, of west \7 ic kham, Kent ,3s q. ,aged 25, born 
there. Deposes as to his acquaintance with Colonel 
GHY1&3. (Signs I^MTABD). 

FL0^R,<7illiam,of So. Nicholas Olave, Tower Kill,£ondon, 
gent. ,has lived there 3 months, and before that in 
All Saints ,C rut che d Friars, 12 months , deposes as to 
IUV/LIH3' proceedings, (Signs). 

RAv/LINS , Lev/is t at his lodging near Covent Garden , de- 
clared that Colonel Richard GiriMFiS owed him £40 for 
diet , lodging ,phys ic, etc. Lamest ly asked iirs. Ma the w 
BJttC&AVB.in the presence of Mr.33icsaas BittOBAY}? and 
his wife, to give him a release. He shup up his doors 
and left his shop and is now a prisoner. 

MOO IiL-i, George , of Horso&owne in Southwark, Surrey, Esq. ,' 
aged 59, has lived there 3 years .before that at 
Peckham 30 years , deposes. (Signs). 

Dram.Pors. ,1916. 


A Commander in the Army of King Charles I. (contd ) . 


1664. CALLOW, William., of St. Clement's Inn, Middles ox, gent. , 
aged 35, has lived there 10 years ; says that Lewis 
HAvVLIHS came to his chamber in Clement's Inn and 
declared Colonel GHYH1JS was insane; ho had lodged 
in MStMMBf house. BA.7LI1TS was not a freeman of 
the City of London and so was not permitted to 
keep open shop; he is npr/ a prisoner in the Fleet, 

GH2GG, Francis , of Clement's Inn, gent. , aged 38 , has 
lived there 10 years, was att or nay -at- law for Mr. 
Chomas B^GBAfc), (Signs GIsiiGGIl) , 

GL^H&i, Sarah ,wif o of Edmund , of Hew ington , Surrey ,gont . 
aged 35, has lived there 3ix months; born in St. 
Peter 's ,Paul's Wharf, London. Lived at Peckham as 
attendant upon Sir Thama • ' lady. (Signs). 

AHiSTiK)jTG, John, servant tjo Sir Thomas GBBL'SS of Peck- 
ham, aged 33, has lived there 4 years , be fore that at 
Ainsford (JSynosf ord) ,Kent ,3 years; born at Horton 
in lUbblesdale, Yorkshire. Served Colonel GKY3£LiS 
all the: time he was at his nephew's house at Peck- 
ham. (Signs). 

Drara.Pors. ,1916. 


LONDON ,MII)JjK , A Diamond Hatband. Sir giCjgas '(&IJ333LL ' S Ba rgain. 
TORKS ♦ HERTS. , " (Delegates ' iixams. vol.8, ff. 593, 611) 


1666. BRIDGES, Robert, of Clay Hill in Barking, Us sex, aged 37, has 
been in the family of Dame Idary C&XBKLL four shears. 
Witnessed deeds executed by Sir Thomas the day before 
his death. (Signs). 

G&j£BBLL,3ir Thomas , deceased , settled his estate by deeds 
or writing on Mro.BacIiaell CiU:B^LL,his daughter, party 
to this suit. Her land in Kssox worth £90 per annum. 

S/lIiaIOxT,iJane f wife of John, of Barking , husbandman, aged 42, 
has lived there six years. Sa.ya that when Hester 
CA&BLLI, former wife of Sir Thomas, lay dying, she gave 
her a key to a little trunk wherein were several 
jewels and pieces of go Id, but Mrs. Bachaell took the 
key while Urs. Raster lay senseless and possessed her- 
self of the same. 3elieves Sir Thomas had a good 
estate with her whan he married Hester CORSKLLIS. 

FANSK&'i, Henry, of 3 1. Andrew, Kolborn, Esq. , aged 30, believes 
Dame Rachaell OSJoBJJlIi settled on Mrs.Rachaell C&MB3LL 
lands in Stambourno, Lis sex, worth £40 a year, and she 
had lands in Yorkshire given her by her father worth 
£400 or £500 a year. That Dame Kachaell survived her 
husband Sir James and made Sir Thomas one of her 
executors. She gave Sir Thomas £1000 towards pur-: 
chasing the manor of Woodgrange. Has heard there 
was a suit touching the lands in Yorkshire between 
Sir Thomas 3LL and Sir Thomas ABDY. (Sign's). 

QUINTIN, Richard, of Ham, lis sex, citizen and goldsmith of 
. London, aged 43, says that at the time of his marriage 
to her Sir Thomas settled the manor of Clayhill upon 
, Dame Mary as her jointure, and upon hi 3 heir3 after 
her decease* Sir Thomas took the diamond hatband 
from his daughter Bachael in exchange for some other 
jewels. It might be sold for about £50, being out of 
fashion. (Signs QUINTYNE) . 


Dram.Pers. ,1916. 


k Diamond Hatband: Sir Thomas C&MBiSLL ' 3 Bargain, (contd, ) 


1666. SMITH,Alico,of \7anstead,£ssex,widow,aged 60 f has lived 

there twelve years; born in the city of London; says 
that Sir Thomas often declared that Hester OOHSKLLIS , 
his first wife, mother of Bachaol ,was worth to him in 
portion about £6X0. (Signs). 

BOCC&HD, Dorothy, aged 28, wife of Luke, of St .James ' , Duke* s 
Place , hop-mere hant , has lived there 4 months , before 
that in St. Stephen 1 s , Coleman Street, 2 years; born at 
,r Godl iman " in Surrey, says that Sir Biomas asked Raohael 
to part with the hatfeamd of diamonds to make a jewel 
thereof to present to Dame llary/to whom he was then a 
suitor in the way of marriage. He promised to give her 
in exchange a diamond jewel , a pair of diamond pendants, 
two diamond lockets,. a ten pound piece of gold, two pairs 
of amethyst bracelets f two watches, five rows of pearls, 
two ohina basons and a chiaia ewes, an amber oabinet,two 

* dozen of pearl buttons and some china didhes. Ihe 
promise was made as they were going in the coach from 
London to Olayhall in £5 sex, ' V/itnesses husband's 
father's sister was grandrnothor to tho producent. 
• 1^3 TON, Thomas, of '.Vest Ham, £s sex ,gcnt, ,age& 63,has lived 
there 7 years; born in St.Liichaol *s next St.Alban's, 
Herts, was in possession of the manor of \7oodgrange in 
Essex which Sir Thomas purchased , reputed to be worth 
£150 per annum. He is worth in goods £300 or more. 

SQAM£,Anne,of Yately, Hants , spinster, aged 34, has lived 
there 30 years, and was born there. Says that about six 
years since Sir Thomas came to the house of her sister's 
husband ,LIr. Robert YAH; /AY, in Wood Street , London, and dined 
there. Her mother is sister to BachaelTs grandmother. 
(Signs S0LL1S), 

EfiflCBBSON , Ruth , of Barking, 3s s ex ,w id ow , aged 26, lias lived 

there five years ,w as born in St. Mary Hagdalen,i!ilk Street 
London,deposes. (Signs). 

^.Pere. ,1916. (316) 

P3MBK0KE 9 SUSSEX , John TOQAN and Catherine SR30NDS. 

LONDON & M1DDX. t (Delegates' 2xams. vol.8, ff. 599,621) 



1666, MMJGHSIJ, Henry ,of Cary ,co. Pembroke , yeoman , aged 63, born 
, there. L&vod with the father and grandfather of 
John WOGAi? for about nineteen years. He was 
nursed by deponent's wife. (Signs). 

W0GA2J, John, aged 21 or 22 in 1654 .descended of a very 
ancient and worshipful family in Bouls ton, co. Pem- 
broke ,of whom there hath been several knights. 
His grandfather Sir John ft'OGAE, lived in a very 
good garb and fashion in his time. John had £100 
per annum salary from Sly House and is next heir 
to an estate of £50C or £600 per annum. 

SlilONDS, Catherine, of Westminster, daughter of a mariner 
or common seaman, in 1654-1660 a poor widow who had 
6s. a week from 31y House and 5s. from Whit ©ha 12 or 
the Cockpit from Oliver 03Dj^TJjL. Seriously de- 
clared she was not married to John <Y0GaaT,nor ever 
would be; he was too young for her. She had a 
son,Samuel,who was to be admitted to Charterhouse, 
and a sister Hary SHaH?£. She lived in .1660 and 
1661 in Sussex. Hhree rings were sent her and . 
W0GA2* said he would see her no more; would have her 
whipped at the cart's tail if she worried him. 

GRIFFITH, Mrs .Anne, a lady of very good fashion, birth 
and fortune. In 1659 John WOG&N was a suitor to 
her in the way of marriage, but his pension oeased 
with the King's coming in. 


Dram.Pers. ,1916. 


John WOGAN and Catherine 312,101-11)3 (contd. ) 
A.D. " ~ ' ~ " " ^ ~~ " ~ " * 

1666. 2TICKOLLS ,aunt to John WOGArT, lived at Bast Sheen 

in Surrey where he always went from Saturday to Monday. 
BA.GGS , ^a chary , of St . Benet 's ,Paul 's Viharf f London ,c i t izen 
and \vo odmonge r , aged 52, has lived there seven years, 
deposes as to the character of Catherine SYM0HD3 . and 
Captain STON2. (Signs). 

DOWH , DUBLIN , . ?he Family of Hercules Burleigh . 

T/H)N3,SC0'?- (Chancery Proceedings ,1758-1800 ) 

IAKDyAJSvI^GH. BURL EIGH v.Pi&asOIi. Bundle 308, 


1747. BUBLHIGH,Horculos,rjstx. ,deceasoci,of Killcavy ,Co. Down, 3sq. 

Hi3 will recited, dated 17 October 1740, proved at York. 
Ke died at ^llindale in Northumberland in July 1743. 
FIKIAY,Rev. Siccsas ,his son-in-law , and liargaret his wife, 
third child of Hercules , married against his consent 
and never reconciled afterwards. 
BUrtLEIGH,v7illiam his son. 

CAIsIP3SLL,l7iary ,alias_ 3UTLIiIGH,his daughter and oldest 
child , carried off from her father 38veral valuable 

BUKL3 IGH, Henry , his second child , behaved very ill and 

married without his consent. 
WILLSON, Janv?s ,one of the witnesses , died in Scotland. 
BUilLElGHJiI&rsaret , otherwise P:^lRSON,diod about 54 years 

ago, wife of Hercules, by whom she had three sons. 
BUBL3 1 GH, Catherine , otherwise G0£ LIN, subsequently his 

wife, whom he married in 3n& land ,wi shed him to leave 

more to John, but he became very angry. She now of 

Culloavey, Co. Doom, aged 50. 
BUIUi^ IGH, J ohn , youngest child of Hercules and Margaret , 

behaved very well. 

Dram.Pers. f 1916. (316) 

!gi6 Eamily of Hercules Burleigh, (contd. ) 


1747 . M&iCilHj John , of Hi llsborousli , Co . Down , innkeeper. 

SuA^,v/illiam,of Hills borough, gent. , aged 48, deposes. 
BURLEIGH, Go org©, en other son, died before Hercules, 

educated with Henry at the Collogo at Dublin. 
LAKGF0KD,3ir arthur,X : ;ft £10 a year to all Hercule's 


0L-iiSIT23, William, of Killin,Co. lyrone, gent. f age& 68, 
knew Hercules BiTC^IGH upwards of 40 years, lived 
with him in the year 1740. 

^ jpLOlt^l eccandOT, of ^.loneyc.roo^o.Arra^h^^ont. , aged 
; upwards of 60, deposes that Henry 3U.lLj.iI GH was 
expelled from the College of Dublin .and 3tolo his 
father's title-deeds. He had boon Kept at a 
Latin school at a cost of -CIO a year, and £40 a 
year at College, 

BUXL-iIGH, George, of ^rrxLe;h,Co.An.aagh,cent, ,aged 59, 
nephew to Hercules, 3 ays lie was not married to 
Catherine G0£LIK,but called her by the name of 
BURI3IGII. He bad nine children by Margaret, viz. 
V/i 11 iam, Liary CA&P3 JIX, Henry ,1'krgaret FIKI&Y, 
George, Hercules, Ann ,i.Iart ha and John, of whom 
Qoorgo ,Hercule s ,Ann and J£artha are all dead. 

SAUCT333,i - Iar{^etson,an eminent merchant of Belfast, 
to whom John BU?kLUIGH was apprenticod for five 
years. He, aged about 45, deposes. 

MC KI33IL', Joseph, of Cal leavy , Co. Dcwn^nt. ,aged 60, 
deposes that ilarsaret BUl^IGH died there upwards 
of 30 years ago. Hercules ]<Dpt his children 
genteoly at a school at Lis burn in their infancy. 

Dram.Pors. ,1916. 


DEKBIGH t LHlC?k. f (JDo3e^tcB , licams.vol. 8. ff .413,467,532) 


1664. ODIITOSLaj^j t Ilich£ird, in October 1663, said to have married 
liaf^/ iu!^HALi in St. Coords, Southward. 

IZAXB,John,in October, 1663 , said to have married Elizabeth 
IX&l&i&LL ,t he re . 

BOLD .William, of St. Saviour's, Southward, baker, aged 60, 
has lived there 40 5 r ears,often threatened to lay 
JUD/JtY in Bridewell. Testified at the request of 

KUIi3^iD,Hr.iachard,f > oaardian of Ivlary and Elizabeth 

JUB/klVx, Hie hard, bound apprentice to BOLD for four years 
and behaved himself very idly. Said ho had been to 
tho marriage of two young womtaa. One of them said, 
,f Yo8 ,f ,but ho could not hear thg other. 

LOCK, Cap tain William , of St, George, Southward ,citisai and 
fishmonger of London, and captain of the trained bands 
in 3outfrvark,aged 37, born there, says that no credit 
should bo given to the sayings of nary KILIP. Ris 
mc*her-in-law,ilrs. Sarah LOCK. Ke is v-orth £3000. 

]ti^ 9 i&xy f v/aited at the church door for the coming out 
of the bride arid bridegroom to eee if she could get 
something of the in; declared she did not swear at all, 
but a man in Bcfc" Church bid her kiss a bo ok, and 
nobody? said anything; else to her. 

LOCK, Sarah, of St. George .Southward, -ddow,age d 44, has 
lived thoro 27 years; born in St. Chris topher's by 
the Exchange. Says she was present at the protended 
marriage and bolieves tbs-t the young gentlewomen, by 
their abundant shedding of tears and the sorrowful 


DranuPers. ,1916. 


A Clandestine Marriage. OjjllTGo^iLLg ,L'uAJG & I1A3SH&LL . 


1664. guise they wore than in,were deluded or forced into 

the action. There wore about 12 persons 'pros ant and 
the church docr^ was half shut; tho ceremony performed 
by Lewis GRIFFITH. Has heard that Hichard I1USBAKDS 
caused L£iLX3 and ODLUGS.JLo to bo indicted at the 
Sessions for tho force put upon tho said two sisters. 
Afterwards lir. DIXC1T one of the Masters of tho parish, 
told Kjiil-P she was a naughty woman and deservod to 
lose hor pension from tho parish for being such a * 
notorious lys r , whe roupon Mary IC^P said she wished 
she had not meddled in the businv^ss. 
jBSXlSOK»Koiuy ff of London, citizen and vintnor.aged 32, has 
lived there 18 years, born at Chardloy f co. Leicester. 
Says that in October 1663 ho was a servant at the 
King's Head Tavern at 3 a.'/ and thro 9 men came in a 
coach about two o'clock in the af ternoon,L3tVKK,0DIITG- 
SlJLLS end John G*l?a)IIfeul,and three young gentlewomen; 
Elizabeth L^AO, sister to the said John , and Elisabeth 
and Mary MAi&KlIL, daughters in law of Mr. Richard 
KUBBAKD3. 2hey wont into a room, ordered several 
dishes of meat , and several musicians wore appointed to 
attend the company, */hen they had played two or three 
lessons Kir. HUSBiuiDS came in with two men and ordered 
the musicians to depart. He v/ent to the end of the 
room, spoke to Mary MAr&HiLLL,and said to ODIInTGSSLLS 
that if he pretended to any interest in her he would 
advise him to go along with him to her mother. 
0DIXG3HLLS ret U3 inr;,Mary wept bitterly and begged Mr. 
HUS3AKIB to take her home to hor mother; believes 
1 that Mary was brought thither against her will. One 
Of the sisters ate nothing at all at dinner and the 
Other only tho gizzard of a fowl ,and afterwards they 
all went in a coach together from Bow towards London. 


Drans.P ers. ,1916. 


A Clandestine Jlarriafto. 03INGS:.:LL5 Jjg^ & :UJl3iIUJi . 


1664* Deponent nav serves aboard tho 'Diamond " frigate, one 
of Kis Lla jo sty's ship3,as steward's mate and is worth 
£500. Ho served his appr antic- ship near v/hers Richard 
}IU3SuUD3 and 2.1ary ll'v^I^LL livo, 'Iho gentlemen who 
came with iir. EU3IUI£DS to iho tavern iiad swords by 
their sides but used no violence. fir. Francis BIGGS 
then Icspt the houso. 2he company wont into a room in 
the said house called tho "Or own", and one of tho 
musicians sang a song. Ltr. Htf3IkU*DS refused to sit' 
down to dinner with thorn; declared that producent's 
mother was dangerously ill pad half distracted ,and 
she mast go horn with him if she would see her before 
she died. (Si^ns). 


1665, J&I*L3R| Thomas, of St. George 's .Soutl^ar^gent. , aged 53, has 
lived there three years, before that in Seven oak3 , Kent # 
. . for seven years; born at Stratton-on-tho-Fosse, 

Somerset , believes that Sarah LOCK and william LOCK are 
great enemies of Richard Oi)IKGSKLK>. Lewis GRIFFIIT, 
clor*;,on 14 October 1665, at once CUHL^'S house in 
Southvark, declared that he had married the said 
Richard and &ary,and that ke h& they wore as lawfully 
married as any man and woman could be. Lives in St. 
George's parish next to Sir John LEi:TTHkIJ- * S house. 
Lives on his estate in land and money ,pays subsidies, 
scot and lot and public rates. Is now a prisoner in 
the King's Bench upon a judgment to perform a Decree 
in Chancery ,but for no due debt, as he ooncoiveth. 
(Signs HORLia) . 


Dram.Pers. f 1916. 


A Clandestine Marriage, ODIK GSELLS f Li&K3 & IvuiKSHA-LL. 
L.V. ' " 

1664. COUCHMAI!,John,of Christ ChUrch .Canterbury , gent . ,aged 59, 

has lived there a year, and before that in St. Mildred's , 
Canterbury , ten years; born at Cranbrook. Was at the 
"Legg" inn, in Southwark , in a lower room called the 
.Crown .with Mr. John , Cap t. Luke BKA.DL3Y , Thomas 

FRITK and John CURH3 .drying a glass of wine 
together, when two men canje in and threatened Lewis 
GRIFFIIT and offered him £ZQ to take his oath that it 
was no lawful marriage. Is in the King's Bench prison 
by reason of his sufferings for his late Liajesty of 
blessed memory. (Signs). 

STS\n51TS t Eli2abG"th f wifj9 of Richard, of St. Sa vi our 1 s .South- 
vark.aged 31, has lived there a year, before that in 
St, George's for five years; born at Rixam (Wrexham), 
co.Denb%h. Saw Sarah XPCK who aaid it was a great 
pity that she, this deponent, should be put in the 
pillory for what she had deposed on behalf of ODItfG- 
S3LLS. Her name before she married was Elizabeth 
JOHBS and she then served one Jeffery TH0I*IA3,a but- 
cher in Southwark, which employment her husband new 
followeth and is worth but very little. 

R0BIN30I\,John,of St. George, Southv/ark, vintner, aged 57, 
has lived there 5 years; born at Witham in lilssox. 
Keeps the "Leg" in Southwark. Heard -H[JS3Un>3 offer 
GRIFF IK £20 to disown the marriage. (Signs). 

BRADLEY, Luke , of St.01ave,3outhwark,mercer.aged 50, bom 
there ,was told by ilr. FRITH at the "Leg" tavern that 
there had lately been young gentlewomen stolen out 
of Cornhill, London, and married without their parents' 
consent. Is a merchant of the Staple,with leases in 
Southwark and pays all parish duties. (Signs). 

Drain. Pers. ,1916. 



(Delegates 1 Sxaxna. t vol.8,fo.235. PAI1J v.GSRRARD). 


1664. GI&Y,Mrs. Sibill, lamented the death of Jalargaret sraHMLHT, 
and declared that if she had lived £ she would never 
have parted from her. She died in her house at Per- 
tenhall. Desired Ur.John BAS1DIT to call for her rent 
at Kimbolton. Ate part of a pigeon the day she died. 

HARVEY, Judith ,w if e cf John, of Raince,next Kigham Fer- 
rers ,oo. Northampton, tailor , aged 44, has lived there 
20 years, born at Clappwell,co.B edford. Was present 
at the death of £Irs. Sibill GRAY. The party producent, 
and this deponent's mother, and Llrs.GRAY were sisters. 

SMART, Margaret, daughter of George, died about 20 or 24 
years before Mrs. Sibill GRAY. 

FAlios.Mrs. Martha, present at Mrs. GRAY'S death-bed. 

Wife of Robert FALi013,of Oakley , Beds. t gent. , aged 62, 
has lived there 9 years, born at Starton Parva. Her 
brother was Mrs. Sibill GRAY 1 3 husband. 

HBRB3RT,Anne,a visitor there, in a little room at the 
foot of the stairs. 

PAINB,Mward,v/ent to Kimbolton on the day a Codicil was 
said to be added to Mrs. GRAY'S will. His wife was in 
the house and he was appointed executor. 

EAS TON, John, at the making of the will, and Llaiy his wife. 

GEBARD, Judith, wife of Colonel Richard, of Southworth,co. 
Lane. , a god 39, has lived thore 9 years. Is half-sister 
by the mother's side of the party producent and of 
Sibill GRAY, deceased; lived for some years at Per- 
tenhall, in Urs. Sibill GRAY'S house. (Signs). 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 



KENT f PEMBROKE , The Will of Robert, Earl of Essex. 


(Delegates* Exams. , vol.8, fo. 1. SOMERSET v.NORTH'TON) . 


1663. ESSEX, Robert , Earl of , died at Essex House in the Strand, 
14 September 1646, in the presence of deponent &ASSEY, 
leaving £9000 in roady money. Wrote a paper and 
sealed it at Eltham in Kent, 6 or 7 weeks before his 
death in Ivlr*. PUD3KY 1 S presence* 

MA.S3EY, Thomas, of St. Clement Dane s,Llid dies ex, gent. ,aged 
54, has lived there 30 years. Was yeoman of the ward- 
robe and groom of the chamber of the late Earl of 
Essex for 15 years. (Signs). 

SOMERSET, Prances ^Duchess of, (late Marchioness of Hert- 
ford } ,s is ter of Robert, late Sari of Essex, deceased , 
and wife of William, late Duke of Somerset. The Earl 
of Essex did dearly and entirely love and affect 
his sister and her children. 

NORTIIUxiBj:RL>*ND,Algernon,^rl of,) pretended executors 

i&StillQKi Robert, late Earl of, ) of Robert, Earl of 

ST. JOHN, Oliver, Esq. • ) Essex. 

FUDSEY, Thomas f itness to a writing at Eltham ,ohief 
gentlorcan of the chamber of the Earl of Essex. 

WREHH,William, deceased, domestic barber to the Earl of 

ISH/iM,Zacheus .deceased ,solic itor to the Earl of Essex. 

ST&ITHOPE,John, of St. Clement ganes, Middle sex, (Grimston, 
co. York, crossed out) Esq. , aged 50, has lived there 
20 years, born at Edlington, Yorks. Is steward to the 
Duchess of Somerset. (Signs). 


Dram.Pers. ,1916. 


The Will of Robert, Earl of Sssex, (contd. ) 
A. P. *~ ~' ' ' ' ~ ~ ~ ' 

1663. CK)US IKS, Thomas ,of Hobos ton West ,00. Pembroke, gent. , aged 
43; born in that county and has lived there twelve 
years. Was Secretary to the late Earl of Essex. Says 
that Bills were filed in Chancery concerning the 
Earl of Essex's villi in Hilary Term 1646, in Michael- 
roas Term 1347, and in Easter Term 1649. (Signs COZSIT). 
HAMPDEN, John, 3d q. ,died in the lifetime of the Earl of 

HEREFORD, Sir William DKVEREUX, lato Lord Viscount, 

exhibited a Bill against 
HEREFORD , The Mar quo ss of , and Lady Prances his wifo,and 
SHIRLY,Sir Robert. 

MERICK,Sir John, knight) trustees of sane of the lands 

} of the late Earl of Essex. 
SCRIMSKIRE, John, Esq. ) Sir John died before Dec. 1662. 

LOUDON. A Vestry at St. Chris topfrer-le-Stocks. 

(Dslegates* Exams. , vol, 8, fo. 623. EA.INBRIGG v.GOODSQN). 


1666. WA.TKINS , Robert , of St. Giles ,Oripplegato, London, citizen 
and leathersoller,aged 4C,has lived there 4 months 
and before that in St. Christopher's , London, sixteen 
years, born there. Being at a vestry hold en 28 July 
1665 in the parish church of St. Chris topher, Henry 
M1NBPIGG and others signed an order, as appears in 
the Vestry Book. (Signs). 
C0L0L0UGH, Thomas, of St. Christopher's, grocer, aged 47, 
has lived there twenty years, deposes to the same 
effect. (Signs]. 

Dram. Pars. ,1916. 


LONXOIT & MDDX , The Rectory of Aroer sham, Bucks. 

SALOP, BUCKS, (Delegates' £xama,vol.8,fo,257) 



i6^4. TERRY , Edward , c 1 e rk roc tor of Amersham in 1658 ,put into 
it by means of Dr. CROOK. 

FKBOTD,John,of St.Katherine by the Tower of London, 
brewer ,aged 64,has lived there 38 years, bora at 
Onlarley,Salop. His daughter married John PKIL- 
LIPP3. (Signs). 

MI35TSHALL,Sir Richard,his house in Linooln*s Inn Fields. 
FHBIND 1 S servant carried £100 to him in June or July 
1660, and proffered it for the loan of the deed of 
advowson of Amersham rectory, but he refused it. 

PHILLIPS, John^sked Sir Richard M INS HALL to lend him 
the deed of advavson of the rectory of Amersham. 
In possession of the rectory from 1659 to 1663. 

EKBUHY , Edward , of St. I^rtin^in-t-ho-^Fle Id s fiddle sex , 

gent. aged 42, has lived there 5 £ears,born at West an, 
Somerset , says that !?ERRY preceded PHILLIPS. Witness 
was a clerk in the office of the Commissioners for 
approbation of public preachers. PHILLIPS was 
presented by Richard CROI^VSLL 26 January 1658, then 
styling himself Lord Protector. Elidad BLACKWELL 
• and Edward TEIQiY were presented by Oliver OROLS/v'ELIm 
(Signs BARBERY ) . 

PEIRCK, Jonas, servant to (Thomas COLE of V*hitechapel, 
brewer, aged 3 9, has lived there four years , born. at 
Amershara^hj&ard that CI^K&^di^ 

Jfcrsxa.sPers^-t 19 16 • 




A Fishery in the Loyne. 
(Chancery Proceedings ,1758-1600) 
Bundles 308 and S09_. 


1754. BRAD3K&W, William, oomplainant. 

FOSTER, Buckley, one of the defendants. 

9 George, of Warring ton, Lanes. ,gent. ,aged 27, deposes. 
PEACOCK, John, defendant, son of John,who died 18 Dec. 1746. 
PEACOCK , Thoroa s , unc 1 e of John, deceased. 
PEACOCK, Isaac. 

BECKST, Nicholas ,of Lances tor, husbandman, aged 70, deposes. 

Knows Germany Bridge and Smock Bridge, near Lancaster. 
FOSTER, Thomas ,deccased,defendant Buckley FOSTER'S great- 

uncle ,and 

FOS 2SR, Thomas , defendant Buckley FOSTER'S late father, 

tenants to the DALTONS of Thurnham,had Skerton fishery. 

SANDEBSON, Thomas, of Scotf orth,miller ,aged 47, deposes. 

WILLIAMSON, Henry ,of Lancaster, gent. ,aged 59 i deposes. 
Son of Thomas WILLIAMSON, 'm.3). 

CARUS,2ir. Christopher, of Kalton and his ancestors owners 
of Skerton Mill, and George, his son,who died about 
1715, and Thomas George's eldest brother. 

KHOV/LSS, Henry, of Wyersdale, millwright ,aged 69, deposes. 

HOUGHTON, , John, son of William, died many years ago. 
William left issue five s ons, John, Wi 11 iam, Robert , 
Richard, and Edward, and two daughters; John assumed 
the name of BOLTON, becaus e his mother was the sole 
daughter and heir of Robert DAL TON. He married 
Frances , daughter of Sir Piers BOSTON, and had issue 
three sons , Will iam, the eldest , John, the second son, 
and Robert, the youngest. Y/illiam,the eldest son 
died unmarried and without issue about 10 years ago; 
John the second son,married but died without issue 
about 14 years ago, and Robert is still living. 


Dram.Pers. ,1916. 


A Fishery in the Loyne (oontd. ) 

A.D. ' • ' 

1754. SMITH .Henry, of Scotforth, miller and millwright ,aged 63, 

deposes, (m. 5). 
H&LL,Riohard,of Lancaster, miller, aged 78 t doposes. 
BATTY .William, of Izincaster f tide sman , ago d 44, deposes, 

(m. 7) he was employed in repairs to Horton Mill. 
IA.YI/3B, Richard, of Lancaster, yeoman ,aged 70 .deposes. 
KITCH1N, Barnabas, of Scot forth, mason, aged 46, deposes. 

(m. 8 ) . 

C&RR, James, of Ashton with S t od day , husbandman, aged 49, 

BARON, George ,of Rishton,near Blackburn , millwright , 

aged 45, deposes. 
DIXON^Bryan^f Caton, carpenter, aged 78, deposes. 
LfcwS ON, Robert ,cf Sunderland , gent. ,agod 64, a Quaker 

makes solemn affirmation that Joshua LAY/SON of 

Lancaster, merchant , was his father, (m.9 and 21). 
DAJL TON, Elizabeth, of Talaire in Flintshire, North Wales , 

was widow and relict of Robert DALTQN of Turnham, 

Ssq. , (m. 9) . 

SAULE,Williara ,of Lancaster, husbandman, aged 67, deposes. 
GIBSON, Richard, of Lancaster, husbandman and cartor for 

hire, aged 77, deposes. 
RA&'LINSON , Robert , of Lancaster, stonemason, aged 44, 


HEM Anthony , of Lancr ster, yeoman , aged 72, deposes, 
(m. 10). 

BRACKEN, Henry, of Lancaster,phys io ian and surgeon, aged 
57, deposes as to the stream which arises from Stone 
Well near St. Leonard's street; Rosemary Lano and 
Stinking lane. 

BOLTON, John, of Preston, gentleman, aged 40, deposes , (m. 13) 
BARTON, James, of Halton,gent. ,aged 38, deposes. 
HARRISON, Thomas, of Lower Ee 11 et t , husbandman, aged 72, 

depos es , (m. 17 ) . 
W1NDKR, Robert ,of Lancaster, gentleman, aged 63, deposes. 


Dram. Pers. ,1916. 


A Fishery in the Loyne (contd. ) 

A. D. " ^ "~ : ' ~ ' " ' ' ^ 

1754. FA1RBR0 THJiH , Ra lph , o f Lancaster , bras ier, aged 77, deposes, 
(m. 18). Remembers the diversion of horse-races on 
the Green Air and about 20 years ago the Lady Duchess 
HAMILTON gave a £50 plate to the town to bo run for. 

SI]JPKIN,John,of Lancaster, tay lor ,aged 76, deposes , (m. 19); 

HMA TSOH, Robert , of Llillom, Cumberland, gentleman, aged 59, 
deposes. Had frequently come over to Lancaster to 
see his relations. Green Air was part of the wastes 
and the property of the Corporation. 

WILLIAiaSON, Richard, of 3£er t on, house~ca rpenter, aged 72, 

I&YLOR, Richard, deposes that John Houghton DAL'IOT was a 

LIAS ON, John, of Lancaster, husbandman ,aged 62, deposes, (in. 20) 
COCK, Thomas, of Lancaster , butcher, aged 63, deposes. 
SMTH, Thomas , of Lancaster, butcher, aged 73, deposes. 
BROtfN , J ohn , of Keys ham , husbandman , aged 5 4 , d ep os es . 
WALKER, Thomas ,of Lancaster, joiner, aged 75 , deposes , (m. 22) . 
BOLTON, John, of Prest on, gent. , aged 40 , deposes, (m. 23) . 
THOMPSON ,Wi 11 iam, of Lancaster, gent. ,agod 20, deposes, 

. HARRISON, Richard, of Lanca s tor ,weaver, aged 66, deposes, 

ABBATT, Robert ,the elder, of Prest on, chapman, aged 69, 

a Quaker, affirms. 
BURROUGH, Robert , of Key sham, fisherman, aged 64, deposes. 
BUTT&R*0ilI5I,John,of Clay ton- in-the-Moors in Blackburn, 

millwright ,aged 42,deposes, (m. 27 ) . 
FISHM, Thomas , of Gressingiam, miller ,aged 60, deposes. 
ROOT/ELL, John, of Yate Bank in Rossendale, millwright, 

aged 40, deposes. 
BRADSHAW, Thomas, of Great Ha nvood, millwright ,aged 56, 


CARTER, Thomas, of Ste rton, husbandman , aged 69, deposes. 
POLLARD, John, of Holker^miller ,aged 42, deposes , (m. 30). 



•Drara.Pers. ,1916. (S3) 

A Fishery in the Loyne, (contd. ) 

1754. CROOK,Ann,of Sker ton idow , aged 72,deposes. 

GRKY, George ,of Lancaster , land surveyor ,aged 42, deposes. 
A f i5CII\ T S0x\*, r Ihomas s of Sker ton, carpenter, aged 62, deposes, 

lJ)DISON,John,of Skerton,dryster ,aged 50, deposes , (ra.32) . 
SIMPSON, John, of Lancaster , gardener ,aged 39, deposes, 

HOUSED!, Thomas, of Skorton,yeoman, aged 84 t deposes. 
CL^RK, Christopher, of Lancaster, ma son, aged 60, deposes. 
S2Ai^THv/AlT£, Thomas, of Oxcl iff e, fisherman ,aged 59, 

PELL, John, of Gray's Inn fiddles ex, gent. ,aged 40, deposes, 

SINGUiijiXDN, Francis, of. Lancaster , clothier, aged 83, deposes. 
ASH!ION,John,of Out Ravcliff o, husbandman ,aged 67, deposes. 
BRY£R,John,of Lon cast or, gent. , aged 51, deposes , (m. 37) . 

Bundle 309. 

RA.WLIITSON, Isaac, of the M 3un ,f in Lancaster ,innhold or, 
at whose house the depositions v/ere taken. 

BIRKETT,Robert ,of Lancaster, innkeeper, aged 71, deposes' 
as to tho BOLTON and H0UGK2DIT families. 

3&WMS0H, George, of Lancaster, labourer , aged 53, deposes. 

HOUSEMAN, Robert f the elder, of Sker ton, ma Is tor, aged 64, 
deposes , (m, 4 ) . 

BAlRTOIT, Edward, of Whittingt on, miller and malster,aged 62, 
deposes, (m. 5). 

W00DH0U33, Jennet ,of Lancaster, widow, aged 59 , deposes that 
her husband Thomas, who died 20 years ago, old Joshua 
SI<IITH, sawyer, also dead, and James F L3 TOILER, nav of 
Lancaster , agreed to farm in partnership the fishery 
in the River Loyne belonging to the Corporation of 


DraauPers. ,1916, 


A Fishery In the Loyne , (c ontd , r ) 

A.D. • 

1754 . CROOK , Henry , o f Sker ton , hus bandman , aged 39 , d ep os e s . 

II VKB, Margaret ,v/if e of Joseph ,0? Lancaster, taker ,age& 67, 
says she was niece to Clement 2D¥HS01T,late of Lancas- 
ter, lessee of the fisheries in the River Loyne. About 
22 years ago Thorns BU2I r JRFI2LI),now deceased, son of 
Chr i s t ophe r ,May or of Lan ca s t e r , pr oh i b i t ed TOW IIS OH 
from fishing in Sandy Bed, (m* 6) . 

H1^0I^TTH;^T'riji 5 Jo3m,of Stonyhurst ,gent. ,aged 45, deposes. 

HOKIHS OH, Thomas John, of Sice r ton, land- surveyor , aged 28, 

GAJffiiEL, 2hcrnas, of Lancaster , innkeeper ,aged 47 , deposes , 
« v m. 7 ) . 

HARRI30H, Richard, of Lancaster , weaver , aged 66, deposes , 

BRADL3Y, John, of Heys ham, miller ,aged 50 , deposes , (to. 14 ) . 
TOMLINSOHjY/illiam, of Lancaster, shoemaker , aged 78, a 

Quake r s aff irras. 
JGftTB4LL,v/i 11 iam, of the same, aged 61, affirms. 
WI2HA2£,Anthony ,of the same , carter, age a 40, deposes, (eu 15) 
BIGG, Isaac , of the same ,s ho omaker, aged 46, deposes. 
W£LT01T,John,of the same * labourer , aged 64, deposes. 
raQMPSON , Si ill iam - of the s ame , g etrt 1 eman ,feged £0, deposes. 
HOLLAND ykrm , o f the same , widow, aged 70, deposes. 
'AKIN ,«/illiarn,of the s ame, hus Ife ndrran , aged 73, deposes. 


BRS»2R 9 . "Ralph, of Eav erthwa it e ,f armor and fisherman, 

aged 33, deposes. 
JEFFERSOH ic e , of Heaton,7/idov; ,aged 64,deposos. 
PR0C!ISR, James, of Laneas ter ,aged 34,doposes. 
TOMSQIT , Thomas , of the same , shoemaker, aged 47,doposes. 
SKELTOK, Nicholas, of the same , gentleman, aged 64, deposes. 
Y/ILDIvIkH , John , of the s ame , s ho emake r ? agod 3 5 , dep 03 e s , (in, 17 ) 
dLBBiJlR , Robe rt , of t he s ame , s ho emak e r , age d 4 5 , dep os e s . 
57HOMPSOK ,W i 11 iam , of tho seme , gentleman, aged 20, deposes. 

Dram. Per s, ,1916. 


A Fragment Soldiers and a Woman In .a. House. 

(Delegates' Sxama. ,vol. 8, fo. 509. V/HITE v. 0;. : 3II) 


1685. TOV/NSEND,John,of St.V edast, Foster Lane ,citizen and 
merchant taylor ,aged 45, has lived there 14 years, 
born at Henlov; In Beds., pays that George WHITS 
frequented the company of Klizaboth CH2&33L3Y. 
CHEAE313Y, Elizabeth, lived l^i the same street as 
T0Y/N3END for the last 14 years , and accounted, he 
says, of immodest life and convorsat ion, and very 

WHITE, George, affected the company of Lirs. CHSLUSLEY. 

SOOFILL,Elizaboth,of St.lfory , Islington ,widotf,a£ed 33, 
born there and has lived there all her life, says 
that ilrs . CK&i.RSL3Y stayed in deceased's house two 
or three days after his death. Her mother desired 
her to return home to her husband end children, 
which she refused to do. The deceased's children 
were debarred by the soldiers and Mr.V/KITS from 
entering deceased's house. Knows 

HDK3K,Sarah YOUNG, Elizabeth - 

EYH3S, Catherine TOKEN, Elizabeth, 

KARGHOVE, Jasper, servant to William MAxSH of Islington^ 
brick lay or, aged 25, has lived there 7 years; born 
at V7il ford, Notts. Was servant for t-o years with 
Mr. and lylrs.CHi^UlSL-iY. Hb.3 hoard that she was in 
the house with George Wxil'JUu and tho soldiers. 

Drara.Pers. ,1916. 


LONDON & MEEK. , The Persistent Suitor. 

DENBIGH,WAHvICK, (Delegates' Exams. ,vol. 8 ,ff . 295 ,307 ) . 

A.D. ' 

1664. G0ODEN0UGH,Edmond,his will dated 15 Jan. 1657. He died 
about Shrove tide, 26 February , follow ing, without ever 
again seeing or speaking to Elizabeth DYKE. He was 
a woollendrapor and she was judged to bo a match 
for a person of greater quality, having £2,500 or 
£2,600 for her portion. 
IkSTER, alias DYKE Elizabeth, refused to admit G00DE1T0UGH 
as a suitor in the w ay of marriage. She was con- 
tracted to Thomas IILSTEB Esq., whom she afterwards 

i&XVARDS, Robert ,of St. Gregory , London, Esq. , aged 69, has 
lived there two years. In 1657 Elizabeth DYKE lodged 
in his house and G00DEN0UGH,who often attempted to 
get in and see her, was sued for trespass by witness. 
V/itness was born at 7/rexham , co . Denbigh, has known 
Elizabeth DYKE 26 years. 2<Iarried her sister. (Signs) 

BERRY, Reboccah, of St. Clement Danes , spinster, aged 30, 
has lived there a year, before that in Stairwell, 
Middlesex ,18 months; born at Adderstowne in Warwick- 
shire. Attended upon Mrs. Elizabeth DYKE as her 
servant. Liveth as an attendant upon Sir Thomas 
LITTLETON'S lady. (Signs). 

DYKE, Sarah, of S t. Andr ew , Ho lb orn, spinster, aged 35, has 
lived there 3 years, born at Horsham, Suss ex, is sister 
of the said Elizabeth and lived with her when G00DE- 
NOUGH persisted in his pretended addresses as a 
suitor in the way of marriage. (Signs). 

FURBY,Anne,wife of Robert, of St. Bride's, London, citizen 
and haberdasher, aged 30, has lived there 5 years, and 
was born in the said parish. Lived in the same house 
• with Elizabeth DYKE ,who would not permit GO0DEN0UGH 
to speak with her and always endeavoured to take 
from him all hopes and means of prevailing in his 


Dram.Pers, ,1916. (534) 

The Persistent Suitor , (o on td. ) 

A.D. ~ " ' — 

1664. addresses. Ho got into the house several times 
but was opposed by the household servants and Mr. 
EU.ui.KDS and his wife, and Ur.'SJ^vAHDS onco put him 
out of doors by force. The lovo which he bore for 
Elizabeth DYKE was not the cause of his death, as 
she verily believeth. 


IttmU&Si , Wmtem SHOW'S Dece ase. 

SCOTLAND. (Delegates 1 teams. ,vol. 6 ,ff. 302,359 ) 

SHa£» v.LL\vI3 . 


1664. SHAW , V/i 1 1 iam f die d at the house of Samuel I*3,7IS 
before he could executo a certain deed. 

IftVHISS 30K , John , of YiG3 trains ter, notary public, aged 
54, has lived thero 10 years, born at Gogor near 
Edinburgh in Scotland. Attempted to visit 
William SHAT; but was prevented by LSil3,his 
landlord. (Signs). 

ii&MS ,l.ir. Samuel f and iirs.Anno,in whoso houso V/i 11 iam 
SKA'./ lodged. 

SI-ttTH, Abraham, of St.i^rtin-in-the-Fiolds,8adler, 
aged 42,has lived there 40 years, and was born 
there. V/ent with IAUHI3SiX)N to see SHAvV on 
important business, to take up and receive ooin9 
bonds and rapor in which ho had engaged, but a 
physician and a divine being there they wore 
not admitted. SHAw raved and sang and knew not 
what he said. (Signs) 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 


XftJRHALI , Coalmines at St. Andrew Auckland. 

Y0RPC3KIHB, (Chancery Proceedings ,1758-1800. Bundle 309) 


175^ BOWES , Thomas f gentleman , complainant . 
DOUGLAS , Rob ort , gent leman, defendant . 

Lf&RSHALL , J ohn , innho Id e r , of the Green Dragon in Old &lvet, 
Durham,where the depositions were taken. 

STARFOOT, Thomas , of Woodhouses in St«Ajidrow Auckland, 
Durham , hus bandman , age d 61 , d op os e s . 

DIXON, Georgo, of Cockf i eld, gent leman , took lands, &o. , in 
Woodhouses and l.Ioorcloses about 24 years ago to farm 
of the complainant , exclusive of the colliery therein. 

I&CHARD301T , George, of St. Helen Aucklaoid^y^onan, deceased, 
became tonant of the farm, and after his death Richard 
his brother. 

SItii^N,ChriBtcphor,yeomn,aftorv;ards tenant, aged 36, 

LAHGSTAFF, George, of But to rkn cwl , viewer of collieries, 
aged 51 .depones that he has known Thomas BOWES 26 
years, and Robert DOUGLAS seven er eight years. Was 
employed about 25 or 26 years ago with George SPAHX 
and George HUN H33R, both since dead, in sinking and 
boring for coal under the lands at Woodhouses in 
the parish of St. Andrew Auckland. Has been employed 
for 30 years first as a ^workman and then as & vlew«x\ . 
• in several collieries in co. Durham, &c. (Signs) 

OOPPSROK/jLITB, John,of Marrick,co. York, gent. ,aged 68, 

PATTIS02I, Thomas, of Brancepoth, parish clerk, aged 59, 
deposes as to the manner of working the oolliery. 

F0R3T2R,Pexall,of Durham, aged 26, deposes. 

FARROY/,Cuthbert ,of Branc epeth, gent. , aged 60,depoaos. 

WH£LER,Braems,of Durham, gent. ,aged 46, deposes. 

CUMMIN, Robert ,of Branc ope th y husbandman, aged 37, deposes.*. 

GILES , Isabel , wife of Joseph, of Durh^m^usbandniarL^aged 
3 7, deposes. 


DranuPers. ,1916. 


Coalmines^ at ^t..i^ji^y^A^3gl&n d^ r ]pontd. ) 

Jk.Jk . 

' "BOWL'S, Thomas, of Durham, cabinet -maker, aged 26, son of 
v ^ complainant , depos 03 . 

BT&RLSY-i John, of Durham , gent lemon , aged 50 , deposes . 
GREIVS* Jacob., of Bur ham, gent leman *aged 27 ,deposes* 
HA RPJ SOU, Ralph 5 of Durham, gent leman, aged 34, deposes. 
JUH1TS0K, Christopher, of Durham, gent leman, aged 34, deposes. 
OS ELS ill i&m »of XIcwcastl^-on-Eyne, linen draper,aged 40, 
dopes es t 

Pi/iC09^ f John ? of Gateshead v gl over , aged 48,deposes. 
SI3ITK, Robert 5 of Bewcas tlc~on~!?yne ,gont Ionian, aged 20, 

BHOCKSjK?,Y:illiam t of Durham, plumber, aged 31,doposes. 
\V^TiriOR'iLL,Mchard,of Durham, gent leman, aged 34, deposes 

that ho sent a bill to his "brother- in- lav/ ,Mr. 

Thomas DIXOK at Nowcastls-on~ l^rne. 

LONDON , Hioh ard M0R^0I?^FT : S Bequest s to St. Paul's. 

YORKS. (Delegates 1 Ez.ams. ,vol. 9 ,fol499. UOIffiCI&F? v . SHAXOBOSS ) 

jl d: 

1655. MOREORLFT, Richard, deceased, left Requests to St. Paul's 
church and Dr. GRIFFITH. Had a "brother John. 

GRIFFITH,Matthew,S, T.D. , rector of St. Mary .-.Magdalen, Old 
Fish Street , London, aged 66, of which parish ho has 
been rector 40 years. Going to dine in the Middle 
Temple Hall he met Francis DUFF ISLD, who, with other 
persons of the Society of tho Middle Temple requested 
him to forbear to depose what he knew:. (Signs). 

gECOITH^illiarn^f St. Bride »s .scrivener, aged 43, has 
lived there six years. His house in Hew Street, Fetter 
Lane. He was born in the Archdeaconry of Richmond, 
co. York. Has known John &023GR4F2' 20 years and Henry 
SHALGR0S3 five. Went about Christmas last to the 
Prerogative Office in Warwick Lane. ( Signs }- 

IAN&IA1J, Henry ,br ought instructions as to WWQBXFT f S 
will,to BSGIWITH on 16 February 1662, lived near 

Dr^DcuPers. ,1916. 


IKt^ID,I)3V0N t Iho Scuttling of the 'Katerdoft". 

(Delegates 9 ijz&nB. ,vol,8,fo.351. In re SAKD1FQHD ) . 

1664, CHOKK .Alexander, of Londonderry, Ireland, gent. ,aged 20, 
born at kv ingto n , Bo rks 9 s ays that in June or July 
l^S.BonkiJ HalHo and his company entered the 
ship f \*atordog" alias r, ?rov id on co' 1 , rigged hor and 
tried to carry hor avay from tho port of London- 
derry, but was prevented by Col. John GrOHGiu3,thon 
Governor, who caused the rudder to bo taken off and 
brought a shore ,whereupon H&ITI3 ran hor aground 
and cut a hole in her bottom. (Signs). 
SAivDlFO' ID, Captain John, party produccnt ,took the ship 

CLKPiKli, Richard, of Londonderry , aged 26, servant in tho 
family of John GO Govern or ,&c. ,has lived there 
two years , born at Honington, Devon, says that he saw 
the "watordcg" lying aground with a great hole 
near her stern, (oigns). 

GOHG^5,John,of Londonderry ,agod 39 , has lived 
there seven years , born at Bat tcorab, Somerset. 
Is Governor of Londonderry and the Castle of 
Kilmorc. Believes that the company of Dtitohmon 
ran the ship on shore of set purpose. (3igns). 

NOR^JvIPTOII. Richard SLOUGH in Korthanpton Gaol . 

(Delegates' Jfcmas. , vol. -i8 t f 0.2,5. SLOUGH v. CURTIS). 


1663. SLOUGH, Richard, lives and keeps a family in the town of 
Aav entry, and possesses houses and lands or real 
estate of the value of £20 yearly. Ho owed Joane 
SOUBI at hor decease £40, and is worth £150 to £200, 
but now lies in Northampton gaol for a bond made by 
his father. 


Dram. Pers. ,1916. (338) 

Richard Slouch in Northampton Gaol, (contd. ) 


1663. HKRB^RT , Richard ,of Stare ton ,co.iJorthampt on, husbandman, 
aged 40, bora there. Ha3 known Richard SLOUGH 20 
years; he married deponent's own sister. Ho lives 
by agriculture and is worth £300. (Signs HARBARD ) . 
CURTIS, Anno .party to suit, wife of Thomas, is sister of 
ICRB^RT'S father. 

CUMBERIAiTI) , A Person of Very Reserved and Retir ed Humour; 
LANCASHIRE. (Delegated Sxams . ,vol. 8 ,fo. 5£7,P:g£3IK3M v . S THICKUND ) 

1665. PRESTOl^LIr.Christophersdoceased, lived with Thomas PRESTON, 
his oldest brother at Cartmol till two or three years 
before his death, and then moved to Mr.Y/altor STRICK- 
LAND^ house, where he died. Often complained that his 
brother had not dealt kindly with him. A person of 
very reserved and retired humour. 

HUDDLES TOIf, John, of Kutton John, co. Cumber land ,gont. ,aged 56, 
has lived there since his birth; born at Faringdon,co. 
Lancaster. Is domestic chaplain in ordinary (sic) to 
Eer Majesty Queen Katharine. (Signs). 

TARBUCK, William, a very faithful and deserving servant to 
PRSSTOH, whose friends urged him to remember TA.R3UCK in 
his will. 

WESTBY, Bernard, of Winder, co. Lancaster, gent. , aged 33, has 
lived there 16 years ,says that the father of Thomas and 
Christopher PITniSTOK lived in Cartmel. STRICIOAKD was 
not of kin to PRESTON, who did not like the usage that 
he had of 3 TRICKLED and his wif e,and,savo an annuity 
of £50 to his brother, intended to give all his estate 
to the poor. (Signs) 

Dram.Pers. t 1916. 




At the Chequers In Ca ntorb ury , 165 7. 
(Delegates • r&ams, , vo 1 * 8', f f . 23 ,315,365). 
SOU TH . 00 P vvi&SLiUSS Cii . 


1663. BAMPFSILD/Ur, Philip, at Canterbury 22 Juno 1657, and dined 
with BGVILL and others at tho sign of the M Cheoquor M , 

BOVILL, William , of 3t . Gilo s-in-tho-Fields ,,.iiddlesex ,gent . , 
&£Od 50, has lived there seven years, a as at Cantorbury 
with &w4?F3IJ.D and took horse to cone to -Graves end 
about one o'clock in tho afternoon of 22 Juno 1657. 

D&NOKdH iU i 1 1 iam , of St. ;Ja rtin-le- Gran d , j owe 1 1 c r , aged 54, 
has lived there 23 years, born at Leimbiu'gh in Germany, 
cold a diamond riEg, value £36 in 1656 ; bo ^r.John 
SOUi!lIwOOD,a little man and a merchant then living in 
Aldorsgato Street ,v;ho died about 4 years since. (Signs ) 

EiXrAIlDS , Biomas , o f 3 1 . 3o pule hr o * s , Lond on , c i t i z en and 
merchant tay lor, aged 4 7, has lived there 23 years, 
born at Stratf ord/v.'ilts. Being at tho house of Ivirs. 
S0UTS..00D, mother of John, in Elders ga to street .about 
five years since he heard her declare that her son 
John on his deathbed confessed he had procured one to 
personate &r. Bit lip 3B/^tPFiillLD,an examiner in Chancery. 
He f 2d£<&HDS f dined with B*&£FfcSILD at Canterbury 22 Juno 
1657, and rodo v:ith him thither from Great Chart, ten 
miles distant. They lodged at Great Chart at Mrs. 
BEST'S housa,and returnod there the same night. 
?<D.»;.:.'lDS worked at Hr« 3 :S 1" S house in Great Chart and 
was frequently in company with BiilPFIBLD; knows ho 
v/as not in London on 22 June 1657 , or for some days 
"before and after. 

Dram.Pers* ,1916. 


DJUHATI3 gJiigOKA.a Voltsae I « January to Jung 1916. 

IjkIgx of Porsons. 

ALDY , 28 

ALD^0Hr]i f 37 l 199 t 
AW#IT,44 ,1872,275 

ABtfLL , 66 

AGAR, 167 
ACTON, 304 


A.VPLi3YAiO f 1 f 
AHiST»iQKG,ll,127 t 
,542 AHiitf: S-1?H,15 
267 Ai?J"ULL r 45 





Ai;DIl'J.i ,80,80a 
APPL r nOfl,83,128 

and;;; jscii ,90 , 122 , 155 

AHBKM;3S , 132 



. 260,289 






ALPORT, 233 








A3.'joi\i ,22 

ARUNDEL, 28, 188 

Arundel ,&irl of ,32,49 


ASHLKY ,55a, 123 

AY3C0UGH,60,28 2 f 284 


A TKIKSOK , 6 lb , 7 1 , 33 1 






A3II, 92,152 

ARTHUR, 115 



A3 TON, 14 4 


ASHMAN, 213 



AMU ,294 


BA-BAR0 <- 
SkJ?tfDK t 70 


PRfe^T2a i: P!^011ai5i>Yol\aQe I ^ Iadex of Pergong 

B yB^BQi- (oontd. ) 

BAKQli f 79a i 95 f 188 



B^NKiiS, 120*299 




B£tGSH&< ,192 



hkU&x® ,Z09 

BA3D7GIOH, 233,234 
BkUBRIi)G3 f 233 , 234 
Banbury, C* to sa of 



IAJlBBR f 289 


BLGGS f 318 

BA.INBiH.GG, 326 

BU£PFjiilLD f 340 

BAJH*2UtD,45 t 240 
BAR10*v ,106 

B»HD-BkV:- (coirfcd, ) 

BUHi'.HDIST01T f 171 



Bi'-RR3T,198 f 220 


a^RKS;?, 224 ,304,305 


BAS3H # 291 

B3AUC0GK8, 22 
,241B'f ;SL3Y,37 
BBAxlD, 48 ,84,313 
Bedford, 3arl of, 51b 
BUCK3TT, 81,328 
BALDEN, 8 5 
BI2GKFGHD , 102 
Bm, 125, 272, 275 
BULLION!), 129 
BMH 9 140 
BEATON ,168 ,169 

B&t-BrJLLi- (oontd. ) 
B2SLU 'PRIX, 181 
BS«UU0KT f 188 
BSLFOURI; , 190 
B/i.YLI3,194 f 301,302 
B4YH&W, 222 
BCDHkii t 285 


BilRDiISlEY t 16 

BEHRE!FT,61o t 90 t 95, 




.BERRY, 105 ,334 





Bill xS, 174,175 


BSTKaiON f 180 

BEST, 210,340 

Berks, Earl of, 241 

ben?, 278 



J&^LiL'HS ?Jii$OlU . t Volume I. Index of Porsons . 

BISHOP, 16 ,293 

BLUID f 18,23 

Bii^I3Hj^iD t 21 


3IAK- ,66a 
BIK32UD f 108 
• BIH!3i3,109 

BMCIC;m t 148,327 
3IHD ,169,179 ,304 
B DIG, 244 
BXilCi;3UniKy\ f 255 
BIGGS, 522 

BIk2-B0N :- 


BLUIx r 'j\29 

B0K)IKG3011 f 44 t 59 



BIkYDiiS ,81 

B0GG3TT, 81 


BLOT?, 87a 






B2A?-B0N>- ( contd. ) BOY-BIU t- 


BLTuPJO J, 243 

B0P2Y , 261 

BO LD, 283, 284, 320 

Bolton.Dulce of, 2 97 


buj&o ;,3ii 


BO 2014,1 
BCTiiiT, 13 
B0Z:L!JR f 16,31 

BOOK.!*, 59 

BarLdS, 95, 97,262 
BOYS ,101 

BOSTON, 129 B HI-BRO i- 
B01BH:5,148,246,266 * 

boy:l t <,3 - 

Bru.DL::Y t 8, 153, 322,332 


BK/uLDOE ,64s. 
BHil JR, 66, 31 2,332 
Brazonose Collogo,98 
BH,Vj)BUBY f 142 
Bj&JJSHAft , 153 ,328 , 330 
BR'-JBT* 168, 177, 284 
Ba.U&3, 230, 262-266 
B:i/4DIM:Y I 268,269 
BI&CKEK f 329 

BOO 21, 166 


Ba::^iiL f 205 

B0SSwSLL t 303 

BR0UC(13), 12, 28, 40, 57 
287 ,330 
B tOOKES , 25 , 73 , 98 , 235 


TI3 PaaSOHAa, Volume I. I ndex of Pore ong, 

Blil-BBO (contd. } 

B30-BURF:- (contd. ) BUHG-BYt- (contd. ) 



BURGOYIT:;, 227,228 


BUCK, 81 


BRQiJ)SaX)OK f 55 f 55a 


BuaK8T t 3o* 



BURLEIGH, 3 18 ,319 




BUCHkNAN t 158 



BUCKLEY, 160,328 

BBDUGL38 t 92 



BROAD, 9 9 

BUimiKG,262,263 t 

BYHR3, 341-344 




BHDUGRlDir f 102' 


GAiSii ,9,51,229 

BR0OKI3 , 109 , 18 4 , 23 6 , 





BRI? ! J&I1J,111 

33Y^R f 331 


BRIDGJ3 , 112 , 246 ,249 , 




CALVTiRLY, 22,184 








BU2LHR.3 ,9,27,57, 






BY* ,12 


Bristol, Bp. of ,242 

BUHGH,16 : 


BBOi.Iw'BLL, 259 



BR00IUV.3, 26 1,3 13 


CAGE, 101 


BURTON, 53a, 134 


BH0HD t 304 





Countoss of, 






BULL, 2 

BUBO??, 83 



1UHGDG3, 8 7a 

CANH0K,222 t 223 


BUSH, 114 

CALLOW, 227, 228 ,314 


BUR?, 161 









P;.IUATIS ?>:RS01TAa t V ol. I.l ndox of Porsona . 

CkR0~CKAI-i :~ 
CHAi^iiIi"OUl4 Z f 1 
CH*LK]«; f 4 




53a, 97, 97a, 149, 


0HZuIB:;^i f 59 f 122 




(&RH,lll f 329 


GUI?:; RIGHT, 157 




CHfcl-I-OHI :- 

CH^H>^ f 37 ,267,269 

ClfoK-CJII:- ( contd.) 
CJ&PLIK f 90a 

Chandos ,Mc> of, 106 


CFAP:^K , 2 18 , 256 -260 



C HO-OL}- 

ojl^u<:(;:} ,14,610,70, 

01/ .RIC,, 195, 216,283, 

CIiJU'LJS0Ix T ,25 t 291 
CLuY r ittiI,26 


CL^iH, 86, 86a 


CI LUIS ?Y, 90a 

CLIFTON, 13 4 
CLIN 1011,217 

CHO- CL:- (contd, ) 
CL0^0.VJ5IY t 232 
Cl^Ui, r :fo,23S,239,319 
CLINCH, 2 61 
CLIFFY, 275 

COLB.i^OK 1 8 
COCK, 63, 118 ,161,330 

COL;:, 79,187, 188,285, 

COLLIE 23?. 162 
COBB, 198 

COH-CO? :- 

COOKS, 6, 55, 75, 144, 



PB^Tl S^PSaSO NAa^Volumo I. Index of Persona . 

POM-POT »~ ((*cm+f{ \ 

POTT-PROF*!- fr^nnf^ \ 

P.POT-PY*- fnnntri ) 

001IY^">W P? 1 SO PI 1 

VJ. V iOw ii J. i , U Del 

P. '.ifUT.-'Y 1 4.S 

p ; ?001 'TU ?■! PA 1 

oonp.r^ 30 so 1S3 

V-W^iJ 1 XAJ«<-J 9 X*I U 

P "ttT^tfVO P90 


PTJO- « " TI. ^17 ^P7 

CO*?™!.?: 37n PAP 

P.'-V<Vl^ 149 30A 


VU J-IXi.^j f \J 

vvJrx Jx« $ v i/c« 

P »iA TiViT) f\V 170 

P,*>O r iT 'iPA 

POPT r 4 AT 

no^T^rrn 70 

PT?/ "T500K l^P IR' 7 ! 

X**-""JJj-tO » 

IVvVTS 11 103 P22 

X«v> V X »_> p X X , iVU , *■ 

C0'ffi^«*5TiTIT c ? A7 PA4 

n'-iTuur*; pi A 

"n/vVTf"!^ IS PPS 310 

X/rv f J.Xiv' |- X J | > WAV 

307 300 309-311 

POT'' 1 ?-^ PPS 

POP'S: 94. 

PTw' f^'v; p/^ PAP AA 

I'lA T ! P7 4.S A3 

00LTTT1 1 109 



f | »JSJ^ 


C*n /« M ^0 ^ H P ft 1 — P 

TV\ « R AO 

co^T^rr* IP 4. 

P^M/T. r, Y P91 

IWL'^HYSHT^aS 44 134- 

G0PJAY 129 

00T TP.H v A.T J ^ ? P 
v'JUviMtttUi ,«j*. c> 

i)kl. f ff)tf 4-S 32fi-31 • 

JJJU.XJ XVH , rv* f w<x> ~«-» X 

C0V?T.K°i 137 

vu vjtj x kj f*j tx> 

iXMai x^iX/ , tt ^ 

COS T^.O?, j I 1 9 A 

T)AT,"^Tlu S2 

i,iti X 1 v X i-i 5 «y *rf 

CO T ,L T 54 P0 A P0 7 

pi>0Ti-CY • - 

Vj-VvJJJ—V i • — 

Tvpji "rTTf Alb 

31S 31A 

P"^1 L^'-iPY 10 
vvjrsuiiOij 1 1 J-u 

TJ/1 t uy A 1 

PO^rT^ PPP PS 7 

pn^'T* in 

iA^uJj-U-^-) » 0*J 

COlTfJ^'^Y PP4. 

PTTHriryr? S4- 

ny^PON 12S 

CO V T T ,T P, PS ? 


iXri«<W?Vis , X«J«J 


IVVPY 1 A 1 
X/*> V III * X C x 

COPT V.Y 31 P 

-V ;>Tfv 1 AA 

CO PPttP TiTr 1 • T 1*11 3 3 A 

U«JO | O xj J 

TfrT?^?J7 1QA 

PTJOOKV 101 % *>7 

7>JIY POA 2S3 

COIT-OT^OK" i - 

O^l HSP 

tv t^q 037 

Juv»tv Jut0 , < 

COVii 2 

VV 1 LI j O 

PirfTTNP.^'vif 104 

C0V#PTr"R P 1A RAa 

C'-fffrfP 107 

TV- wTHP 3 OA 


CULIB^Ti'PC'RD 114- 244- 

COX ,19 ,225 

CUB 7 ,M,135 

CRISPS, 76 ,93, 203 



C;tHPiDN f 160 

DE^,63 t 73 f 182 


PR&&TI3 , gKRSOKAS* Volume X, lato of Portent. 

PEO-flEHi- (oontd. ) 
DSUVaHS, 164-66 
DB GHOST* 203 

DEK-DI *- 
DICK30H f 14,156 

DS PLBUH3.166 
DSVEHHOX , 235-37 
DBS ,266-270 
Dirlton,Earl of, 


DOHKIN, 13,80a 

DQ-DYt- (contd.) 
DOHD, 19, 276, 277 
Dubl in .archbishop 

of, 26 
DUK3S, 28 
DUNCuH t 29 t 86 

Dovor.Hcniy ,Earl 

of ,50 

D0 , ;;im&M,87 

DRIVER, 99, 157 

DOUGHTY ,111, 134 






D0V;^S,142,143 f 250 






PQ-PYs- (contd. ) 
3XJGDiJj;,180 l iai 
DO HE, 187 
DU M0LIN,247 




DYKE, 334, 335 




iilA-'L^Q , 9 
-&GL3, 14 
ELLIS, 22, 39 ,39a, 



Kgremont ,Barl , 29 
3CCL>;S f I01I,51 

M TON, 154, 162, 206 


3)H4ivtlgIS. P}^OITAL\ Volume I. Index of Porsons. 

BA-EL;- (contd. ) 
BIKUroS, 164-66 

ELL, 185 

ELLISON, 202,321 

EDGAB ; 235,236 

EAJILE, 239 


ELRINGK)N 5 289 

EAST, 291 

SASHa.M ? 293 



Essex t Earl of ,39, 


EMS3S0H,79 ,316 

EVEHS , 123 
EYTON , 13 4 
ETON, 140 

&I-EZ:- (contd, ) 
EXIT,?,, 217 
ER3U2Y, 230,327 
SANSON, 274 

FIELD, 11 ,82, 342 
FERGUSON, 14, 27 

FEIftTLY , 24 


227 , 228 
FILE, 74 
FAB IAN, 7 9 

FELL, 122,331 


PEAS BY, 128 





FIL£ ^,177,178 

(348 ) 

FA-FIlIt- (contd. ) 
FEL TON, 235-237 
FA I RBRO TffiR ,330 


F0RD(E),l f 23, 


FISHER, 61c, 23 2 ,330 
FIITC:!, 76, 120,179, 

FI HGE3ALD , 114 
FLAT, 123 

FL4TCIIKR,14 9,233, 

FLOWER, 313 
FOSTER, 336 

F03-FY ;- 

FRENCH, 8, 36, 96 
FRANKLIN, 29, 51, 


PRAHATIS .PSIRSOKAJStVolxgno 1. Index of Persons. 

F03-?Yt- (contd,) 

F&a r u>TON,53,275 

FOX ,91 


FOWLER, 175 
FRY ,222 
FRITH, 322, 323 
. FUR3Y,334- 

• GAUD3Y,5 
(URE3Y ,33 
GARDNER, 64 ,64a, 

GARTH ,67 
GAYS, 70 

Crk t- (contd. ) 




GAI3F0 P J).97 



GO LB. 19. 61a 


GO HD0H- 28 






G0KD0 ;, IAR.35 

Gi OTSHTjR a * 28 5 


GA3LAHI) ,301,302 



G)V-GIA t- 






GII2'.'0?j : ;.7 



Gl onto z*no , 

GILBERT, 52, 168, 

Earl of, 104 



GILL. 55a. 307 


GIBS0H,61b a 170. 




GHR'-^ARD 64 64a 

GOOUTf IN. 174. 





GI5^RA3D . 8 6 a . 1 1 9 . 




GIL3Y 93 


GIBBOUS .97 .280 



GO 0^3^)13.187 

GLAI3 T1SR . 121 . 122 


GIFF0BD , 200 , 223 


GIKXS, 209, 211, 336 










BM,lll^Mw I, Ind ex of Persons, 

603-6K3 : - 

G31-GY5- (contd. } 

(contd. ) 


GUItKItf ,53,292 













Hamilton,;Duke & 



DUCheSG of, 








ILL II;, 164,165, 




&U 213,338 



GREY, 88 ,331 

GYL:^3 S 211 










18,109, 3* 


G:{Y:i.J3,313 t 314 

KA?J)Il?G,26 f 245 

GOULD, 105, 230 


K/*,*L:Y, 29,228 













GiU.YDI]3U t 2£0 










Hal if ax, Lord, 29 


GOSLIIT, 318,319 

















H/JvlBL£ 30tf,110 


liil l&LLJ 1 TO Mil* , lo 


GR0HBN , 24 







1 1 




PERSOITAjJ, Volume I. Index 

of Persons. 




HAYJ-HHD?- (oontd. ) 



II}^;raC0TT t 102 



HARRIS, 7, 9, 13, 









HAY, 132, 133 














nK^O 1 ? ,30 ,71 

- * 

HkSELF00 r IK,39 9 39a 


IIICjCS ,41,80, 




H^TH ? 283 




HILL, 307 









1 ' 



HBT30IT, 51,233 









HARRY, 140 




HARV3Y,148 ,324 









HATCH, 187, 188 






H3Y, 132,133 




HAVSR3 5 29S 










HIDIKI,189 , 294 

HAWKINS, 8, 11, 29, 














HINDS, 250 

HAZARD, 51a, 241 

Marchioness of, 











Vis count, 326 





PRMUTIS HSB30HAB,VoIma I. Index of Persona. 


H0LLAI& , 15 , 22 ,6 lb, 
, H0DGKIN3,41 
Holland, Earl of ,55a 
HOLDER, 114, 133 
HODGSON, 122, 124 
H0LLYB3RRY ,148 
H)BART f 151 
HOLS, 255 
' HOGGINS, 27 4 
HOBBY, 296 
H0LDPiK f 298 

HOLMES ,11,35 
HOLT, 13, 299 . 
HOraEY , 17 
ROMS ,57% 

HOM-KORt- (contd.) 
ID RLUR s 37a, 270,322 
HOPS, 61c 
HOPKINS, 76, 98 
H00K ? 158 5 161 
E0H3 S 276 

HOY, 9, 171 
H0'VLPJ),ll,197 f 

HUDSON, 22, 91, 

HOUGH, 121 
HOUSE, 189 
HUDDLES TON , 29 4 , 339 
HOUGHTON, 328, 331 

HUL-HY : - 


HUNTLEY , 45 , 272-275 f 

HULL, 124 ' 
HUNTER, 124, 336 
HURST, 129 
HUUBL3, 189,343 
HUNT, 213 
HUSBAND, 320- 23 

INGRAM, 51a, 184 







DR&&&TIS flSRSONAS, Volume I. Index of Persons. 

! IA~I2s- (oontd. ) 
1 IRTOH,135 






JXHIHQ3 9 3 
JEFFERSON, 13 ,332 
JACK, 14 

JAMES ,16, 61 ,61a 
121, 145, 154, 158, 
. JERMYN,77 
JAUNCY, 13 2,133 
JENNINGS, 180, 227 
! . JBHHEK3.296 












JCDRKLL , 141-143 
JOHNS ,194 
JURIS, 194 
J0HY ,273 ,275 


KERRY, 34 
IG&u?S TSR, 51 
K3KT f 61b 
K3RRIDGH t 98 
KERR, 109 
KITING ,114 

KA-KBi- (contd. ) 

124, 209,320 
KBEHK t 180 t 181 
KEYlilSH t 228 
)CE5JQTON f 283 
KaSP.SB3 f 288 
KE!KJH23IDE f 296 
J03N3>ALL t 332 


KlMD3R3LBY f 2 
KING, 3, 11,60, 


of, 26 

90a, 238, 239 ,278 

KIHGSiuI LL, 100 


Jr&JnoUjmifi , V XU2T19 i • D3XL9X 

of Persons. 


KI-KY : - (oontd. j 

JA-LSB:- (contd, ) 

■* V ATT _ 

JUiuii.url 9 J» <-ft 

t AlAATilT T 7 

Jllr< LrO JLUlH 9 1JLU 


"ITT TyVft V 1 ^ 7 



rnptr p/ £p 

>TO n^rOT, ' Q T?A "RT. 11^ 

t a nrrrp-p pfiO 

*^pn ^s>p *^p^ 

JUN JL a" JX\ , 13;D 

T A V'SVtfTvrip %~\C\ 
JUa.vxx:NJ^rji\ , OlsJ 

7 71T1?Q PA AO 

TrwOV 7 A P 

Jj %li U six) , O i. v 

7 7 P TTT7 1 7 T> *^T 

1/1W» as xkluD 9 1 

^j.rt/li »J;j 9 «L>*-»U-»0 ^jC) 

7 rr»o tt 

juixigsay 9 


jian or t Oo 

lAJJ? 1 9 'iU 

7 A T*FMA. V '^ I 317 

7 7?TTM??T AP 

j&SA ± (iri XU iN * £ ±-t 

7 7 OVT\ A P 7 A 


7 vT» 7 "F? • 

lw> J 9 1-iU 9 r 

JSJE ii'j r .'cy 3 

7 V TT'?1TT?V T T 

7 7>,rtt7?W AT 
JjiZiDiuitX 9 Dl 

TT7r7PT77?7 *^PQ 

Hi 1 Oxi AJS j 

TT/.filjT? TO VJA 

JUgfUiiib 9 Xo t JLO*k 

700QT? A A 

jjbYXi<x* 9OU 

7 T T"H7 P T PP 
111 1 XX*ia f 1<S<C 

T^ff AA 

TA , MP7 A V T PQ 

T A ^77? PQ T»7 PIT TT 

7 77>TTQA T"m? T ^7 
Jull JXrt&l i£j 9 lt> / 


7 7 TTiETPT T 7"KT T^Q 

T PTs 1 M7"MP A^ 

XiUnXiii 9 1%D 

T ft "MP * Q Tt?7-> %C\0 

7 "PI? T T ^ T PA 

7 7"KT r, SQT?V T A7 
lilJHjJiDJCiX » 1* f 


T P7 T T AA 
XCti 9 i«L> < 9 JL^O 9 

7 77 P TAT 
hxuLi 9 1D1 

7 avjpqow /o 

J-Ot 9 iilv> 9 COO 

7 7 tKTPT^KT T AA 



7 f\AWfnA"n icq 
lAJOiiy/UUlJ 9 ID? 

Xitlri siyjnKjili y '.rO 9 ?Q 9 


7 7W007W T 7A 

let) 9 

l*£;lril9 IO □ 9 1*1 f 


IV r XU^ 9 1?o 

9 1^ D 

T 7747^7^11 POA 

TT?mrpT>74Tr3n T217 
JLtD liirjj^DUrCU 9 1»^ / 

7 7MrmrooT» pta 

liOtlvirii 9 1 D 9 «iUO 9 

7AWPT40 T'TtOlf PPA 



T A TTP Q 7 1 Q T 

T T7irr' , 'n r n T07 
jUDYii ri 9 iy / 

TT77V P^vA 
JblJjtbX 9 

JL^i*iJ3*jXti 9 lU^ 111 9 

7 "PTrp'MnTLrnDD pat 

JjUjJJliD 9 <do 7 



lil X Tiiii XUli 9 00 * 


T A "Mr 1 Q ptda nri r TIT 
ikSJS b-b j.xvU 1X1 9 1 1 1 

7T?'-TA>T Odd 

T A"KT n Q r Pl T^TC ITT 

7 PATT A UTi *7 T ^ 

luJj it AiljJ 9 «j lo 




DRAMATIS FER30NAE, Volume I » Index of Persons . 

LOV-LYt- MAP-MAR G:- (contd. ) MARK-BED: - (contd. ) 

LUCAS, 4, 85, 124 


MATuCES, 113 ,188,215 

LOWE, 7, 196 




MANNY , 68 

MAYO, 127, 232 


MUIX7BLL,7 1,150, 







MARSHALL ,17 4, 3 20, 





MAJDER , 137 




MAZING, 179 


MANY, 177 

MARS TON ,226 ,256-60 




IOV33JOY, 101 

MARE, 13 ,264,26 5 

MAYER, 241 




LOVE ,106 




MAJOR, 306-311 



MAXtf/ELL f 282 


MAKH-M3D : - 


MARTIN, 2, 4, 5, 24, 



29, 38, 38a, 59, 


Macclesf ield, 



Earl of ,64 

MASON, 6, 60 ,119 ,215, 


" MA£B,76 







80a, 15 2 

MiVS GALL, 21 




MILLER ,7, 227 ,228 


MAS SAM, 40 


MC KIB3IH.319 

MARRIOTT, 43, 260, 294 



MEEK, 14 


MATTiI^;S,55,61,61b f 


MATOING, 15,86, 




MARLY, 64 

ME T£ARD, 43 

MAN, 30, 217, 218 





MIDGLSY,82 f 103 






EERSONAE, Volume I, Index 

of Persons* 

MEE-MILt- (contd. ) 

MIM-MORR:- (oontd. ) 



M0OHBR,238 , 239 














MILES, 163 



UlUXar 9 164^166 

M0RECRAFT f 337 


MERRICK, 107,188, 




MILLS, 2 11 



M3BS(K>H t 2i6 



MYERS , 12 

KEEDHAK f 87&,90 





of ,35 

NEKTON, 91, 159 




MERCER, 3 19 




NOVELL, 218 





• M0DY,16 



MONEY, 18, 29 




MOSS, 154, 278, 




NORTON, 16, 56, 



56a, 125, 231 

MITCHELL, 53, 125 

MULGRA. VE , 203 



MUM, 208 






MULES , 230 

NORTH, 25, 129 




MOBS, 113 ,132,143 




MOULIN, 265 


MORGAN, 157 

" M0U1CDEF0HD,284 

NORMAN, 86, 86a, 

MOORS, 160, 287, 





NOEL, 93 







DR&MATI3 PF-B30M^,Toliime I. Index of Persons . 

NI-NY:- (contd. ) 





pinny, 4 


PARRY, 12 






PAGE ,17 


No 1 1 in-shrxm , S&rl 



of, 275 ,306 

PARTING SON, 30 f 28 7 


No rt htcnb erland , 



Earl of ,325 

PARKE, 36 

PEACOCK, 179 , 287, 

PARSONS ,42, 209 




PENSA£ 5 245 



PEASE, 251 

OWEN, 15,95,125, 

PAGE?, 45, 79, 79a 


222a, 298, 333 


PEELS, 274 


PARKER, 102, 






PAYN, 142,212, 

OZBLER, 53,53a 







PALER, 184 



BUNCOS T, 186 


OAKLEY, 106 




PAINTER, 202, 205 








OWENS , 152 






•DUGGEKAN , 190 


PERKINS, 38 ,89 




0CKENDEN,209 . 


PETERSON, 61, 214 




0MB, 295 

PAYNE, 296, 306, 

PHILLIPS, 74, 126, 


PAYNE, 307-3 11 






PAIN, 324 

OS ELS, 337 


DRMI1T13, PEaSQIIAJ BjYolimie I.Ixdox of Parsons . 
PER-FIG;~ (cottta. ) P0M-P K&;- (contd.) PRI-PYs~ (contd. ) 

PIERCE, 91, 256,327 

PILL, 61c 
POLLAHD ,87a, 330 
PO COCK, 300 


9T f 112,168,201, 

PRE31DN, 63,316, 










POUND, 108 






PONT, 164 
PRETTY, 227 , 269 
POTTS, 290 

PRI-PY s- 
PRIOR, 45, 155 
PRICE, 49, 79, 232 
OTL2ENEY f 79 
PRIED Y, 93 
PRIM, 97 

PRINCE, 111 
PRIEST, 116 
PRICHkRD, 219,286 
PRI1CHARD, 222, 223 


Q.UIN TIN ,9^,315 
QUENCH, 136 



RAMSEY .14, 220, 221 



RA10),21 f 16V 

R4NSF0RD t 29 


RASH, 6i ,61a 





RkCE f 124 


RATLINS f 154, 

RAMS, 230, 266 
RODHAMS , 247 
BUTE, 28 2 




RF-RIG :- 
RICK ,10, 20 ,60 

RSYN0LD3, 18, 140, 

RIDER, 19 

RICH&£DS0H,21 f 82, 

RICHARDS, 25, 117 
EES KIN, 35 



RHODES, 111 
RICHMOND ,117 ,236 
HESS, 140 
HIGH, 205 

RE-BOG :- 




ROGERS ,34,61b, 

ROBERTS ,34,192 
ROBERT, 140 
ROACH, 231 






ROSE, 56a 

ROY, 89 

ROWLEY, 9 5 






51b, 229 
RUSSELL, 61, 79, 95, 

RUE, 72 
RUFFE, 73 
Rutland , Countess 

Of, 294 


SAMPSON, 14,51**180 



SALS, 26 


SALOMON, 51a, 229 

SAMMIES, 53, 53a 

SAUKDSRS ,71,78 


SADLER, 102 



SALISBURY, 13 9, 140 




ST. BARBS, 196 



DStti& glg . TOBaORfiJI J oXtaoe 1 . ltd ex of Person a 

S4A-S&qs- (contd, ) 
ST. JOHN ,219,325 
Si^ T D3K0OK3 t 221 

C'tesa of, 241 
ST.ANlH0!TY f 288 
S«F!IHILL f 295 
SOEBRS0IT f 328 
SOILS, 329 

S&y-ffiBR t- 

SMALT ,11 
SCOTT, 14, 25 ,36, 

• SERJAUNT,17,169 


" 3EP?M3,23 
S«kGE,47 , 50,134 
SELLER, 51, 282, 283 

g^BBBs- (eontd.) 
SGI£I!IER f 130 
SE2IK>U3B f 135 
SSN0US f 135 
SEFTON, 217,218 
SELLER, 223 
SG&JDI1\ T G,232 

SKER5URN , 12 

SE3~ SHQg- (eontd. ) 

SHORE, 142 
SRSiaOI7DIIT3 t 219 
SHORTS, 254 
SHORTER, 23 4 

S BIS, 11, 13 
SHUTS, 69 
SMIQ3ER, 86, 261 
SKBLTON, 122,332 
SIMPSON, a? ,331 ,336 


DRAMATIS PS350IU£,YolTsns I. Inde x of .Persons. 

i - i 1 1 i i ww— — — i n " " ~ " — ' i " i n » m im 1 1— mi ii - - - 


59,60,61, 62, 73, 








SMART, 197 


Somerset , Duke and 
Duchess of ,325 
SLOUGH, 338 ,339 




S AFFORD, 28 ,204 

SOUTH, 37, 37a, 92, 



SOU ~S TATA;- (contd. ) 



SQUIRE, 170, 184 
SPARK, 336 

ST33V3KS,4 t 250 > 

STOICS, 19,45 , 



STEPHENS ,61b, 103 
SMILEY, 64a, 137, 

S2HEH3NS0N f 80,248 
• SHAKES, 90 

SQUT-STQ:- (oontd. ) 
STEAD, 111 
STILL, 124 
S2BPL3T0flff f 142 
ST011AHD V 165 

SEEMS ,98 
STRATA)!?, 240 


DHOTIS PKBSOIUD , Volume I f lad eg of Persons . 







SWAN ,38 a ,106 


SxvjDGx,Earl of, 


of t 241 
ffi?^/IGK f 307 f 


SBI0ITES,3 17,318 




mCH3 f 68,74,240 


TSiFBST, 111, 165-6 

$k-TSs- (contd. ) 



TEQiiAS, 11,91,323 


TgDHD?.'G00D f 19 





87a, 193 


TITUS, 93 



TITO, 105 


TH-TIs- (contd. ) 
2HERRY, 151,183 





THk«U 23,254 

TSDTOS, 28 2 





raHS^D, 11,333 




T0MLII7S0H f 92, 


TOOT, 291 
TC^KSOK, 331-2 
TOKEN, 333 


DRAMATIS E^0H4B,Valuine.I.-]jodea: of Persons 

2R0?T>9 f 311 
aSIPP ,21 ,268 
?KY0H t 245 f 246 
TBBSm 9 28B 
THB3H^i $ 262, 

2RE2nfcR f 286. 

TU-7Y :- 



•WI3XJHSCT f 91 

















YA-YY :- 

VICAB3, 7,302 




VEHN0K t 45 







VAUX, 241, 243-44 
VIOLETS!, 299 
VABE f 304 


WALLACE ,14 ,104, 

WADS, 23 , 252 

WA-flA L;- (contd. ) 
WALKER, 15 ,17,21, 55a , 
60, 79a, 111, 234, 238, 


WALLER, 227 

WAM-V/AY :- 

WAJu),9,77,126 ,208 


ftATTS, 23 ,31,99 



Y/AS0£LL f 37a 


1 Y;ATTLE,84 



m WATKIIT5,107,326 





WAY® ,212, 213 
Warwick, Earl of, 325 


mmkTI& FHaOHAStVolume I.Iaftax of Persona. 



Y3E*V2H t 50 

WELD. 51a 

WELLS, 64, 95, 120 






WBDGV/00D t 299 

WEST, 2,44,62 
liH^RTOH, 11,39a 
$E2HYE 1 17 
WHSBLER f 2S,306 


138 , 196 

WxjIRE, 133 

IffEK-CTEs- (contd. ) 







TOI5B t 3 f 52,62, 79, 


EHIOTL3, 49,102 

WIELD, 176 
WHISC^3D f 202 
WHITBY, 207 
UHI0K3Y t 255 





WILL0UGH3Y f 30 
WILLS, 44, 301-2 
V ILKIN30N , 55a , 90 , 90a , 



WILLIS, 61a 
Emm*?, 117 .332 
W IKS, 132 


WILDE, 176, 300 
WILLIS, 215 
v* LuBEHLEY ,217 



'4 < 


PHHSOI&B. Volume I. led ox 

of Persons. % 

WQH-aOZs- (oontd.) 

X.Y.2. {oontd. ) 

W00D3USSB f 52 





WIS3, 55,126 


YOUNG, 27, 185, 

V/IK222l t 61 t 215 t 

WOOLLY, 65, 66, 








Y3QS5/LKS,168 f 169 t 

mbishr, 121,122, 

VjOZH^SLLO; M 109 




SOUGH c £33 

W0HTL3Y, 166, 245,246 






WIK30Oins t 15O 


X&SSUfcN, 296*297 


VtOODS ,311 


WI2iYK)LL f 235 f 


Y^BKkY, 306,316 


Y?lHi)3LI3 t 25S 




WOG^IT ,317,3 18 

i ^ioi;dsoij),20 

WITH4;: t 332 


TOM-TOZ>- 175,184,223,238, 
W00H^HD,7,189,312 258,259,260 
\*00D, 9 , 29 , 79a , 85 , Vi*XA2T, 64 , 177 

128,134,176,184, WlU3F t 75 ,256 

219,239,242,307 TOLFikLL,137